Remainiacs - The Brexit Podcast

Remainiacs - The Brexit Podcast
REMAINIACS is a no flim flam Brexit podcast for everyone who knows that leaving the EU won’t be un morceau de gateau. We’re not sick of experts and we won’t shut up and get over it. Presented by Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian with Ian Dunt of, Naomi Smith of Best For Britain (personal capacity only!), Ros Taylor of the LSE (personal capacity only, again), Alex Andreou AKA @SturdyAlex, German-Nepalese journalist Nina Schick, actor Ingrid Oliver and scores of special guests. Follow us on Twitter at @RemainiacsCast (! Support us on Patreon and #OwnTheRemoan: Our YouTube channel is here:

138: JUSTICE LEAGUE HITS SUPREME COURT with guest Jolyon Maugham
Sep 19 • 64 min
137: SUPREME CAUGHT? David Allen Green on the Scottish court case capers
Sep 11 • 18 min
136: GAGGIN’ FOR BREXIT plus guest Bridget Phillipson MP
Sep 11 • 68 min
135: THE LYIN’ KING LOSES CONTROL plus guest Jonathan Lis
Sep 4 • 63 min
134: PROROGUE STATE Emergencycast with David Allen Green
Aug 30 • 33 min
133: MAD COUP DISEASE plus guest Hugo Rifkind
Aug 28 • 64 min
132: BOJO GOES INTER-RAILING plus special guest Guy Garvey of Elbow
Aug 23 • 55 min
Let’s parlez Brexit! The Prime Minister went to Paris and Berlin and all he got us was this lousy imaginary Backstop fix. What was the purpose of Johnson’s Euro drive-by and what’s going to happen when it turns out that you can’t fix in 30 days what…
131: EMERGENCYCAST: Have We Got GNUs For You with special guest David Allen Green
Aug 19 • 35 min
Just as we wrapped last week’s podcast, everything went crazy on the Government of National Unity front. We scrambled guru of the constitution David Allen Green plus Naomi Smith and Alex Andreou to unravel the strands in an Emergency Constitutioncast.
130: The Brexiters’ War on Objective Reality
Aug 15 • 60 min
While the Vote Leave government strains every sinew to make No Deal seem inevitable, our panel are bursting with reasons to be optimistic. Remain MPs are on the move, the Parliamentary timetable is up for grabs and – as Alex Andreou says – the Leavers’…
129: CUMMINGS GOES KAMIKAZE plus special guest Rory Palmer MEP
Aug 9 • 64 min
As our new Vote Leave government decides that No Deal is what we all voted for after all, East Midlands Labour MEP Rory Palmer joins us for the final stage of Britain’s game of chicken with the EU.
128: BRECON BAD: Emergency By-Electioncast
Aug 2 • 22 min
Lib Dems on the march? General Election plans scattered? As the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election result reduces Johnson’s majority to just one, Naomi Smith, Alex Andreou and guest Rob Blackie convene to sort out what it all means.
127: BOJO’S ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION plus special guest Heidi Allen MP
Aug 2 • 63 min
This week HEIDI ALLEN – independent MP, recovering Tory and battle-scarred CHUK veteran – joins us in the Brexit blunderdome.
126: THE CORONATION OF PRINCE BOFFREY plus special guest Gavin Esler
Jul 25 • 67 min
125: Guests LED BY DONKEYS: How they hacked Brexit Britain’s brain
Jul 19 • 66 min
124: THE AMBASSADOR’S RECEPTION plus guest Wes Streeting MP
Jul 12 • 71 min
123: RISE OF THE TROLLITICIANS plus comedian Kieran Hodgson on the lessons of 1975
Jul 5 • 64 min
122: POWER, CORRUPTION AND LIES with Brian Klaas, author of How To Rig An Election
Jun 28 • 63 min
121: A PANTOMIME OF DEMOCRACY plus guest Caroline Criado-Perez
Jun 20 • 67 min
120: PROROGUE ONE: A Tory Wars Story with guest Anand Menon
Jun 14 • 63 min
119: Into PurgaTORY with special guest DOMINIC GRIEVE MP
Jun 7 • 72 min
It’s a big one this week as the redoubtable DOMINIC GRIEVE MP – former Attorney General, unbowed People’s Vote advocate, hate figure for the foaming Brexit press and the first Tory MP to appear on Remainiacs – joins us in the bunker for some deep Brexit…
118: ANARCHY IN THE UK? EU elections aftermath special
May 30 • 69 min
Who REALLY won the EU elections, the #DeniedMyVote scandal, the ruins of Labour and the Tories… and how can unabashed Remainers make the most of their strong showing?
117: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL Our trade future with guest Dmitry Grozoubinski
May 23 • 62 min
This week on Britain’s biggest independent Brexit podcast, trade expert Dmitry Grozoubinski explains what No Deal really means… and much more.
116: SPECIAL EDITION: Candidate-packed Euro Elections hustings-cast!
