American Sex

American Sex
Life, liberty & the pursuit of f*ck
Golden Girls, Stalking & Ivanka Trump with Lenora Claire - Ep 7
Sep 18 • 65 min
Lenora Claire’s stalker contacts her every day, often with violent threats. For years he’s violated the restraining order she has in place. He also stalks the first daughter, Ivanka Trump. Despite his well-documented history of terrorizing and threatening…
Why Your Dick Should Care About Social Justice with Dirty Lola Ep 6
Sep 11 • 63 min
To some, the term “social justice” is a dirty word. To others, it means “basic human decency” and should be everyone’s default setting. When it comes to dating, relationships, sex, or navigating sexual sub-communities it’s important. It can make or break…
Gay Marriage, Kim Davis & Me w/Mark Shrayber - Ep. 5
Sep 4 • 52 min
In 2015 Mark Shrayber & his fiance Allen traveled to Morehead, KY to get married— the same town where county clerk Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Davis was jailed for 6 days. Mark & Allen arrived in Morehead just in time…
Death Fetish & Robot Sex w/ Dick Wound - Episode 4
Aug 28 • 60 min
Dick Wound is a 36yo BDSM enthusiast. He’s a sadomasochist specializing in knife play, CBT/cock & ball torture, and is an armpit fetishist. At 30 Dick suffered a heart attack and now depends on an internal defibrillator to stay alive. This experience…
Casey Calvert & Bryn Pryor - Ep3 American Sex
Aug 21 • 60 min
Casey Calvert is an adult performer, sex educator, and custom porn video mogul. Her husband, Bryn Pryor, has been in the porn industry since before Casey was born, doing every job around except performing. Together, they have a family full of dogs, cats,…
Episode 2 American Sex - Relationships & Cock-ups
Aug 15 • 56 min
Ken & Sunny revisit the love languages, duke it out & make a bet. Ken reveals the secret to penile multiple orgasms. The pair discuss monogamy vs. open relationships & creative uses for 55-gallon drums of lube. A spider makes an unexpected guest…
Episode 1 American Sex - Intro to Sunny and Ken
Aug 9 • 60 min
Introductory episode: Sexuality educators, Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg discuss the concept of American Sex & the vision of the show. They dive into their personal & professional backgrounds, their open kinky marriage, phubbing, love languages &…