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Ghost towns to piazzas I Brittany Meiling
Jul 31 • 14 min
San Diego to get new outdoor movies, classes, and retail as pandemic rages on.
Get ready for an online college semester | Gary Robbins
Jul 30 • 16 min
Reporter Gary Robbins discusses the plans for local colleges and universities to offer online instruction in the fall semester.
July is the pandemic’s deadliest month | Paul Sisson
Jul 29 • 21 min
July became the deadliest month for the coronavirus pandemic in San Diego County since it started in mid-February.
Why a Latino neighborhood and a Catholic Church are at odds| Andrea Lopez-Villafaña
Jul 28 • 15 min
A conflict between a church and its neighborhood are a microcosm of the divisions in American life today.
Will Comic-Con@Home become a part of the con? | Phillip Molnar
Jul 27 • 23 min
More people viewed parts of the online-only Comic-Con International this weekend than are normally allowed in the crowded San Diego Convention Center.
Gen Z podcast I Abby Hamblin & Kristy Totten
Jul 24 • 44 min
San Diego’s biggest Ponzi scheme | Lori Weisberg, Greg Moran
Jul 23 • 24 min
San Diego businesswoman Gina Champion-Cain, charged a year ago with securities fraud in a civil case, pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to criminal charges of conspiracy, securities fraud and obstruction of justice in connection with a $400…
Comic-Con@Home starts today. Will people watch? | Phillip Molnar
Jul 22 • 25 min
San Diego’s Comic-Con International isn’t happening this year … at least not in person. After the convention’s 51st edition was canceled earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers decided to bring it back as the entirely digital Comic-Con…
Should SDSU be allowed to “cancel” emeritus professors? | Gary Robbins
Jul 21 • 27 min
A proposal to strip professors of their emeritus status if they do anything to harm the reputation of San Diego State University is causing a backlash among faculty who say the policy would suppress free speech and stoke the “cancel culture” movement…
Where schooling stands | Kristen Taketa
Jul 20 • 21 min
The state has barred all public and private schools in San Diego County and most other California counties from holding in-person classes until the counties do a better job of containing the coronavirus.
Businesses defy lockdown orders I Brittany Meiling
Jul 17 • 20 min
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San Diego drafts new surveillance rules | Teri Figueroa
Jul 16 • 21 min
San Diegans are closer to getting a say in how they might be watched. A City Council committee on Wednesday unanimously approved two proposed ordinances geared at governing surveillance technologies in the city, an action sparked by sustained pushback…
The crimes of Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein | Greg Moran
Jul 15 • 28 min
Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who one year ago had part of his hand shot off in a lethal attack by a gunman at the Poway synagogue he founded and received an outpouring of support that included meeting President Donald Trump, pleaded guilty to federal charges…
DA files murder charge against SD sheriff’s deputy who shot a man in custody | Teri Figueroa
Jul 14 • 16 min
A former sheriff’s deputy who shot an unarmed detainee in May as the man ran from authorities outside the downtown San Diego jail has been charged with murder, a rare move by prosecutors that makes him the first member of local law enforcement to face a…
The Bonhomme Richard fire | Andrew Dyer
Jul 13 • 16 min
Navy officials said Monday that the fire ravaging the amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard for a second day has reached temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees, and it is still burning in various portions of the ship.
COVID-19 outbreak at South Bay nursing home is state’s largest | Paul Sisson
Jul 10 • 14 min
State data shows that a South Bay skilled nursing facility is coping with what appears to be the largest COVID-19 outbreak among nursing homes in the state
Faulconer proposes new plan for San Diego’s energy agreement | Rob Nikolewski
Jul 9 • 14 min
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office has come up with four key recommendations for negotiating a new agreement that allows one utility the exclusive right to use the city’s public right-of-ways for transmission and distribution as well as installing…
The ethics of human challenge trials | Gary Robbins
Jul 8 • 20 min
Human challenge trials could help speed up the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine.
What you need to know about San Diego’s 3-week shutdown | Lori Weisberg
Jul 7 • 16 min
With per-capita infection rates above state thresholds for seven straight days, public health officials confirmed Monday that a fresh set of sure-to-be-unpopular restrictions will start Tuesday.
Why most COVID-19 deaths happened in South Bay | Lyndsay Winkley
Jul 6 • 13 min
South Bay communities, particularly those that are low income and with large Latino populations, continue to be the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, according to an analysis of COVID-19 deaths by ZIP code.
The politics and policy of San Diego County’s COVID-19 response | Michael Smolens
Jul 2 • 23 min
Ahead of Independence Day weekend, many indoor activities and businesses were shuttered across the state.
San Diego County beaches score well on beach “report card” | Deborah Brennan
Jul 1 • 13 min
Ten San Diego beaches scored perfect marks, while one Mission Bay location failed to make the grade, on the 30th annual “Beach Report Card” by the nonprofit Heal the Bay.
Drinking establishments closed again as COVID-19 cases surge | Lori Weisberg
Jun 30 • 18 min
While restaurants will still be allowed to serve drinks with meals, no one will be allowed to stand around with drinks in their hands after the stroke of midnight Tuesday.
Saturday’s officer-involved shooting, explained | David Hernandez
Jun 29 • 21 min
Within 24 hours of a police shooting that critically wounded a man in downtown San Diego, police on Sunday released footage of the encounter as protesters took to the streets and local elected leaders demanded transparency.
Will office culture survive COVID-19? | Brittany Meiling
Jun 26 • 18 min
After roughly 100 days camped out at dining room tables or propped up on pillows while Zooming from their beds, many white-collar workers across San Diego are slowly coming to a realization: working from home might actually be permanent.
SDPD enacts new de-escalation policy | Teri Figueroa
Jun 25 • 11 min
San Diego police now have standalone policy calling for officers to attempt to de-escalate encounters when they can, and a new imperative that officers intervene if they see another officer using unreasonable force.
Police review board gets closer to becoming a ballot measure | David Garrick
Jun 24 • 13 min
The San Diego City Council Tuesday unanimously endorsed plans for a new police review board that would have the power to launch independent misconduct investigations and subpoena witnesses. A formal vote to place it on the November ballot is set for July…
Audit: Sweetwater school district financial mismanagement may be fraud | Kristen Taketa
Jun 23 • 12 min
A state fiscal agency found “significant evidence” that current and former employees with the Sweetwater Union High School District may have committed fraud, misappropriation of funds or other illegal practices, according to the results of a long-awaited…
20 years, 217 dead: San Diego’s police-related deaths | Teri Figueroa
Jun 22 • 14 min
Of those 217 homicides, more than half of those who died at the hands of San Diego area law enforcement — 114 people — over the last two decades were Black or Latino.
What primary education will look like in the fall | Kristen Taketa
Jun 19 • 17 min
School districts are getting ready to reopen this fall, and many plan to let parents choose what kind of schooling they want for their kids — normal in-person school, online learning, or a blended model that combines both.
Supreme Court rules 5-4 in support of DACA | Kate Morrissey
Jun 18 • 17 min
In a striking rebuke to President Trump, the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected his plan to repeal the popular Obama-era order that protected so-called Dreamers, the nearly 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to this country illegally as children.
Advocates say carotid restraint ban was motivated by politics, not policy | Greg Moran
Jun 17 • 19 min
In San Diego, police agencies for years had insisted that the restraint was necessary.
Inside San Diego’s largest homeless shelter | Gary Warth
Jun 16 • 23 min
The San Diego Convention Center was converted to house the region’s homeless population during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Diary of a recovery: University & Euclid | Joshua Emerson Smith
Jun 15 • 12 min
Will life in the neighborhood around Euclid and University avenues quickly return to normal? Or will it take weeks, or months?
More businesses open today. Here’s what you need to know | Lori Weisberg
Jun 12 • 16 min
Friday marks the biggest reopening since county health officials began shutting down businesses and events in mid-March to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and it marks a return to some of the most-missed social connections and activities.
Faulconer: SDPD will mandate de-escalation | Alex Riggins
Jun 11 • 19 min
The new standalone policy “will be more robust,” Faulconer said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference.
La Mesa police release timeline of the May 30 protest | David Hernandez
Jun 10 • 28 min
The timeline is the clearest, albeit incomplete, account to date from La Mesa police of how they say the unrest unfolded and how law enforcement officers responded.
San Diego youth emerge as protest organizers | Lyndsay Winkley
Jun 9 • 17 min
Generation Z and young Millennials are organizing many of the large San Diego protests.
So you want to defund the police? | John Wilkens
Jun 8 • 15 min
Protests nationwide are questioning why so much is spent on policing.
The politics of policing in San Diego | Michael Smolens
Jun 5 • 16 min
In a matter of days, police reforms went into effect in San Diego.
San Diego Sheriff calls in National Guard in La Mesa | David Hernandez
Jun 4 • 15 min
The East County city was the first to see protests, and has seen the most violence.
Unrest in America: Where San Diego stands | Andrea Lopez-Villafaña
Jun 3 • 18 min
San Diego’s protests following the death of George Floyd continue
SDPD bans the carotid restraint | Lyndsay Winkley, Teri Figueroa
Jun 2 • 19 min
A U-T analysis found that the hold was being used disproportionately on black San Diegans.
San Diego joins protests following the death of George Floyd | Kate Morrissey
Jun 1 • 25 min
Sunday’s protests were less damaging than those seen on Saturday night in La Mesa.
Local auto sales are rebounding despite COVID-19 | Rob Nikolewski
May 29 • 13 min
Dealers are seeing more traffic that expected countywide.
Could poop be the key to see where COVID-19 is going to hit? | Lyndsay Winkley
May 28 • 14 min
Most of what we know about COVID-19 comes after people are infected, but current science suggests that fecal matter can show where outbreaks hit before people become symptomatic.
With no county fair, the Del Mar Fairgrounds asks Congress for cash | Phil Diehl
May 27 • 12 min
If the fairgrounds doesn’t get $20M soon, the iconic location could shut down.
Did San Diego follow the rules this Memorial Day weekend? | Tarcy Connors, Sam Hodgson
May 26 • 22 min
It was a Memorial Day unlike any in memory. But the spirit was the same.
We’re in Stage 2. What happens now? | Greg Moran
May 22 • 22 min
Before San Diego County could allow some restaurants and shops to welcome customers again, it first had to show state officials in myriad ways that it was prepared to handle a broader reopening of society amid the coronavirus pandemic.
San Diego didn’t have a COVID surge. El Centro did. | Paul Sisson
May 21 • 18 min
Imperial Valley’s hospitals were nearly overwhelmed by COVID patients, so San Diego sent help.
COVID-19 hasn’t yet sickened the luxury real estate market | Philip Molnar
May 20 • 22 min
Buyers are taking homes off of the market, and sales have dipped too — but the luxury market remains strong.
Retailers, restaurateurs prepare to reopen | Lori Weisberg, Brittany Meiling
May 19 • 19 min
San Diego County supervisors gave the go-ahead Tuesday for the county to accelerate its entrance into Stage 2 of reopening, which will allow retail shopping and restaurants to cater to in-person patrons while abiding by social-distancing guidelines to…
Policing in the age of COVID-19 | David Hernandez
May 18 • 16 min
Officers and deputies adapt to unprecedented conditions in the face of a new threat in the streets
Name Drop San Diego: Ellen Ochoa
May 16 • 44 min
Ellen Ochoa is a local and graduate of San Diego State University who became an astronaut and director of the Johnson Space Center. On this episode, she talks about her early days with NASA, how she lived and worked in space, where NASA is headed next and…
UCSD begins testing its students for COVID-19 | Gary Robbins
May 15 • 22 min
UC San Diego says it got off to a solid start during its first week of mass testing students for the novel coronavirus, with more than 300 undergraduates volunteering for the program by late Thursday
Can he do that? Pandemic raises questions about limits to Newsom’s power | Greg Moran
May 14 • 20 min
As the orders have mounted and the grip of the lockdown tightened, some state residents have begun to push back. Lawsuits filed in San Diego and elsewhere are challenging the stay-home orders on constitutional grounds contending they violate speech,…
Two hate incidents bring back memories of “Klantee” | Karen Pearlman
May 13 • 18 min
Two separate racial incidents in Santee raise questions on how the city is addressing hate.
Who is organizing anti-shutdown protests in San Diego? | Joshua Emerson Smith
May 12 • 12 min
A group calling itself We Have Rights has recently started organizing large back-to-work protests throughout California, calling on state and local leaders to end social-distancing orders aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus. The group, which…
How the Otay Mesa Detention Center became a COVID hotspot | Kate Morrissey
May 11 • 23 min
The outbreak in the Otay Mesa Detention Center is the most intense in the county.
Name Drop San Diego — Jon Foreman
May 9 • 35 min
Jon Foreman is a musician, writer, surfer, philanthropist and San Diego local. In this episode, he talks about the early days of Switchfoot, how he stays creative, his favorite surf spots and more.
What it’s like to be tested for COVID-19 | Gary Warth
May 8 • 20 min
Testing has expanded in San Diego County so anyone can signup and see if they have the disease.
Cruise ships plan to set sail in the fall. Should they? | Lori Weisberg
May 7 • 12 min
So far San Diego’s fall cruises have not been cancelled.
Are San Diego’s retail stores actually reopening Friday? | Brittany Meiling
May 6 • 15 min
Despite the announcement, many businesses aren’t ready.
ER usage is down during COVID-19. That’s not good news. | Paul Sisson
May 5 • 12 min
San Diegans may be avoiding going to the ER because of the pandemic. Health officials say this could be a deadly mistake.
What it is like to be homeless during COVID-19 | Gary Warth
May 4 • 20 min
Thousands of homeless people countywide are sleeping outdoors, despite offers of hotel rooms and a large shelter at the Convention Center.
Introducing: “Name Drop”
May 2 • 17 min
Hear about the San Diego Union-Tribune’s newest podcast, which premires on May 5.
COVID-19 is infecting Latinos more than white people. Here’s why. | Andrea Lopez-Villafaña
May 1 • 13 min
In San Diego County there’s a racial disparity in who is testing positive for COVID-19. As of Thursday afternoon, 52 percent of all cases were among Hispanic and Latino people, despite being only 35 percent of the population.
California schools might reopen as early as July | Kristen Taketa
Apr 30 • 13 min
The academic year could start in late July or early August to address learning losses brought on by coronavirus-forced school closures affecting about 6.1 million California students.
Starting May 1, you’re going to need to wear a mask outside | Pam Kragen
Apr 29 • 15 min
The mask must cover your nose and mouth while you are within 6 feet of another person.
North County leaders call for businesses to reopen soon | Phil Diehl
Apr 28 • 15 min
County Supervisor Jim Desmond and the mayors of five North County cities called for stay-at-home restrictions to be lifted soon.
San Diego County’s beaches are now open | Paul Sisson
Apr 27 • 12 min
Paul Sisson discusses the state of the COVID-19 outbreak, and suggests what is next to “reopen.”
South Bay emerges as COVID-19 epicenter | Gustavo Solis
Apr 24 • 17 min
Leaders in South County say they don’t have the resources to fight the pandemic.