May 19 • 71 min
Surprise special edition incoming… It’s Euro elections week and lots of us STILL don’t know who to vote for. On Friday 17 May we brought together people from the key national parties who are hunting the Remainer vote to make their pitch in semi-hustings…
115: THE EVE OF THE WAR with special guest Stephen Bush of the New Statesman
May 17 • 74 min
As the EU Election clock ticks remorselessly down to zero we’re joined by the New Statesman’s political editor **STEPHEN BUSH** to survey the campaign so far and predict the upshot. What will Labour’s “all things to everyone” stance to do its vote? How do…
114: DEMOTING THE VOTE with special guest, Labour MP ALEX SOBEL
May 9 • 60 min
How did a sweeping local elections vote for Remain parties become an instruction to “just get Brexit done”? What do those results mean for the EU Elections later this month? What will it take to stop the momentum of the Brexit Party? And what will happen…
113: EU elections: HOWLS OF FRUSTRATION with special guest Rachel Shabi
May 2 • 67 min
As Labour’s NEC enrages members by pushing a Confirmatory Referendum into Never-Neverland and recommitting to “Soft” Brexit, we invite Guardian writer and Corbyn supporter **RACHEL SHABI** into the Remainiacs bunker for a candid discussion of Labour’s…
112: FAILURE TO LAUNCH: Have Remain parties blown the EU elections? PLUS 1975 Referendum retro special
Apr 26 • 58 min
On this week’s podcast: Why can’t the Remain parties get their acts together for the European Parliament elections, the most important vote on the EU since the Referendum? Historian ROBERT SAUNDERS joins us to explain what lessons we should have learned…
111: D’HONDT STOP BELIEVING: Fighting the EU Elections and more with guest Matt Forde
Apr 19 • 74 min
This week [**MATT FORDE**]( – stand-up, ‘Mock The Week’ regular, creator of touring show ‘[Brexit Through The Gift Shop](’ and interviewer of political heavyweights on his podcast ‘[The Political…
110: STOP THE CLOCKS: The delay is away, plus Future Politics with Jamie Susskind
Apr 11 • 58 min
As Theresa May bows to the inevitable and asks for a short delay to Brexit, we ask what it’ll mean when a merciful EU insists on rather a longer one. Do the hard Brexit headbangers have what it takes to bring her down or are the ERG now fatally split?…
109: SPECIAL EDITION: Remainiacs onstage at PodcastLive
Apr 8 • 61 min
**BONUS EPISODE:** Here’s the audio from Sunday’s PodcastLive at The Light in London, where Dorian, Nina, Alex and Ros brought the RemainiacsLive experience to the special one-day festival of political podcasting. Have a listen to this special “raw and…
108: PRIME MINISTER JEREMAY: National Unity special with guest Tom Kibasi
Apr 3 • 68 min
Wonders will never cease. All her avenues exhausted, Theresa May reaches out to the only person who can help in her hour of need. And that would be… Jeremy Corbyn? This week we look at the minefield that is the **Theresa-Jezza Love-in**. Is compromise…
107: EMERGENCY PODCAST: Groundhog May as the Deal dies (again)
Mar 29 • 38 min
As MV3 turns out to be DOA we hotfoot it into febrile Soho to read the steaming entrails of the May Deal. What happens next? Does May have any blackmail left in her sack of off-brand tricks? What will happen at the EU Parent-Teacher meeting on April 10?…
106: TAKING BACK CONTROL with special guest John Harris
Mar 27 • 67 min
The March. The Revoke petition. The Government that can’t govern and the amendment that put MPs in charge of Britain’s destiny at last. Was this the week that Brexiters lost control of Brexit? In that quiet moment before the Indicative Votes we welcome…
105: Special edition: TONY BLAIR on this week’s crisis, how to win another Referendum and more
Mar 21 • 38 min
It’s a big one. TONY BLAIR, former Labour Prime Minister and now head of his Global Institute, talks to Dorian, Naomi and Ian about escape routes from the current Parliamentary chaos, how his own policies relate to the roots of Brexit, what a good Prime…
104: EDGE OF DESTRUCTION: Time runs out with guests Roland Smith and David Allen Green
Mar 20 • 64 min
With Brexit literally hours away, we convene Leaver-turned-Article-50-Revoker **ROLAND SMITH** and law and policy expert **DAVID ALLEN GREEN** to stare into the abyss. How did we get here? What could happen next? Has May engineered a Hobson’s Choice…
103: AFTERMATHCAST: Ok, so what exactly happened in Brexit’s latest Hell Week?
Mar 15 • 30 min
After a week like that we just had to reconvene and perform triage on the Deal, the People’s Vote, the state of May’s governmental authority and all the other walking wounded of the Brexit Infinity War. **Dorian Lynskey**, **Ian Dunt** and producer…
102: BREXIT: FINAL FANTASY? with special guests LAYLA MORAN MP and Tim McInerney of The Irish Passport
Mar 13 • 68 min
The flaming wreckage of The Deal is all around us (yet again) but what happens next? Can Theresa May salvage anything from her plans and career? Is there enough turd polish around to give the Deal another go-round? What even is Malthouse 2.0? And is it…
101: THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM: We look at Brexit bribery, Ladies For Leave and the elephants in the room
Mar 8 • 65 min
This week, the last desperate moves before next week’s descent in the Hellmouth of Final Votes. Has Theresa May’s attempts to **bribe Labour MPs** from Leave constituencies backfired? Just how wobbly is **Labour’s “commitment” to a People’s Vote**? And…
100: ONE HUNDREDTH SHOW! May’s delay, Labour People’s Vote flip, Common Market 2.0, Ireland and more
Feb 28 • 68 min
Huge thanks to May and Corbyn for laying on some quality material for our **extended 100th podcast**. Labour finally, finally comes out for a People’s Vote. But what needs to happen first? Can TIG claim credit? And are we in for another grudging 60%…
99: THE NOTORIOUS T.I.G.? Labour and Tory breakaways – with special guest Cristo Foufas
Feb 20 • 63 min
