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The Think Liberty Podcast
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Episode 06 - Kevin Shapiro and the North Korean Flute Charity
Oct 3 • 73 min
Episode 06 - Kevin Shapiro and the North Korean Flute Charity by Think Liberty
Episode 05 - Venezuela
Sep 27 • 76 min
Vinny, Joshua, Matt, and Lonie discuss all thing Venezuela. From the crazy inflation, the recession gap leaning on the mono-commodity economy, to the cash shortage and the black market for bananas. Remember to like and follow! Thank you.
Candidate Spotlight - Zoltan Istvan
Sep 21 • 31 min
Our very own Kevin Shaw sits down and speaks with 2018 California Libertarian Governor candidate Zoltan Istvan.
Debate - Vinny Marshall vs Kyle Wagner - Can Property Rights Exist Without Government?
Sep 14 • 70 min
Vinny Marshall debates with Kyle Wagner over the question of “can property rights exist without a Government?”
Episode 04 - The War on Drugs
Sep 11 • 80 min
On this episode, Matt Murphy, Vinny Marshall, Caitlin Cloven, and James Smith dive into the always failing war on drugs. Jeff Sessions, Colorado legal issues, occupation in Afghanistan and the opioid epidemic, constant issues caused between Mexico and the…
Candidate Spotlight - Nickolas Wildstar
Sep 6 • 90 min
Kevin Shaw sits down with Nickolas Wildstar to discuss his upcoming run for governor in 2018. The two delve into some of the most pressing issues facing Californians today.
Episode 03 - The Unite the Right Rally
Aug 22 • 79 min
This week we’re joined by Kyle Wagner and John Hudak as our special guests. Join us as Joshua Smith, Lonie Dupre, and Vinny Marshall speaks with Hudak and Wagner about the recent Unite the Right rally held in Virginia.
Episode 02 - North Korea
Aug 16 • 89 min
On this episode we take some listener feedback and questions from our last episode on healthcare, we talk about the current situation with North Korea, and there’s a bit of banter about everyone’s favorite Minarchist, Kyle Wagner.
Episode 01 - Healthcare
Aug 1 • 79 min
On this, our first episode, Vinny Marshall, Caitlin Cloven, Joshua Smith, and Matt Murphy discuss all things healthcare. Also, Matt Murphy experiences a Venezuelan internet connection, and Joshua makes shit up.