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The Jolly Swagman Podcast
Conversations hosted by Joe Walker. As featured in The Australian Financial Review, ABC News, The Daily Telegraph, MacroBusiness, and (Formerly ‘The Jolly Swagmen Podcast’ hosted by Angus and Joe.)

#103: A Labor Intellectual’s Plan To Rebraid Our Frayed Social Fabric — Andrew Leigh
Oct 18 • 49 min
Dr Andrew Leigh MP is an economist and Federal Labor parliamentarian. Show notes Selected links • Follow Andrew: Website | Twitter • Reconnected, by Andrew Leigh and Nick Terrell • Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville • Bowling Alone, by Robert…
#102: Frauds And Visionaries — Bethany McLean
Oct 12 • 85 min
Bethany McLean is an investigative journalist and contributing editor for Vanity Fair. Show notes Selected links • Follow Bethany: Website | Twitter • The Smartest Guys in the Room, by Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind • 'Is Enron Overpriced?',…
#101: The Rise And Fall Of Monetary Policy — Ian Macfarlane
Oct 4 • 101 min
Ian Macfarlane was Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia from 1996 to 2006. Show notes Selected links • Follow Ian: Website • The Deficit Myth, by Stephanie Kelton • Macroeconomics, by William Mitchell, L. Randall Ray and Martin Watts • 'Indebted…
#100: An Ode To The Uncorrelated Thinker — Eric Weinstein
Sep 27 • 139 min
Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and the Managing Director of Thiel Capital. Show notes Selected links • Follow Eric: Website | Twitter • The Three Languages of Politics, by Arnold Kling • 'Opinions and Social Pressure', paper by Solomon Asch
#99: Housing Bubble Week Epilogue: Not All Bubbles Are Created Equal — Vernon Smith
Sep 26 • 144 min
Vernon Smith won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2002. Show notes Selected links • Follow Vernon: Website • Rethinking Housing Bubbles, by Vernon Smith and Steven Gjerstad • 'Debt Deflation: Theory and Evidence', address by Mervyn King •…
#98: The Meaning Of Human Existence, And The Search For Alien Life — Avi Loeb
Sep 23 • 127 min
Avi Loeb is Chair of Harvard's Astronomy Department. Show notes Selected links • Follow Avi: Website • The Myth Of Sisyphus, by Albert Camus • The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas Kuhn • 'The End of Spacetime', public lecture…
#97: Of Viruses And Vaccines — Peter Doherty
Sep 20 • 80 min
Peter Doherty is an immunologist and winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Show notes Selected links • Follow Peter: Website | Twitter • 'I'm 79, I won the Nobel Prize and I don't give a s—-', AFR profile of Peter Doherty •…
#96: The Housing Supply Myth — Cameron Murray & Ian Mulheirn
Aug 12 • 101 min
Cameron Murray is a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney's Henry Halloran Trust. Ian Mulheirn is Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Tony Blair Institute. Show notes Selected links • Follow Cameron Murray: Website | Twitter • Follow…
#95: Inside Humanity’s Infinite Improbability Drive — Matt Ridley
Aug 10 • 103 min
Matt Ridley is an author, journalist, biologist, and businessman. His books have sold over a million copies. Show notes Selected links • Follow Matt Ridley: Website | Twitter • How Innovation Works, by Matt Ridley • The Origins of Virtue, by Matt Ridley •…
#94: Radical Uncertainty — Mervyn King
Aug 8 • 106 min
Mervyn King was Governor of the Bank of England from 2003 to 2013. Show notes Selected links • Follow Mervyn King: Website • Radical Uncertainty, by Mervyn King and John Kay • The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, by John Maynard Keynes •…
#93: The Doyen Of Economics Podcasting On Death, Lockdown, And The Art Of Socratic Dialogue — Russ Roberts
Jul 21 • 144 min
Russ Roberts is an economist and the host of EconTalk. Show notes Selected links • Follow Russ Roberts: Website | Twitter • EconTalk • Macroeconomic Patterns and Stories, by Ed Leamer • Fooled By Randomness, by Nassim Taleb • Systemic Risk of Pandemic Via…
#92: The Life and Times of a Thoroughly liberal Prime Minister — Malcolm Turnbull
Apr 23 • 82 min
Malcolm Turnbull was Australia's 29th Prime Minister. Show notes Selected links • Follow Malcolm Turnbull: Website | Twitter • A Bigger Picture, by Malcolm Turnbull • Malcolm's speech at the 2010 Deakin Lectures • Malcolm's speech at the…
#91: How To Put The Economy Into A Coma — Chris Edmond & Steve Hamilton
Apr 1 • 91 min
Chris Edmond and Steve Hamilton are Australian economists. Show notes Selected links • Follow Chris Edmond: Website | Twitter • Follow Steve Hamilton: Website | Twitter • 'A Rush Back to 'Normal' Would Be the Blunder of the Century',…
#90: The Price Of Uncertainty — Chris Joye
Mar 26 • 130 min
Chris Joye is Founder and Co-Chief Investments Officer at Coolabah Capital Investments. He is also a Contributing Editor with The Australian Financial Review.