Why San Diego should start reopening parks for solo exercise | Mark Zeigler
Apr 23 • 19 min
A sports columnist explains why he thinks outdoor recreation areas should be opened next.
Behind the decision to reopen San Diego parks | David Garrick
Apr 22 • 13 min
Closed public spaces have been a source of frustration for county residents, but Tuesday’s reopening coincided with a new spike in COVID-19 deaths.
What happens when the price of oil drops below $0 | Rob Nikolewski
Apr 21 • 14 min
For the first time in U.S. history, the futures price for domestic crude oil not only dropped to zero, it fell into negative territory.
Decoding the science of antibodies | Jonathan Wosen
Apr 20 • 23 min
U-T biotech reporter Jonathan Wosen explains how antibodies can be a key to fighting COVID-19.
Coronavirus update: Businesses worry about the “how” of opening back up| Phil Molnar, Brittany Meiling
Apr 17 • 23 min
San Diego’s businesses are starting to lay plans for a new beginning, but uncertainties weigh on many
Coronavirus update: San Diego International Airport may delay Terminal 1 expansion | Lori Weisberg
Apr 16 • 14 min
A massive expansion was planned for the airport, but now its funding is in jeopardy.
Coronavirus update: Inmates fear COVID-19 outbreak | Jeff McDonald
Apr 15 • 19 min
San Diego County jails have a history of inmate deaths, so COVID-19 increases inmates’ worries
Coronavirus update: COVID-19 derails transit plans | Joshua Emerson Smith
Apr 14 • 12 min
Plans to update the region’s transit system have been foiled by the virus.
Coronavirus update: Feared “surge” of COVID-19 hospitalizations spared hospitals | Paul Sisson
Apr 13 • 20 min
Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have remained low in the county, sparing the region’s health system.
Coronavirus update: The Navy’s COVID-19 chaos | Andrew Dyer
Apr 10 • 20 min
In just one week, the Acting Secretary of the Navy has resigned following an outbreak of COVID-19 on an aircraft carrier, and now about 10% of its sailors are confirmed to have the virus. How the Navy is handling this pandemic.
Coronavirus update: COVID-19 Q&A | Morgan Cook
Apr 9 • 14 min
Reporter Morgan Cook answers questions readers submitted about the virus.
Coronavirus update: What schools are doing to prevent “Zoombombing” | Kristen Taketa
Apr 8 • 13 min
Online trolls have been disrupting Zooms with hate and pornography. How can schools keep children safe?
Coronavirus update: More tests are available countywide, but not enough to test everyone | Paul Sisson
Apr 7 • 21 min
San Diego County can test about 1,200 people for COVID-19 per day, but that’s not enough to find out all positives in the region.
Coronavirus update: Survivors describe what its like to have COVID-19 |Morgan Cook
Apr 6 • 14 min
Several San Diego County Democrat political insiders have tested positive for the virus, and two have spent several days in the hospital and on ventilators. They describe their fight.
Coronavirus update: Understanding the data behind the pandemic | Lauryn Schroeder
Apr 3 • 16 min
A conversation with data expert Lauryn Schroeder on the caveats of the health data that is key to understanding the pandemic.
Coronavirus update: Flu numbers suggest social distancing may be working | Paul Sisson
Apr 2 • 16 min
Weekly flu report results released Wednesday morning show that both leaders have a good reason to believe that it is possible for the curve to bend significantly in the coming days and weeks.
Coronavirus update: Empty Convention Center turned into homeless shelter | Gary Warth
Apr 1 • 21 min
Local governments moved fast this week to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among San Diego’s homeless community.
Coronavirus update: Capt. to Navy - “Sailors don’t need to die” from virus | Andrew Dyer
Mar 31 • 21 min
The captain of the San Diego-based aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt pleads with the Navy to take immediate action to prevent the spread of the virus on the ship.
Coronavirus update: How will our lives change after the pandemic? | John Wilkens
Mar 30 • 16 min
Reporter John Wilkens discusses what futurists think about how our society will change after the pandemic.
Coronavirus update: Grocery stores batten the hatches, enforce social distancing | Brittany Meiling
Mar 27 • 13 min
Here’s what area grocery stores are doing to keep their workers - and their customers - safe during the pandemic.
Coronavirus update: How the Navy is fighting the pandemic | Andrew Dyer
Mar 26 • 22 min
Coronavirus has effectively taken the U.S.S. Somerset out of commission for two weeks.
Coronavirus update: San Diego Unified announces digital learning plan | Kristen Taketa
Mar 25 • 16 min
San Diego Unified will officially start conducting school online beginning on April 27.
Coronavirus update: Going to a park, beach or trail? You could face a $1,000 fine | David Hernandez
Mar 24 • 12 min
San Diego closed public spaces as a means to push for more social distancing amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
Coronavirus update: Public spaces begin to close | David Hernandez
Mar 23 • 14 min
Many San Diego County residents failed to social distance this weekend, causing governments to begin to close public spaces.
Coronavirus update: Businesses grapple with stay-at-home order | Phil Molnar
Mar 20 • 12 min
With Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order for all Californians to ‘shelter in place,’ many are wondering… what does that actually mean?
Coronavirus update: Even funerals change in wake of the virus | John Wilkens
Mar 19 • 10 min
Social distancing takes precedence over the emotional needs of mourners.
Coronavirus update: Will San Diego’s drinking and dining scene survive the virus? | Lori Weisberg
Mar 18 • 12 min
Shuttered by local governments, the region’s bars and restaurants — and their workers — face an uncertain reality.
Duncan Hunter sentenced in campaign finance scandal | Morgan Cook
Mar 18 • 11 min
Former Congressman Duncan Hunter will spend 11 months in federal prison for misspending more than $500,000 in campaign funds.
Coronavirus update: Introducing the COVID Diaries | Sam Hodgson
Mar 16 • 12 min
With strong social-distancing orders in place at all levels of government, we wanted to find a way to check the pulse of the region that wouldn’t contribute in any way to the spread of the coronavirus. We turned to video chats — a medium that so many of…
Coronavirus update: What’s open, what’s closed and what’s next.
Mar 13 • 14 min
Get up to date on Friday’s coronavirus news.
Coronavirus update: Social “slowdown” comes to San Diego | John Wilkens
Mar 12 • 12 min
In San Diego, the county announced 5 more cases of the virus, and has banned gatherings of more than 250 people.
Sentencing recommendation reveals new details in Duncan Hunter’s criminal case | Morgan Cook
Mar 11 • 12 min
UCSD to switch to online learning amid coronavirus update | Gary Robbins
Mar 10 • 13 min
UCSD’s move is the most drastic to prevent transmissions of COVID-19
How this homeless advocate helped “defeat” Measure C | Gary Warth
Mar 9 • 22 min
Gary Warth, who covers homelessness, explains what the defeat of Measure C means for homeless advocates.
Coronavirus update: What we know so far | Gary Robbins
Mar 6 • 13 min
Science reporter Gary Robbins discusses how San Diego is responding to the coronavirus outbreak.
SDPD releases body cam footage of an officer involved shooting | Teri Figueroa
Mar 5 • 13 min
San Diego police on Wednesday released body-worn camera video of an officer fatally shooting a man after he’d reportedly grabbed the gun of another officer during a struggle in Oak Park earlier this year.
Special Episode: U-T reporters recap Super Tuesday’s key races
Mar 4 • 19 min
J Harry Jones, Lori Weisberg, Charles Clark, Sam Hodgson and Micheal Smolens discuss the most important election results after California’s primary.
Looking back on how Super Tuesday has changed in the Trump era | Micheal Smolens
Mar 3 • 16 min
The San Diego Union-Tribune’s political columnist, Michael Smolens, discusses the state of play as the first results of Super Tuesday come in.
What you need to know before voting in California’s primary | Charles Clark
Mar 2 • 12 min
Have all of your voting questions answered by the San Diego Union-Tribune’s politics reporter Charles Clark.
These smart streetlights — That are watching you — might have solved a crime | Lyndsay Winkley, Teri Figueroa
Feb 28 • 20 min
San Diego’s smart streetlight program has solved crimes, but also has raised privacy concerns.
Barrio Logan’s zoning has been a mess. This “Transition Zone” could change that. | Andrea Lopez-Villafaña
Feb 27 • 11 min
Industrial zoning next to residences has always been a problem for Barrio Logan. Now, leaders are confident a new plan will change things.
What you need to know about the CA-53 race | Charles Clark, Michael Smolens
Feb 26 • 16 min
The retirement of Congressman Susan Davis created a wide open race for California’s 53rd Congressional District. The district includes much of central San Diego including Balboa Park adjacent neighborhoods, Mission Valley all the way into El Cajon, and…
Remembering Chelsea King 10 years after her murder | Teri Figueroa
Feb 25 • 16 min
Chelsea King’s disappearance a decade ago gripped the region. The 17-year-old had gone for an after-school run around Lake Hodges in North County. There, she ran into a rapist and killer. Within months, the college-bound runner who loved sunflowers became…
Returned: What it takes to make a case under the US asylum system | Kate Morrissey
Feb 24 • 25 min
It’s been more than a year since President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico program has effectively blocked the ability for most people to claim asylum in the United States…. And now thousands of people wait to have their cases heard while living in…
Understanding Measure C | Lori Weisberg
Feb 21 • 12 min
Come March 3, voters will finally weigh in on the proposed room tax hike, which, if approved, would generate nearly $7 billion over more than four decades — enough money, its supporters say, to enlarge the convention center by 50 percent, help get…
County plans on investing in homeless programs, foster youth and mental health | Charles Clark
Feb 20 • 14 min
San Diego County in the past year has become more aggressive about addressing some of its most pressing issues, said Greg Cox, chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Residents should know that new approach isn’t going away anytime soon, Cox said during the…
How the Boy Scouts of America are responding to new sexual assault lawsuits | Peter Rowe
Feb 19 • 15 min
In January AB 218 went into effect, allowing for sexual assault victims to sue on claims formerly barred by statues of limitations. This means that thousands of individuals who were abused as children are coming forward with allegations. Among the hard…
Two San Diegans develop app to help “Vanlifers” live life on the road | Brittany Meiling
Feb 18 • 9 min
Two San Diego women have created an app for travelers that’s gaining a sizable following of nomadic young people living out of vans. Inspired by a social media phenomenon, Breanne Acio, a former San Diego State University lecturer, and public relations…
Lorena Gonzalez introduces anti “poor door” legislation | Phil Molnar
Feb 17 • 12 min
An attempt last year to separate low-income renters from market-rate renters in an East Village apartment building elicited a lot of anger. Now, one lawmaker is trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, plans…
Crossroads of the West Gun Show returns to Del Mar, amid ghost gun criticism | Phil Diehl
Feb 14 • 8 min
The board that oversees the Del Mar Fairgrounds has approved the return of the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in March, despite new concerns raised by firearms safety advocates. NeverAgainCA founders Ira and Rose Ann Sharp of Del Mar told the fair board…
Audit of Cal State San Marcos leaders’ misspending released | Jeff McDonald, Morgan Cook
Feb 13 • 10 min
Cal State San Marcos announced Wednesday that two key executives have left the university, the interim provost has resigned his position, and the dean of graduate studies is on administrative leave. The changes come as the California State University…
SeaWorld settles lawsuit with investors, aims to leave “Blackfish” era behind | Lori Weisberg
Feb 12 • 9 min
SeaWorld Entertainment announced Tuesday that it has agreed to pay $65 million to settle a longstanding lawsuit alleging that the company deceived investors when it failed to disclose early on the ill effect the anti-captivity documentary “Blackfish” was…
How San Diego’s first coronavirus case was mistakenly released from the hospital | Paul Sisson
Feb 11 • 14 min
A long chain of missed opportunities led to an infected coronavirus patient mistakenly being discharged from a local hospital Sunday and then hastily returned on Monday. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and UC San Diego Health on…
What San Diego County voters need to know about Measures A and B | J Harry Jones
Feb 10 • 16 min
It was supposed to be the exception, not the rule, when the county Board of Supervisors finally updated the General Plan, its blueprint for growth for more than 500,000 acres in the region’s unincorporated areas. Instead, a provision that permits projects…
It’s time for San Diego to claim its title as a “pizza town” | Michele Parente
Feb 7 • 16 min
From traditional thin-crust Neapolitan to square pies and top-of-the-line toppings, pizza perfection can be found throughout the county, whether from a mom and pop, red-sauce Italian eatery or a trendy, upscale restaurant. And the region’s recent influx…
PETA claims victory after SeaWorld says no to trainers riding atop dolphins | Lori Weisberg
Feb 6 • 9 min
SeaWorld Entertainment says it is ending the longstanding practice of trainers riding astride dolphins in marine park shows, a move that comes nearly a year after animal-rights activists began pressuring the company to ban such “circus-style” behaviors.…
Americans potentially exposed to coronavirus in quarantine at Miramar | Andrew Dyer, Paul Sisson
Feb 5 • 12 min
Two facilities at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar have been readied to house hundreds of Americans returning from China due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Marine Corps said Tuesday. Dr. Christopher Braden, a deputy director with the U.S. Centers for…
Debate continues over the ethics of keeping elephants in captivity | John Wilkens
Feb 4 • 10 min
Much remains unknown about elephants, too — witness the death in December at the zoo of 48-year-old Tembo. A “sudden change” in the African pachyderm’s condition prompted keepers to euthanize her, according to zoo officials. They said she’d been under…
Can hobbyists help bring fabric stores back from the brink? | Brittany Meiling
Feb 3 • 9 min
Fabric stores that sell threads, buttons and materials for making clothes are dwindling in San Diego, with owners shuttering their shops citing waning interest from customers. The disappearance of fabric stores is probably not a shock to outsiders — in…
Stuck in Wuhan as coronavirus spreads, 3 San Diegans wait | Joshua Emerson Smith
Jan 31 • 10 min
San Diego resident Yanjun Wei traveled with her two small children to the city of Wuhan to celebrate the Chinese New Year with her parents. Now the family is holed up in a high-rise apartment building in the megalopolis, believed to be ground zero of the…
Border Dispatch: Longest-ever drug tunnel found in Otay Mesa | Wendy Fry
Jan 30 • 11 min
Authorities announced Wednesday the discovery of the longest, most sophisticated cross-border drug tunnel in history stretching nearly one mile from the Tijuana airport into the U.S. U.S. Border Patrol agents described the tunnel as the “most…
San Diego’s “smart streetlight” program raises privacy concerns |Teri Figueroa, Lori Weisberg
Jan 29 • 14 min
Amid pushback following the revelation that there are data-gathering sensors on thousands of local high-tech street lights, a San Diego city committee will get its first look at a potential policy governing how all that data is accessed and used. On…
Exonerated of war crimes, Gallagher strikes back at SEALS who spoke against him | Andrew Dyer
Jan 28 • 19 min
A retired Navy SEAL whose war crimes trial made international news has launched a video attack on former SEAL teammates who accused him of murder, shooting civilians and who testified against him at his San Diego court-martial in June. In a three-minute…
Can this San Diego startup do what Theranos promised?| Mike Freeman
Jan 27 • 11 min
San Diego life sciences executive Jeff Hawkins is trying to bring credibility back to field rocked by scandal. A former Illumina vice president, Hawkins heads startup Truvian Sciences. The 5-year-old company is developing a compact blood testing machine…
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s dismantling starts now | Rob Nikolewski
Jan 24 • 13 min
Seven years after the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station officially went offline, the eight-year process of physically dismantling the plant and knocking down the domes that have loomed over the landscape of Camp Pendleton for four decades is about to…
The CA-50 race begins to get ugly with attack ads | Michael Smolens, Charles Clark
Jan 23 • 12 min
The March Primary is just weeks away, and the race to fill the seat vacated by former congressman Duncan Hunter is starting to heat up. This week, Darrell Issa released a campaign ad attacking Carl DeMaio for previous statements made about President…
A decade after the McStay family murders, a death sentence for the killer | Teri Figueroa
Jan 22 • 18 min
A 62-year-old welder convicted in the bludgeoning deaths of a Fallbrook family of four, including two young children, was sentenced Tuesday to the death penalty. Moments before learning his fate, Charles “Chase” Merritt, 62, tearfully told the judge he…
San Diego knew a La Jolla sea cave could collapse, but waited months to seal it | Lauryn Schroeder
Jan 21 • 9 min
The city of San Diego waited nearly two months to plan and announce emergency construction on a La Jolla cave that geologists said could collapse at any time, city records show. City officials announced in August their plans for emergency construction to…
Fewer people are being killed by cars, but “Vision Zero” remains elusive | Joshua Emerson Smith
Jan 20 • 13 min
Laramie Logan answered the door at her Coronado home one afternoon in early December to be greeted by a chaplain with the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office. “He told me the devastating news that my brother was hit by a car and didn’t make it,”…
Developers look to San Diego neighborhoods for the next apartment boom | Phil Molnar
Jan 17 • 19 min
There might be fewer construction cranes downtown, but that doesn’t mean the region’s apartment frenzy has halted. Much of 2020’s apartment construction will be in neighborhoods outside of downtown San Diego, which has made up the lion’s share of new…
Faulconer gives final State of the City address | Michael Smolens
Jan 16 • 16 min
Solving San Diego’s housing crisis with less neighborhood backlash, partnering with the county on new homelessness efforts and reforming state law to keep drug addicts off the street are some of Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s top priorities for 2020. Faulconer…
Can this church be saved? Split on LGBTQ issues, United Methodists consider divorce | Peter Rowe
Jan 15 • 15 min
Sexual issues lead to many divorces, including the threatened split in the United Methodist Church. Divided on same-sex marriage and the status of LGBTQ believers, the nation’s third largest Christian denomination — after Catholicism and the Southern…
State’s housing mandates ruffle South Bay feathers | Gustavo Solis
Jan 14 • 14 min
Four cities in San Diego County have launched a last-ditch effort to lower the number of new housing units they are expected to build over the next eight years through a controversial state-mandated program. If the current numbers hold up, two of those…
CA-50 Poll: Issa, DeMaio tied, Campa-Najjar losing ground | Charles Clark, Michael Smolens
Jan 13 • 14 min
On the same day that former Rep. Duncan D. Hunter officially resigned from his seat representing the 50th Congressional District, a new poll of likely voters shows the race to succeed him has tightened in his absence. In the poll Democrat Ammar…
$3B plan to replace San Diego airport’s aging Terminal 1 | Jennifer Van Grove, Lori Weisberg
Jan 10 • 14 min
Airport Authority approves plans to add 11 gates to Terminal 1, plus a new taxiway and access road that will remove 45,000 cars a day from Harbor Drive
Rocky Long retires as Aztecs head coach, replaced by Brady Hoke | Jay Posner, Kirk Kenney
Jan 9 • 10 min
San Diego State coach, Rocky Long, guided SDSU to nine straight bowl appearances and compiled 81-38 record with the Aztecs. Brady Hoke will be returning as the Aztecs head coach. Hoke was previously in charge of the program in 2009-10.