EMERGENCY RELEASE AS EVENTS GO CRAZY YET AGAIN. The dam finally breaks in the most dramatic week in Brexit since… January? Eight Labour MPs including Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna quit Labour over anti-semitism and Corbyn’s intransigence over Brexit.…
98: PODCLASH SPECIAL! Remainiacs meet Cakewatch in EU summit conference
Feb 15 • 67 min
It’s a special edition of Remainiacs as we welcome our brothers-in-podcasting STEVE BULLOCK AKA [@GuitarMoog]( (left) and CHRIS KENDALL AKA [@ottocrat]( of the brilliant…
97: CAVALIERS vs. ROUNDHEADS with guest MARK GATISS of League Of Gentlemen
Feb 8 • 64 min
This is a LOCAL podcast for LOCAL people… We are thrilled to have the great **MARK GATISS** – writer, star of ‘The League Of Gentlemen‘, ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Doctor Who’, and five-star unyielding Remainer – as this week’s special guest on Remainiacs. Listen in…
96: WELCOME TO FANTASY ISLAND plus our first Leaver guest, Oliver Norgrove
Jan 30 • 63 min
SPEED RELEASE TO KEEP UP WITH EVENTS: As Parliament delivers “a masterclass in cowardice” on the Withdrawal Bill and the May Government escapes into a world of pure imagination, **Ros Taylor**, **Ian Dunt** and new panelist **Melissa Chemam** convene to…
95: SQUEAKY BREXIT TIME? Breaking down Plan B with special guest Steve Analyst
Jan 25 • 55 min
As Plan A arrives in its moustache and glasses, will May’s second attempt to get a deal through unbalance the Brexit Bus and if so, in which direction? Business intelligence expert and super-tweeter [**STEVE…
94: THE DAY THE DEAL DIED with special guest David Allen Green
Jan 16 • 64 min
**RUSH RELEASE FOR RELEVANCE:** The day after the May Deal finally fell to a record defeat (with an even worse vote than her projected result if she hadn’t bottled it in December) Ian Dunt, Naomi Smith and Dorian Lynskey convene to ask what the hell is…
93: PARLIAMENT TAKES BACK CONTROL? With special guest Peter Kellner
Jan 10 • 62 min
It’s time-sensitive again so we’re releasing this one, recorded at 2pm on Wednesday, a little early. In our first podcast of 2019 we’re right back into the Brexit war of attrition with the aid of special guest **PETER KELLNER**, doyen of pollsters,…
92: NEW YEAR, NEW EU! The best and worst of 2018 – and our hopes for 2019
Jan 4 • 58 min
As Britain holds its breath for the Year of Decision, the Remainiacs panel convene to look back at the ups and downs of the year that’s just gone – and what we can look forward to for 2019. Gird yourself for the new year as **Dorian Lynskey, Naomi Smith,…
91: A BREXMAS CAROL with guests Femi from OFOC and Seb Dance MEP
Dec 21, 2018 • 57 min
It’s the most blunderful time of the year! As MPs head off for a ‘well-earned’ – hem-hem – Christmas break, the final Remainiacs of 2018 welcomes returning favourites **SEB DANCE MEP** and **FEMI OLUWOLE** of [Our Future Our…
90: INFINITE CRISIS! Special guest crossover with JAMES O’BRIEN and DAVID SCHNEIDER
Dec 12, 2018 • 64 min
You thought Brexit couldn’t get any worse? Guess again. As we hurtle towards the brick wall of No Deal, the Tories think there’s no better moment for a time-wasting leadership contest. Luckily we’ve persuaded two of our most popular guests of the year —…
89: LIVE ON INDECISION DAY Part Two: Crystal Balls and Brexmas Presents
Dec 11, 2018 • 72 min
And here’s Part Two of our live show from Monday 10 Dec, right in the middle of Theresa May’s total retreat from reality. **Do****rian Lynskey, Ingrid Oliver, Ian Dunt** and **Ros Taylor** run through some post-Brexit scenarios, exchange Brexmas gifts,…
88: INDECISION DAY: Live and unedited at Leicester Square Theatre – Part One!
Dec 11, 2018 • 41 min
We wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing… but the events of Monday 10 Dec were so insane that we just had to release the audio of our latest live show to everyone, not just our beloved [Patreon]( backers. Here’s…
87: BAD TIMES IN THE HOUSE OF PAIN plus: Can we rebrand Remain?
Dec 6, 2018 • 63 min
A tiny bit earlier than usual because hey who the hell knows what’s going to happen next… This week, CONTEMPT PROVIDERS: Will this week’s seismic events in the Commons bring us closer to a #PeoplesVote? ULTIMATE WEAPON: Does the **Grieve Amendment** mean…
86: THE AAARGH! OPTION with special guest Marcus Brigstocke
Nov 30, 2018 • 67 min
As things get WORSE and WORSE and BLOODY WORSE we welcome much-loved Brexit-baiting comedian and actor MARCUS BRIGSTOCKE to stare into the vortex one more time. Should we say NO WAY, NORWAY? Will a televised May vs Corbyn ding-dong be the new Frost/Nixon…
85: COUP OR NO COUP with special guest Ayesha Hazarika
Nov 23, 2018 • 69 min
On this week’s queue-jumping REMAINIACS, comedian and political commentator Ayesha Hazarika joins us to discuss the coup that wasn’t, the Deal that might or might not be, and comedy’s ongoing struggle with the least funny thing ever: Brexit. PLUS Damon…
84: EMERGENCY CHAOS-CAST! Everyone quits!
Nov 15, 2018 • 30 min
On Planet Brexit’s worst Day of Chaos yet, we drag Dorian Lynskey, Alex Andreou, Naomi Smith and Ian Dunt into the subterranean Remainiacs bunker to ask what it all means… and whether Theresa May can survive. Beware – this is an Emergency Podcast so it’s…
83: THE DEAL is here. Now what? Plus guest CHRIS ADDISON on the Brexit tragi-comedy
Nov 14, 2018 • 66 min
Early release special – recorded at 2-3pm on Wednesday and it was up to date when we pressed ‘send’! **THE DEAL** is finally here, but what does it mean? What’s in it, who’s going to hate it and can May get it past Parliament, the DUP, the ERG and an…
82: EMERGENCY DUNTCAST! Jo Johnson resigns to demand a People’s Vote
Nov 9, 2018 • 17 min
You can’t hide bad news on a Friday any more. Ian Dunt and Andrew Harrison rush to Soho Radio to discuss Jo Johnson’s seismic resignation…
81: ARRON BANKS BUST: “It’s like Bodyguard – but a lot less sexy.” Plus: Brexit Parliamentary procedure special!
Nov 9, 2018 • 53 min
Did Andrew Marr fail to land a punch on Arron Banks? Should Leave EU’s troubled Alpha Gammon have been invited on a BBC politics programme at all? What does it mean for Labour now that Momentum members have come out for a People’s Vote? Will Labour’s…
80: EMERGENCY PHONECAST! Arron Banks reported to the National Crime Agency
Nov 2, 2018 • 10 min
As yet another hot story breaks after we’ve recorded this week’s show, Andrew Harrison talks to Ros Taylor about the escalation of investigations into the garrulous Mr Big of Leave. EU.
79: Special guest GAVIN ESLER on Referendum rage, BBC in crisis and the Brexit 50p. PLUS inside The Ladybird Book Of Brexit
Nov 2, 2018 • 65 min
Legendary former _Newsnight_ presenter and BBC Washington Correspondent turned doughty Remain footsoldier **GAVIN ESLER** joins us to sort through the Breckage of another week in the sunlit uplands. Hold tight for… the 50p Brexit coin! Daniel Hannan’s…
78: WILL POWER: What the People’s Vote March means. Plus special guest NICK COHEN of The Observer
Oct 26, 2018 • 75 min
THE MARCH THEY CAN’T IGNORE: In the wake of the epic 700,000-strong People’s Vote March we ask where next for the campaign for a Final Say referendum? And Observer columnist and Alpha Centrist Dad **NICK COHEN** joins us to talk over the long game in the…
77: Wargaming a #PeoplesVote: If we get the #FinalSay how do we win it?
Oct 19, 2018 • 65 min
Ahead of the **People’s Vote March** we ask: it’s all very well winning a chance to vote again but how do we carry the day? Who do we target, how do we campaign… and what happens if it’s a choice of Deal Or No Deal? Plus: What does the impending fall of…
76: “People’s Vote? I’m in!” DEBORAH MEADEN of Dragon’s Den is our special guest
Oct 12, 2018 • 73 min
We’re thrilled to welcome the legend that is **DEBORAH MEADEN** – star of Dragon’s Den, business colossus and indefatigable Remainer – into the Remainiacs bunker. Why is she refusing to be bullied into silence over Brexit? What does it mean when the Party…
75: #RemainerNow: Leavers who changed their minds. Plus FESTIVAL NEWS: Brexit Through The Gift Shop
Oct 5, 2018 • 69 min
This week we meet the most important people in the whole Brexit mess: the people who voted Leave, now regret it and are fighting hard for a #PeoplesVote. Emma Huckey and Hugh Norris of grassroots group [Remainer Now]( join…
74: “NOBODY is ruling out Remain” Labour Brexit latest and more with special guest RUPA HUQ MP
Sep 28, 2018 • 51 min
On this week’s show special guest RUPA HUQ – Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton – joins us to read the entrails of the Labour Conference, marvel at the ERG’s latest made-up trade model, and ask just who the Dirty Rats of Brexit really are. What does…
EMERGENCY LO-FI PODCAST! The aSalzburg and Battery edition
Sep 21, 2018 • 18 min
With tottering Theresa still reeling from the proper Tusking meted out to her Chequers proposals, Ian Dunt and Andrew Harrison meet up outside the British Library to discuss the fallout from Salzburg – which was strategically timed, of course, to miss our…
73: Brexit vs IndyRef2 vs Remain… but who wins? Let’s ask ALYN SMITH, SNP MEP for Scotland
Sep 21, 2018 • 69 min
SNP MEP for Scotland **Alyn Smith** joins us for a spirited discussion of Scotland’s experience of Brexit, what it means for the future of the UK, and the complex relationship between Remainers and Scottish nationalists. Is the SNP really not lending its…
72: No Lexit Strategy: special guest ZOE WILLIAMS on the Brexit battle on the Left
Sep 14, 2018 • 58 min
Guardian columnist and Left Against Brexit activist ZOE WILLIAMS joins us to talk over the surreal Operation Yellowhammer, Boris Johnson’s Operation I Still Want To Be Prime Minister, why the ERG can’t stop battering the corpse of Chequers… and the Brexit…
71: BREXIT HUSTLE: Scams expert Alexis Conran on the psychology behind the Leave vote
Sep 7, 2018 • 72 min
Was Brexit a sophisticated confidence trick? Scams expert, host of the BBC’s The Real Hustle and TalkRadio presenter [ALEXIS CONRAN]( joins us to talk bait-and-switch, the power of emotional alignment, and whether an…
70: Let’s Dance! Labour Euro MP SEB DANCE’s inside track on No Deal, Corbyn and more
Aug 31, 2018 • 60 min
Labour’s Deputy Leader in Brussels **SEB DANCE MEP** joins us in the Remainiacs Bunker to discuss the Government’s ‘technical notices’ and why they may be saving the worst for last… what life in Brussels is like for British MEPs now that we as a country…
69: “Brexit is a betrayal of every British leader from Elizabeth I to Margaret Thatcher”
Aug 24, 2018 • 54 min
You wait forever for a Conservative Remainer on the show… and then two come along at once. This week **SIMON ALLISON** of “Torymainer” group [Citizens4Britain]( joins us to discuss the Tory conference gagging Brexit…
68: What’s the story, Remainer Tories? Pro-EU Conservative Garvan Walshe guests
Aug 17, 2018 • 64 min
This week on the Brexit podcast that DOES answer questions when it brings you a cup of tea… we’ve got **Garvan Walshe**, former Conservative Party National and International Security Policy Adviser and now columnist at, joining us to…
67: WTO? WTF! How Brextremists are normalising a No Deal nightmare
Aug 10, 2018 • 61 min
This week: Are Brexit jihadis using the summer break to acclimatise voters to No Deal as if it’s some sort of sensible idea instead of kamikaze economics? ALSO: Chilli con Carney on the menu as Bank of England boss **Mark Carney receives a punishment…
66: Dark ads, troll hunting and more with special guest STELLA CREASY – yes, it’s the Rebel MP
Aug 3, 2018 • 60 min
Special guest STELLA CREASY – Walthamstow MP, out-and-out Remainer and biggest* Wedding Present fan in the Commons – joins us in the week that the Government decided that its own contingency advice for No Deal was too alarming for the simple British…
65: FOOD! ADEQUATE FOOD! Stockpile special plus Jason Arthur of FFS
Jul 27, 2018 • 70 min
This week on the podcast that David Campbell Bannerman MEP wants to see prosecuted for “extreme EU loyalty”… Does Britain have what it takes to live on a diet of nettle soup? Will people who never actually experienced WWII ever shut up about the “Blitz…
64: HARD BREXIT, HERE WE COME? with guest David Allen Green
Jul 20, 2018 • 72 min
As Theresa May cravenly caves to the Brextremists yet again, are we finally trapped on a course for the catastrophic Hard Brexit that everyone fears? Lawyer and commentator DAVID ALLEN GREEN (also known as [Jack Of Kent](…
63: DAY OF CHAOS What next for Brexit after Tory fratricidal fall-out?
Jul 13, 2018 • 60 min
After our emergency podcast on Monday it’s time for a more considered take on the Government’s disastrous week… and the verdict is still “WHAAAAAT?” Does Theresa May still have a Chequers policy or just a chequered future? After BOREXIT, will Johnson…
62: TORY CIVIL WAR MINICAST! Johnson gone, Davis gone… so what now?
Jul 9, 2018 • 18 min
It’s been 24 hours of scarcely believable Tory chaos as the Brexit clown car finally loses its wheels. Boris Johnson and David Davis are out — but what does it mean? IAN DUNT and DORIAN LYNSKEY hotfoot it across a febrile London to gaze in disbelief at…
61: Comedian INGRID OLIVER vs Brexit plus V For Vendetta revisited
Jul 6, 2018 • 66 min
On this week’s show we welcome comedian and actor INGRID OLIVER – yes fellow nerds, it’s UNIT scientist Osgood from Doctor Who – to the Remainiacs bunker to discuss Vote Leave finally (?) being brought to book for election spending, what the German half…
60: SELLING BRITAIN BY THE POUND: Shorting sterling, blowing out business
Jun 29, 2018 • 65 min
This week on the anti-Brexit podcast for people who actually KNOW how to rebel… the Greens’ Brexit and Finance spokesperson MOLLY SCOTT CATO MEP joins us to dig into the scandal of the Leavers short-selling sterling. Did hedge funds illegally use private…
59: MEANINGLESS VOTE: So that’s your rebellion, is it?
Jun 21, 2018 • 68 min
Tough week. Tension in the studio as we record this show on Wednesday afternoon while the crunch debate on the “meaningful vote” is taking place. Listen in for analysis on what it could mean, where we go next… and then stunned disbelief as Dominic Grieve…
58: EMERGENCY LO-FI MINI-CAST! May breaks her word in Grieveous fashion
Jun 15, 2018 • 17 min
Why do they keep doing this to us? YET AGAIN major events occur immediately after we finished recording Remainiacs on Wednesday. So YET AGAIN we’ve recorded a quick-and-dirty response to events. On this minicast, panel regular NAOMI SMITH talks about…
57: WITHDRAWAL PAINS: Have the Tory Rebels blown their shot?
Jun 15, 2018 • 60 min
On this week’s podcast, Guardian columnist and former Russia correspondent RAFAEL BEHR joins us to explain the mind-crushing complexity of Withdrawal Bill day. What happened, who won (if anyone) and where do we go from here? Did Theresa May play Dominic…
EMERGENCY PARKCAST! Dacre gone, Davis embarrassed, Johnson out of control
Jun 8, 2018 • 22 min
No sooner had we pressed “stop” on recording Wednesday’s show than all sorts of bizarre events unfolded. Brexit cheerleader Paul Dacre announced his retirement from editing the Daily Mail, David Davis went through another pantomime resignation threat… and…
56: Withdrawal warfare, Corbyn crunch time, oh and DOOMSDAY!!
Jun 8, 2018 • 58 min
This week on the Brexit podcast that’s so powerful the government schedules its bad news for Thursdays to make sure we miss it… Special guest **JONN ELLEDGE** of the New Statesman and Citymetric joins us to talk about how urbanisation relates to Brexit.…
55: Angry Remainers, HUGO RIFKIND feels your pain
Jun 1, 2018 • 65 min
On this week’s Remainiacs, Times columnist and social media fighter-of-good-fights HUGO RIFKIND joins Dorian Lynskey and Ian Dunt for this week’s battle with the horrible Hydra that is Brexit. This week: Why Leavers shouldn’t dare conscript the Irish…
54: Who wants cake? Epic FIRST BIRTHDAY edition!
May 25, 2018 • 68 min
It’s REMAINIACS ASSEMBLE as all our regular panelists convene to “celebrate” a whole year in the Brexit time warp. Ian, Ros, Dorian, Naomi and **Peter yes Peter** listen back to our very first episode – back when “strong and stable” was still a thing – to…
53: Do We Wanna Live Like Gammon People?
May 18, 2018 • 60 min
The Norway option, gammon wars and the plight of expats with DR MICHAELA BENSON of Goldsmiths University of London. In the week when confusion continues to reign about the EEA option, Labour’s Brexit policy and what to do about customs, we talk to…
52: Lords Almighty! Unpicking that rebellion with our special guest, Greens co-leader CAROLINE LUCAS MP
May 11, 2018 • 59 min
After those pesky, meddlin’ peers in the House of Lords took a wrecking ball to Theresa May’s Brexit policy, we sort through the rubble with our special guest, Greens co-leader and Brighton Pavilion MP **CAROLINE LUCAS**. Are the Greens picking up votes…
51: Double-guest special with FEMI from OFOC and BILLY BRAGG
May 4, 2018 • 71 min
It’s inefficient Euro-socialist overmanning time as we present a special, super-extended episode of Remainiacs with not one but TWO special guests. First the fantastic **FEMI OLUWOLE** of youth campaign [Our Future Our Choice](…
50: DAVID LAMMY MP on the Windrush fallout and the dirty roots of Brexit
Apr 27, 2018 • 44 min
Few MPs have grown in status since the Brexit mess unfolded – but DAVID LAMMY, the member for Tottenham, is one of them. We’re delighted to have him down in the Remainiacs Bunker to discuss the unsavoury roots of Brexit, what the Windrush scandal means……
49: People’s Vote, Windrush shame and Scotland vs Brexit with Kirsty Blackman MP of the SNP
Apr 20, 2018 • 63 min
Remainiacs welcomes SNP Westminster deputy leader and economics spokesperson KIRSTY BLACKMAN MP for a long-overdue Scottish perspective on Brexit. What does our departure from the EU mean for Scottish independence? Which would she prefer: no Brexit and…
BONUS: A taster of Anger Management with NICK CLEGG
Apr 19, 2018 • 5 min
When Nick Clegg appeared on Remainiacs last year, the ex-Deputy PM enjoyed it so much that he asked our backroom team to help him create his own podcast… so here’s a special taster for Remainiacs listeners. ANGER MANAGEMENT WITH NICK CLEGG is a new…
48: Philomena Cunk’s writers help us fix Brexit
Apr 13, 2018 • 64 min
This week the co-creators of BBC2’s investigative dimwit Philomena Cunk – top comedy writers JASON HAZELEY and JOEL MORRIS – descend into the Remainiacs bunker to get all that Brexit misery off their chests. What should go inside the Museum of Brexit? How…
47: Fixing the BBC, Leavers for a Final Say vote and Ask Remainiacs
Apr 6, 2018 • 64 min
This week on the premier reason-based podcast for Brexit-watchers… **The BBC’s coverage of Brexit** is causing increasing alarm. Is the Corporation failing in its duty to explain? Is it just frightened of government and demagogues? How do we fix it? Is…
46: We set the Brexit Doomsday Clock
Mar 30, 2018 • 63 min
**Europe: it’s the Final Countdown.** On this week’s show we look at what to expect – and what can go wrong – in the twelve-month road to our inglorious exit from the EU. Plus! After Christopher Wylie’s testimony to the Culture Committee, is the…
45: ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on the Battle against Brexit
Mar 23, 2018 • 66 min
The most fearsome spin doctor in politics is now a doughty fighter for Remain. ALASTAIR CAMPBELL enters the Remainiacs basement bunker to tell us what Remainers should really be doing… why Prime Minister David Cameron (remember him? posh chap?) kept…
44: JAY RAYNER on the Brexit food fiasco
Mar 16, 2018 • 64 min
Very excited to welcome legendary food journalist and Observer restaurant critic JAY RAYNER for the eye-opening, jaw-dropping hard truths of Britain’s Brexitised food policy. Are we really only days away from empty shelves in the event of Hard Brexit? Why…
43: Knowing me, knowing EU with DAVID SCHNEIDER
Mar 9, 2018 • 61 min
“Smell my EU protected denomination cheese, you mother!” This week’s special guest is the great DAVID SCHNEIDER, comedy legend of ‘Death Of Stalin’, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ and ‘The Day Today’ fame. Listen up as he tells us how the Leave mentality works,…
42: Labour’s new Brexit dawn… or just Red Cake-ism?
Mar 2, 2018 • 66 min
Jeremy Corbyn has FINALLY come out in favour of “a” Customs Union. But are Labour’s ideas just Tory cake-and-eat-it promises with red icing on top? And why is he still repeating the Big Bus Lie that we can fund everything with imaginary money returned…
41: James O’Brien vs. the Brex-o-sphere
Feb 23, 2018 • 68 min
Last sane man on the airwaves and giant of Remain JAMES O’BRIEN of LBC joins us for possibly THE most epic interview we’ve yet had, in a special take-no-prisoners edition of Remainiacs. From BBC balance to Paul Dacre’s reign of terror over Tory ministers…
40: Johnson’s tatty olive branch, McDonnell in wonderland, fun with tariffs!
Feb 16, 2018 • 59 min
This week on the podcast that know clarity from carrots: end-of-career music hall turn Boris Johnson “reaches out” to Remainers by telling us to shut up and agree with him. The Government re-re-re-relaunches its Brexit policy – again. Fish passports and…
39: MINI-PUBCAST: The monstering of George Soros, regional impact leaks
Feb 12, 2018 • 19 min
PODFLASH: Two big Brexit stories broke immediately after we finished recording last week’s episode, and we didn’t want to wait til next Friday to deal with them. So Ian Dunt met our producer Andrew Harrison in the Red Lion pub off Whitehall to discuss the…
38: What Brexit REALLY means for working Britain
Feb 9, 2018 • 42 min
This week on the podcast that NEVER fiddles the figures: What will Brexit do to work in Britain? Employment consultant Rachel Marangozov joins us to explain what leaving the EU might really mean for the future of jobs. That odd-looking death threat to a…
37: AC Grayling on Brexit vs. Democracy
Feb 2, 2018 • 62 min
It’s a deep-thinking edition of Remainiacs as we welcome Prof AC GRAYLING – Philosopher, Master of the New College of the Humanities and intellectual engine-room of Remain – to examine what Brexit really means for British democracy. Can it be stopped?…
36: The One With Matthew Parris
Jan 26, 2018 • 57 min
WE LOVE PARRIS IN THE SPRINGTIME… This week, noted Times and Spectator columnist and former Conservative MP MATTHEW PARRIS joins us for your weekly dose of Brexit badinage. Why do so many Tory MPs hate Boris Johnson? Is his ‘Bridge Over Bullshit Waters’…
35: Nigel’s Second Referendum and the Amorous Henry Bolton
Jan 19, 2018 • 52 min
On this week’s show… What’s behind Nigel Farage’s will-we-won’t-we routine on a Second Referendum? Does he just want to stay in the news – or does he know something we don’t? Our panel check which way the wind is blowing for another vote to undo the last…
34: Good Lord! ANDREW ADONIS on rebellion, ‘national fascism’ and PM Nigel Farage
Jan 12, 2018 • 59 min
PEER PRESSURE: Newly-unbound superhero of remain Lord Andrew Adonis joins us in the Remainiacs Bunker to discuss how Brexit is infecting every aspect of government, the dirty tricks culture at No.10, and why Nigel Farage is the real Prime Minister. What’s…
33: The One With Vince Cable
Jan 5, 2018 • 55 min
You wait ages for a top Lib Dem and then two come along at once… Lib Dem leader SIR VINCE CABLE follows our Nick Clegg special with his own take on the brave, Brexitty new year. Where should we Remainiacs focus our energies? Have we actually HAD a real…
32: And so this is Brexmas, and what have we done…?
Dec 22, 2017 • 36 min
It’s the most blunderful time of the year… Gather round the fire for the REMAINIACS End Of Year special. Regulars Ian Dunt, Ros Taylor, Dorian Lynskey, Naomi Smith and Peter Collins share their heroes, high points, low points and hidden significant…
31: NICK CLEGG tells us how to stop Brexit… really!
Dec 15, 2017 • 55 min
This week on the podcast for rebels and mutineers… NICK CLEGG joins Dorian, Peter and special guest MIRANDA SAWYER in the Remainiacs bunker for a full-on remoan-a-thon that’s full of optimism and ideas for the future. Can we actually STOP Brexit, and if…
30: The Dog Ate My Brexit Papers Edition
Dec 8, 2017 • 50 min
This week on the podcast that literally cannot believe what it’s seeing… How in the hell is David Davis still in post after admitting that the secret Brexit assessments, which he said were “exhaustive”, DO NOT EVEN EXIST? Meanwhile it emerges that the…
29: THE €50bn DIVORCE: Bills, spills and idiot principles
Dec 1, 2017 • 48 min
This week on Britain’s last-ever European Podcast of Culture… What did David Davis hope to achieve by redacting the Government’s 58 secret Impact Papers? Why did DExEU spin doctors harass journalists for even saying the papers even existed – when now we…
Nov 24, 2017 • 60 min
In this week’s edition of the saboteurs’ best friend Dorian & Peter are joined by Guardian columnist and Centrist Mum Suzanne Moore to discuss the decline of the Daily Express, how not to keep our closest neighbours onside, and the leavers who have gone…
27: Crunch time for Tory Brexit Mutineers?
Nov 17, 2017 • 57 min
This week on the no-bullshit Brexit podcast… The Withdrawal Bill is in play, so is it time for the Tory Mutineers to finally grow a backbone? Evening Standard columnist ROSAMUND URWIN and stand-up comic GRÁINNE MAGUIRE join us to thrash it all out. Plus:…
26: GRAND THEFT DEMOCRACY: Did bots buy Brexit?
Nov 10, 2017 • 58 min
This week on the no-bullshit Brexit podcast… We talk to investigative journalist MIKE HIND about how automated social media is warping democracy, and what you can do to keep the bots at bay. Plus: Why Britain should be booming now, and why it isn’t. How…
25: Secret Surveys and Dodgy Donations
Nov 3, 2017 • 60 min
This week on the no-bullshit Brexit podcast… Our special guest, Lewisham East MP and Remainer hero HEIDI ALEXANDER, on the Government’s 58 hidden economic impact surveys. Why won’t they release them? Plus: Ukip, Arron Banks and those allegations of…
24: Germansplaining Brexit plus Orwell Book Club
Oct 27, 2017 • 59 min
This week on the favourite podcast of disloyal academics everywhere… Our special guest political commentator NINA SCHICK of BBC, Sky and Bloomberg TV drops in to Germansplain the Brexit mess to we naïve Anglos. Turns out the German car industry isn’t…
23: The One With Mitch Benn
Oct 20, 2017 • 52 min
This week MITCH BENN – comedian, musician and treacherous mind-controlled slave of Brussels – joins us in the Brexit Bus as it screams towards the brick wall of No Deal. And he’s quite optimistic. “What there is to be won here,” he tells us, “we on the…
22: Brexit: The No Deal Means Doom Edition
Oct 13, 2017 • 51 min
This week on the Brexit podcast that doesn’t want a bloody blue passport… The grisly spectre of NO DEAL is back from the dead. Are these morons REALLY going to crash us out of the EU with no settlement at all? Special guest ALEX ANDREOU – columnist,…
Tory Co ference Special
Oct 6, 2017 • 62 min
MANCHESTER, SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR. This week on Britain’s best Brexit podcast: Theresa May literally chokes on her words in “a grand moment of political education for the Conservative Party at large” – but what does it mean? Plus stand-up comic and…
AL MURRAY versus Brexit
Sep 29, 2017 • 62 min
BREXPLICIT LANGUAGE ALERT: This week special guest and Great British comic AL MURRAY wades into the Brexit mess in no uncertain terms (and he hasn’t even got his Pub Landlord hat on). How quickly does Nigel Farage’s bloody-good-laugh persona dissolve when…
The one with Gina Miller
Sep 22, 2017 • 52 min
It’s an exciting week as we welcome Superhero of Remain GINA MILLER to tell us about her battles over Article 50 and now the Government’s “deal” with the DUP, the future of the battle against Brexit, and how she made Nigel Farage VERY uncomfortable on a…
The One With Nick Cohen
Sep 15, 2017 • 54 min
Sparks fly in the Remainiacs bunker this week as we’re visited by Observer columnist and author of ‘What’s Left?’ NICK COHEN. Enjoy a bout of spirited Brexit conversation with Britain’s most fearless political commentator and lovestruck Corbyn worshipper.…
March For Europe Minicast
Sep 10, 2017 • 16 min
Join Dorian Lynskey, Peter Collins and Ros Taylor as they report from the People’s March For Europe, soak up the atmosphere and talk to some of the people on the march. Includes interview with Seb Dance, MEP
“WHY WOULD ANYONE COME HERE?” The Home Office EU Immigration Paper Explained
Sep 8, 2017 • 54 min
As the Home Office paper on EU residents’ status is leaked, Peter Collins, Ian Dunt and Ros Taylor dissect the grim details. Plus, special guest The Memo’s Oliver Smith explains what Brexit will mean for the UK’s tech industry, and Ros takes us through…
STARMZY TO THE RESCUE? Has Keir Starmer sorted Labour’s Brexit stance?
Sep 1, 2017 • 46 min
This week join Dorian Lynskey, Ian Dunt and Peter Collins as they unpick Labour’s latest stance on Brexit. Plus; the best Brexit gags from the Edinburgh Fringe, why the Home Office can’t be trusted, and what Peter will be wearing to the People’s March For…
BREXIT BEDLAM: The faith-based economics edition
Aug 25, 2017 • 40 min
This week on the Brexit podcast for the reality-based community… The “staggering economic illiteracy” of Brexit cheerleader Prof Patrick Minford. Will civil servants come to Britain’s rescue? Why the European Free Trade Association Court is “less boring…
OFFSIDE! Post-Brexit soccer, customs chaos and the War on Centrism
Aug 18, 2017 • 61 min
This week on the Brexit podcast that bends its own bananas… Special guest PHILIPPE AUCLAIR, football writer and England correspondent for France Football, tells us how Brexit will make the national game a lot less beautiful. The sheer fantasy of the…
BREXIT LATEST: The Baldrick Ultimatum
Aug 11, 2017 • 57 min
This week on the only Brexit podcast with an EU Blue Flag for cleanliness… Is David Davis’s negotiation team really lulling Brussels into a false sense of security or are they genuinely inept? How dare EU tyrants bring in the tough border controls we…
BREXIT BUST-UP: Don Felipe vs Dirty Davis
Aug 4, 2017 • 57 min
This week on the podcast that gets through European customs faster than Trump gets through Comms Directors… After that shocking Brextremism poll, do Leave voters REALLY want their kids to be poorer? Ian gets trolled by David Davis’s new Chief of Staff. Is…
BREXIT VS. DINNER: The Chicken à la Chlorine edition
Jul 28, 2017 • 60 min
This week on the podcast that remembers when the Euro wasn’t Europe’s strongest currency… Special guest AFUA HIRSCH of Sky TV and The Guardian on the post-Brexit crisis in British identity. Is the Lib Dems’ new leader Strong And Cable enough to hold back…
REPEAL BILL: A Very Brexit Power-Grab
Jul 21, 2017 • 48 min
This week on the podcast that wants to keep its red passport… Is Brexit technically illegal? What horrors are contained in the small print of the “Great Repeal Bill”? Our special guest, Irish stand-up comedian GRAINNE MAGUIRE, gives Brexit Britain a bit…
BREXPULSION: EU citizens in limbo
Jul 14, 2017 • 52 min
This week on every Europhile’s favourite Brexit podcast… How the Home Office told an EU citizen who’d lived legally in the UK for 24 years to “make arrangements to leave” without any legal grounds – and then refused to hear her complaints. Our special…
BREXIT, SCIENCE AND FISH: Britain sidelines itself, again
Jul 7, 2017 • 58 min
This week on the Brexit podcast that refuses to get over it… Special guest DR MIKE GALSWORTHY of rails against the self-destructive waste of Britain’s departure from European science collaboration. And he tells us why Britain…
May’s migrant offer and the Brexit Brain Drain
Jun 30, 2017 • 47 min
This week on the podcast that won’t shut up and get over Brexit… Is Theresa May’s offer of “settled status” to EU migrants worth the paper it’s scribbled on? Are highly skilled EU citizens resident in Britain finally packing up to leave? And stand-up…
BREXIT VOTE ONE YEAR ON: Where were you?
Jun 23, 2017 • 38 min
Can it only be a year since Britain voted itself poorer, angrier and more irrelevant? Regulars Dorian Lynskey, Ian Dunt of and Peter Collins plus some of our special guests recall where they were and what they were doing on the magical day…
ELECTION FALLOUT: Is Hard Brexit really going soft?
Jun 16, 2017 • 50 min
This week: Have we passed Peak Hard Brexit? Why are Leave bloggers losing their minds about Remainers returning to government? Is the Tory brand undergoing detoxification or re-retox? Plus, in bed with the DUP… “shut up Guy Verhofstadt, you’re not…
ELECTION SPECIAL: “Revenge Of The Young ’Uns”
Jun 9, 2017 • 45 min
On today’s special post-election podcast Dorian Lynskey and Ian Dunt are joined by Naomi Smith, Remain campaigner and former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate. Fuelled by strong coffee and Red Bull, they discuss the problems with calling an election no one…
1/6/17: Theresa May’s plan – “A great enterprise, and no-one to know what it is”
Jun 6, 2017 • 59 min
This week on the podcast for people who won’t just shut up and accept Brexit… If Theresa May has such a great plan for leaving the EU, why won’t she tell us more about it? Special guest ROS TAYLOR of the LSE Brexit Blogs explains the unknown costs of…
Podcast #1: Brexit and “The empty tyrannical genius of Theresa May”
May 26, 2017 • 47 min
Podcast #1: “The empty tyrannical genius of Theresa May” The first episode of a new, no-holds-barred podcast for everyone who won’t just shut up and get over Brexit – presented by Ian Dunt of, Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian, and…