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The Marketing Natives
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The Fastest Way to Grow to Six Figures and Beyond | Ep 164
Aug 10 • 19 min
In this week’s episode we talk about the fastest way to grow and scale your business to the elusive six figure mark. We talk to a lot of local business owners and they are all focused on making it to six or seven figures. We’re breaking down the secret…
Stop Doing Everything in Your Business | Ep 163
Aug 3 • 30 min
How to Use VIP Days and Intensives to Grow Your Business with Jordan Gill | Ep 162
Jul 27 • 52 min
When your business grows to a certain level, and you can no longer run everything, and then realize you need to bring on a team to grow and scale, the next step is putting standard operating procedures in place. We have the perfect guest to help us dive…
How to never waste time on unqualified leads ever again | Ep 161
Jul 20 • 24 min
Should you run a business with your best friend or family member? | Ep 160
Jul 13 • 24 min
Signature story of starting the company | Ep 159
Jul 6 • 44 min
All businesses are the same | Ep 158
Jun 29 • 20 min
When you start out in business, the one goal you should have is to find out how you are going to go to market and how your unique solution is better than the competition. What we realized is that although you may be unique in how you go to market, the…
How to Navigate a Business Launch Through COVID-19 With Sam Camarillow | Ep 157
Jun 22 • 35 min
When YogaSix was set to open up, they had no clue that the world would change, but they found a way and have continued to push forward to fulfill their dream. We’re talking about: How to create a social media strategy that gets your audience to engage How…
Being the Dumbest Person Is The Best Thing | Ep 156
Jun 15
Something that took us a while to realize is that all of our failures were actually what we needed to succeed. In this episode we are going back to the first big best we ever did as a company and the lessons we learned that helped us create the systems we…
From Overworked Personal Trainer to Nutrition Tycoon With Justin Murphy | Ep 155
Jun 8 • 65 min
In this week’s episode we get the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Murphy of iCoach Nutrition, a Texas based nutrition and lifestyle coaching business that helps people live their best lives. * Business Models * Mentors * Shifting your mindset * And…
Success is a horrible teacher for local business owners | Ep 154
Jun 1 • 31 min
In business we are taught that more success breeds success, but is that really true? We don’t think so, at least for us, the most growth we ever had in our company was at the coattails of failure. We find out how to make things better and improve them…
3 Ways To Sell More Online | Ep 153
May 27
Selling online has never been more important than right now. If you can sell your product or service anywhere in the world it opens you up for possibilities not typically possible before. In this episode we break down three ways to sell more, but not in a…
Building a sales funnel live | Ep 152
May 18
Should You Save or Invest in Your Business | Ep 151
May 11
No matter where you are in your business or where you are in the world, we are being affected by the Coronavirus. No one knows the lasting impacts this will have on our country and the rest of the world, but one thing is for certain, you have a choice.…
How to get your audience to engage with your content | Ep 150
May 4
It’s never been about the amount of content you create… well for the most part. Imagine you take the time to create thirty pieces of content every month, but no one, not even your mom ‘likes’ it. In today’s episode of The Marketing Natives we are going to…
How to take your brick and mortar online | Ep 149
Apr 27
5 tips to make WFH more efficient | Ep 148
Apr 20
You must find a routine that works for you. Eliminate distractions as much as possible Take breaks and go get fresh air when you can
Covid-19 Marketing Tips and Strategies | Ep 147
Apr 13
No matter where you are in your business right now, we want to let you know that you are not alone. If there was ever a time that needed to come together to help each other, now is that time. We are preaching to NOT panic, but to PIVOT. In this episode of…
Former Assistant DA Turned Successful Business Owner & Criminal Defense Attorney With Derk Wadas | Ep 146
Apr 6
5 Steps to a successful TikTok marketing strategy | Ep 145
Mar 30