Something About Food?

Something About Food?
Hello Hungry Hordes! Welcome to Something About Food? Diverse guests join culinary nerd Chef Chris Clarke to discuss their personal relationship with food and the tasty, memorable and outright ridiculous things they’ve eaten. Everyone is invited to the table!
013 - Vote Cake!
Nov 21 • 40 min
It’s always fun to catch up with people you knew when they were young and see where they are in life. Emma Donahue is a bright up-and-coming light in Colorado politics, and a delight to talk to. We throw her catering mom under the bus and discuss voter…
012 - Rockin’ and Cinnamon Rollin’
Nov 14 • 59 min
When cooking school comrades Chef Clarke and John Taussig talk food and restaurants, everyone gets hungry. The Grateful Dead, real Mexican food (mmm… mole!), Boulder’s best restaurants and cuban cigars are all on the menu.
011 - Bread and Family Circus
Nov 7 • 50 min
Chef Clarke often daydreams about the rustic breads that Heather Covington bakes in her hometown of Gilbertsville, NY. They talk about baking, triplets, chickens and more.
010 - Big Naturals and Beyond
Sep 27 • 72 min
Executive Producer Curtis Endicott thought interviewing Chef Chris Clarke would give you, the listeners, insight into the why’s and wherefores of our Something About Food? Podcast. Thanks for listening!
009 - An Artist’s Palate
Sep 19 • 50 min
Chef Chris and artist Chris Huang discover their shared love for Chinatowns, the influence of art in daily life and sesame balls
008 - From Improv to Idli
Sep 12 • 43 min
Chef Clarke and Dr. Meenakshi Singh discuss improv, the easiest way to cook idli, the sweetness of Indian desserts and much more.
007 - Family Food
Sep 5 • 53 min
Family food tales abound as Chef Clarke and her younger brother Aaron Clarke get gabbing. You’ll be giggling and hungry, as the Clarkes almost always are.
006 - Tall Tales
Aug 29 • 53 min
Madrid hostel buddy James Johnson and Chef Clarke get real about travel, food and how you can’t outrun depression, even at the top of Machu Picchu.
005 - A Theatrical Dish
Aug 22 • 60 min
There are lot’s of stories of making his way on Broadway and a wee bit of name dropping as Jonathan Dokuchitz talks to Chef Clarke about pierogi in NYC and having pizza delivered to your house when you live in a tiny village.
004 - Run to the Table
Aug 15 • 45 min
We’ve got a bit of a gal crush on Chef Kelly Newlon. She’s got a thriving business she and her husband started up on their own terms, she’s an ultra runner, and she loves Great Chef’s of the World. What is not to love? She and Chef Clarke got to talking…
003 - The Durian Effect
Aug 8 • 40 min
New friend Putri Martosudarmo gets Chef Clarke laughing as they share their love for all things Dim Sum. Durian, chicken feet and apple pie are all on the table!
002 - Funny Thing About Food
Aug 1 • 44 min
Old buddy and improv director Eric Farone from The Bovine Metropolis Theater gets to chatting with Chef Chris about out of the way food, tasting as you cook and how to correctly eat an Italian Beef sandwich.
001 - The Avocado and The Omega
Jul 25 • 30 min
Chef Chris Clarke sits down with branding guru Olivia Omega and discusses growing up vegetarian, cooking when you don’t really like it, feeding kids, and how pizza is an important food category.