Seasons of Obsession

Seasons of Obsession
A show about literature, design, technology and the obsession of the week.

008: Total Perspective Vortex
Aug 29, 2017
Erik and Potatowire discuss Alan Watts’s book The Wisdom of Insecurity, looking at what is real, the challenge of being present, the origins of the self, the origins of true moral action, and its consequences for society.
007: A Temporary Arrangement of Unbrokenness
Aug 7, 2017
Using the Enchiridion as a jumping off point, Erik and Potatowire talk about what’s really under our control and how to use that knowledge to live a more balanced and constructive life.
006: A History of Failed Apocalypses
Jul 9, 2017
Erik and Potatowire return from summer travel to discuss The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley. Using the book as a jumping off point, they discuss the case for optimism, the impact of our consumption, and the value of running scared.
005: Harness the Randomness
Jun 5, 2017
Erik and Potatowire discuss risk, intuition, unpredictability, and how to use them to your advantage.
004: A Nail Looking for the Hammer
May 30, 2017
Erik and Potatowire discuss the new recording machine, nuclear weapons, the singularity, theory vs. reality in government, representation, and elections, and the value of an open mind.
003: Washed Away
May 22, 2017
Erik and Potatowire talk about trying to keep your head above water on the internet, what makes a good biography, the corrupting lens of the present moment and the written word, what happens when the incomprehensible talks back, and building a doghouse…
002: A Towering Stack of Guilt
May 15, 2017
Erik and Potatowire celebrate a birthday, then talk about what they read, why they choose what they read, trying to escape the bubble, reading faster, and keeping an open mind.
001: It’s a Lot of Work Staying Anonymous
May 4, 2017
Erik and Potatowire are back, discussing anonymity and pseudonymity, themes of recurrence, book series vs. television series, audiobooks vs. ebooks vs. paper, non-fiction vs. fiction, classics vs. modern fiction, and more.