Rob Morgan Is A Curious Person

Rob Morgan Is A Curious Person
Internationally touring bassist and music director Rob Morgan sits down over drinks with intriguing people to try and learn what it means to live a curious life.

+++ Let’s Cheers! - How To Reach Out To Someone You Admire To “Pick Their Brain Over Coffee”
Nov 16 • 17 min
Have you ever wanted to reach out to someone you respect to get together for advice but didn’t know how to ask? Maybe, you hit someone up already but didn’t get a ‘yes’ or EVEN WORSE… you never got a response. The act of reaching out to people you respect…
+++ Let’s Cheers! - Hunting chickens, doing laundry, and the dangers of success at young age. (feat. Dan Rodriguez)
Nov 14 • 24 min
Have I ever told you my theory about how Michael Jackson (and countless other child stars that found success at an early age) were actually emotionally stunted because they didn’t have to do their own laundry? Well… Dan Rodriguez has done my laundry twice…
+++ Let’s Cheers! - “Astronauts, Austin Texas, And The Other 23 hrs”
Nov 12 • 13 min
Just got out of a soundcheck in Austin Texas and was reminded of a thought I had about how we often get confused about some of the skillsets we ACTUALLY get hired for, that we may not always recognize. podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map |…
Question 71 // How does Vulfpeck keep their voice “On A Dial”? (feat. Cory Wong & Kevin Gastonguay)
Nov 11 • 67 min
Musicians Cory Wong and Kevin Gastonguay (Vulfpeck, Dr Mambo’s Combo, New Sound Underground, NBC’s “The Voice,”, Ben Rector, Gene Simmons, Questlove, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Bootsy Collins, Blake Shelton) join Rob as they carpool to a studio session…
+++ Let’s Cheers! - “The Compression Of Comfort”
Nov 8 • 12 min
Episode 1 of my “Let’s Cheers!” experiment. LET’S FREAKIN GO! I’m in New Orleans and was reminded of a couple conversations I had yesterday in Nashville that had NOTHING to do with creativity, comfort, and forward motion. But then again… everything’s…
A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - “Buds, Beans, and a Bruin Café” Let’s talk about weed in Amsterdam!
Oct 21 • 12 min
In America, any time you tell a friend that you’re headed to Amsterdam, you inevitably get a response involving a knowing smile, a wink, and a friendly elbow to the rips. “Amsterdam eh? Gonna visit a ‘Coffee Shop’ while you’re there? That’s where they…
A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - What A Starfire bass, a Fuji camera, and a pair of Redwings have to do with your creative decision making.
Oct 15 • 8 min
I made a MASSIVE MISTAKE in a studio session last week when it came to gear I decided to bring… Now, I’m sitting on a terrace in Leuven Belgium and I JUST realized it’s completely connected to the choices I’ve made today. Join me on the podcast as I talk…
A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - 3 things you should BRING TO GIVE AWAY on your next trip!
Oct 12 • 9 min
It’s a common travel strategy to make sure you leave extra space in your suitcase when packing to save room for purchases and souvenirs you’ll want to bring home. But what if there was something you could BRING TO GIVE AWAY that would ensure the…
A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - When in doubt, copy someone else.
Oct 11 • 10 min
Musicians - Have you ever found yourself not knowing what to work on or practice next, wishing someone would just tell you the next right direction to focus your energy on? Me too! It’s a good thing! It means you’re in a place of transition and…
A CURIOUS ENDEAVOR [AMSTERDAM!] - Can I take a photo while staying in the moment?
Oct 9 • 10 min
Ever feel like you’re constantly having to decide between pulling out your cellphone or camera to take a picture to CAPTURE A MOMENT or leaving it in your pocket so you can be fully present and IN THE MOMENT? Me too. The problem is… for the past year,…
Question 70 // How do I get better at acting on my ideas? (feat. Benjamin Kelly)
Oct 4 • 102 min
Benjamin Kelly is one of the most creative humans I’ve ever met. I originally know him as a CRUSHING bassist who’s bass-lines have left me drooling for years! …but most people lately seem to know hime for his design brand, Dinosaur Hampton. Possibly one…
+++ Daily Guinness - “Don’t Judge” (a reading from ‘Feck Perfuction’ by James Victore)
Oct 2 • 5 min
‘Feck Perfucktion’: podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song | YouTube
+++ Monthly Mantra - “That’s none of my damn business!”
Oct 1 • 9 min
As artists currently living in a world of instant “feedback” where we’re constantly tempted to check how many streams we’ve gotten on Spotify or likes a post got on social media to see if something we made is connecting with people. In a world where the…
+++ Daily Guinness - Can you forge confidence? (feat. Ashley and Jhyle of CAFAC and Scott Dillon of The Twisted Shrub))
Sep 26 • 23 min podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song | YouTube
+++ Daily Guinness - Would you pay $5 to vent to a stranger? (feat. Adonnis Williams)
Sep 24 • 19 min
As I was leaving lunch yesterday, I saw someone sitting on a corner with a sign that read “Vent to me, guaranteed confidentiality, $5 for 5min.” Hmm… curious concept… I wonder what his story is… podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes |…
+++ Daily Guinness - An Intro To Buying Vinyl Records (feat. Steven Williams of Down In The Valley)
Sep 22 • 18 min
I’m a pro touring/session musician, I should freakin know all about vinyl records right? Well, I don’t… and I’ve always been too embarrassed to learn. All of that changes starting now! podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram |…
+++ MENTAL OXYGEN - “You’re THE BEST in the room!”
Sep 19 • 12 min podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song | YouTube
+++ Daily Guinness - We don’t drink with our eyes closed! (feat. Ryan Verdon of Brewery Nønic)
Sep 18 • 14 min
Brewery Nønic: WHALE HOUSE (song: Doll) podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song | YouTube
+++ Daily Guinness - “Repeat Stuff. Repeat Stuff.”
Sep 14 • 8 min
I just woke up in an old one room school house. There’s a stack of vinyl and a record player… What the hell does curiosity have to do with any of this?
Question 69 // What’s the ‘Halo Effect’? (feat. Tim Gugudan)
Sep 12 • 58 min
Question 69 // What’s the ‘Halo Effect’? (feat.Tim Gugudan) Tim Gugudan is one of my closest friends who happens to be an amazing electric guitarist and currently roasting coffee for Caribou Coffee Company. We’ve logged countless miles touring together…
+++ Daily Guinness - I’M PISSED! Now, how does that fit into a curious life?