How San Diego military members are feeling about Iran | Andrew Dyer
Jan 8 • 14 min
About 15 community activists and religious leaders gathered in front of Balboa Park’s Natural History Museum Wednesday to ask Congress to step in and limit President Donald Trump’s authority to wage war on Iran after a week of violence between the two…
Hunter sets resignation date, but questions remain | Charles Clark, Michael Smolens, Morgan Cook
Jan 7 • 17 min
Rep. Duncan Hunter, the Republican from Alpine who on Dec. 3 pleaded guilty to a felony involving campaign spending, said he will officially resign this coming Monday. He notified House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Gavin Newsom in a letter Tuesday…
A Possible Purple Line becomes a transit hot potato | Joshua Emerson Smith
Jan 6 • 16 min
A long-envisioned Purple Line trolley remains in limbo as transit officials work through the details over how and whether to build the rail connection between downtown Chula Vista and the city of San Diego’s Kearny Mesa neighborhood. The San Diego…
Judge: Operators of GirlsDoPorn required to pay models they defrauded | Pauline Repard
Jan 3 • 13 min
Nearly two dozen women won $12.7 million in a fraud lawsuit against the owners and operators of a San Diego-based pornographic website, GirlsDoPorn, a Superior Court judge ruled Thursday. Website owners Michael James Pratt, 36, and Matthew Isaac Wolfe,…
Border Dispatch: Inside San Diego’s criminal immigration court | Kristina Davis
Jan 2 • 16 min
ourtroom 2A looks unlike any other in the San Diego federal courthouse. In the courtroom designated to handle the flow of migrants being criminally prosecuted under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy, a towering plexiglass divider has been…
San Diego International Auto Show arrives with auto industry in flux | Rob Nikolewski
Jan 1 • 10 min
As car buffs ring in the new year with the 2020 edition of the San Diego International Auto Show with the latest makes and models, the auto industry seems to be going in multiple directions at the same time: sales of sports utility vehicles and trucks…
2019 was the year that San Diego’s dining scene shone | Michele Parente
Dec 31, 2019 • 27 min
Christmas came early to San Diego this year. Back in January, we made our first visits to the recently opened restaurants Jeune et Jolie in Carlsbad and Fort Oak in Mission Hills. Simply put, we were blown away. And it was apparent, just weeks into 2019,…
A new law requires corporate boards to have at least one woman on them | Mike Freeman
Dec 30, 2019 • 13 min
Thanks to a flurry of last-minute appointments, most of San Diego County’s publicly traded companies have complied with a California law requiring at least one woman on their boards of directors by the end of 2019. Out of approximately 90 publicly traded…
SEALs described Gallagher’s war crimes to investigators as “psychotic” | Andrew Dyer
Dec 27, 2019 • 34 min
Navy SEALs who were never called to testify in the war crimes trial of Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher told naval criminal investigators about behavior they witnessed, including the alleged stabbing of a wounded ISIS fighter that led to murder charges…
Pacific Beach residents call for curfew for Fanuel Park a.k.a. “Felony Park” | David Garrick
Dec 26, 2019 • 8 min
A large group of frustrated Pacific Beach residents is lobbying for a curfew for Fanuel Park, which is frequently called “felony park” because of the drug dealing, prostitution, bicycle thefts and other crime there. Residents launched their campaign for a…
Christmas special: One death, one life and a heart that beats for two families | Peter Rowe
Dec 25, 2019 • 10 min
A singer, songwriter and guitarist, David Ponder knows the importance of a strong, steady beat. But this was ridiculous. “My heart now, it’s so strong,” said Ponder, 60, a Poway resident who in August 2016 underwent a successful heart transplant at Sharp…
She survived a fall off the Coronado bridge. Now she’ll meet the man who saved her. | John Wilkens
Dec 24, 2019 • 11 min
Sometimes her life feels like one of those photos from the days before digital cameras, when images got bathed in trays of chemicals and came slowly into focus. Bertha Loaiza wants to see the whole picture. She has no memory of the day when she was 3 and…
Army officer returns home to see his mother before she is deported | Kate Morrissey
Dec 23, 2019 • 13 min
The Cruz family’s home on Thursday evening could have been the scene of any family reunited for the holiday season. The grandchildren played in the yard with their uncle, an Army officer who had returned home that morning. The grandmother doted on the…
How Sacramento shifted $13.5B of future wildfire costs to consumers | Jeff McDonald
Dec 20, 2019 • 16 min
San Diego Gas & Electric executives spent 10 years seeking permission to charge customers hundreds of millions of dollars for company losses due to three backcountry wildfires started by its equipment in 2007. Lawyers for the power monopoly were thwarted…
3 years and $18M later: Why this new city building stood vacant for so long | Jeff McDonald
Dec 19, 2019 • 10 min
Nearly three years after Mayor Kevin Faulconer agreed to a 20-year rent-to-own arrangement to take over an office tower at 101 Ash Street, the first city workers have begun moving into the remodeled office tower in downtown San Diego. The full migration…
Millions of veterans will be allowed back on military bases | Andrew Dyer
Dec 18, 2019 • 13 min
Starting New Year’s Day, more than 3 million veterans nationwide, including tens of thousands of local veterans, will be able to shop at exchanges and commissaries on military bases and utilize their recreation facilities. A new law makes veterans who are…
Counting every San Diegan won’t be easy, but someone has to do it | Peter Rowe
Dec 17, 2019 • 16 min
The census-taker was furious. Locals, he told the San Diego Union, “are apathetic, indifferent and in many cases belligerent. And for what? Simply they could not, in their own obtuse minds, fathom what the census was being taken for.” This was in 1890,…
Letters from migrants detail conditions in custody | Gustavo Solis
Dec 16, 2019 • 13 min
Decades from now, when historians try to make sense of how the U.S. government treated detained migrants, they will be able to hear directly from the men and women in federal immigration detention centers. At least that’s the hope of Lisa Lamont, head…
Is the growth of rooftop solar sustainable? | Joshua Emerson Smith
Dec 13, 2019 • 14 min
Is the growth of rooftop solar sustainable? | Joshua Emerson Smith by San Diego Union-Tribune
San Diego’s foam ban halted | David Garrick
Dec 12, 2019 • 9 min
San Diego has halted enforcement of its new ban on polystyrene foam products in the wake of a lawsuit filed by the restaurant industry. City officials say they’ve decided to reverse course and conduct a thorough analysis of the ban’s effects on the…
A deputy pleaded guilty to groping women. He faces more than 3 years in prison | Teri Figueroa
Dec 11, 2019 • 12 min
A former sheriff’s deputy who admitted on-the-job misconduct with 16 women was sentenced Tuesday to three years and eight months in jail, plus 16 months under supervision in the community, for behavior a judge described as “abhorrent.” Richard Timothy…
County voters may radically change how development works in the backcountry | J Harry Jones
Dec 10, 2019 • 16 min
Just a day before the Dec. 11 deadline and more than a year after the original language was agreed to, county Supervisor Jim Desmond next week will ask his colleagues to change the wording of a controversial ballot measure that will be voted on countywide…
Border Dispatch: African migrants seeking asylum double | Gustavo Solis
Dec 9, 2019 • 16 min
The number of African migrants heading to the U.S. through Mexico has more than doubled this year — from roughly 2,700 in 2018 to 5,800 today, according to data from the federal government. That figure has been steadily rising since 2007 — the year the…
Televangelist opens his $190 million Bible-themed retreat | Lori Weisberg, Jennifer Van Grove
Dec 6, 2019 • 13 min
Welcome to Legacy International Center, a $190 million Bible-themed resort rooted in a vision that 88-year-old pentecostal preacher Morris Cerullo says was handed down by God. Widely known for his overseas crusades and worldwide ministering for the last…
Ballast Point sold for the second time in four years | Peter Rowe, Jennifer Van Grove
Dec 5, 2019 • 15 min
For the second time in four years, Ballast Point — a San Diego craft beer pioneer that became one of the areas’s largest breweries — has been sold. Kings & Convicts Brewing Co., a tiny Illinois firm, on Tuesday announced an agreement to buy Ballast Point…
SDPD, Sheriff respond to report showing racial discrepancies in stops | Lyndsay Winkley
Dec 4, 2019 • 13 min
A recent analysis of a year’s worth of stops by San Diego police and county sheriff’s deputies found that black people across the county are searched, arrested and subjected to force at higher rates than white people. The report also states that both the…
Special Episode: Duncan Hunter pleads guilty to misspending campaign finance funds
Dec 3, 2019 • 9 min
Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, admitted his guilt Tuesday in a yearslong campaign-finance scandal and now awaits his sentence. The U.S. Marine veteran all but ended his political career during a brief hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Thomas J.…
Duncan Hunter changes his plea to guilty, will resign | Morgan Cook, Jeff McDonald, Michael Smolens
Dec 2, 2019 • 19 min
After years of denials and claims he was the target of a political witch hunt, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, is scheduled to appear in federal court Tuesday morning to plead guilty in a sweeping campaign finance investigation. The announcement was posted…
Holiday shopping season has begun, here are some tips to staying local | Nina Garin
Nov 29, 2019 • 12 min
Pacific Magazine editor Nina Garin discusses the latest issue which focuses on local specialties that sell great gifts for the holidays.
