Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device
Bring Your Own Device will walk the very thin lin…
08: Get Your Tim Cook Badge
Jun 18 • 76 min
UPDATED EPISODE: More WWDC follow up than we really know what to do with as we both find bugs in iOS 11. Greg does a U turn and get closer to earning his Tim Cook Badge,and Nathan wants a Matt Black Apple Car. @byodpodcast Greg @gr36 Nathan @Natisho For…
07: Retina for your ears
Jun 8 • 101 min
Greg and Nati talk about the most wonderful time of the year - WWDC. The exhausting, fast paced Apple event carries on for just over an hour of our thoughts. iPad Pros, iMac Pros, iOS 11 and more GPUs that you can shake a stick at. follow us @byodpodcast…
06: Do you really want a bezel-less iPad?
Jun 3 • 73 min
Greg and Nathan talk about some interesting design concepts for the iOS Navbar, the Essential-less Essential Phone, and Home and go through the hardware rumors leading into WWDC: Fast upgrade cycle on the MacBook Pros, do we really want a bezel-less iPad…
05: 3rd party drag and drop is very dangerous
May 28 • 71 min
Nathan watches the excruciating unveil of the new Surface Pro event with Panos Panay, as he and Greg follow up on the Surface, Qualcomm and dive into Apple Pay’s slow global expansion and some iOS, macOS, watchOS & tvOS wishlists for WWDC. Follow Us…
04: Buzzwords make everything more exciting
May 21 • 65 min
We have used machine learning and AI to make the ultimate Google I/O wrap up according to two Apple fans. Nathan and Greg talk Google assistant, privacy concerns and muse over what the Google home smells like. Greg @gr36 Nathan @natisho BYOD @byodpodcast…
03: Hey Siri! Tell Me About Windows 10S
May 14 • 71 min
For episode 3 Greg and Nathan both take a look at the launches from Microsoft EDU. With new hardware in the form of the Surface Laptop and a new approach to Windows 10S Microsoft really went to town. Could they be taking aim at Apple? For show notes and…
02: Quarterly Cellular Litigations
May 7 • 72 min
For episode 2 Nathan drags Greg kicking and screaming into the world of quarterly results. We also talk about the litigation between Apple and Qualcomm and just how much meat Nathan has been eating.
01: Renders of leaks of lies
Apr 30 • 71 min
For the first episode Greg and Nathan discuss exactly why they started a podcast about Apple. What interests them and walking the thin line between liking Apple and being a fanboy. We also spend far too long talking about renders, rumours and leaks of…