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Interviews, Q&As, Sermons, and Talks from the Society of St. Pius X

Interview: Fr. Patrick Summers & District of Asia – Part 2
Feb 21 • 42 min
In our second part of our interview with Fr. Summers, we speak about the difficulties faced by the faithful and the priests in certain countries. We’ll also discuss the apostolate of the SSPX in Japan, and Father gives us a summary of the early Catholic…
Interview: Fr. Patrick Summers & District of Asia – Part 1
Feb 12 • 31 min
We spoke with Fr. Patrick Summers about the new work, encouraging signs of the SSPX in Asia. Fr. Summers is the District Superior of Asia, a district which encompasses one half of the world’s population. For more information on the SSPX Asia District:…
Questions with Fr. #24: Advent – Its Origins & Methods of Preparing for Families
Dec 2, 2019 • 25 min
As we enter the Advent season, listeners submitted questions about Advent, ranging from its history and origins, to how best to celebrate Advent with children, and whether or not it’s ok to put up Christmas decorations during Advent! Transcript: Welcome…
Questions with Fr. #23: When is it OK to Miss Sunday Mass? Why is Rock Music Discouraged?
Nov 18, 2019 • 30 min
On this episode, we’ll tackle two listener questions: Is it ever ok to miss Mass on a Sunday for non-emergency reasons? We know it’s not sinful to miss Mass due to illness or physical inability, but what about a family vacation? Or work? Can someone…
Questions with Fr. #22: Indulgences for the Holy Souls Explained
Oct 28, 2019 • 17 min
A comprehensive overview of the process for obtaining plenary indulgences for the Holy Souls in Purgatory during the special time set aside by the Church: November 1-8.Fr. Robinson explains what we need to do in order to free as many souls as possible,…
The Danger Lurking Online: Fr. Sean Kilcawley
Oct 11, 2019 • 58 min
In this special episode, we present the full lecture of Fr. Sean Kilcawley that he recently gave at the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition: Defense of the Family, Fortifying Catholic Marriage. Note: this talk deals with the problems of…
Interview: Fr. Jurgen Wegner, Mr. James Vogel – Conference Recap
Oct 11, 2019 • 21 min
Following Conference weekend, we review the topics, speakers, feedback, and plans for next year with the US District Superior for the SSPX, Fr. Jürgen Wegner, and the Communications Director for the US District, Mr. James Vogel. The topic of Fr.…
Interview: Mr. James Vogel – 50th Anniversary of SSPX, Angelus Press Conference
Sep 13, 2019 • 28 min
Our second interview with the Communications Director of the US District of the SSPX, and the Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. James Vogel. It comes as the SSPX is preparing for its 50th Anniversary – we discuss the original mission of Archbishop Lefebvre,…
Questions with Fr. #21 – The Motives of Judas, and Why Not the 1955 Holy Week?
Aug 30, 2019 • 34 min
A listener asks Father why the Society of Saint Pius X doesn’t utilize the 1955 Holy Week Liturgy, but instead uses the 1962 Liturgy. We discuss the differences and licitness. Also, do we really know why Judas committed such an act of treason? Learn More…
Interview: Fr. Patrick Summers – The SSPX in Asia
Aug 8, 2019 • 24 min
Father Summers is the District Superior of a massive District for the Society of St. Pius X – Asia. We discuss his work as well as the practical and philosophical differences in ministering to the various countries in Asia.A transcript of this interview…
Questions with Fr. #20 – Doorway Evangelists, Symbolism of Our Lord’s Baptism
Jul 23, 2019 • 26 min
This week, we’ll answer listener questions about the authenticity of our Faith, and what Our Lord was trying to tell us by being Baptized, when He didn’t need it. Also, what is the best way to talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses or other evangelists who come to…
Questions with Fr. #19: Do Good Things Happen without Prayer, & the Topic of Animals’ Souls
Jul 12, 2019
This week we’ll answer objections that a non-believer may have – that is, why is prayer necessary? Don’t good things happen without it? Also, how do we explain the souls…
Questions with Fr. #18: The Ascension from Apostles’ Perspective, & How the First Commandment is Broken
Jun 10, 2019
Three Questions this week: Why was it so “easy” for the Chosen People to betray the First Commandment in the desert, is it wrong to pledge allegiance to something other…
Questions with Fr. #17: Did the Flood Cover All the Earth? When Does Life Begin?