Foster children no more, this Escondido family celebrates its first Thanksgiving | Peter Rowe
Nov 28, 2019 • 14 min
The holidays were the worst. That’s not because Marissa and Chris Heintschel hated Thanksgiving or Christmas — far from it. Both raised in large Catholic families, they cherish having a full house, echoing with relatives’s chatter and children’s laughter,…
Caregiver SD: Tips to ensure a successful holiday season | Juliet Hendrix, Lauren Mapp
Nov 27, 2019 • 10 min
The holiday season is stressful enough, add on the responsibilities of caregiving, and this time of year can be stressful. Host Daniel Wheaton interviews Juliet Hendrix, editor of Caregiver SD, and Lauren Mapp, a reporter for the site about how to manage…
No Trident Review, Navy Secretary leaves, is this the end of the Gallagher saga? | Andrew Dyer
Nov 26, 2019 • 19 min
A crisis at the top of military leadership in the handling of a high-profile war crimes case has raised questions in the San Diego military community about the military justice system and what good order and discipline looks like. President Donald Trump’s…
In this fishing tournament, anglers gamble for massive payouts | Bryce Miller
Nov 25, 2019 • 14 min
As the crew of the Stella June dug into plates of Asian fusion at the Chubby Noodle on sleepy Paseo del la Marina, captain Evan Salvay ran fingers through hair shaped by a day’s worth of salt water, wind, broiling sun and spiking anxiety. The 27-year-old…
Sighting of endangered vaquita gives scientists hope | Deborah Brennan
Nov 22, 2019 • 9 min
Last month marine scientists set out in the Gulf of California looking for vaquita porpoises, fearing that they could be extinct, but instead spotted a number of them, including mothers with calves
UCSD researchers begin expedition for ancient ice | Joshua Emerson Smith
Nov 21, 2019 • 15 min
It’s summer in Antarctica, and scientists from all around the world are flying back to research stations on the continent as part of a now years-long race to uncover world’s oldest ice and better predict planetary warming, sea level rise and more. Trapped…
“Trident review” set for Edward Gallagher, Navy SEAL acquitted in war crime probe | Andrew Dyer
Nov 20, 2019 • 15 min
San Diego-based Naval Special Warfare Command is initiating a so-called “trident review” of four SEALs involved in a closely-watched war crimes case that divided the tight-knit SEAL community and became a cause célèbre for conservative commentators and…
What a tragedy in Paradise Hills tells us about domestic violence | Lyndsay Winkley
Nov 19, 2019 • 16 min
In the months before her death, Sabrina Rosario’s estranged husband would show up at her house unannounced. He would sit in the car and watch their children play from a distance. In text messages, he said he would never leave her alone. Less than two…
Six years in and only 9 out of 77 miles of bike lanes are built | Joshua Emerson Smith
Nov 18, 2019 • 15 min
A year behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget, an ambitious plan by regional officials to build a sophisticated network of bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossings has proven more complicated than first anticipated. Obstacles include everything…
Border Dispatch: The Legacy Of The Migrant Caravan, One Year Later | Wendy Fry
Nov 15, 2019 • 18 min
The images and stories captivated the world’s attention. An exhausted 4-year-old collapsed to the ground, crying, her tiny legs unable to carry her another step. Thousands of Central Americans, each with their own unique personal story, many from Honduras…
San Diego’s Connections To The College Admissions Scandal | Kristina Davis
Nov 14, 2019 • 11 min
As a driven yet financially-strapped teenager, Toby Macfarlane knew his family couldn’t afford to send him to the University of Southern California. But he was enamored with the private school and determined to make it there. He did — in that…
SDSU Student’s Death Continues To Raise Questions | Gary Robbins, Andrea Lopez-Villafaña
Nov 13, 2019 • 19 min
The 19-year-old San Diego State University freshman who died after an event at one of the school’s fraternities was gravely injured when he fell from his bunk bed, the county Medical Examiner’s Office said Tuesday. The death has prompted swift action from…
How These “Creep Catchers” Seek To Publicly Shame Would-Be Pedophiles | Teri Figueroa
Nov 13, 2019 • 13 min
They call themselves the Creep Catchers Unit. For the last year, this small group of 20-somethings has run citizen stings in the region, particularly North County, posing as young teens on dating sites, and agreeing to meet with the people they suspect…
How San Diego Serves As A Safe Harbor To Super Yachts | Peter Rowe
Nov 11, 2019 • 14 min
If you doubt that the super-rich are a different breed, tour their superyachts. Take, for instance, Golden Shadow. Launched in 1995 by San Diego’s Campbell Shipyard, the 219-foot vessel has luxurious staterooms for 16 guests, more modest quarters for 22…
Border Dispatch: Migrants Given False Court Dates, Wrongfully Sent Back To Mexico | Gustavo Solis
Nov 8, 2019 • 11 min
Asylum seekers who have finished their court cases are being sent back to Mexico with documents that contain fraudulent future court dates, keeping some migrants south of the border indefinitely, records show. Under the Migrant Protection Protocols…
The Latest On The Shooting At The Otay Mesa Church’s Chicken | Lyndsay Winkley
Nov 7, 2019 • 9 min
The woman who was killed when a shooter opened fire on a Church’s Chicken in Otay Mesa had just gotten married, family members said Thursday. Maribel Ibañez, 28, was one of three people struck by gunfire after a man who had been turned away for trying to…
Did The NCIS Go Too Far In Its Public Arrest Of 16 Marines? | Andrew Dyer
Nov 6, 2019 • 18 min
The July mass arrest of 15 Camp Pendleton Marines in front of their 800-person battalion may have violated their rights and threatens to upend the case, attorneys for two of the accused told the Union-Tribune. On the morning of July 25, as 800 Marines…
Forget The LA Chargers, Rumormongers Are Suggesting The London Chargers | Tom Krasovic
Nov 5, 2019 • 12 min
Chargers owner Dean Spanos is giving no thought to relocating from Los Angeles and is fully committed to the team’s L.A. venture. That was the clear, firm message Tuesday from Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani in response to a report in the The…
San Diego’s Bishop Voted To Allow Married Priests In The Amazon | Peter Rowe
Nov 4, 2019 • 18 min
The summit was in Rome, the focus was on the Amazon. But for Bishop Robert McElroy, leader of San Diego’s diocese and one of only three Americans among the 185 delegates to the Vatican’s Pan-Amazon Synod, the issues hit close to home. McElroy returned to…
San Diego’s Energy Grid May Soon Become Greener Thanks To A CCA | Rob Nikolewski
Nov 1, 2019 • 11 min
San Diego’s plan to create community energy choice options is moving forward, with the possibility of having more than 700,000 new customers. Community choice energy offers the chance to purchase energy separate from an investor owned utility, which…
When San Diego Used To Have The Worlds Most Intense Haunted House | Morgan Cook
Oct 31, 2019 • 10 min
McKamey Manor used to be a notorious terror attraction in Rancho Peñasquitos, but now the manor haunts in new locations in Tennessee and Alabama. This is a haunted house taken to extreme —- YouTube videos of tours of McKamey Manor when it was based in San…
Gaslamp Quarter Association Touts Idea Of A 5th Avenue Promenade | David Garrick
Oct 30, 2019 • 12 min
San Diego officials and community leaders are exploring plans to create an eight-block pedestrian plaza in the Gaslamp Quarter by closing Fifth Avenue to vehicles between Broadway and L Street. Supporters say the plaza would become a magnet for tourists…
A SANDAG Bike Plan Is Delayed And $78M Over Budget | Joshua Emerson Smith
Oct 29, 2019 • 16 min
San Diego’s leaders have long been pushing for safer streets and ways to get people out of their cars … but a plan for an interconnected bike network remains delayed and is 79 million dollars over budget. Local leaders say challenges in construction are…
How This Cancer Fighting Drug Survived A 13-Year Trek To FDA Approval | Bradley Fikes
Oct 28, 2019 • 15 min
Cancer patients hold onto hope the way some people hold onto the lap bars of roller coasters: As if their lives depend on it. And then they get ready for the ups and downs. Theresa Blanda and Nancy Davidson started their rides after they were diagnosed…
Halloween Special: San Diego’s Haunted History | Merrie Monteagudo
Oct 25, 2019 • 18 min
The San Diego Union-Tribune’s archivist Merrie Monteagudo recounts several historical ghost stories including deaths at the Whaley House, sasquatches and yetis in East County and a Ghost Ship that haunts the Salton Sea.
This Cal State San Marcos Executive’s Lavish Spending Raises Questions | Jeff McDonald, Morgan Cook
Oct 24, 2019 • 10 min
Michael Schroder, the dean who traveled first class, stayed at Ritz-Carlton hotels and bought a $110 Bruno-style bone-in filet was not the only one at Cal State San Marcos using state tax money to cover luxury expenses. So were the people responsible for…
What We Know About California’s Gasoline Mystery Surcharge | Rob Nikolewski
Oct 23, 2019 • 11 min
Every California motorist knows that gasoline is expensive in the Golden State. Taxes and fees on the state and federal levels account for more than 80 cents per gallon at the pump. But even after stripping out all those expenses, the California Energy…
Suit Over Disclosing Sexual Misconduct Records Settled | Greg Moran
Oct 22, 2019 • 16 min
A lawsuit seeking records of accusations of sexual misconduct by employees of the San Diego District Attorney has settled, with the office turning over the records and agreeing to pay nearly $100,000 in legal fees incurred by a public records advocacy…
MTS, SANDAG Hope Tax Increases Can Make A Transit-Oriented Future | Joshua Emerson Smith
Oct 21, 2019 • 18 min
San Diego’s transit agencies are making a big bet on the future of transit. Both the San Diego Association of Governments and the Metropolitan Transit System are pushing forward separate tax measures that would improve public transit. The investments may…
What We Know About CBD | Peter Rowe
Oct 18, 2019 • 15 min
While California is one of several states to legalize marijuana, demand for the plant isn’t just for getting high. Cannabidinol — better known as CBD — is now a popular substance that has found its way into everything from dog treats to lip balm. Claims…
Some Neighborhoods Are Installing Private License Plate Readers | Katy Stegall
Oct 17, 2019 • 8 min
Several neighborhoods around San Diego County have turned to an Atlanta company to offer a new level of surveillance. Flock Safety provides private license plate readers that neighborhoods or HOAs can use to track who enters and leaves their…
Border Dispatch: Remain In Mexico Remains A Problem | Gustavo Solis
Oct 16, 2019 • 18 min
The federal government continues to send migrants back to Mexico who may not be subject to the Remain in Mexico program, according to a report published by lawyers and activists who work with asylum seekers in Mexico. The controversial program, officially…
San Diego County Republicans Fail To Endorse A Candidate For CA-50 | Andrew Dyer, Lauryn Schroeder
Oct 15, 2019 • 17 min
San Diego Republicans failed Monday to back a candidate for the 50th Congressional District, including the candidate who currently holds the seat. None of the four candidates received the two-thirds majority necessary to get an endorsement from the…
New Rules Shaping Scooter Use In San Diego | John Wilkens, Peter Rowe
Oct 14, 2019 • 14 min
Three months after new city regulations went into effect, two companies, Jump and Skip, have left town. Another, Lime, may lose its permit because of repeated operating infractions. Almost 500 riders received traffic tickets, more than half of them for…
The Politics And Policy Of The Housing Crunch | Michael Smolens
Oct 11, 2019 • 12 min
California’s housing market continues to become more expensive, but political leaders are seeing glimpses of a sea change coming. On a statewide level, there’s a renewed push to do more for middle-income housing, and in some cities like San Diego, new…
This Desert Town Could Be Yours | Phil Molnar
Oct 10, 2019 • 14 min
If you ever wanted to be the owner of a desert town — now’s your chance. The town of Campo is for sale, although the price hasn’t been announced and the seller is only accepting bids. The hamlet is about 10 miles north of the border along the 94, and is…
Why SDSU West Is Taking So Long To Start | Jennifer Van Grove
Oct 9, 2019 • 14 min
Almost a year ago, San Diego voters approved Measure G, allowing for the sale of the former Qualcomm stadium site to San Diego State University. Plans for an expanded campus are underway, but the sale of the land to the university hasn’t been completed…
Why Ocean Beach’s Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey Is In Legal Crosshairs | Kristina Davis
Oct 8, 2019 • 14 min
Exuding the bohemian irreverence of its Ocean Beach roots, Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey comes with its own warning: “a night with Skrewball is bound to get a little nutty.” The same could be said for the legal battle being waged over ownership of the…
Border Dispatch: How Fixers Help Make Tijuana News Happen | Gustavo Solis
Oct 7, 2019 • 16 min
Whenever the foreign press drops in to cover a big international story — be it a natural disaster in Southeast Asia, a civil war in Africa, or a humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border — they rely on local guides to show them around town, arrange…
Why Downtown San Diego’s Public Restrooms Are Bleak | Peter Rowe
Oct 4, 2019 • 19 min
n life, the only certainties are death, taxes and the fact that — often at an inconvenient, gut-clenching moment — everyone needs a place to do their business. “Sir, relax,” Herbert Bridges told a pedestrian racing to a public restroom outside San Diego…
Poll: Republicans Split On Who To Support In CA-50 Michael Smolens
Oct 3, 2019 • 15 min
A new poll of likely voters in the crowded and widely watched 50th Congressional District race shows indicted incumbent Duncan Hunter facing an uphill climb to re-election, trailing three candidates. In the poll, Hunter, with 11 percent of the vote, is…
CalFire Begins Fight Against Invasive Grasses | Joshua Emerson Smith
Oct 2, 2019 • 10 min
Highly flammable nonnative plants have increasingly played a major role in Southern California’s struggles with wildfire — providing kindling along roadsides and around homes that turn sparks into menacing backcountry blazes. San Diego firefighting…
Border Dispatch: 25 Years Later, How Operation Gatekeeper Changed The Border | Kristina Davis
Oct 1, 2019 • 16 min
Operation Gatekeeper was unveiled on Oct. 1, 1994. The strategy was to deter migrants from illegally crossing in the first place — and, for those who remained undeterred, to encourage them to cross in more isolated wilderness areas to the east, where they…
Border Dispatch: This Veteran Is Trying to Unite A Separated Family | Gustavo Solis, Hafsa Fathima
Sep 30, 2019 • 15 min
There was something odd about the Kentucky woman who sat next to a young Honduran mother asking for asylum in San Diego’s immigration court last week. Judge Philip Law had never seen her before. The woman wasn’t an immigration lawyer. She wasn’t even…
Lack Of School Bus Service Causes Controversy In Oceanside Neighborhood | Deborah Brennan
Sep 27, 2019 • 13 min
When their neighborhood school closed down more than a decade ago, parents from Oceanside’s Crown Heights neighborhood were desperate to maintain a bus route that kept their children from walking miles on streets marked by gang violence and dangerous…
San Diego Has Its Own Mini Version Of Fox News - One America News Network | Kristina Davis
Sep 26, 2019 • 11 min
In a television studio tucked into a Bay Ho business park, Graham Ledger looks into a camera and opens with his signature line: “Stand by. The doors to the newsroom are locked and the PC police are not getting in.” He then spends the next hour…
Vaping Illnesses Spark Discussions On Regulations | Karen Pearlman
Sep 25, 2019 • 12 min
As the number of vaping-related deaths and illnesses mount, health officials nationwide are warning of severe consequences, but so far they have stopped short of declaring an emergency. State health officials on Tuesday implored people to immediately stop…
Changes Are Coming To Your Electric Bill | Rob Nikolewski
Sep 24, 2019 • 11 min
Changes are coming to your electric bill — again. San Diego Gas and Electric is asking for the California Public Utilities Commission to make a series of changes that affect rate payers. They’re looking to end seasonal pricing, as well as setting the rate…
What The Firing Of Andy Green Means For The Padres | Jay Posner
Sep 23, 2019 • 10 min
There will be a new manager when the Padres are wearing their new brown uniforms next season. Andy Green was fired Saturday morning, two years before his contract was due to expire and after four seasons with a 274-366 record. Bench coach Rod Barajas was…
San Diego Grand Central Terminal Moves Closer To Reality | Jenn Van Grove Lori Weisberg
Sep 20, 2019 • 14 min
A theoretical airport transit hub, sometimes called “San Diego Grand Central Station,” became more tangible with the head of the Department of the Navy visiting San Diego on Thursday to give the federal government’s go-ahead on planning efforts to…
U-T Watchdog Investigation: Dying Behind Bars | Kelly Davis, Jeff McDonald
Sep 19, 2019 • 25 min
In San Diego County jails, more than 130 people have died in the past ten years. That’s an average higher than one inmate per month, every month, since 2009 —- which is the year that Sheriff Bill Gore took office. The circumstances vary: suicide, heart…
President Donald Trump’s San Diego Afternoon | Phil Molnar, Michael Smolens
Sep 18, 2019 • 22 min
President Donald Trump arrived in San Diego today, kicking off an hours-long visit that began with a downtown fundraiser and will end with a quick tour of the border. The trip is his second to the city in 18 months and follows an April visit to the border…
Border Dispatch: Where Changes To Asylum Stand Now | Kate Morrissey, Gustavo Solis
Sep 17, 2019 • 16 min
Get up to speed about recent Supreme Court rulings, new immigration policies and the challenges asylum seekers face.
