Ms. Ileane | The Anchor Show

Ms. Ileane | The Anchor Show
Ms. Ileane shares her #SuperCuteSaturday inspiration and digital media ramblings. Connect with @ileane on your favorite social media networks and live streaming platforms.
More Funding for Patreon
Sep 21 • 42 min
Patreon is a stable platform that just raised $60 million new funding. I think it’s time for you to start your Patreon page.
The Anti Hustle Book
Sep 18 • 10 min
Interview with Nicole Purvy, author of Anti Hustle: Start a six-figure business in one year
Anchor Stats A-Z
Sep 16 • 17 min
How to navigate your podcasting stats on Anchor and how to use them to optimize content marketing.
Top Tips for Using @Buzzsumo
Sep 6 • 12 min
Buzzsumo is a content marketing research and curation tool.
My Interview on @AnchorTalk
Sep 4 • 41 min
Doctor Dan Interviews Ms. Ileane on AnchorTalk
YouTube & Anchor Tips & Tricks
Aug 30 • 13 min
In this episode I answer questions about YouTube live and how I create Anchor segments from my computer ⚓️
#LiveStreaming A to Z
Aug 26 • 28 min
Live streaming on YouTube, Facebook and much more!
Myths About Podcasting Stats
Aug 19 • 18 min
There is a lot of mystery surrounding Podcasting stats and how to make it to the top of the charts. Show notes are at
My Multicasting Rant
Aug 12 • 25 min
Do live streamers need to be on every platform at the same time? I think they are fragmenting their audience what do you think?
Best SEO Plugin and Blog Tools
Aug 4 • 18 min
What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress and where do you start with blogging ideas.
Future of Blogging in 5 Years
Jul 29 • 23 min
What is the future course of blogging? Will blogs transform to keep up with the pace of technology? How can blogging attract the next generation of content creators?
My ⚓️Journey
Jul 23 • 6 min
Here’s why I started another podcast on
⚓️Tracks & Thought Leadership
Jul 21 • 19 min
Should we use the background music on our Anchor podcast or not and my thoughts about what makes a real thought leader - Including commentary from Brian Fanzo.
Your Patreon Perks and Goals
Jul 15 • 14 min
Setting up your rewards and determining your goals on Patreon will help you have a successful page.
What is a Patron on Patreon Ep. 2
Jul 10 • 5 min
What is it like to be a patron on Patreon. What are the perks and the benefits.
Get Started with Patreon Ep. 1
Jul 9 • 5 min
Build a community of loyal fans on Patreon. I can help you set up your page
Two Tips for Podcast Interviews on #SuperCuteSaturday
Jul 8 • 5 min
Two Tips for Podcast Interviews on #SuperCuteSaturday