May 25, 2019
With this episode, Father discusses whether we see the Bible literally or figuratively by examining the great flood. Also, when did the Church start weighing in on life beginning at…
Lenten Parish Mission 2019 – Day 5: St. Joseph (Updated 4/18)
Apr 17, 2019
Fr. Daniel Chavarria’s conference given at St. Mary’s KS on the theme of Happiness. Support: – Donate to Angelus Press, note: “podcast”.
Lenten Parish Mission 2019 – Day 4: Our Lady – The “Mother of Happiness”
Apr 17, 2019
Fr. Daniel Chavarria’s conference given at St. Mary’s KS on the theme of Happiness. Support: – Donate to Angelus Press, note: “podcast”.
Lenten Parish Mission 2019 – Day 3: Our Lord – The Teacher of Happiness
Apr 16, 2019
Fr. Daniel Chavarria’s conference given at St. Mary’s KS on the theme of Happiness. Support: – Donate to Angelus Press, note: “podcast”.
Lenten Parish Mission 2019 – Day 2: Sin – the obstacle to happiness
Apr 15, 2019
Fr. Daniel Chavarria’s conference given at St. Mary’s KS on the theme of Happiness. Support: – Donate to Angelus Press, note: “podcast”.
Lenten Parish Mission 2019 – Day 1: Heaven
Apr 15, 2019
Fr. Daniel Chavarria’s conference given at St. Mary’s KS on the theme of Happiness: Heaven – our goal.
Questions with Fr. #16: End of Life Questions, and Why Holy “Ghost” not Holy Spirit?
Apr 5, 2019
Fr. Robinson tackles the big questions surrounding life and death: What are ordinary means & extraordinary means, who should make decisions for those who cannot, and should we honor “last…
Sermon: Laetare Sunday, 3/31/2019 – Fr. Patrick Rutledge
Apr 2, 2019
Laetare Sunday is a moment in the midst of a penitential season during which the Church calls Her children to rejoice. Why? It is all too often that we, as…
Interview: Dr. John Rao – Part 2
Apr 1, 2019
A desire & a reason to hope for the future of our culture & Faith
Interview: Dr. John Rao – Part 1
Mar 26, 2019
The state of the traditional Catholic movement, problems & solutions in modern education
SSPX Podcast – Season 2: Dr. Rao, Questions with Father, Parish Missions
Mar 14, 2019
SSPX Podcast Extra: Growth in Virtue – Faith
Jan 29, 2019
Our 1st SSPX Podcast Extra: Shorter episodes with content from Angelus Press or other writings from the SSPX. Today: Growth in Virtue – Faith
Questions with Fr. #15: The Scapular Promise, Our Lady’s Sadness, Spiritual Direction
Jan 18, 2019
This past December, Father Robinson answered listeners questions submitted via the site and our Facebook page regarding Marian practices and the process of picking a spiritual director
Questions with Father #14: Requirements for Priesthood, Celebrating New Mass, Devotions
Dec 7, 2018
Fr. John McFarland reviews the impediments and requirements for becoming a priest, as well as answering listener questions in this episode
Questions with Father #13: Kabobs & Pastrami, Counting Prayers, & Obedience to Pastors
Nov 15, 2018
Fr. Robinson discusses: When are faithful obliged to obey their pastors? Is it ok to eat Halal food? Is counting prayers superstition, Jansenism, or good?
Questions with Father #12: Catholic Duties on Voting, Vocation Misconceptions, Modern Holy Days
Nov 4, 2018
Fr. John McFarland discusses when it is sinful not to vote and whether or not abortion trumps all other issues. Also, Father is passionate about the topic of vocations, and…
Questions with Father #11: Organ Donation & Communion in the Hand – What’s the Problem?
