All The Bits Board Game Podcast

All The Bits Board Game Podcast
A podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits
8 - Essen Extravaganza!
Oct 15 • 99 min
Welcome to Episode 8 of All the Bits, our ESSEN EXTRAVAGANZA! In this episode, Shaun and Michelle Drive By titles such as Okey Dokey, Tournament at Camelot, Magic Maze, Timeline Challenge, and more! From there, the spotlight is cranked up on the BGG…
7 - I Wanna Marry Robinson Crusoe!
Oct 2 • 76 min
Welcome to Episode 7 of All the Bits, wherein we douse you in bits! In this episode, the hosts actually play a bunch of games together!!! We Drive By titles such as Codenames Duet, Unearth, Godfather: Corelone’s Empire, Downforce, and Finca. We then shine…
6 - Who Wants to Sheer Some Sheep?
Sep 18 • 65 min
Welcome to Episode 6 of All the Bits, wherein we make it rain bits on you! We Drive By recent titles such as Fantasy Realms, The Climbers, Bunny Kingdoms and Wasteland Express Delivery Service. In our BGG Spotlight bit, we tackle a problem serious to all…
5 - The WOOD one!
Sep 4 • 92 min
Welcome to Episode 5 of All the Bits, wherein we shower you with bits! New bits (the anniversary game, Guess the Game, and audio unboxings), old bits (Drive Bys, BGG spotlight, All the Bits, Hot Topic, and Next Up!), quite literally, ALL. The. Bits! Games…
4 - Basically, some Gen Con Shenanigans!
Aug 10 • 75 min
Wherein Michelle unleashes her inner Eric Summerer, Shaun attempts to speak “French”, the age old question of “is pizza a snack?” is tackled and the dynamic duo participate in lots of Gen Con Shenanigans! Tweet us @allthebitspod Email us at…
3 - The dirty, stanky episode
Jul 28 • 92 min
In Episode 3, Shaun and Michelle drive by games such as Century Spice Road, Dice Forge, and Raiders of the North Sea. They discuss the BGG thread “how much do you value fancier components?”, take a look at the bits from Century Spice Road, and tell you…
2- Uwe Threw Up On My Game Mat
Jul 14 • 71 min
In episode 2, we decide to ask each other some random questions, Drive By games such as Lorenzo il Magnifico, A Feast for Odin, and Kashgar, look at the BGG thread titled “Strangest Reason for Board Game Night to be Canceled”, check out the bits of…
1 - Check Out These Bits!
Jun 30 • 79 min
In our inaugural episode, we discuss recent plays such as Great Western Trail and Coal Baron the Card Game. Then we shine a spotlight on the BGG thread entitled “you might be a Eurogamer if….”. In our Next Up segment, we tell you what we are looking…