Talking About the Passion: Sermons from Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Talking About the Passion: Sermons from Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Weekly Sermons from Holy Cross Lutheran Church. We serve the community of Athens, and the students of the University of Georgia, by preaching and living out the good news of Jesus Christ and his saving love for the world. We worship each week at 8:45 a…

Nov 4 • 10 min
God has a rich inheritance for us. Are we open to receiving this amazing wealth?
Where do you stand?
Oct 28 • 15 min
Do you ever feel far from God? In today’s gospel lesson, Jesus tells us what it means to draw near!
Wrestling with the LORD
Oct 21 • 16 min
Striving is at the heart of the spiritual life. But for people of the Bible, our struggle and striving is undertaken not for our own sake, but for the sake of understanding God and his purposes for the world.
You have everything you need
Oct 7 • 14 min
The disciples worry that they aren’t able to carry out the ministry Jesus entrusts to them. But Jesus assures them— and us— that we’ve been given everything we need.
The axe is about to fall
Sep 25 • 12 min
When a sleazy manager knows he is about to get the axe, he is able to put all the resources at his disposal to use making friends for himself. Jesus tells this parable to challenge us, so that we, too, will sense the urgency of the times, and use ou…
Sheep, Coins, and Righteousness
Sep 17 • 13 min
What’s at stake for Jesus is not how righteous we are, but whether we delight in the amazing things God is doing.
Where to sit?
Sep 4 • 11 min
Our value as persons comes from God— not from others, and not from self.
Delighting in the Instruction of the Lord
Aug 26 • 15 min
The Sabbath— like all God’s commandments— is meant to be a gracious gift to offer us life. Jesus reorients us to the true purpose of sabbath rest.