Bro, Did You See This?

Bro, Did You See This?
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Cartoons Are Bad
Sep 8 • 38 min
Outback Steakhouse’s nefarious plans. Airport conspiracies. Martin Shkreli versus the people. Proper Greek pronunciation, steering wheel desks, and the Jetsons. Bro, did you see this? Show notes: “Wtf is Outback Steakhouse planning” 8 Conspiracy Theories…
Insert Soda Here
Aug 18 • 39 min
A gaggle of Pikachu. The Food Politics of Pokemon. The greatest Mascots of the 1990s. A crepe catastrophe. A CSI: Cyber episode come to life. Bro, did you see this? Show notes: ‘Dunkirk (2017, dir. Christopher Nolan)’ 'Great Detective Pikachu' Live-Action…
With a Bullet
Jul 31 • 40 min
An ATM escape the room challenge. A sad chef. A (couple of) robots. The future of airlines. An eel…truck? Bro, did you see this? Show notes: Man trapped inside ATM room slips notes to customers pleading for help Weber Cooks How to Make Chili Cheese Nacho…
Bury Me In Disneyland
Jul 12 • 36 min
Mario tells us to say no to drugs, a Shoe Youtuber and Die Antwoord spark a conversation on personas, ‘Hobby Lobby’s Rob-y Hobby’, and Drew’s terrible confession. Show notes: Captain Lou Albano (Mario) - WGBS Philly 57 "Just Say No" Drugs Cabel Sasser’s…
Obviously It’s Just Pixels and Bytes
Jun 28 • 27 min
E3 happened. It needed to be discussed. Show notes: Amazon Buys Whole Foods REAMDE Anthem Breath of the Wild Mass Effect trilogy Knights of the Old Republic Bungie never had any idea what ‘The Darkness’ in Destiny actually was A Way Out Wii U Finding a…
Friendships WILL Be Broken
Jun 23 • 30 min
Ben hates the HomePod and Drew loves ARKit. An important update from Tonawanda(!), wise words of wisdom from Hip Hop Harry, and an article trying to prove once and for all that millennials are just the worst. Show notes: Injuries, not neighbors, to keep…
Are There No Parks in This Weird Town?
Jun 9 • 37 min
Some Very Good Youtube Videos by Bill Wurtz, a Tonawanda showdown, corporate romance novels and not-so-corporate romance novels, and much much more—including a surprisingly deep conversation on intellectual property? Show notes: History of the Entire…