Interview with a Nerd

Interview with a Nerd
Geek Media and Culture: Explained.
022: Lauren Shippen (The Bright Sessions)
Nov 29 • 94 min
Interview at 00:26:11 Richard recaps Quince #1 News and stuff: X-Men: Red Wolverine Multiple Man Justice League Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Interview: Lauren Shippen discusses what she's loving right now. We talk about growing up reading fantasy to…
021: Thor: Ragnarok Review
Nov 2 • 104 min
Recap: -Generation X News: -Brian Michael Bendis signs writing deal with DC, leaves Marvel -X-Men:Blue/Venom Crossover -The Orville and Stark Trek: Discovery get renewed for Season 2 Thor: Ragnarok review with Topher Harless and John Bring.…
020: The Missing Files
Oct 28 • 62 min
Recap: Wonder Woman (The New 52) #7 News N Stuff: The New Mutants Trailer Black Panther Trailer Gifted CW Superhero Shows Interview: Bonus Round Questions with Darren Herczeg and Ryan Eleopoulus Recommendations: The Babadook The Amityville Horror (1979)…
019: Moon Knight with Zachary Vaudo
Oct 5 • 87 min
Recap: Green Lantern, Vol. 2 #1 News n' Stuff: Iron Fist Inhumans Kingsman Venom casting Zachary Vaudo talks to us about the man with multiple personalities: Moon Knight. Stay till the end of the episode for Moon Knight is Cool by Gothsicles.…
018: Penguins Vs Possums
Sep 20 • 87 min
Recap: Rat Queens #1 News: Marvel's Phoenix Resurrection Tomb Raider trailer Cocktail Movie Recap Then creative team behind Penguins Vs Possums is on to talk all about their experiences creating the comic. Their first experiences with comics. and of…
017: Doctor Doom with Ryan Eleopoulos
Sep 6 • 82 min
Richard Recaps Generations: All-New Wolverine/Wolverine Ryan Eleopoulos speeds through Doctor Doom, so hold on to your seats! Recommendations: Insecure FruitSpecial Guest: Ryan Eleopoulos.
016: Jean Grey with Darren Herczeg
Aug 23 • 83 min
Richard Recaps New Mutants #3. Darren Herczeg talks all about Jean Grey, but not before we spend a while talking nonsense. Recommendations: Child of Light (All Platforms) and composer Coeur de PirateSpecial Guest: Darren Herczeg.
015: Loki with Ellie A. Collins
Aug 9 • 72 min
Richard recaps Astonishing X-Men #1. First look at Cable. Ellie A. Collins joins to talk about the mischievous god Loki. Recommendations: Girls Trip - Movie Marrying Mr. Darcy - Board GameSpecial Guest: Ellie A. Collins.Links:The Blood Crow Stories on…
014: Psylocke with Tommy Honton
Aug 2 • 61 min
Richard Recaps Uncanny Avengers #25. First look at Domino from Deadpool sequel. Tommy Honton talks to us about Psylocke! Recommendation: American GodsSpecial Guest: Tommy Honton.
013: Hulkling and Wiccan with Steven H. Garcia
Jul 26 • 59 min
Richard recaps Detective Comics #955. Then he reads a quote from Superman #27. Steven H. Garcia talks about Hulkling and Wiccan. And this week's recommendations!Special Guest: Steven H. Garcia.
012: Green Lantern with Topher Harless
Jul 19 • 69 min
Recap of Weapon X #5. George A. Romero passes away. Doctor Who announces their newest Doctor! Topher Harless explains Green Lantern. And this week's recommendations: Gifted, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Superman: Grounded, and Fake Nerd PodcastSpecial…
011: Venom with Nico De Gallo
Jul 12 • 72 min
Richard recaps Injustice: Gods Among Us #1. He reviews Spider-Man: Homecoming. Nico De Gallo talks all about Venom. And then a recommendation!Special Guest: Nico De Gallo.
010: Spider-Man panel
Jul 5 • 66 min
Richard recaps Edge of Venomverse #1. The Inhumans trailer dropped. Then, before the movie is released, Whiston, John, and Topher join the show to discuss Spider-Man, what we expect from the movie, and where we think the movies can go.Special Guests: John…
009-Bonus with Eric Ravenscraft
Jun 30 • 12 min
I ask Eric Ravenscraft my round of questions to better get to know him!Special Guest: Eric Ravenscraft.
009: Thanos with Eric Ravenscraft
Jun 28 • 73 min
Richard recaps Titans Annual #1. A tiny update from Amy Pascal. And then Eric Ravenscraft of talk all about Thanos. This contains a bone-chilling ending if you aren't familiar with the Marvel Comics titan. You won't want to miss this…
008-BONUS with Adam Noel
Jun 27 • 7 min
I ask Adam Noel my line of lightning round questions!Special Guest: Adam Noel.
008: Y the Last Man with Adam Noel
Jun 21 • 57 min
A review of Iceman #1. Amy Pascal shocks Kevin Feige. Adam Noel joins the episode to talk all about the limited run that is Y the Last ManSpecial Guest: Adam Noel.
007: New York Picture Company
Jun 14 • 54 min
Richard recaps Marvel Team Up #100. Black Panther teaser trailer. Spider-Man at E3. Then an interview with the guys who run New York Picture Company about their newest project, Zero Issue. We also discuss their favorite comics and, of course, WONDER…
006-BONUS with Whitson Gordon
Jun 9 • 17 min
Another lightning round episode! This time we learn a little more about Whiston Gordon. But first, Richard gets a little serious about why Iceman's coming out isn't lazy writing.Special Guest: Whitson Gordon.
006: Deadpool with Whiston Gordon
Jun 7 • 67 min
Richard recaps Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #3. Then there is a Wonder Woman review. Afterward, Whiston Gordon gives us a mostly spoiler-free discussion of Deadpool. Deadpool is weird, you guys.Special Guest: Whitson Gordon.
005: Mr. Fantastic with Meghan Fitzmartin
May 31 • 52 min
Richard recaps Batman #22 AKA The Button part 3. Also, he watched The Dark Crystal for the first time! Then, Meghan Fitzmartin of the Wine and Comics podcast joins in to talk about Reed Richards AKA Mr. Fantastic. Listen as we learn about his guilt, love,…
004: Nightcrawler with John Bring
May 24 • 68 min
This week Richard recaps X-23 #4. Marvel teases the return of the Runaways series on the heels of the Hulu series. Then John Bring joins the episode to talk about Nightcrawler. We spend a lot of our time gushing over Alan Cumming. Can you blame us? And…
003-BONUS with Will Sterling
May 19 • 8 min
This is the first bonus episode featuring Will Sterling in which Richard asks him a few leisurely lightning round questions from personal experience to creating his own hero.Special Guest: Will Sterling.
003: Wally West with Will Sterling
May 17 • 58 min
This week Richard recaps Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13. Then Will Sterling joins in to talk about the long-time speedster Wally West. Going from Kid Flash to eventually taking up the mantle of The Flash for over 20 years.Special Guest: Will Sterling.
002: Wolfsbane with Katherine Alyse
May 10 • 52 min
This week Richard talks about Batman Detective Comics Oversize Anniversary Special (#950), Free Comic Book Day., and a spoiler-free review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Then Katherine Alyse joins in to talk about Marvel's Rahne Sinclair (AKA…
001: Black Canary with Mark Waters
May 3 • 63 min
Meet your host Richard Cardenas. In this episode he discusses the new run of Weapon X. Then Mark Waters teaches him all things Black Canary. We will learn about where she came from, how she originally got her powers, and how the mantel was passed on to…