Sep 10 • 17 min
I just got out of an interaction that left me seeing red and I thought of a question… What would it look like if I approached what I’m feeling right now with curiosity? podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song |…
+++ COGITATIONS - When are YOU unplugging from the world?
Sep 8 • 11 min
Are there moments built into your days or weeks that you intentionally can’t be contacted? In a world were ‘busy’ is the most common response to the question, “How are you doing?” it’s more important than ever to unplug and center ourselves. Because, at…
+++ Daily Guinness - “My Big Fat Greek… Festival!”
Sep 7 • 21 min
I meet up with Krisanthy at the Minneapolis Greek Festival for a conversation that goes deeper FASTER than other conversation I’ve ever had! “Nice to meet you, tell me about changing your name when you got married.” podcast…
+++ Daily Guinness - 35mm Film Projection Room Tour! (feat. Earl Luckes)
Sep 6 • 14 min
Is being a film projectionist a dangerous job? Why is the projection room fireproof with a safety room inside? How many times does a projectionist need to switch reels during a movie? Are there any movies that NEED to be seen in a theater with a 35mm…
Sep 5 • 17 min
+++ Daily Guinness - Why is it so hard to tell YOUR OWN story? (feat Laura Lou and Seth Lienard)
Sep 4 • 37 min
Sarah and I ran into two of our friends, Laura Lou and Seth Linard (of Fretless marketing) at Northbound Smokehouse while grabbing beers this evening. I stopped by for a Belgium ale, but ended up getting a conversation that helped me to think… this Daily…
+++ Daily Guinness - Is REstarting The Hardest Part?
Sep 2 • 21 min
Ok, let’s try this again… podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song | YouTube
BONUS EP! // Rob Gets Advice From A Pro (feat. David E Jackson)
Aug 12 • 26 min
David Jackson is a professional photographer who’s shot portraits of Butch Vig, Lemmy Kilmister, Garbage, Tommy Stinson, Chase Bryant, Machine Gun Kelly, and Garry Clark Jr… and Rob Morgan ;) just to name a few. Right before I turned off the microphones…
Question 68 // How’d You Start Selling Human Skulls? (feat. Scott Watzlawick)
Aug 6 • 59 min
Scott Watzlawick is the owner of an oddities shop in Appleton, Wisconsin called “Forty Three Skulls”. I was in town for a music festival called ‘Mile Of Music’ and was walking around town with Nate Babbs and André Rodriguez (close friends who happen to be…
Question 67 // WHO Is The Future Of Agriculture? (feat. Jared & Valerie Luhman)
Jul 31 • 54 min
Jared & Valerie Luhman were both raised on farms in Minnesota and loved that upbringing. Now married, they live on the family farm, Dry Creek Red Angus, where Jared farms with his dad producing organic crops, and raising beef cattle. “Our goal is to farm…
+++ Daily Guinness - You’re not qualified to judge your own work
Jul 27 • 11 min
Started recording some thoughts while drinking coffee in our backyard in case you find yourself getting hung up on seeking other’s approval of your work… or even more dangerous and even less talked about… getting hung up on your own judgement of it……
+++ Daily Guinness - Curiosity And The Ego
Jul 24 • 7 min
Have you ever heard someone use a word or phrase that you didn’t know the meaning of but you were too embarrassed to ask what it meant? Me too. But here’s the thing, living a CURIOUS life means not letting our ego get in the way of the opportunity to…
A Guide To Buying Cheap Flights
Jul 23 • 26 min
Last week, I posted on social media that Sarah found round-trip flights to Switzerland for $1 ($280 after taxes and fees) and booked us a surprise trip. Almost immediately, my inbox got flooded with questions about how she finds deals like this… so much…
Question 66 // Why Will John Fields Never Hire Me To Play Bass? (feat. John Fields)
Jul 17 • 96 min
John Fields is a record producer and musician best known for his work with artists including the Jonas Brothers, Switchfoot, Pink, Har Mar Superstar, Miley Cyrus, Andrew W.K. and Demi Lovato. Personally, I know him as one of the most requested guests by…
Question 65 // Hey, Can I Come To Your Sci-Fi Convention? (feat. Jonathan Palmer)
Jul 9 • 61 min
Jonathan Palmer is the president of one of the midwest’s largest sci-fi/fantasy conventions, CONvergence. I’ve never been to a sci-fi/fantasy convention before and when a friend told me it was taking place while I was in town, I knew I had to check it…
Question 64 // What Do You Have Against Minnesota? (feat. John Mark Nelson)
Jun 25 • 82 min
John Mark Nelson is a songwriter & producer living and working in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Well… For now. Why’s John moving to LA? Why does he think artists should recognize that you can control outlook, but not outcome? How does John define curiosity? Join…
Question 63 // Game of Thrones, why you go and do me like that? (feat. Jourdan Myers, Brian Lenz, Nate Babbs)
Jun 18 • 92 min
Jourdan Myers, Brian Lenz, Nate Babbs join me over a pint of proper to talk about our different thoughts on the last season of Game of Thrones. (I mean… Jourdan may or may have not even watched it…) As usual, the conversation ends up going far beyond…
A Guide To Tasting Whiskey
Jun 7 • 20 min
Whether you consider yourself a bourbon consumer or maybe you’ve always been curious about diving into the world of whiskey but find yourself unsure how to approach a dram in a way that allows you to appreciate it to the fullest. Join me as I sit down…
A Curious Endeavor - “Balancing Destination With Recommendation”
Jun 6 • 7 min
If you’re looking to travel curiously, it’s a balancing act that takes intentionality. I’m in Bourbon County, Kentucky and want to share with you a travel dogma of mine I’ve never talked about before that could change the future of how you travel. Massive…
A Curious Endeavor - “Just Board The Damn Flight.”
Jun 5 • 14 min
I’ve had this flight to Nashville booked for the past two months. It leaves in five hours… and I’m not sure I’m gonna get on it. All of a sudden, I realize what’s holding me back isn’t rational decision making just because I don’t know where I’m going to…
+++ Daily Guinness - What Just Won’t You Do? (feat. Tenant MPLS)
May 22 • 5 min
Maybe, as an artist or creator, deciding what you WON’T do is just as important as deciding what you WILL… podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song
Question 62 // How Do I Balance Conviction And Curiosity? (feat. Terry Esau)
May 21 • 92 min
Terry Esau has composed and produced music for over 2000 TV commercials including Target, McDonalds, Pepsi, Harleys, Hondas, Subway, Perkins, Golden Grahams…Kitty Litter. He has won a Clio and a few dozen other awards. He is also the founder and executive…
+++ Daily Guinness - Write Sh*t Down!
