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The Run Loop
A weekly discussion about designing and developing iOS and Mac apps.
9: Laura Savino
Jun 23
Laura Savino joins Collin to talk about speaking at conferences, natural and computer languages, getting started in programming, freelancing versus full time employment, and more.Special Guest: Laura Savino.Links:Laura's WebsiteLaura Savino (@savinola) on…
8: Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise
Jun 16
Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise (Drafts, Terminology, Interact, x-callback-url) joins Collin to talk about how the iOS has changed over the years, the future of the App Store, iCloud, and more.Special Guest: Greg Pierce.Links:Agile TortoiseGreg Pierce…
7: Marco Arment and Gus Mueller at WWDC
Jun 9
Collin is joined by Marco Arment and Gus Mueller during WWDC to talk about conferences past and present, the move to San Jose, and how the conference has changed over the years.Special Guests: Gus Mueller, Marco Arment.Links:Paper PlaneGood Karma Artisan…
6: Jean MacDonald
Jun 1
Jean MacDonald joins Collin to talk App Camp For Girls,, karaoke in Portland and bridging the geek divide.Special Guest: Jean MacDonald.Links:App Camp For GirlsJean on TwitterJean's Micro BlogSupport the Show on Patreon
5: Chris Parrish
May 25
Chris Parrish of Aged and Distilled and Rogue Sheep and more comes on the show to talk about his history, Seattle in the 90s, the future of computer programming, and more.Special Guest: Chris Parrish.Links:Napkin for OS XChris Parrish (@twenty3) |…
4: Brent Simmons
May 17
Brent Simmons joins the show to talk about past projects, like NetNewsWire and Glassboard, rewriting an app from the 90s, his current job at The Omni Group, and his latest project: JSON Feed.Special Guest: Brent Simmons.Links:NewsBlurVesper Sync…
3: Bob Cantoni
May 11
Bob Cantoni joins Collin to talk about transitioning from indie to working for a company, getting involved in political activism, and moving from engineering into product. Special Guest: Bob Cantoni.Links:Nice MohawkBob on TwitterCollin on TwitterThe Run…
2: Manton Reece
May 4
Collin is joined by Manton Reece to talk about working independently, running a successful Kickstarter campaign, building community, designing a social network to combat harassment, and tabs versus spaces.Special Guest: Manton…
1: Samuel Goodwin
Apr 26
Collin talks to iOS developer Samuel Goodwin about peer mentorship, starting a business, moving to a new country, writing apps, and Japan.Special Guest: Samuel Goodwin.Links:Roundwall Software — Samuel’s company and blog.Formatter for MacPeer Lab:…