Nov 2, 2018
Listeners ask why Catholics pray to saints instead of just to God. Also, why has the Church historically had a problem with organ donation? And if there are such problems…
The Greatest Schism in 1,000 Years? News and a Review of the Eastern Churches
Oct 27, 2018
We talk with the Assistant Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. Gabriel Sanchez about this shocking news from the East. While it may be too early to call the Moscow Patriarchate’s move…
Striving For Success: a Catholic’s Obligations – Fr. John McFarland
Oct 9, 2018
Father John McFarland presented an address to the St. Joseph Businessmen’s Association, St. Marys KS, on the moral principles involved in making money and pursuing success in the professional life
Questions with Father #10: Defending Latin Mass & What Are We Bound to Believe in Genesis?
Oct 5, 2018
During this episode, we ask Father how can we counter the argument: Popes throughout history have changed the Latin Mass – why can’t it be done now? As well, a…
Fr. Leo Boyle – 1992 – Third Order Conference on Virtue of Humility
Sep 18, 2018
In St. Mary’s, Kansas, Fr. Boyle served as the chaplain for the Third Order. He delivered a conference on the virtue of humility, relates it to the other virtues, and…
Fr. Laisney: Why we need Suffering to live as a Catholic
Sep 17, 2018
From Wanganui, New Zealand, Fr. Laisney delivers a sermon on the 17th Sunday after Pentecost, 2018, on the importance of suffering, and discusses the great upcoming feasts this month.
Interview: James Vogel – Angelus Press, Its History, and the Importance of Conference 2018
Sep 14, 2018
In this episode: we speak with the editor of Angelus Press, Mr. James Vogel about the upcoming Angelus Press Conference in Kansas City, Oct. 12-14, and its exciting topics, as…
Questions with Father 9: Is There Anything Good Since Vat. II? Why is the Rosary Repetitive, and Why Not Luminous Mysteries?
Sep 5, 2018
In this conversation with Fr. Paul Robinson, recorded on August 31, 2018, we talked about why we say the Rosary the way we do. Isn’t it really repetitive? And why…
How to Live A Life Where our Exterior Matches our Interior
Sep 2, 2018
on Sunday, September 17, 2017, Fr. Dennis McDonald preaches on how to pray so that we can have an understanding of our soul. Recorded at St. Isidore’s, Denver Colorado.
The Greatest Sacrament – The Holy Eucharist: Fr. DeLallo, 1985
Aug 29, 2018
In this second part of a 2-night conference delivered in St. Mary’s, KS in 1985, Fr. Stephen DeLallo discusses in depth the importance of prayer, how to grow in it,…
How to Know God through Prayer: Fr. DeLallo, 1985
Aug 28, 2018
In this first part of a 2-night conference delivered in St. Mary’s, KS in 1985, Fr. Stephen DeLallo discusses in depth the importance of prayer, how to grow in it,…
Questions with Father 8: Confessions in the Novus Ordo, Problems with Extreme Unction, Picking the Wrong Vocation
Aug 10, 2018
In a conversation with Fr. Paul Robinson, we discuss the importance of seeking out a priest for Confession when one is in danger of death, what one can do if…
Questions with Father 7: Morality of Tattoos, Fear of Confession, Father’s Reading List
Aug 7, 2018
In this episode, we speak with Fr. Frank Kurtz, who is stationed at Queen of Angels in Dickinson, TX, which suffered massive flooding last August. He Spoke with us about…
Questions with Father 6: Epilepsy as Impediment to Priesthood, Statements from Pope Francis
Jul 31, 2018
Fr. Robinson discusses how to correlate Modernism with the study of Epistemology, as well as correlating our Faith with problematic statements from the Vatican, and impediments to a vocation.