May 15 • 7 min
The habit I learned from a guest that changed my life! I think you should try it. podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song
Question 61 // Why Do You Sound So Much Better Than Me? (feat. Dave Ryan)
May 10 • 74 min
Dave Ryan is a radio host best known from his morning show The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on the Twin Cities’ 101.3 KDWB. What advice does he have for me as someone speaking into a microphone? Why does he think knowing your audience is important? And…
+++ Daily Guinness - Dave Ryan’s Definition Of Curiosity
May 7 • 7 min
Check back later this week for my full conversation with Dave Ryan at The Local Irish Pub. podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song
+++ Daily Guinness - Is Curiosity Like Hunger? (feat. Terry Esau)
Apr 29 • 5 min
A sneak peak at this week’s episode and one of my favorite definitions of what it means to be curious! podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram | intro song
Question 60 // Can An Emergency Hospital For Wild Animals Help Clarify Your Life Mission? (feat. Phil Jenni)
Apr 23 • 48 min
Phil Jenni is the Executive Director for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Of Minnesota, a non-profit organization and veterinary clinic for wild animals located IN THE METRO! I originally sat down with Phil after I saw a facebook post that was shared by…
Let’s Talk About “Risk”
Apr 17 • 14 min
I believe at my core that life expands and contracts with out willingness to assume risk. The problem is… I’m not sure if I really understood, before now, what the true risk was. Let’s talk about it. Rob Bell’s recent podcast Ep I play in this ep:…
Question 59 // When’s Your ‘Book Baby’ Due? (feat. Alicia Eler)
Apr 15 • 51 min
Alicia Eler is the Star Tribune’s visual art critic/arts reporter who’s writing can be found in Glamour, the Guardian, CNN, Hyperallergic, Art21 Magazine, LA Weekly, and Aperture. She’s also the author of the book “The Selfie Generation” (Skyhorse…
Question 58 // How Do You Manage Your Dreams? (feat. Lacey Guck)
Apr 9 • 64 min
What would you do if someone gave you 100 MILLION dollars TODAY? Maybe you already have a game plan for your future and every penny of it would be automatically allocated into your existing strategy within moments of it hitting your bank account. Or……
For Anyone Working A Shit Job
Mar 30 • 12 min
If you find yourself in a shitty period of time in your life, maybe even working a job you hate, I asked listeners to write in and talk about things they learned from their experiences with the hope that YOU can be inspired to push through another day.…
For The Young Who Want To
Mar 29 • 1 min
Artists, Musicians, Creators… this poem’s for you.
BONUS: Q#57 Extended Intro - Authenticity & Comparison
Mar 27 • 19 min
Often times, when Sarah and I sit down to record a podcast intro, we end up just having a conversation that we would off mic… this is one of those. podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes | instagram |
Question 57 // Am I Trying To Express Or Impress? - Part 2 (feat. Aaron & Christian Ankrum)
Mar 26 • 64 min
Aaron & Christian Ankrum are brothers best known for fronting the band Grayshot. How much would it benefit us if we could become comfortable with discomfort? As an artist, is it true that the higher your highs are, the lower your lows will be too? Why is…
+++ Daily Guinness - The Problem With Photos
Mar 26 • 4 min
Is it possible to take photos in a way that doesn’t take you out of the moment? I talked to Sarah on our drive home tonight with the hopes of making a point but… turns out… I have a lot to learn. podcast hotline: (612) 584-9330 website | map | itunes |…
+++ Daily Guinness - What Happens When The Beer Is Free?
Mar 24 • 7 min
What would you do if someone said they’d pay your salary for the rest of 2019? How would you live? What would you spend your time on? What happens when the beer is free? Stephen Kellogg is a badass and killed it tonight. Check out his music here:…
+++ Daily Guinness - What’s In It For Me?
Mar 23 • 11 min
If you ever want to convince someone else to do something… this one’s for you. Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Website | Map | iTunes | Instagram | Intro Song
+++ Daily Guinness - Stephen King Writes With A Pencil???
Mar 22 • 9 min
No matter what creative field you’re in, we all have tools of the trade that we use on a daily basis. It’s only natural to be curious about what the people we respect are using. The problem is, the question we typically ask can hinder our creative…
+++ Daily Guinness - Editing Is The Essence Of Writing
Mar 21 • 7 min
Why did it take me this long to learn this about the creative process? Well… better late than never I guess… Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Website | Map | iTunes | Instagram | Intro Song
BONUS: Q56 Extended Intro - Do we only attract what we already are?
Mar 19 • 15 min
I’ve had a ton of you writing in and asking… nay… DEMANDING… MORE SARAH!!! So, here’s the rest of our convo yesterday that didn’t make the cut. Should I keep sharing these? Shoot us a text at the hotline number below and let me know. Podcast Hotline:…
Question 56 // Am I Trying To Express Or Impress? - Part 1 (feat. Aaron & Christian Ankrum)
Mar 19 • 111 min
Aaron & Christian Ankrum are brothers best known for fronting the band Grayshot. How much would it benefit us if we could become comfortable with discomfort? As an artist, is it true that the higher your highs are, the lower your lows will be too? Why is…
+++ Daily Guinness - In Memory Of Tucker Jensen
Mar 13 • 12 min
I’ll never understand how all this shit works. In THE SAME TEXT, I got word that my friend gave birth to their child and that my friend, Minneapolis musician, Tucker Jensen passed away after his fight with cancer. I realized I had recorded his set, the…
Question 55 // Would You Take A Risk For A Lifetime Of Free Beer? (feat. Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub)
Mar 12 • 54 min
Jamie Robinson, Joel Scott, and Jason Foster are the masterminds behind one of my favorite brew-pubs in the twin cities, Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub. What’s the difference between a brewpub and a tap-room? Are there similarities between brewing beer…
+++ Daily Guinness - LISTENER QUESTION - Tell Me About A Time When You Were Lucky
Mar 10 • 6 min
I’ve been looking for a better closing question to my podcast interviews. Maybe you can help me out… Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Podcast Map Of Recording Locations: Subscribe On iTunes:…
+++ Daily Guinness - Art vs Athletics (feat. Aaron & Christian Ankrum)
Mar 8 • 11 min
“… praising someone’s technical musical ability is a lot like praising someone for being really great at saying the alphabet.” - Aaron Ankrum (if you like this excerpt, keep an eye out for the full convo later this month. “Am I Trying To Impress Or…
Question 54 // Do You Want To Be Doing This Right Now? (feat. Chris Koza)
Mar 4 • 75 min
Chris Koza (@chriskoza on Instagram) is a composer and performer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His music appears regularly on ABC’s General Hospital and 60 Minuets. His song (with his band Rogue Valley) The Wolves and the Ravens was featured in Ben…
+++ Daily Guinness - What’s It Like To Have Perfect Pitch? (feat. Joe Beier)
Feb 28 • 16 min
Right before walking on stage, my friend Joe Beier and I got into a fascinating conversation about him having perfect pitch and what that looks like… literally. There was only one thing to do… put the convo on pause… go rock out… and then press record…
Question 53 // Should We Just Record This In The Hot Tub? (feat. Andrew McMahon)
Feb 26 • 62 min
Andrew McMahon is a singer-songwriter best known for his bands Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Earlier this month, it just so happened that Andrew and I were both performing on a floating music festival called…
+++ Daily Guinness - I FELL IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!