Racial Slurs At H.S. Football Game Spark Investigations | Kristen Taketa, Andrea Lopez-Villafaña
Sep 16, 2019 • 9 min
San Diego activists on Monday called for San Clemente High in Orange County to apologize for racial slurs they say were targeted at Lincoln High students at a football game Friday night. Both the Capistrano Unified School District and Lincoln High School…
Gun Lock Law Takes Effect, Was Passed Without The Mayor | Michael Smolens
Sep 13, 2019 • 11 min
Amid increasing public sentiment for gun control legislation, Mayor Kevin Faulconer withheld his support from a citywide firearms safety measure. The San Diego Safe Storage of Firearms Ordinance was approved by the City Council in July and took effect…
Rent Cap Bill Awaits Newsom’s Signature | Phillip Molnar
Sep 12, 2019 • 14 min
San Diego County is one step away from a form of rent control for the first time in its history. A statewide measure that would limit yearly rent increases to 5 percent, plus inflation, passed the state Assembly on Wednesday and the state Senate earlier…
Mission Valley Might Be A Live-Work Paradise If This Plan Works | Jennifer Van Grove
Sep 11, 2019 • 17 min
City leaders have set in motion a 30-year plan for Mission Valley that flips the region’s focus from its roads to the San Diego River and the trolley system. It simultaneously creates room for 50,000 additional residents and 7 million more square feet of…
Rep. Susan Davis’ Retirement Leaves Big Shoes To Fill Michael Smolens, Charles Clark
Sep 10, 2019 • 20 min
Rep. Susan Davis’ retirement in the 53rd District came as a surprise last week, but her friends and political foes agree— she was a beacon of civility who got things done for San Diego. Story:…
Grocery Worker Strike Averted As Union Members Vote On Contract | Phillip Molnar Brittany Meiling
Sep 9, 2019 • 11 min
The looming threat of a grocery store strike throughout Southern California was dissolving Monday as workers began voting on a new employment contract that appears to appease all parties. Clerks and other grocery staff from Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons are…
Poll: Todd Gloria Leading In Mayor’s Race, Many Undecided | David Garrick
Sep 6, 2019 • 10 min
Assemblyman Todd Gloria leads Councilwoman Barbara Bry by more than a two-to-one margin among likely voters in the race to become San Diego’s next mayor, according to a Union-Tribune/10 News poll released Friday. Gloria leads Bry by a margin of 31 percent…
San Diego Wants To Hire 200 Firefighters In 5 Years | John Wilkens, Karen Kucher, Sam Hodgson
Sep 5, 2019 • 25 min
The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department has a chronic understaffing problem. Now it has a plan of attack: It aims to add more than 200 firefighters over the next five years. The idea is to offset employees retiring or otherwise leaving the department and to…
Union Jack Raises Questions On How Far HOA Regulations Can Go | John Wilkens
Sep 4, 2019 • 9 min
Shannon Glover came from England to San Diego almost 30 years ago for a uniquely American reason: She fell in love with Tom Cruise and “Top Gun.” Now she’s in a dispute that pits the country of her birth against the one she calls home. Her homeowner’s…
Gang Crimes Spike In San Diego | Greg Moran, Lyndsay Winkley
Sep 3, 2019 • 18 min
After a year of declines, gang-related crime in San Diego has spiked in recent months with the city logging twice as many homicides as the same time last year and 20 percent more gang-related crimes overall. A spate of shootings, retaliation attacks and…
Is Your Paycheck Keeping Up With San Diego’s Inflation? | Phillip Molnar, Brittany Meiling
Aug 30, 2019 • 17 min
If you have been working in San Diego County for the last decade and feel like you are in worse financial shape now, there might be a reason for that. Sluggish wage growth, exacerbated by rising housing costs, have eroded workers’ buying power.Taking into…
Warner Bros Is Opening A New Carlsbad Mobile Game Studio | Brittany Meiling
Aug 29, 2019 • 10 min
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has opened a new gaming studio in Carlsbad, joining a bubbling hub of developers in the region working on mobile titles. WB Games is best known for its DC and Harry Potter games, including the recent augmented…
State Insurance Commissioner Took Political Donations From Companies He Regulates | Jeff McDonald
Aug 28, 2019 • 14 min
A new Union-Tribune analysis of public disclosures related to Ricardo Lara’s successful campaign for state insurance commissioner shows that he accepted more donations from interested parties than was previously known. Lara collected at least $270,000…
Can The Port Force These Private Piers Into Public Land? | Jennifer VanGrove
Aug 27, 2019 • 18 min
In the wealthy La Playa enclave of Shelter Island a handful of small piers dot the secluded coastline, relics of a different World War II-era bay. They have offered their upland homeowners, generation after generation, an uncommon San Diego privilege:…
Scam Diego: How New Scams Are Tricking You | Peter Rowe
Aug 26, 2019 • 17 min
Welcome to the golden age of scams. Scouring social media accounts and hacked databases for personal information, criminals have created new tools to attack the unwary. While investigators still see phishing attacks, the scattershot come-ons often vaguely…
Wet Hop Beer Season Is Coming | Peter Rowe
Aug 23, 2019 • 16 min
This month, farmers are reaping San Diego County’s 2019 hop harvest, thousands of pounds of Cascade, Chinook, Cashmere and other varietals. The entire crop is sold out and customers eagerly await shipments of the fragrant conical hop flowers, which look…
Border Disptach: Trump Administration Aims To Keep Detained Children Indefinitely | Kate Morrissey
Aug 22, 2019 • 13 min
The Trump Administration is planning on ending limits on child detention of migrants caught at the border. The Flores agreement is a 1997 court settlement that sets rules for how the government must provide a minimum standard of care for children in…
County Dems Endorse Todd Gloria For San Diego Mayor | David Garrick, Michael Smolens
Aug 21, 2019 • 13 min
County Democrats have made their decision on an endorsement in the 2020 Mayoral Race: It’s Assemblyman Todd Gloria. The move was key, as it is likely the next San Diego mayor will be a Democrat, and that party has a significant registration advantage.…
The 30th Street Bike Lane Controversy, Explained | Andrea Lopez-Villafaña
Aug 20, 2019 • 10 min
A plan to put a protected bike lane in North Park has drawn criticism from the community. The plan would remove street parking from the popular corridor, and remove 420 parking spaces. Among the detractors are a group of disability advocates who say…
County May Pay $12M For Injuries Suffered By A Man In Jail | Jeff McDonald
Aug 19, 2019 • 11 min
Long before a San Diego County jury in July awarded David Collins more than $12 million for brain damage he suffered in Sheriff’s Department custody, a mediator recommended that his civil lawsuit be settled for $3 million, his attorney said. The Board of…
First Campaign Filings Show San Diego County’s 2020 Frontrunners | Lauryn Schroeder, Charles Clark
Aug 16, 2019 • 10 min
The Union-Tribune analyzed available campaign data, which shows that San Diego County residents have donated more than $1M to more than 20 candidates.
Legoland Announces New Movie-Based “Land” | Lori Weisberg
Aug 15, 2019 • 8 min
Legoland, in its biggest expansion yet of the Carlsbad theme park, announced Thursday that it will open next year a brand new land devoted entirely to the popular Lego movies — complete with a new 4D-style ride. The Lego Movie World, as it’s being called,…
Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Trial Delayed | Morgan Cook, Jeff McDonald, Charles Clark, Micheal Smolens
Aug 14, 2019 • 20 min
A new date has been set for the criminal trial of Rep. Duncan Hunter; he will now face trial starting on Jan. 14 instead of Sept. 10, based on a court decision Tuesday. U.S. District Court Judge Thomas J. Whelan changed the date after lawyers requested a…
SDSU President Sets “Political Litmus Test” On Leaders Outgoing Dean Says | Gary Robbins
Aug 13, 2019 • 17 min
San Diego State University President Adela de la Torre has been accused by one of her former deans of saying that education leaders in California cannot obtain or keep top jobs unless they pass a left-leaning “political litmus test.” The accusation, which…
Look Up! Your Streetlamp Is Watching You | Joshua Emerson Smith
Aug 12, 2019 • 14 min
San Diego has installed thousands of microphones and cameras in so-called smart streetlamps in recent years as part of a program to assess traffic and parking patterns throughout the city. However, the technology over the last year caught the attention of…
Following Mass Shootings, Living Anxiously Becomes Commonplace | Peter Rowe
Aug 9, 2019 • 15 min
Last weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton accentuated a painful fact of 21st century life: the lurking fear that a lethal threat could erupt at any public gathering. Anxiety is soaring among the faithful (domestic terrorists have attacked houses…
Border Dispatch: Mexicali Shelters Lack Accountability, Oversight | Gustavo Solis
Aug 8, 2019 • 12 min
Migrants say they’ve become targets for abuse. Story:
SDSU West’s Traffic Impacts Likely To Be Bigger Than Expected | Jennifer Van Grove
Aug 7, 2019 • 16 min
At build out in 2037, San Diego State University’s Mission Valley campus will create 45,174 new car trips per weekday on area roads, according to the latest traffic analysis. As many as 19,099 more vehicle trips could be added to the mix when the…
5 Democratic Candidates Came To San Diego To Make Their Pitch To Latinos | Charles Clark
Aug 6, 2019 • 19 min
Five Democratic presidential candidates who visited San Diego on Monday honed in on gun safety, healthcare, immigration reform and hateful rhetoric as key topics during the annual UnidosUS conference. Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders of…
Border Dispatch: El Paso Shooting Rattles The Region | Wendy Fry
Aug 5, 2019 • 10 min
The massacre of 20 people Saturday by a man who traveled 650 miles to a Walmart in El Paso, reportedly with the intention of shooting “as many Mexicans as possible,” marks what appears to be one of the deadliest hate crimes ever against Latinos.
Fallout From The Gallagher Case Continues | Andrew Dyer
Aug 2, 2019 • 16 min
Even though the war crimes trial of Edward Gallager is over, and he has been cleared of nearly all charges, the trial still looms over the Navy. Earlier this week, President Donald Trump rescinded the medals of the servicemen who were on the prosecution…
Oceanside Sinkholes Relocate Elementary Students | Deborah Brennan
Aug 1, 2019 • 8 min
Students and staff at Garrison Elementary School in Oceanside will be relocated to San Luis Rey School when school starts in August because of sinkholes that appeared on campus earlier this year, the Oceanside Unified School District Board voted…
City Council OK’s Plan To Build More Middle And Low-Income Housing | David Garrick
Jul 31, 2019 • 11 min
San Diego approved two much-anticipated pieces of housing legislation Tuesday: the city’s first incentive focused on housing for moderate-income residents, and new regulations that aim to boost construction of units for low-income residents. The City…
Room 20: How Joanne Fayron Found The Identity Of A Patient Who Has Been Unconscious Since ‘99
Jul 30, 2019 • 22 min
In a new podcast series from The Los Angeles Times Studios, join along in the journey of how San Diego journalist Joanne Fayron found the identity of an unknown man who has been in a vegetative state since 1999. Learn more and subscribe here:…
Everyone Wants To Relocate San Onofre’s Nuclear Waste, No One Agrees On Where | Rob Nikolewski
Jul 29, 2019 • 12 min
Earlier this month, Southern California Edison — the operators of the now-shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant — resumed transferring heavy canisters filled with spent fuel assemblies from wet storage pools to a newly constructed dry storage facility…
Symphony’s Permanent Bayside Home Could Be Ready By 2020 | Jennifer Van Grove
Jul 26, 2019 • 13 min
If all goes according to plan, patrons of the San Diego Symphony’s annual outdoor concert series will next summer find that the usual pop-up venue has been replaced with an ultramodern, permanent structure. Wednesday, Port of San Diego commissioners…
Marines Arrested For Human Trafficking, San Diego SEALs Sent Home From Iraq | Andrew Dyer
Jul 25, 2019 • 12 min
Sixteen Marines were arrested at Camp Pendleton Thursday morning during battalion formation for various illegal activities ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses, the 1st Marine Division said in a statement. The Marine Corps said…
Mayor Kevin Faulconer Wins National Praise On Homelessness | Michael Smolens
Jul 24, 2019 • 11 min
Mayor Kevin Faulconer has appeared recently in conservative news outlets and on pop-culture radio shows where he is being lauded for something that would have been unimaginable just two years ago: progress on combating homelessness. The mayor was a rising…
Is This Developer Creating San Diego’s First “Poor Door”? | Phil Molnar
Jul 23, 2019 • 13 min
The developer of an East Village highrise apartment building wants to house its poorer renters in a separate building next door. Even as affordable housing advocates are praising the developer for building much-needed low-income housing, there are some…
New Seaport Tower Would Redefine San Diego’s Skyline | Jennifer Van Grove
Jul 22, 2019 • 14 min
A proposed observation tower at the edge of Pacific Highway is a polarizing symbol of change that could make or break the larger, $2.4 billion redevelopment effort planned for downtown’s Central Embarcadero. Story:…
Comic Book Fans, Dealers Keep In The “Comic” In Comic-Con | Peter Rowe
Jul 19, 2019 • 14 min
If you’re under the impression that San Diego Comic-Con has sold its soul, ditching comic books in favor of Hollywood, video games and “Comic-Con exclusive” toys, listen to Bob Bretall. “There are more comics at this Con than any other four conventions…
Two Horses Die At Del Mar | Bryce Miller
Jul 18, 2019 • 11 min
Two horses died Thursday morning in a freak training accident at Del Mar, track officials confirmed. Mac McBride, director of media for Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, said one of the horses, Carson Valley, was an unraced 3-year-old trained by Hall of Famer…
Border Dispatch: New Asylum Policy Sill Has Unknowns | Wendy Fry, Gustavo Solis
Jul 17, 2019 • 10 min
Confusion and uncertainty loomed over the first day of the Trump administration’s new policy that limits the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter the United States through the southern border. The Trump administration announced the new asylum policy…
New Bike Lanes Create Downtown Confusion | Lyndsay Winkley
Jul 16, 2019 • 11 min
A trio of downtown San Diego streets recently got new paint jobs — exciting bicyclists and other car-free travelers, but confusing some motorists. The changes, which include painted islands, green crosswalks and plastic bollards, are Phase 1 of the city’s…
Jul 15, 2019 • 42 min
Soon San Diego will hog the pop culture spotlight as the 50th Comic Con International begins. From humble beginnings celebrating the golden age of comics, to today’s star-studded extravaganza, San Diego Comic-Con is now a celebration of entertainment in…
Appeals Court Ruling Gives Officer Involved Shooting Case A Second Chance | Greg Moran
Jul 12, 2019 • 12 min
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the suit filed by family of Fridoon Nehad should not have been dismissed because of questions over whether the shooting was justified. The ruling also opens the way to explore how SDPD handles reviews of police…
