The Health Files Podcast

The Health Files Podcast
The Health Files Podcast explores and explains all things related to health and medicine: news, studies, myths and mysteries. Listen, Learn, Love & Share.
EP13: The Battle for Science [Interview with Dr. Jamie Vernon]
Oct 31, 2017 • 41 min
In the age of “fake news” and the “post truth”, how can we help science find its voice?
EP12: Food Evolution [Interview with Scott Hamilton Kennedy and Trace Sheehan]
Oct 14, 2017 • 40 min
By Academy Award-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy (director/writer/producer) and Trace Sheehan (writer/producer), the movie FOOD EVOLUTION shines a light onto a brutally polarized debate marked by fear, distrust and confusion: the controversy…
EP11: Powder Power
Sep 15, 2017 • 22 min
Should we be eating more protein? Why do we need supplements, or do we? Should we be eating more meat, protein powder or maybe new, alternative sources of protein… crickets? Just like in the vitamins episode, there is such a thing as too much of a good…
EP10: Food Truths Behind the Label [ Interview with Michele Payn ]
Sep 8, 2017 • 49 min
When you see all those labels on food… ever wonder what they actually mean? Organic, Natural, Humane? Find out in EP10!
EP09: Separating Fad from Fact [Interview with Dr. Andrew Freeman ]
Aug 10, 2017 • 34 min
So, I’m sure you’ve noticed something strange while scrolling through your morning Facebook or news website feed. There is widespread confusion in terms of nutrition. Every day someone says something is good, and then the next day they say it’s bad.…
EP08: The Attack of The Vitamins
Aug 5, 2017 • 30 min
Vitamins are necessary for our bodies to function, they are used for growth, digestion, nerve function, and many other things. So, if something is good for you, then more of that thing should be even better for you, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not…
EP07: High Expectations
Jul 24, 2017 • 31 min
Why is marijuana illegal, on the same list as heroin, LSD and ecstasy? What medical benefits does it have? Find out in Episode 07.
EP06: The Other Side of GMOs [ Interview with Dr. Kevin Folta ]
Jul 18, 2017 • 64 min
An amazing, deep discussion about the non scary side of GMO technology: how it helps cure illnesses, helps reduce herbicide and pesticide use, and helps feed a growing world population..
EP05: The Future of Food
Jul 6, 2017 • 30 min
Foods with GMO ingredients: technology that will save the world or one that will destroy us all?
EP04: The Side-Effects of Nothing
Jul 4, 2017 • 25 min
You’ve heard of placebo… but what about its evil twin the nocebo effect? It’s even more mysterious and aims to harm, rather than to please.
EP03: The Effects of Nothing
Jul 4, 2017 • 27 min
What exactly causes the placebo effect? How does it work? Is it all just… fake?
EP02: The Bitter Truth [Interview with John Bohannon]
Jul 3, 2017 • 35 min
The news heard around the world: eating chocolate can help you lose weight! What wonderful news… or is it?
EP01: In Search For a Cure
Jun 30, 2017 • 34 min
What does mold, the bible and 2 billion dollars have in common? Clinical trials, of course! Join me as we unravel the secrets of the search for the ultimate cure.