Feb 21 • 20 min
Episode 97 - I tell a story about one of my most embarrassing moments last year (that happened to take place alone on stage in front of hundreds of people) and what it taught me about taking risks. Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Website | Map | iTunes |…
+++ Daily Guinness #045 - LISTENER QUESTION - Where Do YOU Draw The Line When It Comes To Quality?
Feb 19 • 9 min
No bullshit answers allowed saying, “There is NO line… go all the way all the time!” EVERYONE has a line, where do you draw yours? ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Visit Recording Locations:…
INTERLUDE: A Podcast Ambush Conversation With Sarah
Feb 14 • 25 min
I ambush Sarah to talk about why this daily podcasting is so damn hard for me, her advice and to talk about the need for solidarity over solutions in a marriage relationship.
+++ Daily Guinness #044 - How To Frame A Dumb Question (feat. Town Hall Taps)
Feb 14 • 9 min
We’ve all heard “There’s no such thing as a dumb question” but I think that’s a load of crap… Often times we have questions that we’re afraid of coming across as dumb or annoying, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask them anyways. In this episode, I…
+++ Daily Guinness #043 - Can Cocktails Tell A Story About Culture?
Feb 13 • 4 min
My interview with sommelier Leslee Miller about “Thinking And Drinking”: ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
First Time Listening? START HERE!
Feb 12 • 5 min
Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Visit Recording Locations: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe via RSS: Like us on Facebook:…
+++ Daily Guinness #038 - How Do YOU Define Curiosity?
Feb 7 • 7 min
I’m back home, trading the sand for a snow-storm and I’m reminded of a conversation I had with someone a few days ago that helps me look at life (if not for a split seccond) through the eyes of someone else. That said, I really would love to have you…
+++ Daily Guinness on THE ROCK BOAT - Thoughts On “Playing On Tilt” Before Catching My Flight
Feb 7 • 4 min
Same challenge… drink a pint of Guinness & record a podcast every day. This week, it’s a change of scenery as I board a cruise ship with friends for a week to rock out on a floating music festival. ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
+++ Daily Guinness on THE ROCK BOAT - WE JUST PAID $61 FOR GUINNESS???
Feb 7 • 6 min
Same challenge… drink a pint of Guinness & record a podcast every day. This week, it’s a change of scenery as I board a cruise ship with friends for a week to rock out on a floating music festival. ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
+++ Daily Guinness on THE ROCK BOAT - Getting Schooled By The New Respects
Feb 7 • 10 min
Same challenge… drink a pint of Guinness & record a podcast every day. This week, it’s a change of scenery as I board a cruise ship with friends for a week to rock out on a floating music festival. ——————————————— Call The…
+++ Daily Guinness on THE ROCK BOAT - Coming Soon… Andrew McMahon! (First Look Preview)
Feb 7 • 15 min
Same challenge… drink a pint of Guinness & record a podcast every day. This week, it’s a change of scenery as I board a cruise ship with friends for a week to rock out on a floating music festival. ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
+++ Daily Guinness on THE ROCK BOAT - Can Comparison Ever Be Beneficial?
Feb 7 • 4 min
Same challenge… drink a pint of Guinness & record a podcast every day. This week, it’s a change of scenery as I board a cruise ship with friends for a week to rock out on a floating music festival. ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
+++ Daily Guinness #031 - IN PRAXIA - Can I Use UBER To Become More Curious? (feat. Aaron Johnson)
Jan 31 • 7 min
“In Praxia” is Latin for “In Practice” In this follow up to yesterday’s episode about something I’m calling “The UBER Challenge” I sit down with one of my closest friends, Aron Johnson, in Tampa Florida to talk about our recent UBER ride and how much we…
+++ Daily Guinness #030 - Can I Use UBER To Become More Curious?
Jan 31 • 5 min
I hate small talk. If I’m sitting next to someone on a flight or in an UBER, I’m most comfortable with my headphones in, minding my own business. But this year is different, I’ve committed to living a more curious life and that means being more generous…
+++ Daily Guinness #029 - Can You Drink A Guinness In -24° Fahrenheit?
Jan 30 • 8 min
It’s officially colder at this moment where we are in Minnesota than it is in Antarctica. At these temps, frostbite sets in within five minutes of exposure, the US Postal Service has canceled their routes and my flight out of town tomorrow has been…
Question 52 // What’s The Most Likely Thing To Be True Here? (feat. Danny Warnock of Superior Gear)
Jan 29 • 67 min
My friend, Danny Warnock, and I are in the middle of a gig but we stepped out of the green-room long enough to talk about the company he started making hammocks and (like the majority of our convos) it ended up going way deeper talking about fear setting,…
+++ Daily Guinness #027 - There’s A U.S. Pond Hockey Championship?
Jan 28 • 4 min
If you ever visited Minnesota in the winter, you’re bound to notice constant activity happening on any number of the, now frozen over, lakes. I’m not originally from here, so this seasonal icebound cold leveraging is still new to me and I’m fascinated by…
+++ Daily Guinness #026 - Why Should You Be Ok With Failure? (feat. Danny Warnock of Superior Gear)
Jan 27 • 17 min
My friend, Danny Warnock, and I are in the middle of a gig but we stepped out of the green-room long enough to talk about the company he started making hammocks and (like the majority of our convos) it ended up going way deeper talking about fear setting,…
+++ Daily Guinness #025 - I Found A Better Question To Ask Singer Songwriters!
Jan 26 • 12 min
I’m so tired of hearing artists I play with get asked, “So… what’s that song about.” I mean… I know it has it’s place in life, it’s a direct question and an important one at times, but I guess I’m just bored with it. I’ve been hunting for a more…
+++ Daily Guinness #024 - COGITATIONS - My What I’ve Learned From My Biggest Conversational Failures!
