Project: Shadow

Project: Shadow
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606- Unseen Judgements
Oct 21 • 14 min
The rage is real, and burning me up. • Unseen judgements • The curse of propriety
605- Running from the Devil
Oct 7 • 6 min
Running silent from the devil. • Is Lovecraft controlling the world?
604- Dark Labyrinth of Souls
Sep 9 • 5 min
Together, nothing can stand in our way! • Labyrinth of Souls has gone dark and psychedelic.
603- Hate is Weakness
Aug 17 • 20 min
We need to learn how to talk again. • Everyone is a special snowflake 😀😑 • A call to pity for the broken who hate • Hate is weakness
602- Game of Monkeys
Aug 8 • 35 min
Today is the 10th Anniversary of the Podcast! • Brian celebrates with me • Brian and I discuss Game of Thrones and a Monkey
601- Strange Days and Work
Aug 4 • 5 min
In a world gone mad.
P:S 600- We are X
Aug 2 • 25 min
It’s almost been 10 years. • We are X review • Alien Covenant Review Part 1 • Alien Covenant Review Part 2: WTF Ridley Scott • The story is growing.
599- Silence = Nonexistence
Jul 28 • 15 min
The Worlds care less about logic than it does a good story. • Discrimination against LGBT is legal according to the Department of Justice. • Stand as a Community or Fall Individualy #LGBT 🏳️‍🌈
598- The Epic Step Spider πŸ•·
Jul 27 • 14 min
How the hell did that outlet get smashed? • The Epic of the step Spider • Have you seen Midnight, Texas? • I finished… oh my, the chaos 🀣
597- Add Violence and Trama
Jul 25 • 46 min
What a wonderful weekend! • Nine Inch Nails Adds Violence with a new EP • Less Than holds up a mirror to society. • The Lovers cries out for pain, pleasure, and oneness. • This Isn’t the Place touc…
596- Star Trek v Star Wars
Jul 22 • 26 min
Today is about The Withering. • I don’t think you understand Star Trek • The Mythological Heart of Star Trek and Star Wars • That Fandom don’t Love you! • The Power and Joy of Fandom
595- Are you Living for Love?
Jul 21 • 15 min
About yesterday • #ripChester and the struggle to live. • To the Temple of love! It’s Sisters of Mercy time • Love under the gun and the secret to life.
P:S 594- A Song for a Hot Day
Jul 20 • 6 min
The watch word of today is focus • In the fire, a dragon wings might fly.
P:S 593- Not Dead Yet
Jul 19 • 10 min
Thank you all for your support over the years. • Not dead yet. Mistaken identity and misinformation.
P:S 592- Nawas and Flow
Jul 17 • 34 min
Planning, plotting, and scheming. • Have you heard of Nawas? • Everything Right with Wrong by Nawas • The power of So Low • Nawas makes it work. • Who are you Nawas? • I need to get to more convers…
P:S 591-Of Hamburger and Power
Jul 14 • 15 min
And then the power went out. πŸ˜• • πŸ”The Epic Tale of the Hamburger πŸ” • So why was the hamburger upside down? πŸ”
P:S 590- Demerit Badges
Jul 13 • 10 min
Project: Shadow Intro • The real first day back • The Return of the Demerit Badge?
P:S 589- The Voyage Home
Jul 12 • 7 min
On our way home. • Being Humble with the Amish and KendrIck • We are home.
P:S 588- #hamburger
Jul 10 • 15 min
Shore Leave is over! • Lars’ Magical Pupes • Will you pay for Star Trek Discovery?
P:S 587- Pure Question
Jul 5 • 11 min
We are beings of pure question • How do you refuel? • 587- what do you do on vacation?
P:S 586- The Trip to Maryland
Jul 3 • 7 min
Project: Shadow Intro • Welcome to P:S 586 • We are now in Kentucky • Happy at Ashland, KY • We are in Maryland, good night
P:S is moving to Anchor
Jun 30 • 3 min
Project; Shadow is moving to Anchor!