Border Dispatch: Immigrant Communities Brace For Sunday’s ICE Raids | Wendy Fry
Jul 11, 2019 • 8 min
This weekend, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s raids will begin. This stems from a presidential tweet last month when President Donald Trump said he wanted to quote “deport millions” of undocumented immigrants. Now that the organization has had time…
Border Dispatch: Tijuana’s Asylum Line Grows To More Than 9,000 | Kate Morrissey
Jul 10, 2019 • 18 min
The wait list for migrants in Tijuana to request asylum in the United States has grown to the longest it has ever been, even longer than the line that grew right after a large caravan arrived in November. About 9,150 names are pending on the list,…
Months After Shooting At Chabad Of Poway, The Congregation And Its Rabbi Heal | Peter Rowe
Jul 9, 2019 • 15 min
The bullets were meant to kill Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein. Instead, they gave him new life. “I’m a new person,” the rabbi said, his hands mangled from injuries suffered April 27, when an anti-Semitic gunman attacked Chabad of Poway. One worshipper, Lori…
Education Roundup: Racism at Southwestern and Charter School Pay | Kristen Taketa
Jul 8, 2019 • 19 min
San Diego Union-Tribune Education Reporter Kristen Taketa discusses her latestet stories on racism at Southwestern Community College and why charter school executives make so much money. Stories:…
What We Can Learn From The July 4th Quake | Gary Robbins
Jul 5, 2019 • 11 min
Southern California, Nevada and northern Mexico were jolted Thursday by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that erupted near Ridgecrest, a small desert city northeast of Los Angeles, the US Geological Survey said. Seismologists warned that a 5.0 or larger…
USC To Pay UCSD $50M And Apologize For Raiding Alzheimer’s Program | Gary Robbins, Bradley Fikes
Jul 3, 2019 • 14 min
The University of Southern California has agreed to pay UC San Diego $50 million and to publicly apologize to the school for the way it wrested control of its prestigious Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study in 2015 during a raid that led to a highly…
Court Martial: Gallagher Found Not Guilty Of War Crimes
Jul 2, 2019 • 13 min
Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher was acquitted Tuesday on all murder charges, witness intimidation charges, and assault charges related to a 2017 deployment in Iraq. “I’m happy. I’m thankful. Thank God for freedom,” Gallagher said in a press conference…
Court Martial: Jury Deliberations Begin In Gallagher Case
Jul 2, 2019 • 14 min
Prosecutors and defense attorneys in a nationally watched war crimes trial at Naval Base San Diego made final arguments Monday, and now the fate of a decorated Navy SEAL is in the hands of seven senior military jurors. San Diego-based Navy SEAL Chief…
Retiring Asst. DA Had Launched Secret Investigation Into His Daughter’s Ex | Greg Moran
Jul 1, 2019 • 14 min
Late last year just weeks before he retired, former San Diego County Assistant District Attorney Jesse Rodriguez ordered a secret investigation — using district attorney staff — into the ex-boyfriend of his daughter, who was locked in a contentious…
Border Dispatch: Desperate Migrants Offering To Buy Children To Aid In Crossing Border | Wendy Fry
Jun 28, 2019 • 13 min
Some migrants in Tijuana are trying to purchase children from vulnerable single mothers in local shelters so they can more easily cross into the United States, according to shelter directors, migrants and Tijuana law enforcement authorities. Migrants in…
Court Martial: Gallagher Trial, Friday, June 28
Jun 28, 2019 • 12 min
The defense had a star witness testify in favor of Edward Gallagher yesterday in the ongoing war crimes trial of a San Diego Based Navy SEAL. Edward R Gallagher stands accused of killing a wounded ISIS fighter in Iraq by stabbing him in the neck, as well…
Planned East County Development Raises Fire, Climate Concerns Joshua Emerson Smith
Jun 27, 2019 • 15 min
County leaders gave their blessing on Wednesday to a hotly contested development east of Chula Vista that critics said would place people into the path of dangerous wildfires. After three hours of discussion, the Board of Supervisors voted three to two to…
Court Martial: The Gallagher Trial, Thursday, June 27
Jun 27, 2019 • 7 min
The defense continues to lay out its case in the war crimes trial of a San Diego-based Navy SEAL. Edward R Gallagher stands accused of killing a wounded ISIS fighter in Iraq by stabbing him in the neck, as well as shooting at civilians multiple times. He…
Grocery Workers Threaten A Strike | Lori Weisberg
Jun 26, 2019 • 8 min
San Diego County grocery workers, along with thousands of others across Southern California and parts of Central California, have voted overwhelmingly in favor of authorizing their union leadership to call a strike should contract talks with major…
Gallagher Trial, Wednesday, June 26
Jun 26, 2019 • 15 min
The war crimes trial of San Diego-based Navy SEAL Edward R Gallager is ongoing, with the prosecution wrapping up its case this morning. He stands accused of killing a wounded ISIS fighter in Iraq, as well as shooting at civilians multiple times. He has…
Rep. Duncan Hunter Accused Of Using Campaign Funds To Pay For 5 Affairs | Jeff McDonald
Jun 25, 2019 • 11 min
Rep. Duncan Hunter began living with a woman other than his wife early in his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives, one of a series of personal intimate relationships prosecutors say he began with three lobbyists and two congressional staffers…
Gallagher Update, Tuesday, June 25
Jun 25, 2019 • 10 min
Hear the latest in the ongoing war crimes trial of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher. Andrew Dyer tells us about forensics experts who provided additonal testimony on the events before and after the stabbing of the Iraqi fighter, and the first phase of a…
PSA Cofounder: PSA-182’s Crew Was Not To Blame In Historic Crash | Peter Rowe
Jun 24, 2019 • 13 min
From the day of the catastrophe, Sept. 25, 1978, there’s been speculation over the precise cause of the deadly collision between a PSA jet and a Cessna over North Park. To Leo Leonard, though, there’s no question where the blame lies. “Air traffic…
Gallagher Trial, Monday, June 24
Jun 24, 2019 • 13 min
Two Navy SEAL snipers testified Friday that their chief, Edward R. Gallagher, shot at civilians on at least two occasions during their 2017 deployment to Iraq. Gallagher, a chief special warfare operator, is charged with killing a wounded ISIS prisoner by…
Border Dispatch: Faulconer Says He Did Not Thank Trump For The Wall | Michael Smolens
Jun 21, 2019 • 10 min
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is disputing President Donald Trump’s comments that Faulconer thanked Trump for his efforts on the border wall during a Tuesday meeting between the two men at the White House. Trump said on Fox News Wednesday night that…
Gallagher Update Friday, June 21
Jun 21, 2019 • 10 min
Hear the latest on the ongoing war crimes trial of Edward Gallagher.
Report Says Building Sea Walls Would Cost San Diego County $1B | Deborah Brennan
Jun 20, 2019 • 10 min
Defending San Diego County against rising seas would cost about $1 billion, according to a new study that estimated that the cost of coastal armoring would be at least $22 billion for California, and more than $400 billion for the United States as a…
SPECIAL EPISODE: Navy SEAL Testifies He Killed The Wounded ISIS Fighter, Not Gallagher | Andrew Dyer
Jun 20, 2019 • 9 min
A key witness in the Navy SEAL court-martial trial said he, not Chief Edward Gallagher, killed a wounded Isis fighter in Iraq in 2017, testimony which appears to up-end the prosecution’s main claim in a nationally-watched murder and attempted murder case.…
Border Dispatch: Trump Wants To Deport 1 Million Unauthorized Immigrants | Kate Morrissey
Jun 19, 2019 • 14 min
San Diego’s immigrant communities are bracing for another round of ramped-up enforcement after President Donald Trump promised action as soon as next week. Trump wrote in a tweet Monday night that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would “begin the…
Why This Railroad Crossing Near Petco Park Costs More Than $20M | Jennifer Van Grove
Jun 18, 2019 • 10 min
A long-delayed effort to let motorists cross the railroad tracks separating Park Boulevard from Harbor Drive just south of downtown San Diego’s Petco Park stadium will be fully funded thanks to the state of California, which is directing $21 million to…
How Home Charter Schools Can Operate With Little Oversight | Kristen Taketa
Jun 17, 2019 • 12 min
In California, there’s a way parents can use money from the government to buy multi-day Disneyland Park Hopper passes, San Diego Zoo family memberships, tickets to Medieval Times and dolphin encounters at SeaWorld. Parents can enroll their children in a…
SDSU Failed To Award $20M In Scholarships This Decade | Gary Robbins
Jun 14, 2019 • 17 min
San Diego State University failed to award $20 million in available scholarships over the past decade due to a variety of problems, preventing money from flowing to thousands of students who were trying to cope with rising education costs. Campus…
Margaret Hunter Pleads Guilty To Misspending Campaign Finance Funds | Morgan Cook, Jeff McDonald
Jun 13, 2019 • 11 min
Years of cavalier spending of her husband’s political contributions culminated in a guilty plea Thursday for Margaret Hunter, the wife of Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter who was co-indicted last year in a sweeping campaign-finance investigation.…
California Theatre To Be Transformed Into Downtown’s Biggest Residential Tower | Phil Molnar
Jun 12, 2019 • 11 min
There may be new life for the nearly 100-year-old California Theatre on C Street. Preservationists have struck a deal with a developer that intends to construct a multi-million dollar 41-story condominium tower on the site of the historic theater. The…
Kellen Winslow II Found Guilty Of Rape, But Mistrial Declared On 8 Other Counts | Teri Figueroa
Jun 11, 2019 • 12 min
A Vista judge declared a mistrial on eight counts in the case of ex-NFL player Kellen Winslow II, who was accused of committing several sex crimes against women in North County last year, including rape. Although the Superior Court jury was split, it…
Eddie Gallagher’s War Crimes Trial Divides The Military Community | Andrew Dyer, Kate Mannion
Jun 10, 2019 • 23 min
The war crimes charges against a San Diego-based Navy SEAL will stand, a Navy judge ruled Friday. However, the SEAL and his defense team will benefit from other decisions the judge made. Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward R. Gallagher is facing charges…
New Crime Data Shows Community Crime Hot Spots | Lyndsay Winkley, Greg Moran
Jun 7, 2019 • 13 min
From 2014 through 2018, violent crime has doubled — or more — in about 17 percent of all census block groups in the city. That’s an increase from the previous five-year period examined in the first “Crime Counts” story published in March, which showed 13…
Learning How to Confront Hate From Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein | Kristina Davis, Mark Platte
Jun 6, 2019 • 17 min
When asked to reflect on the tragedy that forever changed Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein 39 days ago, he thinks back to advice he received from a spiritual leader as a 17-year-old student of the Jewish faith: the way to push away darkness was with light. That…
This 97-Year-Old WWII Veteran Jumped Out Of A Plane To Commerate D-Day | John Wilkens
Jun 5, 2019 • 9 min
Re-enacting a parachute jump he made 75 years ago in the early hours of D-Day, retired Coronado school teacher Tom Rice, 97, invaded Normandy again Wednesday. The tandem jump, strapped to the chest of a younger parachutist, came as world leaders and…
Addison Nets San Diego’s First Michelin Star | Michele Parente
Jun 4, 2019 • 12 min
San Diego joined the world’s dining elite Monday, when the city’s first Michelin star was awarded to the luxurious Carmel Valley restaurant Addison. At a ceremony for the inaugural Michelin Guide California in Huntington Beach, which was attended by a…
Border Dispatch: Asylum Court Cases Overwhelming San Diego’s Court | Kate Morrissey
Jun 3, 2019 • 15 min
Local judges are pushing back on what they see as potential due process violations in the implementation of the Trump administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols. Read the story:…
Border Dispatch: Trump’s Tariff Threat Scares The Region | Lori Weisberg, Rob Nikolewski, Wendy Fry
May 31, 2019 • 21 min
Exasperated by reports of a flood of illegal border crossings, President Donald Trump summoned his top immigration advisers to demand action. Responding to his mounting concern, including his extreme threats to entirely close the U.S.-Mexico border, they…
How A Charter School Scheme Allegedly Siphoned $50M In Taxpayer Money | Kristen Taketa, Morgan Cook
May 30, 2019 • 18 min
Two charter school leaders illegally pocketed more than $50 million of state funds by siphoning the money through a network of 19 online charter schools across California which falsely enrolled thousands of students, prosecutors alleged Wednesday. The…
The McStay Case - The Murder Of A Family Of Four - Nears Its End | Teri Figueroa
May 29, 2019 • 15 min
It’s been more than nine years since a Fallbrook family of four disappeared, leaving authorities stumped. The discovery of the family’s SUV near the U.S.-Mexico border led many — including law enforcement — to suspect they left the country. Nearly four…
Alpine Rep. Duncan Hunter Admits To Taking A Photo With A Dead Combatant | Greg Moran, Andrew Dyer
May 28, 2019 • 13 min
At a forum in Ramona on Saturday, Rep. Duncan Hunter also addressed the pending court martial case against San Diego-based Navy SEAL chief Edward Gallagher and Army Capt. Mathew L. Golsteyn. Both are charged with committing war crimes during their service…
San Diego’s Burger Scene Is Having A Moment | Michele Parente
May 27, 2019 • 13 min
Forget fish tacos. In these polarized times, perhaps the one thing San Diegans of all stripes can agree on is that this town has ascended to burger heaven. Whether they’re pressed on a flat top, diner-style, grilled at a gourmet restaurant or made to…
UCSD Seeks To Revamp Its Image With Its New “Front Door” | Gary Robbins
May 24, 2019 • 18 min
In one of the biggest physical and social changes in school history, UC San Diego will create its first “front door,” a grand entrance meant to appeal as much to the public as students and ease crowding on a campus where enrollment could hit 40,000 this…
6 High-Level Departures In 6 Months, What’s Going On At SDSU? | Gary Robbins
May 23, 2019 • 14 min
Six San Diego State University executives have announced that they are leaving for other schools, jobs or retiring, including a dean who says she grew tired of the turnover and leadership issues the school has experienced over the past two years. All of…
Qualcomm Loses An Antitrust Lawsuit, Putting Its Business Model At Risk | Mike Freeman
May 22, 2019 • 14 min
A federal Judge has ruled that Qualcomm violated antitrust laws by using its top position in smartphone chips to extract excessive patent license fees for its cellular inventions, striking a major blow to the San Diego company’s business model. After four…
Horton Remodel OK-ed, And California’s Auto Sales Slip | Jennifer Van Grove, Rob Nikolewski
May 21, 2019 • 13 min
Reporter Jennfier Van Grove gives an update on the planned redevelopment of Horton Plaza; and Rob Nikolewski explains why slipping automotive sales could be the first indicator of an economic recession.