Questions with Father 5: The Church’s Role in Education in the Middle Ages, Controlling God with Sin, Justice of Limbo
Jul 3, 2018
In this week’s episode with Fr. Robinson, Questions from listeners on: the often-overlooked history of the Church’s leading role as a scientific mind in the Middle Ages, how God allows…
Questions with Father 4: Does the Church weigh in on Cosmology, Questions about Veiling, Teen Internet Use
Jun 25, 2018
In this episode with Fr. Paul Robinson, a reader of his book, the Realist Guide to Religion and Science asked if the Church has an official stance on Geocentricism vs….
Dr. Brian McCall, Catholic Family News: Can A Catholic Serve in the Military?
Jun 13, 2018
Dr. McCall is now the editor of Catholic Family News following the death of Mr. John Vennari. We spoke with him on the topic of Just Wars. For more information…
Questions with Father 3: Objections to “Realist Guide” Book / Working with Teens
Jun 6, 2018
Episode 3 of “Questions with Father” discusses some recent misconceptions about his book, “The Realist Guide to Religion and Science” as well as tips for parents on working with their…
Questions with Father 2: Internal Spirit of Prayer, Work / Life Balance, New Canonizations
May 21, 2018
Episode 2 of “Questions with Father” touches on living in the world but not of it, and how the SSPX views canonizations, specifically those of Maximillian Kolbe vs. John Paul…
Questions with Father 1: The Realists Guide to Religion & Science, Mental Health
May 21, 2018
Episode 1 of “Questions with Father,” with Fr. Paul Robinson. Our first conversation has poor audio quality – future episodes have been improved! This episode discusses Father’s new book, as…
To Recreate Christendom in the Face of Persecution
May 15, 2018
On the Sunday after the Ascension, 2018, Fr. Louis Bochkoltz encourages faithful to abandon the world and embrace Our Lord, using the example of St. Monica.
The Ascension: Our Lord’s Power Manifest
May 12, 2018
Fr. McDonald discusses what a consolation it is that even Our Lord’s enemies will not take away from His might and power – Ascension Thursday, May 10, 2018
What Makes Faith Empty?
May 9, 2018
Fr. Steven McDonald takes the lessons from the Fifth Sunday after Easter and discusses the need for prayer and works, beyond our Faith – Recorded on May 6, 2018
Remembering Fr. Cooper – Consider and Prepare for Our Own Death
May 6, 2018
Fr. Francois Laisney remembers his friend, Fr. Daniel Cooper, and reminds the faithful to be mindful of mortality – May 6, 2018
The Wonder of Our Risen Lord Among the Apostles
May 4, 2018
Fr. Paul Robinson discusses the public life of Our Lord after His Resurrection – From Holy Cross Seminary, April 29, 2018
The Promise of the Paraclete Given to Us by Our Lord
May 1, 2018
Fr. Steven McDonald – April 29, 2018: A reflection of the message given by Our Lord between His Resurrection and Ascension
Three Classes of Men / Practicing the Presence of God
Apr 23, 2018
From Fr. Ian Palko – April 22, 2018
Good Shepherd Sunday: The Crisis of Vocations and How it Can be Solved
Apr 15, 2018
Fr. Kevin Robinson speaks on the vital importance of vocations, with sorrowful examples, solutions, and hope for the future of the priesthood – April 15, 2018, Phoenix, AZ
Dominica in Albis // The Three Apparitions of Our Lord to the Apostles
Apr 13, 2018
Fr. Jaime Pazat discusses the apparitions of Our Lord to the Apostles directly after the Resurrection, and gives historical insight into the Sunday known as Dominica in Albis
Low Sunday: “This is the Victory Which Overcometh the World”
Apr 11, 2018
Fr. Nicholas Gardner expounds on the victory over sin, the world, and the devil, in a sermon delivered in 2018.
The Confusion, Joy, and Doubt of the Apostles after the Resurrection
Apr 9, 2018
On Low Sunday, 2018, Fr. Jürgen Wegner discusses the time directly after Our Lord’s Resurrection
Weekly News Update: Coliseum Turns Blood Red, Why Sepulchre Closed, Ancient Painting
Apr 6, 2018
This week we look at an ancient work of Catholic art created by Aztecs, three Catholic sites of martyrdom around the world that turned blood red, and the conflict around…