Jan 24 • 14 min
When you spend a year and a half listening to yourself talk to other people… it’s hard to not become discouraged when every mistake you make is constantly right there naked in-front of you. What’s surprising is, by choosing to learn from them, it has…
+++ Daily Guinness #023 - COGITATIONS - Stoicism & Flying
Jan 24 • 4 min
I’m on the last leg of my 20 hr travel day and I DON’T feel like talking to anyone… ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Visit Recording Locations: Subscribe on iTunes:…
+++ Daily Guinness #022 - What’s So Great About Kölsch Beer?
Jan 24 • 4 min
I love this! Keep your questions coming! Today, I was asked, “what’s so great about this Kölsch beer in Cologne Germany you keep talking about?” Well… it may suprise you that my favorite part about the experience is the limitations it forces on you. Let…
ANSWERING YOUR QUESTION: How Do You And Sarah Pick Where To Travel To?
Jan 21 • 9 min
In this episode, I answer your question that we’ve gotten a ton this week from YOU curious persons, “How do you and Sarah decide on where you are going to travel to next. The answer may surprise you and hopefully help unlock the way you look at the world…
+++ Daily Guinness #020 - Does this REALLY hold the skulls of THE three wise men? (feat. Thomas at Cologne Cathedral, Germany)
Jan 21 • 8 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 20 “Does this REALLY hold the skulls of THE three wise men?” (feat. Thomas at Cologne Cathedral, Germany) Sarah and I are in Cologne, Germany! Ever since I heard, years ago, that Cologne Cathedral is said to…
+++ Daily Guinness #019 - “Does Germany Have A Craft Beer Scene?” (feat. Certified Cicerone Linus)
Jan 19 • 9 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 19 “Does Germany Have A Craft Beer Scene?” (feat. Certified Cicerone Linus in Cologne, Germany) Sarah and I are in Cologne, Germany! Our plan was to drink our way through the local specialty, Kölsch, but when we…
Question 51 // Can A Tattoo In Germany Murder Stereotypes? (feat. Bobbie at Studio 23 Tattoo in Frankfurt Germany)
Jan 18 • 11 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY #18 Can A Tattoo In Germany Murder Stereotypes? (feat. Bobbie at Studio 23 Tattoo in Frankfurt Germany) Everyone’s heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but why the hell is it so hard for us to…
+++ Daily Guinness #017 - Is Aphelwein In Frankfurt A Magic Cure For Jetlag In Germany?
Jan 17 • 6 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 17 Is Aphelwein In Frankfurt A Magic Cure For Jetlag In Germany? My body’s telling me to crawl into my cozy hotel bed, but my search for Frankfurt’s ‘Aphelwein’ takes me to the streets as I try this magic elixir…
+++ Daily Guinness #016 - “Why’d You Restore A Theater That Shows 35mm Films?” (feat. Eddie Landenberger & Ward Johnson at Parkway Theater)
Jan 16 • 19 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 16 I’ve got three hours before I need to be on an overseas flight… that’s just enough time for a conversation with Parkway Theater’s new owners Eddie Landenberger & Ward Johnson to ask them why they’re going…
+++ Daily Guinness #015 - COGITATIONS - Why The Hell Are You Doing It?
Jan 15 • 7 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY #15 The Best… AND WORST question I get all the time in reference to this podcast and how they may help you in starting your next creative endeavor. ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
Question 50 // Whatever Happened To That Minneapolis Homeless Encampment? (feat. Patina Park)
Jan 15 • 122 min
Patina Park is the Chair of the Metro Urban Indian Directors and executive director of the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center. Whatever happened to that Minneapolis homeless encampment (or “Tent City” as it became known) before it’s population…
+++ Daily Guinness #013 - What’s The Difference Between Bluegrass And Old Time Music? (feat. Nic Hentges)
Jan 13 • 36 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 13 I enjoy bluegrass music but I know NOTHING about it. Fortunately for me, my friend Nic Hentges happens to be the vice president of the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old Time Music Association and is going to be…
+++ Daily Guinness #012 - IN PRAXIA - Trying Ian’s Clothes Tips From Q49
Jan 13 • 7 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY #12 Introducing a new (possibly regular) installment I’m calling “In Praxia” which is latin for “putting into action or practice.” As I continue to interview guests on the podcast, I’ll be trying out advice…
+++ Daily Guinness #011 - “What does it FEEL like to record an album with a band?” (feat. Ben Rosenbush)
Jan 11 • 23 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 11 I met up with singer songwriter Ben Rosenbush in his greenroom before sound-checking at his album release concert with with his band Ben Rosenbush And The Brighton. I didn’t want to have your standard…
+++ Daily Guinness #010 - How Have I Never Heard Of The Minnesota Music Coalition? (feat. Ellen Stanley at Summit Brewery)
Jan 10 • 21 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 10 This past week, my curiosity led me to giving a relationship another go. It was a rough breakup, we haven’t been on speaking terms, but… I may be willing to give the relationship another chance… Because of…
+++ Daily Guinness #009 - Can Legislation Limitations Unlock Cocktail Creativity? (feat. Jack Tillman of Lawless Distillery)
Jan 10 • 19 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 9 What’s the perfect question to ask when sitting down at a new cocktail bar for the first time? What happens to a cocktail lounge when MN Legislation says you can only serve alcohol you make on the premises……
+++ Daily Guinness #008 - Cogitations: “Pull Out Your Damn Phone”
Jan 8 • 4 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 8 A chance encounter with a friend at a coffee shop reminds Rob of the importance of making things happen. ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612) 584-9330 Visit Recording Locations:…
+++ Daily Guinness #007 - A Reminder To Reach Out Daily To Grab Hold Of Our Goals (feat. Dan Rodriguez at Keegan’s Irish Pub)
Jan 7 • 18 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 7 A convo just in time for some of you thinking of giving up on your New Years Resolutions already… My longer convo w/ Dan way back in 2018:…
+++ Daily Guinness #006 - Cogitations: Input, Influence and boredom
Jan 6 • 10 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 6 I seem to have made the habit of filling every spare moment with external input. A conversation with a close friend in a green-room today made me think I may need to start building in time for boredom…
+++ Daily Guinness #005 - Wait, you want to ‘Poke’ my beer? (feat. Joel Scott of Northbound BrewPub)
Jan 5 • 9 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - DAY 5 Germany has a winter tradition of brewing a dark-strong beer called an “Eisbock” (pronounced Ice-Bock… yes… Ice is actually involved) But here’s the real kicker: Tradition is to heat up an iron rod till it…
Question 49 // Hey, how much underwear did you bring? (feat. Ian Allison)
Jan 4 • 60 min
A couple months ago, my friend Ian Allison posted an Instagram story while on tour with Eric Hutchinson explaining how he decided to fit everything he brought IN ONE FREAKIN BACKPACK! He broke down the bag he used, showing some of the things he brought…
+++ Daily Guinness #003 - Why The Hell Do I Need Balance?