Would You Eat Fish Grown From Stem Cells In A Lab? | Brittney Meilling
May 20, 2019 • 8 min
In a small laboratory in Sorrento Valley, scientists at BlueNalu are growing fish parts — just the muscle and fat — from cells. The tissue will one day be stacked into familiar shapes like freshly caught Mahi-mahi fillets, red snapper or flaked tuna using…
Waiting In The Willows— What Human Remains Are Doing In The Museum Of Man | Peter Rowe
May 17, 2019 • 12 min
Inside the San Diego Museum of Man, the dead wait in a locked, climate-controlled room. Known as The Willows, this chamber contains 16,000 bone fragments, skeletons and mummies, the remains of at least 5,000 human beings. For more than a century, these…
Horton Plaza’s Future To Be Decided Monday | Jennifer Van Grove
May 16, 2019 • 14 min
The real estate developers who wish to permanently change the purpose of San Diego’s once-celebrated Horton Plaza mall are just days away from getting what they need to move forward — so long as city leaders sign off on their plan. Monday, City Council…
Living In Your Car Is Now Illegal In San Diego | David Garrick, Gary Warth
May 15, 2019 • 16 min
San Diego restored its ability Tuesday to prohibit homeless people from living in cars on city streets with a new law that local police say they plan to use only as a last resort. Supporters of the law say a crackdown is necessary because San Diego’s…
What Reformed Skinheads Tell Us About The Nature Of Hate | Kristina Davis
May 14, 2019 • 12 min
In the weeks since the shooting at a Poway Synagogue, leaders have tried to grapple with the task of combating hate. For two former skinheads, leaving the mindset of hate was a choice they were able to make. Tim Zaal and TM Garret are speaking about how…
How will San Diego face it’s growing traffic problem?
May 13, 2019 • 12 min
Gary Robbins discusses the possibility of a 100MPH commuter rail and congestion pricing with the San Diego Union-Tribune’s transportation reporter, Joshua Emerson Smith. New details of a controversial plan to prioritize rail over widening freeways are…
Border Dispatch: Trump Immigration Plan Fails To Include DACA Fix | Michael Smolens
May 10, 2019 • 13 min
There’s one idea in the battle over immigration policy that has near-universal support among the key players: finding a way to give permanent legal status to young people here temporarily under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.…
Video Shows San Diego Officers Repeatedly Punching A Man During Arrest | Lyndsay Winkley
May 9, 2019 • 13 min
A 12-second video showing officers repeatedly punching a 20-year-old man during a Tuesday arrest has sparked controversy, but police leaders said Wednesday the footage lacked important context, and released footage of their own. San Diego police Chief…
Rent Control Bill Advances, And New Bathrooms May Come To Balboa Park | Phil Molnar, Jen Van Grove
May 8, 2019 • 13 min
There might be a limit on how much a landlord can raise your rent if new legislation is signed by the governor. An Assembly bill from a San Francisco Democrat would stop landlords from raising rent more than 5 to 10 percent in a year. It’s not exactly the…
SeaWorld’s Revenues Continue Upward Trajectory, Here’s Why | Lori Weisberg
May 7, 2019 • 11 min
Attendance at SeaWorld Entertainment parks continued its more than year-long upward streak, with visitation growing to more than 3.3 million during the first quarter of 2019 — an increase of nearly 4 percent over the same time period a year earlier, the…
What’s Next For The Horse That Got Disqualified From The Kentucky Derby | Bryce Miller
May 6, 2019 • 18 min
Maximum Security won the Derby on Saturday, only to be stunningly disqualified by track stewards. No previous Kentucky Derby winner has been disqualified before being draped with the signature garland of roses…
Religious leaders offer prayers of ‘faith, tolerance’ for Poway, as services begin | Sam Hodgson
May 3, 2019 • 21 min
It’s been nearly a week since a gunman killed a woman and injured three others at a Poway synagogue. The response from San Diego’s interfaith community was strong and clear: We will not let hate win. As weekend services begin, U-T photojournalist Sam…
A Short History Of San Diego’s Jewish People | Peter Rowe
May 2, 2019 • 15 min
For Jews, San Diego County can seem to be one of the Promised Land’s happier suburbs. In 1850, a German immigrant named Louis Rose became the area’s first known Jewish settler. His long resume is full of honorary appointments and political posts: grand…
SDSU Religion Class Studies Evil | Gary Robbins
May 1, 2019 • 12 min
She wants her course to be timely. But Angela Feres had a pained look Wednesday when she stepped before her students at San Diego State University to talk about the nature of evil. “This is another sad day,” said Feres, a religious studies professor.…
Anti-Semetic Hate Crimes Are On The Rise | Lauryn Schroeder
Apr 30, 2019 • 12 min
There were more than 1,500 hate crimes reported in the United States in 2017, according to the FBI, and anti-Semitic crimes like Saturday’s synagogue shooting in Poway made up nearly two-thirds of that total — more than any other religion-based hate…
Chabad Poway Says Farewell To Lori Kaye | Pam Kragen
Apr 29, 2019 • 17 min
Two days after a mass shooting at Chabad Poway, the congregation said farewell to the woman who was killed. Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein believes Lori Kaye saved his life. Features reporter Pam Kragen attended the funeral, and discusses how the community is…
SPECIAL EPISODE: Everything We Know About The Chabad Shooting In Poway
Apr 28, 2019 • 33 min
The worshippers at Chabad of Poway were nearing the end of Passover, a sacred Jewish celebration steeped in ancient freedom, when a modern terror walked in the door. A man armed with an assault-type rifle opened fire Saturday, killing one woman and…
As “Say Anything” Turns 30, “Almost Famous” Gets A Musical | Karla Peterson
Apr 26, 2019 • 12 min
Crowe’s directorial debut, the 1989 romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Ione Skye, gets a gala screening at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York next week
Encinitas Lawmaker Introduces Short Term Rental Legislation | Lori Weisberg
Apr 25, 2019 • 12 min
Amid the increasingly pitched battle over who can and cannot rent out homes for short-term stays, a state legislator from Encinitas is wading in with a plan she believes will settle the debate — and in the process help ease California’s worsening housing…
San Diego Drafts First Regulations For Scooters | Joshua Emerson Smith
Apr 24, 2019 • 20 min
The San Diego City Council approved on Tuesday long-awaited rules for governing the app-rented bike and scooter companies that over the last year have flooded city streets with the motorized vehicles. Following several hours of heated testimony from…
San Diego County Begins Rethinking Its Child Welfare System | Morgan Cook
Apr 23, 2019 • 14 min
San Diego County is starting to take a more detailed look into how its child welfare system can better serve children in need. For several months, U-T Watchdog reporter Morgan Cook has been questioning the efficacy of the region’s child welfare system,…
San Diego County’s Inmate Welfare Fund Called Into Question | Jeff McDonald
Apr 22, 2019 • 10 min
San Diego County inmates and their families spend millions of dollars a year on telephone calls and merchandise from jail commissaries. Breakfast gift packs are $14.99. A See’s Candies peanut butter egg goes for $6.99. A 15-minute phone call runs almost…
Police Are Not Allowed To Enforce The Speed Limit By Radar On Certain Streets | Joshua Emerson Smith
Apr 19, 2019 • 9 min
San Diegans can drive with little fear of getting a speeding ticket on scores of streets throughout the city. The situation is the result of a little known state law that’s vexing cities across California. It says that in many cases officials must raise…
What San Diegans Need To Know About The Mueller Report | Michael Smolens, Charlie Clark
Apr 18, 2019 • 16 min
Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III explicitly did not exonerate President Trump of allegations that he tried to obstruct the Russia investigation, and found that his 2016 campaign “expected it would benefit” from Russian effort to influence the…
What’s Next For Apple And Qualcomm | Mike Freeman
Apr 17, 2019 • 15 min
Qualcomm and Apple have settled their bitter two-year legal war, signing a new patent license agreement on Tuesday just as their lawyers wrapped up opening statements in the jury trial in San Diego Federal Court. The dramatic deal brings to an end a…
Voters To Decide On Hotel Tax Hike In March 2020 | David Garrick, Michael Smolens
Apr 16, 2019 • 14 min
San Diego voters will decide next March whether to raise hotel taxes to expand the waterfront convention center and provide many millions for local homelessness programs and street repair. The City Council voted 5-4 Monday to hold a citywide vote on…
San Diego’s Indian Tribes Warily Participate In The City’s 250th Anniversary | Peter Rowe
Apr 15, 2019 • 15 min
On April 11, 1769, the Spaniards did not look like conquerors. Entering San Diego Bay aboard the San Carlos and its sister ship, the San Antonio, they were weary, hungry and sick. “When the ships pulled in, that’s what our ancestors saw — just other…
New Evidence Suggests A Navy SEAL Accused Of War Crimes Also Threatened Other SEALs | Andrew Dyer
Apr 12, 2019 • 17 min
A recently-obtained judge’s ruling reveals that three Navy SEALs claimed to have seen Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher stab a non-combative, wounded ISIS fighter in the neck after the fighter had been brought to him for medical treatment during a 2017…
The Future For The Mighty 1090 Remains Unknown | Jay Posner
Apr 11, 2019 • 12 min
The Mighty 1090, the highest-rated sports talk station in San Diego and a fixture in the market for the last 16 years, went off the air just before noon Wednesday. The president of the company that operates the station said officials were trying to remedy…
This Jail Didn’t Fix Broken Surveillance Cameras. During Those Days An Inmate Died | Jeff McDonald
Apr 10, 2019 • 10 min
Closed-circuit TV cameras at the George Bailey Detention Facility were non-operational for at least six days in 2017, including the day an inmate choked to death on food, findings by the Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board show. The citizens’ review…
Julian’s Fire Department Is No More, But The Volunteers Won’t Leave | J Harry Jones
Apr 9, 2019 • 15 min
Lawsuits, locked doors and a police presence disrupted what was hoped to be a smooth transition in Julian as the county’s last volunteer fire department officially became a professional force. On Monday morning, the county legally took control of the…
San Diego County Struggles To Fund Special Education | Kristen Taketa, Deborah Brennan
Apr 8, 2019 • 13 min
Special education — which serves students with a wide range of issues, from learning disabilities to autism to hyperactivity disorder to blindness — is driving some San Diego-area districts to spend beyond their means. The number of students needing…
Border Dispatch: Trump Visits Calexico, Says U.S. Is “Full” | Kate Morrissey, Kristina Davis
Apr 5, 2019 • 12 min
President Donald Trump met with law enforcement during a visit to Calexico Friday, emphasizing the “absolute emergency” on the border and warning that the asylum system drawing a surge of migrants was full. “We can’t take anymore, folks,” Trump told an…
This Hospital Recorded Women Getting Surgery, Now They’re Suing | Paul Sisson
Apr 4, 2019 • 8 min
Sharp Grossmont Hospital faces growing outrage over video recordings inadvertently made during sensitive surgeries inside its women’s center in 2012 and 2013. A new lawsuit, filed late last week, claims that operating room recordings were made without the…
San Diego Loses Another Football Team | Tom Krasovic
Apr 3, 2019 • 15 min
Of late, San Diego is having rotten luck with pro football. Not even two years since the NFL team’s relocation from Mission Valley was complete, the new San Diego Fleet got grounded Tuesday when the Alliance of American Football suspended league…
Border Dispatch: Both Sides Of The Border Brace For Possible Shutdown | Wendy Fry, Michael Smolens
Apr 2, 2019 • 13 min
With President Donald Trump visiting Calexico on Friday, both sides of the border brace for a possible shutdown.
“The Conrad” Brings In A New Era for The Music Scene | George Varga, Michael James Rocha
Apr 1, 2019 • 15 min
The new performing arts center, also known as The Conrad, caps an ambitious and unprecedented effort to build a permanent home for the La Jolla Music Society and, in the process, reinvent the 51-year-old arts organization…
Vernal Pools House Strange Creatures For A Fleeting Season | Deborah Breannan
Mar 29, 2019 • 10 min
Alongside auto wrecking yards and shipping centers off state Route 905, a pop-up world has emerged with some of the strangest creatures to swim in six inches of water. Here aquatic plants grow next to cacti, and animals that have waited for decades in the…
How The U-T Found Neighborhoods Disproportionately Affected By Crime | Crime Counts Team
Mar 28, 2019 • 27 min
For most of the past decade, officials in San Diego have witnessed a remarkable development — the steady decrease in crime in the city, down to levels as low as they have been in more than a generation. The city consistently logs the lowest murder and…
El Cajon’s most brash councilman, Ben Kalasho, Resigns | Karen Pearlman
Mar 27, 2019 • 17 min
Embattled El Cajon City Councilman Ben Kalasho has resigned. Kalasho has been plagued by a litany of legal problems, from constituents suing him in federal court for blocking them posting comments on Kalasho’s official Facebook page in violation of free…
Border Dispatch: What Could A “Smart Wall” Do To Prevent Illegal Border Crossings? | Kristina Davis
Mar 26, 2019 • 15 min
Deep in the Otay Mountain Wilderness, there is no wall. The only boundary between the U.S. and Mexico is a section of barbed wire fence in a pastoral valley. And miles and miles of treacherous terrain. It’s a territory criss-crossed with steep trails that…
San Diego’s Pandas Are Going Home To China Next Month | Phillip Molnar
Mar 25, 2019 • 11 min
It’s the end of an era at the San Diego Zoo as the last two giant pandas will soon leave for China. In an announcement Monday, zoo officials said the pandas, Bai Yun, 28 — a fixture at the zoo for 23 years — and her son, Xiao Liwu, 6, must leave San Diego…
Anti-Suicide Spikes In Place On Coronado Bridge | John Wilkens
Mar 22, 2019 • 9 min
The San Diego-Coronado Bridge, the 200-foot-tall span over the San Diego Bay, has spectacular views and a sad history. Since it opened 50 years ago, the bridge has been the site of more than 400 suicides. To prevent such tragedies, 4-inch metal bird…
Lamont Smith Identified As USD Coach In Bribery Scheme | Mark Zeigler
Mar 21, 2019 • 16 min
When allegations of a massive college admissions corruption scandal broke wide open last week, richly detailed court documents conspicuously left out one important detail: the identity of the unnamed coach at the University of San Diego accused of…
Here’s What $250K Can Buy In The San Diego Housing Market | Phillip Molnar
Mar 20, 2019 • 11 min
At $250,000, the price tag for a National City home is hard to beat. But it’s about the size of a studio apartment and falling apart. Listed for sale on L Avenue is a 500-square-foot lot, with a 94-year-old house occupying 98 percent of it. Depending on…
Border Dispatch: Concertina Wire Stolen From Border Fence And Used For Home Security | Wendy Fry
Mar 19, 2019 • 9 min
Last November, concertina wire — or razor wire — was installed to address fears that large crowds of Central American migrants would force their way into the country. Thieves are now stealing that same material at night and using it in their homes or…
Cities Scrambling To Clean Up Curbside Recycling In Wake Of China Ban | Joshua Emerson Smith
Mar 18, 2019 • 13 min
Municipalities throughout the country, including in the San Diego region, are trying to salvage their recycling programs in the wake of China’s ban on certain plastics and papers. Officials have urged residents to fill their blue bins with only locally…
Border Dispatch: Dozens Of Migrants Breach Border Fence At Pacific Ocean | Tom Franklin
Mar 15, 2019 • 9 min
On Wednesday, photojournalist Tom Franklin captured video of two migrants slipping through the porous border fence in Playas, where a section of the lattice fencing had been pulled back. Franklin went back to the fence Thursday to see if it had been…
Beach Community Parking Lots Become Shelter For Homeless People With Vehicles | Peter Rowe
Mar 14, 2019 • 13 min
Homeless people may now sleep in their vehicles, a legal change that has caused some frustration in San Diego’s beach communities.