#89: How An Italian Town Conquered Coronavirus — Andrea Crisanti
Mar 25 • 33 min
Andrea Crisanti is a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Padua. He is part of the research team that eradicated coronavirus in Vo, a town in northern Italy. Show notes Selected links • Follow Andrea: Website • Johns Hopkins University's…
#88: A (New) Darwinian Left — Peter Singer (Live in Melbourne)
Mar 18 • 122 min
Peter Singer is the world's most influential living philosopher.
#87: In The Foothills Of A Pandemic — Yaneer Bar-Yam
Mar 9 • 129 min
Yaneer Bar-Yam is a physicist and the founding president of the New England Complex Systems Institute. Show notes Selected links • Follow Yaneer: Website | Twitter • • Dynamics of Complex Systems, by Yaneer Bar-Yam • Making Things Work,…
#86: Coronavirus, Covert Influence, And Cold War II — Kevin Rudd
Feb 20 • 40 min
Kevin Rudd was Australia's 26th Prime Minister and is the President of the Asia Society Policy Institute. Show notes Selected links • Follow Kevin: Website | Twitter • Mike Pence's Hudson Institute Speech (October 4, 2018) • 'The Sources of…
#85: The Evolution Of A Renegade — David Sloan Wilson
Feb 17 • 183 min
David Sloan Wilson is an evolutionary biologist. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by and by Blinkist. You can find the Blinkist deal exclusive to listeners of this podcast at Show notes Selected links…
#84: The Intellectual Wild South — Eric Weinstein
Jan 30 • 176 min
Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and the Managing Director of Thiel Capital.
#83: The Silent Hero Of The Australian Economy — Ian Macfarlane
Jan 15 • 98 min
Ian Macfarlane was Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia from 1996 to 2006. He is the author of The Search For Stability and Ten Remarkable Australians.
2019 #Wrapped
Dec 31, 2019 • 3 min
Thank you Swagmen and Swagettes for making 2019 the best year since 2018.
#82: The Modern Empiricist Proving Old Wisdom On Household Debt And Recession — Amir Sufi
Dec 19, 2019 • 65 min
Amir Sufi is the Bruce Lindsay Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
#81: How To Build A Future More Like Star Trek Than Terminator — Andrew Leigh
Nov 17, 2019 • 57 min
Dr Andrew Leigh MP is a member of the Australian federal parliament. He is currently Labor's Shadow Assistant…
#80: The Untold Tale Of How One Ruthless Company Subjugated A Subcontinent — William Dalrymple
Nov 4, 2019 • 73 min
William Dalrymple is an acclaimed historian and travel writer. He lives nine months of the year on a…
#79: On Radical Uncertainty, “Phantastic Objects”, And Blowing Bubbles — David Tuckett
Oct 16, 2019 • 139 min
David Tuckett is a psychoanalyst, Professor, and Director of the Centre for the Study of Decision-Making Uncertainty at…
#78: Lifting The Veil On Sydney’s Crime And Skulduggery — Kate McClymont
Sep 30, 2019 • 72 min
Kate McClymont is Australia's most awarded journalist. An investigative reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald, she is famous…
#77: Markets And The Madness Of Crowds — Robert Shiller
Sep 7, 2019 • 137 min
Robert J. Shiller is Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University and one of the 2013 recipients of…
#76: The Dogged Journalist Who (May Have) Pricked A Property Bubble — Adele Ferguson
Aug 9, 2019 • 61 min
Adele Ferguson is an award-winning investigative journalist best known for her work exposing misconduct and fraud in the…
Classic Episode Rerun: The Legendary, Fraud-Sniffing Short Seller — Marc Cohodes
Jul 10, 2019 • 170 min
This is a rerun of a conversation I recorded in May 2018 with legendary short seller Marc Cohodes….