Jan 3 • 14 min
“Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness” - Jan 3, 2019 Apparently Sarah thinks I can be a… man of extremes. I tend to either be all in or all out and I could use some balance in my life. I’m sure I’m the only one who deals with this… ——————————————— Call The…
Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness - Jan 2, 2019 - You Will Face Resistance!
Jan 3 • 15 min
Is this just a big mistake? Is this the dumbest idea I’ve ever had? How can I learn to recognize resistance and trust the process? Maybe I’ll set my Guinness down and look through my book shelf in my studio for inspiration. ——————————————— Call The…
Give Us This Day Our Daily Guinness - Jan 01, 2019 - What If…?
Jan 2 • 4 min
What if… every day in 2019… I sat down with a pint of Guinness and turned the microphones on… What would that look like? Every day? Is that even possible? I guess there’s only one way to find out… ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
Question 48 // How Do I Pick Out The Perfect Christmas Tree? (feat. Jerry Degeest of B&J Trees)
Dec 4, 2018 • 35 min
Jerry Degeest is a licensed arborist. (a professional in the practice of cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants) Where do Christmas trees come from? There are Christmas tree trends? What…
Question 47 // Can I learn to trust the unknown? (feat. Mark Heimermann)
Oct 9, 2018 • 74 min
Mark Heimermann is one of the most brilliant song-writers, producers and mentors that I’ve had the honor of getting to work with. Producing, writing and touring with artists like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Jaci Velazquez and DC Talk, Mark seems to…
Question 46 // What is urban foraging? (feat. Jeff Zeitler)
Oct 2, 2018 • 63 min
Jeff Zeitler is the owner and head winemaker of the only winery (or cider house for that matter) in Minneapolis, Urban Forage. How do you balance what other people want you to make and what you want to make? What is urban foraging and what does that have…
Question 44 // How do you write a song? (feat. Dan Rodriguez)
Sep 25, 2018 • 57 min
Dan Rodriguez and I were best men in each other’s weddings and just so happens to be a brilliant singer-songwriter who I’ve stood behind on stage for the past fourteen years. How do you write a song? Is writers block an actual thing or is it just an…
INTERLUDE: 5 Questions That Will Transform Your Interactions With Other People
Sep 11, 2018 • 20 min
How a New Years resolution in 2006 changed the way I ask questions forever and 5 questions, mindsets and tools I’m convinced will change the way you interact with people you meet in a positive way. ——————————————— Call The Official Podcast Hotline: (612)…
Question 43 // Can you get hired for something you’ve never done before? (feat. Nate Ryan)
Aug 28, 2018 • 82 min
Nate Ryan is the staff photographer for 89.3 The Current. An award winning photographer, Nate has captured countless studio performances with bands that visit the station as well as many live performance. Why is balancing creativity and commerce so hard?…
Question 42 // What if Jimmy Swaggart fronted Joy Division? (feat. Jon Reine and Mike Smith)
Aug 21, 2018 • 73 min
Jon Reine and Mike Smith are members of the band Greycoats. What leads a band to write a concept album [Carisma!] about that all-American icon, the televangelist? What would it sound like if Jimmy Swaggart fronted Joy Division? Why should I stop thinking…
Question 41 // What should white people do about black tourism? (feat. Derrick Keith Rollins Jr.)
Aug 14, 2018 • 118 min
Derrick Keith Rollins Jr is a singer-songwriter best known by his stage name, “Reverend Doctor.” What should white people do about systemic racism? What’s it like to be the ’token black friend’? What does the transition from adorable black child to…
Question 40 // Can we talk about identity? (feat. Justin Sharbono)
Aug 7, 2018 • 100 min
Justin Sharbono is best known for his work as electric guitarist for the band Soul Asylum. What’s it like to have an honest and meaningful conversation about our own race and identity? How does travel change the way you view your place in the world? What…
A Guide To Getting Your First Tattoo
Jul 17, 2018 • 32 min
Getting your first tattoo can be intimidating. How bad does it hurt? How do you book an appointment or pick an artist? What can you expect from the moment you step into the tattoo parlor to leaving with your fresh new ink? Join Rob & Sarah Morgan and…
Question 39 // What’s the difference between skill and talent? (feat. Jordan Srock)
Jul 10, 2018 • 86 min
Jordan Srock (@jordandsrock on instagram) is an electric guitarist and a friend of Rob’s who he met while on fly dates (gigs performing with an artist that you fly in-and out of and get to be home with your family within a few days) a few years ago. Is…
Question 38 // Can art be quantified? (feat. Peter Himmelman)
Jul 3, 2018 • 42 min
Peter Himmelman is a “man of many talents and accomplishments who is known to those who have heard of him, but haven’t heard him, as Bob Dylan’s son-in-law.” That said, Peter first got on Rob’s radar not because of his acclaimed song-writing career or the…
Question 37 // Does life happen in Act Two? (feat. Josh Olson)
Jun 26, 2018 • 36 min
Josh Olson is a director, videographer and master storyteller based out of Minneapolis. What are the components of a great story? Why should everyone, from a CEO to a cello player, know how story telling plays a critical role in what they do for a living?…
Question 36 // What’s it like being married to a creative when you aren’t one? (feat. Amanda Nephew)
Jun 5, 2018 • 85 min
Amanda Nephew is a licensed marriage and family therapist that just so happens to be married to one of my closest friends, Jasper Nephew. What advice does she have for anyone in a relationship with someone who functions differently than you do? Why is…
Question 35 // What if the human brain wasn’t designed for modern noise? (feat. Mike Michel)
May 29, 2018 • 104 min
Mike Michel is a award-winning songwriter, guitarist, and music educator who, in 2013, developed a severe case of tinnitus (auditory cortex inflammation) and hyperacusis (extreme sound sensitivity), which threatened to take away his livelihood and…
INTERLUDE: I’ve always been curious about: Quotes (feat. Eric Pierson)
May 15, 2018 • 59 min
Eric Pierson is a television, film, voice and commercial actor who recently started showing his prowess in the directing world. He recently worked with the Green Bay Packers, voiced the latest Winfield United campaign, & did his first wire stunt but that…
Question 34 // Can artists manufacture emotion? (feat. Dan Smith)
May 8, 2018 • 99 min
Dan Smith is a producer, engineer, musician and songwriter. What does it mean to ‘deliver’ as a musician in a studio session? What is the arch of confidence in the creative journey? Can you be inspired by other artists without comparing yourself to them?…
Question 33 // What is a SWOT analysis for creatives ? (feat. Jordan Walker)
Apr 10, 2018 • 40 min
Jordan Walker is a photographer, entrepreneur, musician, creative thinker, and a close friend of mine. He’s the CEO of Narrate Studios and if you’ve been following the podcast, you’ve seen his work because he took all the press and artwork photos for the…
Question 32 // How would a Sommelier pair wine with music? (feat. Leslee Miller)
Mar 27, 2018 • 118 min
Leslee Miller is a certified Sommelier and owner of wine consulting firm, Amusée. She’s also the co-founder and owner of one of the first wine clubs in America, Sip Better. In this terroir packed episode we uncork way more than just my curiosity about the…
Question 31 // What’s it like to grow up in Northern Ireland? (feat. Paul Crilly)
Mar 14, 2018 • 47 min
Paul Crilly owns one of my favorite Irish pubs in Minneapolis, Morrissey’s. If you know me, you know I love Ireland and Irish culture. I set out to have a fun conversation about St. Patrick’s Day and ended up having a far deeper convo than I was…
Question 30 // What do you call adults who watch My Little Pony? (feat. Kyle Hultquist, Andrew Nelson & Sydney Armstrong)
Mar 6, 2018 • 77 min
A year and a half ago, I saw a documentary called “Bronies: The extremely unexpected adult fans of My Little Pony” and ever since I started this podcast, I knew I wanted to sit down someone who considered themselves a Brony. When three of Minnesota’s…
Question 29 // At what point do I magically become confident? (feat. Brett LaCasse)
Feb 20, 2018 • 78 min
Brett is an electric guitar slinging friend of mine who, every time we play together, at some moment we find ourselves laughing and having a convo that goes deep. In this episode I convince Brett to sneak into a backstage storage closet between sets to…
Question 28 // Does pretentiousness hurt the world of beer & music? (feat. Kevin Welch)
Feb 6, 2018 • 77 min
Kevin Welch is is the owner and head brewer of Minneapolis’ Boom Island Brewing Company. Sound familiar? I interviewed his wife Qiuxia. (Question 26 // Does Craft Beer Belong To White Men?) As a professional french horn player for the Minnesota Orchestra…
Question 27 // What can a 16yr old do about human trafficking? (feat. Kaiya Woller)
Jan 23, 2018 • 47 min
My research for this episode began months ago when I heard a statistic saying that the Super Bowl is one of the single largest events where human trafficking happens in the U.S. each year. With the Super Bowl happening [this year] just a few miles from…
INTERLUDE: How do I select my guests?
Jan 17, 2018 • 10 min
My thoughts in response to this week’s City Pages article encouraging more diversity on this podcast and my answer to the most frequent question I get in regards to this podcast: “How do you find and select your guests that you have on the show?” The…
Question 26 // Does Craft Beer Belong To White Men? (feat. Qiuxia Welch)
Jan 9, 2018 • 63 min
Qiuxia Welch, with her husband Kevin, owns Boom Island Brewing Co in Minneapolis, MN. I sat down over beers (her beers in fact) to hear her tell her life story and to find out what it’s been like to be a female minority in multiple industries. From China…
Question 25 // How can art impact politics? (feat. André Rodriguez)
Nov 28, 2017 • 60 min
There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to people talking about their political opinions right now, and rightfully so! This has been a crazy year. Unfortunately, half the time (especially when it comes to Facebook and Social Media) it seems like…
Question 24 // How do I compare myself to other people without wanting to quit? (feat. Cory Wong)
Nov 14, 2017 • 70 min
Cory Wong is a “Rhythmic Stratocaster Guitar Player” - The Current called him “The most famous Minnesota musician you’ve probably never heard of” and I call him a professional. I sat down with Cory in this music heavy episode to see if I could get past…
INTERLUDE: A Bucket List Big Enough To Live In
Nov 7, 2017 • 31 min
I get asked quite a bit about a story some of you have heard me allude to in parts of these interviews about a life “freak out” I had last year when it came to my career in music. Exactly one year later, I’ve decided to sit down and tell the story about a…
Question 23 // Why do we treat life like a game of musical chairs? (feat. Danny Hoyt)
Oct 24, 2017 • 58 min
Danny Hoyt (@dannyhoyt) is a writer, producer and network television host for the likes of National Geographic, Fox, CBS, NFL, while still finding time to make it back home to LA each weekend to live host for the LA Chargers. At least, that’s what anyone…
Question 22 // Can you take your career to the edge of the world and back? (feat. Alex Potter)
Oct 17, 2017 • 49 min
Alex Potter (@alexkpotter) is a photo-journalist working mostly in the Middle East. Her work explores conflict and trust, loss and isolation within communities and relationships and her goal to bridge the gap between the foreign and familiar by creating…
Question 21 // How Do You Measure Success? (feat. Nate Larson)
Oct 10, 2017 • 72 min
Nate Larson (@naterlarson) is an extremely successful photographer. Wait… what the hell does that even mean? What was the first thing that came to mind when you think of someone being successful? The word ‘Success’ and the pursuit of it, determining on…
Question 20 // How’d you land that gig? (feat. Taylor Johnson)
Sep 12, 2017 • 70 min
Taylor Johnson (@wildponytj) is widely known for his work (as a songwriter & electric guitar) with the likes of Lorde, Frank Ocean and Phil Wickham. Take it from me, whether you’re playing music with him on stage or talking soccer in the green-room,…
Question 19 // What can a mortician teach me about living? (feat. Jim Albinson)
Sep 5, 2017 • 70 min
Jim Albinson spent years working as a professional mortician but his creative endeavors span far beyond being “Boxed In” (*cough*… sorry… I had to) by that career. I sat down with Jim on his home patio over iced tea one late summer day to find out what I…
Question 18 // What’s the key to happiness? (feat. Bruce Balgaard)
Aug 29, 2017 • 74 min
Bruce Balgaard is more than a musician and artist… he’s a visionary and mentor. I sat down for the first time with Bruce to find out why so many of the musicians I look up to, look up to him. The conversation that took place ended up being one of my most…
Question 17 // What has your pain gotten you? (feat. Dave Diehl)
Aug 22, 2017 • 85 min
Dave Diehl is… Well… I technically am not allowed to tell you what Dave does for a living. Let’s just say, some of the programs that Dave creates helps keep America’s intel safe so that those of us who like to live a normal life worrying about mundane…
Question 16 // Wait, you can be creative AND have your shit together? Pt.2 (feat. Matt Patrick)
Aug 15, 2017 • 55 min
Matt Patrick (@librarystudio) is a record producer, studio owner, engineer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I’ve had the honor of working with Matt multiple times over the years and every time I do, I feel like I’ve left the session feeling…
Question 15 // Wait, you can be creative AND have your shit together? Pt.1 (feat. Matt Patrick)
Aug 8, 2017 • 71 min
Matt Patrick (@librarystudio) is a record producer, studio owner, engineer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I’ve had the honor of working with Matt multiple times over the years and every time I do, I feel like I’ve left the session feeling…
Question 14 // Is it beautiful? Do I love it? (feat. Elliott Blaufuss)
Jul 25, 2017 • 61 min
Elliott Blaufuss is an artist. Music just happens to be the medium with which he creates his art. You’ve probably seen him singing duets on stage with Kelly Clarkson or Music Directing for Eric Hutchinson. When I was asked to take the position of Music…
Question 13 // Why Should I Give A Damn About Vinegar & Vulnerability? (feat. Scott Dillon)
Jul 18, 2017 • 66 min
Scott Dillon is the owner of a cocktail company called The Twisted Shrub. After a chance meeting in passing, I instantly knew I had to learn more about his story and after reaching out, he was kind enough to sit down with me over drinks. How did He go…
Question 12 // Are we screwing ourselves over by thinking too big? (feat. Eric Pierson)
Jul 11, 2017 • 41 min
Eric Pierson is a television, film and commercial actor who recently started showing his prowess in the directing world. Some of his recent film credits include the Netflix Original Series “Lady Dynamite”, ”Driven By Bacon” and “Wilson” starring Woody…
INTERLUDE: “The Girl Who Married Two Brothers”
Jul 4, 2017 • 17 min
A Seanchaí is a traditional Gaelic storyteller/historian. In Scotland, they were called seanchaidh. I believe that there are Seanchaí hidden all around us in our everyday lives if we’re willing to cultivate a genuine sense of curiosity about other people…
Question 11 // What’s the difference between familiarity and a loss of passion? (feat. Ben Gowell)
Jun 27, 2017 • 68 min
Ben Gowell (@bengowell for all you fellow Instagram junkies) is not only one of the most professional guitarist/producer/mix-engineer/songwriters that I know but he’s also one of the wisest people I’ve ever spent time with. I’ve looked up to Ben for years…
Question 10 // How did Fantasy Novels and Renaissance Festivals teach a touring drummer to embrace his inner nerd? (feat. Nate Babbs)
Jun 20, 2017 • 63 min
Nate Babbs (@soundslikenate) is a good friend of mine that I’m excited to welcome to the podcast for a special NERD EDITION! Sure, Nate graduated from one of the best music schools in the country (Berklee College of Music)… Sure, Nate’s an experienced…
Question 9 // When are you too old to make a career change? (feat. Luke Meek)
Jun 13, 2017 • 71 min
Luke Meek is an internationally touring production manager for the likes of: Lissie, NEEDTOBREATH, Owl City, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Tyrone Wells, Stephen Kellogg, The Nadas and the list goes on… Luke became a good friend of mine from our time…
Question 8 // How does a cup of coffee have the power to change the world? (feat. Caleb Garn)
Jun 6, 2017 • 73 min
Take a moment and think of how much in your life that has taken place in a coffee shop… My first hang-out with my now wife Sarah was at a coffee shop. I’ve been kicked out of bands, asked to be IN bands, early mornings, late nights… and the list goes on.…
Question 7 // Did a Backstreet Boy really get you that tattoo at 2am… in a hotel… in Japan? (feat. Tyler Burkum)
May 30, 2017 • 53 min
Tyler Burkum (@tylerburkum) is an internationally touring and studio guitarist (Mat Kearney, Leagues, The Cactus Blossoms, Ingrid Michaelson… just to name a few) He’s a brilliant composer/songwriter too… but I didn’t interview him because of all that…
Question 6 // What makes someone an “influencer”? (feat. Ian Allison)
May 23, 2017 • 66 min
Ian Allison (@ianmartinallison) is known to most as a studio and touring bassist for the likes of Eric Hutchinson, Jeremy Messersmith and many many more but to me, he’s a mentor. I first met Ian in 2004, studying my undergrad in music performance in…
Question 5 // What is a ‘Cocktail Consultant’? (feat. Nick Kosevich)
May 16, 2017 • 59 min
Nick Kosevich (@nickkosevich) is an international ‘Cocktail Consultant’, a world class bartender and the co-founder of Bittercube Bitters. Even though Bittercube can be found at every bar I’ve been to in the Twin Cities, I took notice when I met a…
Question 4 // What Can You Learn From An International Lego Building Champion? (feat. Alex Grahmann)
May 9, 2017 • 72 min
Alex Grahmann (@agrahmann) is a master story teller, an international Lego® building champion and one of the best public speakers I’ve ever heard. In this episode, we talk about: -Green Legos® (you never had them) -National/International Lego®…
Question 3 // What Aren’t We Talking About? (feat. Steve Goold)
May 3, 2017 • 42 min
Steve Goold is known to the public as an internationally touring, session drummer for the likes of: Sara Bareilles, Ben Rector, Paul Baloche, Sara Groves, Owl City (before my time with them) Mat Kearney, Joel Hanson, The Honeydogs, Go Fish, The Blenders…
Question 2 // Can You Retrain Your Brain? (feat. Joel Bowers)
May 3, 2017 • 50 min
Joel Bowers is only a couple of years older than me but I view him as a mentor. As a multi instrumentalist, he’s been around the block a few times when it comes to gigging. As a man with dual citizenship and someone who needed to replace his passport…
Question 1 // How The Hell Did We End Up Here? (feat. DawnL Ojeda)
May 3, 2017 • 37 min
DawnL Ojeda is more than an amazing vocalist. I knew from the moment I heard a portion of her life’s story, while in a green room at a gig no less, that I had to hear ALL of it one on one for myself. It’s a story of a talented young girl surrounded by…
Coming May 2017!
May 1, 2017 • 0 min
Coming May 2017!