Caffeine Conversations

Caffeine Conversations
Learn how your favorite creators are building a brand and community around who they are.

Dan Hunt – Community as a Publishing Service
Sep 17 • 36 min
Dan Hunt is the creator of Compound, a community for aspiring writers and publishers looking for help in their process. Dan has a really diverse and unique background of building products and companies, and so I was really interested to hear about his…
Khe Hy – The Magic of 10k Work
Sep 10 • 42 min
Khe Hy is the writer of RadReads. He’s also a Notion Pro, launching his new course Supercharge your Productivity with Notion (linked below). What I love about Khe is his blend of focus and productivity work with his care for community and helping people…
Anna Gát – Building a Global Intellectual Community
Sep 3 • 47 min
Anna Gát is the creator and organizer of the InterIntellect, a global forum for intellectual discussions and remote salons. We discuss how she got this global movement started as well as how she followed her own path launching and building this community.…
Adrian Alfieri – Personal Wellness and Community
Aug 28 • 38 min
Adrian Alfieri is an investor and the creator of The Proof, a collection of interviews with top founders about their wellness habits and attitudes towards self-care. Adrian is one of the best networkers I know (without trying) and we discuss how he…
Ben Tossell: Quickly Shipping Side Projects
Aug 24 • 46 min
Ben Tossell is the founder of – a no-code community for learning to build and ship projects without writing any code. Ben turned his side project into a full time, funded business and community at the heart of this industry. Side-note, I also…
Kaleigh Moore: Freelancer Networks
Aug 23 • 30 min
Kaleigh Moore is a freelance copywriter, course instructor, podcaster, and blogger for top companies in the Fortune 500 and startups. She’s also the student, turned instructor of the Creative Class, which is a Freelancer course co-created with Paul…
Dan Shipper: Following your Career Thread
Aug 22 • 30 min
Dan Shipper is the writer of Superorganizers on Substack as part of the Everything Bundle. Learn more about the host:
[Full Conversation] Navigating Life with Ease with Kirat Randhawa
May 21 • 33 min
Learn more about Kirat here:
[Introduction] Kirat Randhawa, A Kind Rupture
May 19 • 9 min
Learn more about Kirat here: