ecoRI News podcast
Living Without Plastic
Apr 1
Rhode Island is seeing more cities and towns banning plastic shopping bags. ecoRI News gets an update from Dave McLaughlin, executive director of Clean Ocean Access, who spearheaded efforts to pass bans on Aquidneck Island. Reuse pro Alex Eaves talks…
R.I. has the Tools but Struggles to Tackle Climate Change
Feb 22
Adaptation and mitigation are key. How is the state doing on these fronts? Plus a review of this month’s top stories and a reader question.
Unfrozen: Documenting a Melting Arctic
Nov 24, 2017
What does a melting Arctic look like? Two Rhode Islanders set out on an adventure to see firsthand and to film the changes for their documentary, “Enduring Ice.”
Growing, Eating (and Catching) More Local Food
Oct 25, 2017
New England wants to produce 50 percent of its food by 2060. How do we get there?
Low Participation Trashing Recycling
Sep 29, 2017
Rhode Island’s recycling rate has stalled, and some loads of recyclables arrive at the state’s Central Landfill so contaminated that they must be landfilled. We look at the future of recycling.
The Environmental Impact of Naval Training Exercises
Sep 1, 2017
Joining us are Bob Kenney a marine research scientist at the University of Rhode Island and Jene Nissen, senior naval analyst for the environmental impact statement of training and testing in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.
Plight of the Pollinators
Jul 26, 2017
Co-hosts Frank Carini and Nick Boke interview Anne Raver of RI Wild Plant Society and naturalist Rick Enser to talk about biodiversity, lawns and the birds and the bees
Are We Building Things We Need in Places That Make Sense?
May 31, 2017
Co-hosts Frank Carini and Nick Boke interview Scott Duhamel of the R.I. Building and Construction Trades Council to talk about smart(er) growth.