#75: The World According To A Maverick, Beach-Biding Stock Picker — John Hempton
Jul 8, 2019 • 171 min
John Hempton is a renowned short seller and the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Australian-based hedge fund…
#74: Xi Loves Us, Xi Loves Us Not? — Kevin Rudd
Jun 14, 2019 • 88 min
This is an episode about a rising superpower (China) and its ruler (Xi Jinping). It's also a conversation…
#73: The Good Society Hidden In Our Genes — Nicholas Christakis
Jun 8, 2019 • 61 min
Nicholas Christakis is the Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale, where he directs the Human…
#72: The Leader Of The Free World Is A Malignant Narcissist With Pre-Dementia — John Gartner
May 29, 2019 • 57 min
Richard Nixon once said, "I can go into my office and pick up the telephone and in twenty-five…
#71: Housing Bubble Week Finale: It’s The Housing Cycle, Stupid! — Ed Leamer
May 22, 2019 • 52 min
This episode is about why housing busts cause recessions. Few understand their nexus better than Ed Leamer. Ed…
#70: Housing Bubble Week: Getting Things Done In Western Sydney — John Hempton
May 20, 2019 • 54 min
The logic is inevitable: credit is as much a feature of housing bubbles as the moon is of…
#69: Housing Bubble Week: A Philosophy Of Bubbles — Timo Henckel
May 18, 2019 • 71 min
Bubbles are everywhere today - or so we're told. But what are they really? I speak with behavioural…
#68: Housing Bubble Week: Speculation And Unchartered Waters — Chris Joye
May 16, 2019 • 75 min
Chris Joye manages $3 billion as the Co-Chief Investment Officer at Australian fixed-income manager Coolabah Capital Investments, and…
#67: Housing Bubble Week: Housing Bubbles As Availability Cascades — Timur Kuran
May 15, 2019 • 44 min
Timur Kuran is a Turkish American economist, Professor of Economics and Political Science, and Gorter Family Professor in…
#66: Housing Bubble Week: Lessons From Amsterdam’s ‘Gentlemen’s Canal’ — Piet Eichholtz
May 14, 2019 • 65 min
We all know that real estate is the best long-term investment for capital gains, and property investors should…
#65: Housing Bubble Week: Can We Predict Housing Bubbles? — Dean Baker
May 13, 2019 • 57 min
I speak with Dean Baker, US economist and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research based…
#64: ‘Housing Bubble Week’ & Joe’s Speech To Mensa
May 12, 2019 • 23 min
I announce 'Housing Bubble Week' and share a speech I gave in Sydney in September 2018. Show notes…
#63: Doing Good Better - Will MacAskill
Apr 30, 2019 • 38 min
Will MacAskill is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Oxford. He is also one of…
#62: The Evolution Of Bret Weinstein
Apr 2, 2019 • 123 min
Bret Weinstein came to public prominence as the professor at the centre of the 2017 Evergreen State College…
An Update From The Lads
Apr 1, 2019 • 7 min
Sadly, Angus is stepping down as co-host, to focus on bigger and better things. Joe, your regular host…
Some Highlights - 2018
Feb 15, 2019 • 73 min
Signature moments from some of our crazy conversations in the year sandwiched between 2017 and 2019. Guests Leonard…
#61: The Three Big Lies Poisoning Young Minds - Jonathan Haidt
Dec 13, 2018 • 63 min
This is a conversation with renowned moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt about his new book The Coddling of The…
#60: On Recessions - Andrew Charlton
Dec 6, 2018 • 19 min
Andrew Charlton is a Rhodes Scholar, economist, and author. From 2008-10, in his late twenties, he was senior…
#59: Elephants In The Room - Jonathan Tepper
Dec 3, 2018 • 53 min
Which US and Australian industries are the most concentrated? How did Standard Oil inspire the Nazis? Why are…
#58: When The Sky Fell In - Kevin Rudd
Oct 25, 2018 • 52 min
Joe speaks with the 26th Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd. Kevin led Australia from December 2007 to…
#57: The Man Who Defied Europe - Yanis Varoufakis
Jul 26, 2018 • 85 min
