The James Scott Henson Podcast

The James Scott Henson Podcast
A podcast about cultivating an intentional life through mindfulness, compassion, equanimity, gratitude, and accepting reality as it is. Support this podcast:

Kurtis Vanderpool: Deconstruction is Not Destruction
Aug 24 • 47 min
This one is different. It is long, it is challenging, and, I think, it may reach some people who haven’t always felt a resonance with some of what I’ve offered. Kurtis Vanderpool is a Life Coach who specializes in working with people who are struggling…
Opening Up
Aug 20 • 9 min
If you really pay attention to your experience you’ll notice that you tense up or constrict when something that you don’t like happens – a lot of our suffering comes from this. In this final part of the series on awareness, we look at moving beyond simple…
What Does It Mean to Let Go?
Jun 29 • 12 min
In this episode of the podcast, we explore what it means to let go, how to actually do it, and the fact that it is a process rather a one-time thing. This can be especially difficult when it comes to other people in our lives. —- Support this podcast:…
Awareness and the Need for Approval
Jun 20 • 15 min
The need for approval is a tough one. We are wired to care about what other members of our species think, especially when it comes to our family and close friends. In this episode, we talk about this need for approval, how getting approval often creates a…
Defining Awareness
Jun 15 • 19 min
The practice of simple awareness is powerful, but it’s also simple enough to become complicated as our mind tries to get a grasp on it. In this episode, we talk about what awareness is, what it can do for us, and how to cultivate it. —- Support this…
Gaming Skills, Life Skills with Yash Anand
Jun 12 • 27 min
This is a cool one. My friend Yash lives in New Bombay, India, and has written a book on how gamers can take the skills they’ve developed from their hobby and apply them to life. It’s a good idea and I think it’s going to be a good book. Join us for the…
Guide Meditation: Counting the Breath
May 27 • 13 min
This is probably the most requested video/audio: an introductory guided meditation. It’s also been the most difficult for me to get done because I don’t know much about sound editing and it’s really hard to record one without background noise. I don’t…
The Best Habits
May 15 • 10 min
This episode is in response to a question I got on Instagram: What are the best habits? I discuss the habits I am most grateful for and share a framework I use to keep my habits in check by remembering what I want to stop, decrease, maintain, increase,…
Learning During Difficult Times
Nov 3, 2019 • 16 min
This is the first episode under the new name, and serves to catch everyone up on where I’ve been and the things I’ve learned from a difficult last year. Thanks for listening! —- Support this podcast:
Goodbye Dying Daily: Time and How We Waste It
Apr 30, 2019 • 19 min
In what is the final episode of this podcast under the name Dying Daily, we explore why I am moving away from it and what led me to it in the first place. Over the course of this podcast we’ll talk about Seneca and his essay “On the Shortness of Life”,…
Mindfulness Isn’t Magic
Mar 4, 2019 • 33 min
In this episode of the Dying Daily podcast we take a quick look at one of the most problematic expectations many people have of a mindfulness practice. —- Support this podcast:
Who I Am
Jan 22, 2019 • 28 min
In this episode of the Dying Daily Podcast I tell a little bit of my story and how I found freedom from much of the suffering in my life through things like mindfulness, meditation, compassion, and gratitude. —- Support this podcast:…
Never Being Bothered
Sep 6, 2018 • 11 min
In this episode we explore how being bothered by things is human, and how our response to being bothered is what really matters. —- Support this podcast:
What It Means to Sit with Anxiety
Aug 24, 2018 • 15 min
What does it mean when somebody tells us to sit with our emotions? This episode of The Dying Daily Podcast explores this question and give some examples of how to do this. —- Support this podcast:
Mindfulness and Being Human
Jul 26, 2018 • 10 min
A quick look at being human and dealing with difficult emotions. —- Support this podcast:
Health, Humanity, and Holistic Healing
Jun 9, 2018 • 33 min
I have a guest for the first time on this episode of the Dying Daily Podcast: Health Coach, Health Advocate, Experienced Yoga Teacher, and all-around cool human being Lindsay Kerr. We talk about everything from the bioindividuality of our diets and the…
Boundaries and Compassion
May 17, 2018 • 8 min
People who are suffering will often harm others whether they mean to or not. This episode of the Dying Daily Podcast explores how we can have boundaries and protect ourselves and those we love and still offer compassion to those who are suffering. —-…
Opinions and Why They Don’t Matter
Apr 14, 2018 • 16 min
We are driven by what we like and what we don’t like and what we want and what we don’t want, but when we really examine this we find that these things are driven by emotion and conditioning and don’t really matter at all. This episode of the Dying Daily…
Mindfulness and What We Can Control
Mar 31, 2018 • 12 min
This is an audio version of a YouTube video talking about what we can and what we cannot control. —- Support this podcast:
Mindfulness and Illness
Mar 28, 2018 • 12 min
This is an audio version of a YouTube video talking about mindfulness and how it can help when we aren’t feeling well. —- Support this podcast:
Gratitude is Everything
Mar 26, 2018 • 9 min
This is an audio version of my first YouTube video discussing why gratitude is not only important but is the only rational response to the world. —- Support this podcast:
Mindfulness and Why It Matters
Mar 4, 2018 • 16 min
Mindfulness is something of a fad these days, and this has it’s positive and its negative implications. In this episode of the Dying Daily Podcast, we talk about what mindfulness is and look at some concrete ways to incorporate it into our lives. —-…
Why Passion and Motivation are Overrated
Sep 6, 2017 • 11 min
We hear a lot about being passionate and motivated these days, but neither of these is sustainable or useful in the long run. This episode of The Dying Daily Podcast explores the idea that discipline and perseverance are worth cultivating because they…
Getting What We Want
Aug 15, 2017 • 8 min
Getting what we want is not always the best thing. It may even end up being harmful to us, while many of the best things in life emerge from things we would not have chosen for ourselves. This episode explores these ideas and makes suggestions for how to…
Controlling Your Control
Jul 1, 2017 • 12 min
A lot of our suffering comes from trying to control what is not ours to control, while releasing control of the things that should get our attention. In this episode we explore these ideas, and look at some solutions to the human problem of control. —-…
Situations are Neutral
Apr 27, 2017 • 13 min
This episode looks at the peace we can find in recognizing that many of the things we label as good or bad or right or wrong are really just neutral. Thank you for listening. —- Support this podcast:
We are All Doing the Best We Can with What We Have
Apr 11, 2017 • 11 min
This episode explores the idea that people do what makes sense to them, even if it looks irrational or unskillful from the outside. It asks how our judgments might affect our relationships with other people, and our relationship with ourselves. This was a…
The Perfect and the Good
Apr 2, 2017 • 11 min
If you try to do anything at all, people will find reasons to criticize you. If you try to avoid criticism by not doing anything at all, people will criticize you. If you try to shoot for the middle and think you can hide in mediocrity, people will…