The Risky Fox Podcast

The Risky Fox Podcast
The Risky Fox Podcast is a show that deconstructs some of the most talked-about news in technology, business, and culture. We ask questions that you may be too embarrassed to ask, but also look to dive deeper into the nuance of why certain decisions are m
08: Growth & Adversity with Carlita
Oct 3 • 95 min
In this episode, Gajan sits down with serial entrepreneur, Carlita. The two talk about growing a brand, overcoming adversity, and dealing with toxicity. This show is transforming into somehting else right before our ears, but we’ll have more details on…
07: Controlled Chaos with Steve
Oct 3 • 95 min
Not Another Cooking Show is one of the best channels on YouTube today. Steve, the creator, empowers his viewers to go out and create enjoyable food that’s fun to make. Further, he’s doing it his own way. In this episode, I had a chance to interview him…
06: How Apple Will Control Mobile Profits
Jun 22 • 25 min
There are two constants in June: seeing Lebron James in the NBA finals and Apple hosting a massive conference for developers. While the former may fade eventually, the latter is showing no signs of slowing down. WWDC is an annual event that sees nearly…
05: The Future of Facebook
Apr 12 • 25 min
Facebook is as free a service as a free iPhone on contract. That is to say, it isn’t free at all. You have access to a set of services in exchange for your personal information, which is then categorized and packaged for advertisers. The goal is to create…
04: The Downfall of Spotify
Mar 29 • 17 min
Spotify will be going public next week. While this may great news for most companies, it may not have a fairytale ending for the streaming giant. Despite being the market leader in music streaming today, among their major competitors Spotify is the only…
03: Samsung’s Declining Relevancy
Mar 16 • 24 min
Tomorrow, Samsung will release the latest addition to their Galaxy line of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S9. This release marks the beginning of a new year in mobile technology which will be capped off with new hardware from Apple and Google. It’s…
02: Disney’s 3 Keys To Success In Streaming
Feb 22 • 33 min
In this episode, we discuss Disney and their upcoming streaming service. Specifically, Gajan elaborates on the Disney’s three keys to being extremely successful in the streaming space.
01: Reviewing the iPhone X
Feb 9 • 45 min
In our first episode, we dive deep into the iPhone X. Gajan talks about his favourite and not so favourite features while Bojan navigates the discussion to the final question: should we buy one?