Joe speaks with former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, the man who defied Europe to save Greece -…
#56: Ignore The Bond Market At Your Peril - Nicholas Bishop
Jul 26, 2018 • 72 min
Picture a Giant Anaconda, sitting in the corner of the room. Very still, observing everything - after a…
#55: Skype’s Cofounder On The Threat Of AI - Jaan Tallinn
Jul 9, 2018 • 75 min
How many people do you know who have created a verb? We 'google' things, we 'uber' to places,…
#54: The Patriarch Of ‘Silicon Alley’ - David Rose
Jun 19, 2018 • 89 min
David Rose is the most infamous Angel Investor in America. He is a serial entrepreneur, avid investor and…
#53: Where Venture Capital Meets Social Purpose - May Samali
Jun 14, 2018 • 76 min
Critical technological and societal changes of the last century have been spearheaded by entrepreneurs and the investors who…
#52: A Short Story Of Everything - David Christian
Jun 7, 2018 • 89 min
The universe is 13.8 billion years old and humans have existed for only 200,000 years. If that time…
#51: The Art/Science Of A High Impact Career - Rob Wiblin
Jun 2, 2018 • 93 min
Most people want to help others with their career, but what's the best way to do that? Become…
#50: The Brave Cookie Monster - Brendan Eich
May 29, 2018 • 86 min
Brendan Eich is widely regarded as a 'Father of the Web'. He is the creator of JavaScript and…
#49: The Legendary, Fraud-Sniffing Short Seller - Marc Cohodes
May 24, 2018 • 182 min
For thirty-seven years, Marc Cohodes has bet big money against bad companies. Due to his success, he is…
#48: My Friend Richard, And Theories Of The Universe - Leonard Susskind
May 17, 2018 • 66 min
Leonard Susskind is the Felix Bloch professor of Theoretical physics at Stanford University. He is widely regarded as…
#47: The Shape Of Probability - Harry Crane
May 14, 2018 • 102 min
Harry Crane is a scholar who specialises in statistics and probability. He is currently a professor of statistics…
#46: How Peter Thiel Destroyed Gawker - Ryan Holiday
May 3, 2018 • 41 min
In 2016, a Florida court delivered an astounding $140 million verdict against Gawker media for publishing a sex…
#45: AI And Existential Risk - Huw Price
Apr 26, 2018 • 42 min
What are human existential risks and why does Artificial Intelligence rank as one of the most menacing? At…
#44: Electricity Shared - Jemma Green
Apr 18, 2018 • 37 min
Dr Jemma Green is the Co-founder and Chair of Power Ledger. Dr Green began her career as an…
#43: The Number That Rules Humanity - Robin Dunbar
Apr 11, 2018 • 52 min
You only have 150 friends. How do we know that? Because that is Dunbar's number. Robin Dunbar is…
#42: Going Paleo - Pete Evans
Apr 4, 2018 • 89 min
Pete Evans is a world-renowned chef, restauranteur and co-host of hit TV show, My Kitchen Rules - he…
#41: Did The Cold War Ever End? - Kim Beazley
Mar 31, 2018 • 43 min
The Hon Kim Beazley AC is a former Leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the…
#40: Running Australia’s Busiest Emergency Department - Gordian Fulde
Mar 22, 2018 • 73 min
Dr Gordian Fulde AO is Australia's leading emergency medicine specialist. He founded the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine…
#39: How Radical Researchers Changed Our World - Andrew Leigh
Mar 15, 2018 • 43 min
Dr Andrew Leigh MP is a federal Labor politician with a brilliant background. A promising lawyer and associate…
#38: Everything Is Negotiable - Herb Cohen
Mar 7, 2018 • 71 min
If you're interested in improving your negotiation, whether that's to buy a used car or bump up your…
#37: Blockchain Is Not The Answer - Paul Madsen
Feb 21, 2018 • 37 min
Hashgraph is a new distributed ledger technology which many experts believe will supersede the blockchain itself. Founded by…
#36: Doing The Most Good - Peter Singer
Feb 7, 2018 • 52 min
Peter Singer is widely regarded as the world's most influential living moral philosopher. From kickstarting the animal rights…
#35: The End Of Money?
