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First Why then What & How.
Aug 19 • 3 min
This is all about rethinking where your strategy for business or freelancing come from. Are you just thinking of what to do next or how to get to the next level? If so you are missing the why.
Same Content Different Results
Aug 15 • 4 min
This is all about taking a step back to take 2 steps forward with giving your audience the most access to your messages and content in environments and formats they are going to be the most receptive.
You Don’t Own Ur Social Media
Jul 9 • 7 min
You Don’t Own Your Posts • Why You Need A Website • Easy strategy for content creation on multiple platforms • Now Over To You
Money = Value And Framing
Jul 7 • 7 min
Today’s Topic: Money = Value • What Is Money? • Hourly Wages Are Missleading • Why Minimum Wages Are Always Low • Figuring Out Your Worth • Conclusion and Over To You
The Illusion Of Job Security
Jul 5 • 5 min
Welcome! • Today’s Topic: The Security Illusion • Its A Trade Off • Perception and Consistent Strategy • The 3 Key Areas for Success
Freelancing: Why I Went All In
Jul 4 • 8 min
Making the transition to a full-time freelancer • Today’s Topic: Route into freelancing • All or nothing • Pressure Forms Diamonds • Action Over Perfection • Micro investments in initial work • Bus…
3 Areas For Business Success
Jul 3 • 8 min
I give a big picture view on the 3 key areas for ANY business success. From getting more clients, charging more and getting more repeat referral work. Don’t forget to join me on Anchor for even more.
Why Build An Audience?
Jul 2 • 4 min
Awesome stuff! • Why Building An Audience Is The Ultimate Leverage • Not 15 minutes of fame but 15 People • Context Informing Content • Over to you
Leverage Being A Freelancer
Jul 1 • 3 min
Today’s Topic: Leverage • Why Leverage Is Important • Leverage In Biz relationships • What Are You Doing For Leverage?