Jan 23, 2018 • 37 min
Will cryptocurrency replace the financial system as we know it? What if that is only the start? In…
#34: Our Fragile Economy - Matt Barrie
Jan 4, 2018 • 25 min
We feel ourselves lucky. Twenty-six years of continuous economic growth breeds a certain complacency. But our prosperity belies…
#33: Two Economists Walk Into A Bar (LIVE!) - Luigi Zingales & Richard Holden
Dec 27, 2017 • 42 min
Former guests and F.O.T.P*, Luigi ZIngales (#24) and Richard Holden (#26), joined us at the inaugural Jolly Swagmen Christmas…
#32: Will The Real Stoicism Please Stand Up - Margaret Graver
Dec 20, 2017 • 34 min
Stoicism, an ancient philosophy invented by the Greeks and developed by the Romans, is back in fashion. From…
#31: Discovering The ‘Sonic Crisp’ - Charles Spence
Dec 13, 2017 • 46 min
Charles Spence is the world's leading expert in 'Gastrophysics' - the science of food and how our senses…
#30: The Man Behind The Mic - Alan Jones
Dec 6, 2017 • 59 min
Alan Belford Jones has dominated Sydney's airwaves for more than 30 years. Australia's most popular radio broadcaster, he…
#29: China’s Secret Campaign - James Leibold
Nov 22, 2017 • 28 min
James Leibold is a deep expert in Chinese history and society. Educated in the US, he is now…
#28: Liar Loans - Peter White
Nov 15, 2017 • 30 min
Welcome to Part 4 of our Property Special. Fraud is a hallmark of bubbles, as mania turns to…
#27: Not If, When - Jonathan Tepper
Nov 8, 2017 • 52 min
In Part 3 of our Property Series we consult the 'housing bubble whisperer', Jonathan Tepper (@jtepper2). He is the founder of research house Variant…
#26: What’s In A Bubble? - Professor Richard Holden
Nov 1, 2017 • 39 min
Welcome to part 2 of our Property Series! The term "bubble" gets bandied about a lot these days,…
#25: Safe As Houses - John Flavell
Oct 25, 2017 • 38 min
Welcome to episode 1 of our 4-part series on the Australian property market. In this episode, Mortgage Choice…
#24: Saving Capitalism - Luigi Zingales
Oct 19, 2017 • 51 min
Trump. Cronyism. Inequality. Monopolies. Weren't we promised better than this? What happened to a "new nation, conceived in…
#23: “Small-l Liberal, Big-L Lesbian” - Christine Forster
Oct 12, 2017 • 44 min
Christine Forster is currently the only Liberal party member of the City of Sydney Council, having left a…
#22: Bittersweet: How To Make Money On A Housing Market Crash - Andrew Baker
Oct 4, 2017 • 58 min
Andrew Baker is an INCREDIBLY successful self-taught investor based in Sydney. During the day he specialises in building…
#21: Beating My Ice Addiction - Dave Oliver
Sep 27, 2017 • 40 min
Dave Oliver is Australia's first openly gay premiership rugby coach. Throughout his school and sporting career spanning the…
#20: Changing The Constitution Is As Easy As - Anne Twomey
Sep 20, 2017 • 30 min
Professor Anne Twomey is one of Australia's leading constitutional law experts. She has practiced as a solicitor at…
#19: Columbia MBA Professor Teaches You How To Find Strategic Insight In Any Scenario - William Duggan
Sep 13, 2017 • 51 min
Would you like the ability to reliably experience those "breakthrough moments"? We've found your guru. William Duggan teaches…
#18: Why I Was Really Fired By Google - James Damore
Sep 5, 2017 • 47 min
Former Google Senior Software Engineer now martyr to political correctness and hero of the alt-right, James Damore is…
#17: The Two Reasons Why Gays Shouldn’t Marry (According To The Coalition For Marriage) - Monica Doumit
Aug 30, 2017 • 43 min
Australia is in the midst of debating whether to legalise same-sex marriage, with a national postal vote underway….
#16: Procrastination, Perfectionism, And Diagnosing Donald Trump - John Tsilimparis
Aug 23, 2017 • 32 min
John Tsilimparis MFT is a celebrity psychologist based in LA, where he runs his own private clinic in…
#15: Can We Avoid Nuclear Catastrophe? - Gareth Evans
Aug 16, 2017 • 70 min
Gareth Evans AC, QC was Australia's greatest ever Foreign Minister. Holding that position from 1988-96, he also held…
#14: When Will Australia Become An Independent Nation? - Peter Fitzsimons
Aug 8, 2017 • 38 min
Peter Fitzsimons is the current Chair of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) - fighting to move Australia from…
#13: Cocaine, Ritalin And The Finance Industry - Peter Luc Bossaerts
Jul 31, 2017 • 46 min
Peter Luc Bossaerts is the world's leading expert in experimental finance and pioneered the field of "neuroeconomics". He…
#12: Why You Shouldn’t Eat, Two Days A Week - Dr Michael Mosley
Jul 25, 2017 • 67 min
#1 New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, presenter or producer of over 25 BBC documentaries, and self-confessed "human guinea…
#11: ‘London Bridge Is Down’ - Sam Knight
Jul 19, 2017 • 63 min
Queen Elizabeth II has ruled as Britain's monarch for 65 years. At the age of 91, her reign…
#10: Fearlessness, Founding Companies, And Full-time Adventuring - Patrick Sweeney
Jul 12, 2017 • 45 min
Patrick Sweeney is making a career as an adventurer and fear guru. Whether it's cycling the seven summits…
#9: A Soldier’s Guide To Survival In Afghanistan - Charlie Thompson
Jul 5, 2017 • 41 min
Charlie Thompson served in Canada's elite Close Protection Unit, completing two tours of Afghanistan in 2006 and 2008….
#8: Not Drinking (Alcohol) For A Year - Chris Raine
Jun 28, 2017 • 33 min
Chris Raine is CEO and Founder of Hello Sunday Morning, a charity that challenges people to give up…
#7: Life’s A Pitch - Ian Elliot
Jun 21, 2017 • 69 min
Ian Elliot is Australia's advertising guru. Former CEO and Chairman of George Patterson, he worked his way from…
#6: Really Bad Memes - Dart Sultan
Jun 15, 2017 • 48 min
Dart Sultan: enigma, humourist, meme king. An anonymous Melbourne man on the rise, having amassed 185,000 Facebook followers…
#5: A Crash In Two Years - Steve Keen
Jun 7, 2017 • 47 min
Few people saw the Global Financial Crisis coming. Steve Keen was one of them. He is a ferocious…
#4: Building A Restaurant Empire - Matt Moran
Jun 1, 2017 • 33 min
Matt Moran is well known on the Australian restaurant scene. Raised on a dairy farm in Sydney's West,…
#3: Summiting And Surviving Mount Everest - Ben And Laura Darlington
May 26, 2017 • 89 min
Outside of their day jobs, Australian couple Ben and Laura Darlington are irrepressible adventurers. Ben, who runs his…
#2: The Art And Ethics Of Political Speechwriting, Part 2 - Don Watson
May 18, 2017 • 48 min
Don Watson was Prime Minister Paul Keating's speechwriter from 1992-1996. Don's work included the Unknown Soldier Speech, and…
#1: The Art And Ethics Of Political Speechwriting, Part 1 - Bob Lehrman
May 14, 2017 • 56 min
Bob Lehrman was Chief Speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore from 1993-95. An accomplished author and novelist, he…