San Diego Families, Colleges Linked To The College Admissions Scandal | Gary Robbins
Mar 13, 2019 • 13 min
A massive investigation into a college admissions bribery scheme for the wealthy has ensnared a former University of San Diego sports coach who allegedly took kickbacks and parents of two local families accused of paying $875,000 total to get sons and…
Scripps Backs Law Increasing Penalties For People Who Assault Health Care Workers | Paul Sisson
Mar 12, 2019 • 11 min
On Jan. 31, state Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez, D-Pomona, introduced Assembly Bill 329. The legislation mandates up to one year of jail time and up to $2,000 in fines for anyone who assaults or batters a health care worker inside a hospital. Current law…
What Last Year’s Homicides Tell Us About San Diego | Teri Figueroa
Mar 11, 2019 • 16 min
Every year, the San Diego Union-Tribune totals the number of homicides in the county. Last year, there were 86 deaths, which is a 13 percent increase from last year. Shootings were the most common cause of death, followed by domestic violence.
Documents Show Attorneys, Journalists And Advocates Monitored By Border Officials | Kate Morrissey
Mar 8, 2019 • 9 min
Documents published Wednesday indicate that the federal government has monitored a group of journalists, attorneys, advocates and activists who interacted with a migrant caravan that arrived in Tijuana late last year. NBC7 in San Diego published leaked…
San Diego Scientists Believe They’ve Discovered A New Species Of Killer Whales | Gary Robbins
Mar 7, 2019 • 13 min
San Diego scientist who led an expedition into dangerous waters off Chile collected tissue samples that could prove the existence of a graceful new species of killer whale, ending decades of mystery. Robert Pitman of NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science…
How Freedom Of Information Laws Keep Governments Accountable | Lauryn Schroeder
Mar 6, 2019 • 11 min
The San Diego Union-Tribune is one of the many news organizations that participates in Sunshine Week, which will begin next week. Here’s a preview of what is coming.
Squatters? In My Neighborhood? It’s More Common Than You Think | Peter Rowe
Mar 5, 2019 • 15 min
After two years working and living in Germany, Carrie and Scott Packard were itching to move back into their four-bed, two-bath Carlsbad home. They just couldn’t wait. But they had to. Their tenants, a young professional couple, had trashed the house.…
Federal Firearms Agents Target Jeweler And Sheriff’s Captain In Raids | Jeff McDonald
Mar 4, 2019 • 7 min
The affidavits filed by federal agents to secure search warrants for San Diego jeweler Leo Hamel and others have been sealed by a judge, along with any inventory of what was seized earlier this month. But court records show that Hamel and his former wife…
SDSU West Is Starting To Take Shape | Jennifer Van Grove
Mar 1, 2019 • 13 min
The city of San Diego and San Diego State University have signaled that they are serious about making a deal on the Mission Valley property where the university plans to build a new football stadium and a satellite campus. Friday, the city and the…
Border Dispatch: Funding The Wall Could Cut San Diego’s Military Funds | Andrew Dyer & Charles Clark
Feb 28, 2019 • 15 min
While the president’s former attorney Michael Cohen made headlines testifying before Congress Wednesday, a few senior defense officials were grilled in the same building at another Congressional hearing on military issues that could affect San Diego…
Border Dispatch: A Tijuana Woman Was Found Buried In Her Own Backyard | Wendy Fry
Feb 27, 2019 • 11 min
Already, three terrible long weeks had passed without answers and the family of Fernanda González Serrano could not let another day go by without the truth. González, 32, who grew up in San Diego and Tijuana, was dedicated to her family and would never…
Once Convicted Of Murder, A Carlsbad Man Is Now Free And A Millionaire | Pam Kragen
Feb 26, 2019 • 11 min
On Nov. 11, 1978, Simi Valley police arrested restaurant manager Craig Coley for the murder of his girlfriend and her 4-year-old son. Despite a solid alibi, no criminal record, questionable evidence and a public outcry over his innocence, Coley was…
Judge Rules That Selective Service Is Unconstitutional For Not Including Women | Andrew Dyer
Feb 25, 2019 • 10 min
A federal judge has ruled that a men-only draft is unconstitutional, but he stopped short of ordering the Selective Service System to register women for military service. The Houston judge sided with a San Diego men’s advocacy group that challenged the…
What’s Being Done To Prevent Trains From Falling Off Of The Del Mar Bluffs | Phil Diehl
Feb 22, 2019 • 7 min
The beautiful view taking the Coaster north from San Diego through Del Mar hides a scary truth: the ground underneath the train tracks is slowly eroding. A combination of ocean waves, erosion from precipitation and from people walking near the tracks has…
Your Energy Bill Is Going To Change This Year. Here’s How | Rob Nikolewski
Feb 21, 2019 • 9 min
Time is money. And for San Diego Gas & Electric customers, the time of day and night you use electricity will soon cost — or save — you money. As per directives from the Legislature and the California Public Utilities Commission, SDG&E will become the…
Padres Stunningly Reshape Expectations With Historic Manny Machado Deal | Bryce Miller / Peter Rowe
Feb 20, 2019 • 15 min
The Padres did far more than change the narrative for a team and a city when news leaked about the drying contract ink on infielder Manny Machado’s reported $300 million deal. The 26-year-old Machado agreed to that deal Tuesday and Wednesday in San Diego…
Tribe Opens A Dispensary In Santa Ysabel, Exposing Legal Loophole | J. Harry Jones
Feb 19, 2019 • 8 min
The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel last month opened a marijuana dispensary inside what once was the tribe’s casino off state Route 79 south of Lake Henshaw. It was the first tribe in the county to enter the lucrative marijuana business. Other local tribes…
Dream House Raffle Commits To Actually Give Away Scripps Ranch House | Phillip Molnar
Feb 18, 2019 • 13 min
The Dream House Raffle will actually give away a dream house this year. Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego’s annual contest guarantees that the winner will receive a Scripps Ranch mansion, or a cash prize instead, unlike past years in which no…
Sempra’s Big Bet On This New Form Of Energy | Rob Nikolewski
Feb 15, 2019 • 10 min
Through a technology that is more than 50 years old, natural gas is cooled to minus-260 degrees Fahrenheit. The liquefied gas looks like mineral water and its volume is reduced by about 600 percent. LNG experts use an analogy that the same amount of…
North County Heals, Reflects On The Kidnapping And Murder Of Amber Dubois | Teri Figueroa
Feb 14, 2019 • 14 min
Every February for years, Carrie Cave — formerly Carrie McGonigle — would drive to a remote spot north of Escondido, where her daughter Amber Dubois died, to decorate a large tree with ribbons and lights. This year, a decade after Amber disappeared —…
Plan For Paid Parking, Development At Balboa Park Killed | Jennifer Van Grove
Feb 13, 2019 • 10 min
With fundraising efforts officially suspended, the city of San Diego’s years-long — and hotly contested — effort to replace roads in Balboa Park with pedestrian-friendly parkland is now a no-go. The Plaza de Panama project, as it’s called, sought to…
Border Dispatch: Secondary Screening And New Caravans | Kate Morrissey & Sandra Dibble
Feb 12, 2019 • 15 min
A group of activists, volunteers and journalists have had a hard time crossing into Mexico recently. Many have found their passports flagged, and are sent to secondary screening, where many have been interrogated about what is going on with the members of…
How International Students Are Helping UCSD Pay The Bills | Gary Robbins
Feb 11, 2019 • 13 min
In the past decade, the number of international students has soared by almost 7,200 and now accounts for almost 25 percent of the school’s enrollment. The figure was 6 percent in 2008. Reeling from reduced state funding, UC San Diego decided to heavily…
Poway Offers To Help Homeowners Build Granny Flats | J Harry Jones
Feb 8, 2019 • 8 min
Poway’s leadership has decided to explore a concept proposed by its mayor that could lead to the city building and paying for granny flats in the backyards of residents. Under the proposal, offered as a small solution to the affordable housing crisis,…
Stunning End To Zahau Case As Family Settles, Wipes Out Jury Finding | Greg Moran
Feb 7, 2019 • 11 min
In a surprise move, the $5.1 million judgment and jury finding that blamed Adam Shacknai for the death of Rebecca Zahau in a Coronado mansion eight years ago was wiped out and the entire case dismissed after the family of the deceased woman reached a…
San Diegans Can Now Live In Their Cars, Which Is A Big Win For The Homeless | David Garrick
Feb 6, 2019 • 8 min
San Diego City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to repeal a 35-year-old law that has made it illegal for people to live inside vehicles. Supporters of the repeal say they hope it will be a key step toward ending the local criminalization of…
California Released A List Of Low-Performing Schools, Here’s Why | Kristen Taketa
Feb 5, 2019 • 11 min
California for the first time released a list of its lowest-performing 8 percent of public schools in the state, but some experts are skeptical that education leaders will use this new information and related funding to effectively improve those schools.…
More Questionable Spending From Alpine Rep. Duncan Hunter | Morgan Cook
Feb 4, 2019 • 9 min
It’s been a rough few months for Alpine Congressman Duncan Hunter. Last year, he was indicted on 60 of counts of misspending campaign funds, charges he and his wife Margaret have pleaded not guilty to. He’s says prosecutors are on a witch hunt. In the…
There’s another Donald Trump Jr. — Tijuana’s Mayor | Wendy Fry
Feb 1, 2019 • 11 min
He’s called migrants criminals. He’s worn a MTGA hat (Make Tijauna Great Again). And he’s running for reelection. The U-T’s Daniel Wheaton interviews reporter Wendy Fry about Juan Manuel Gastelúm.
Border Dispatch: How Meth Is Staining Tijuana In Blood | Gary Coronado & Kate Linthicum
Jan 31, 2019 • 31 min
It seemed like everyone in Christian Castillo’s life was getting killed or running from death. Two neighbors on his block were gunned down, along with the taco vendor at the end of the street. Then came a childhood friend of Castillo’s mother who had…
Businesses Get Their Revenge On Dockless Bikes And Scooters With This Startup
Jan 30, 2019 • 8 min
As scooters continue to colonize San Diego’s streets — blocking parking garages, walkways and encroaching onto private property — locals are beginning to fight back. While some residents have resorted to vandalism (tossing scooters into dumpsters and…
Remembering San Diego’s First School Shooting 40 Years Ago
Jan 29, 2019 • 12 min
In 1979, Brenda Spencer shot into a group of schoolchildren attending the Cleveland Elementary School in San Carlos. She fired 36 rounds. Eleven hit their mark — eight children and three adults. Read the story:…
San Diego renews investment in public libraries
Jan 28, 2019 • 8 min
There’s plenty of fun you can have with a library card — and it’s not just books. Public libraries have become more like community centers, and San Diego will have two new libraries by the end of the year. The U-T’s Daniel Wheaton interviews Peter Rowe…
The annual homeless census happened early this morning, here’s what’s new
Jan 25, 2019 • 14 min
A small army of volunteers surveyed homeless people in San Diego County in the early morning hours. Reporters Gary Warth and Paul Sission discuss what they saw during the annual point-in-time count.
The Farmers Insurance Open Started Today, Here’s What You Need To Know
Jan 24, 2019 • 12 min
Golf legend Tiger Woods became the star of the show again as the Farmers Insurance Open started Thursday morning. The U-T’s Daniel Wheaton speaks with Tod Leonard about the tournament and who we should look out for as it continues through the weekend.
Is The Chancellor Of UC San Diego A Bully?
Jan 23, 2019 • 10 min
He’s overseen $2.5 billion in new buildings in the past five years. Another $4 billion or so are in the works. Private donations are at an all-time high. So is enrollment, which hit nearly 39,000 last fall. “Pradeep Khosla is the best chancellor UC San…
Border Dispatch: Is Tijuana Prepared For The Next Caravan?
Jan 22, 2019 • 8 min
With a new caravan on the way, Tijuana government officials have not given much thought to avoiding the chaos that arrived in November with 6,000 Central American migrants.…
National crackdown on opioids has a side effect: harming legitimate chronic pain patients
Jan 21, 2019 • 16 min
An estimated 25 million Americans live with chronic pain, and those on opioids have become a liability that many doctors would rather not deal with altogether. Doctors are being scrutinized more than ever for their prescribing practices. There is…
When Storefronts Are Shelter: How San Diego’s Homeless Have Been Dealing With The Rain
Jan 18, 2019 • 9 min
San Diego’s wet weather has been hard on homeless people, and many have sought shelter in storefronts overnight. Reporter Peter Rowe spoke to the homeless that slept in storefronts this week, and the business owners as well. ———— Check out this video of…
Pedestrian deaths spiked in 2018. Here’s what San Diego is doing about it.
Jan 17, 2019 • 10 min
Mayor Kevin Faulconer surprised pedestrian safety advocates Tuesday when he announced plans to improve hundreds of dangerous intersections throughout the city in the next few years. “Seniors, students and pedestrians should be able to use a crosswalk…
Faulconer calls for aggressive development to fight homelessness and create affordable housing
Jan 16, 2019 • 14 min
Solving San Diego’s housing crisis with an overhaul of city bureaucracy, expanding efforts to reduce homelessness and making the city a national leader on the environment are among Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s priorities for 2019. Faulconer used his annual…
Why The San Diego Safari Park Euthanized A Baby Giraffe
Jan 15, 2019 • 6 min
A 5-month-old male giraffe born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was euthanized near the end of December after being gored in the stomach, likely by an antelope, said zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons. The giraffe, named Kumi, was born Aug. 6, 2018. He…
Border Dispatch: Breaking Down Facts On The Border Wall
Jan 14, 2019 • 12 min
In President Donald Trump’s public push for $5.7 billion to extend existing border fencing by 215 miles, he has painted a dire picture filled with deadly drugs, violent criminals and bloodshed. Meanwhile, congressional Democrats argue the border crisis…
Navy Base Eyed For New Airport Transit Center
Jan 11, 2019 • 15 min
Doubling down on a mission to connect public transportation to the airport, San Diego’s mayor and the county’s transit chief have landed on a 71-acre, airport- and freeway-adjacent site that they see as the region’s utopian transit hub of tomorrow.…
Stealing Home? Tony Gwynn’s Former Poway Home Occupied by Someone Squatting in Style
Jan 10, 2019 • 10 min
Members of an upscale Poway neighborhood have been keeping a close eye on the former home of the late San Diego Padres great, Tony Gwynn. For several months, a man has been living the 6-bedroom home, even though the house is owned by an out-of-state bank.…
Border Dispatch: The Politics of the Wall, the Border and the Shutdown
Jan 9, 2019 • 9 min
President Donald Trump addressed the nation in a primetime address Tuesday night, calling for immediate construction of a border wall. The speech came amid an ongoing government shutdown, with Congressional Democrats opposing any funding that includes…
Border Dispatch: Can Trump make the military build the wall? The answer is maybe.
Jan 8, 2019 • 11 min
As the government shutdown enters its third week, President Donald Trump has changed his strategy for getting funding for the border wall. The administration has been arguing that the crisis at the border is a national emergency and he could use military…
More Problems At The San Onofre Nuclear Plant
Jan 8, 2019 • 8 min
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will question representatives of Holtec International on Jan. 9 about canisters the New Jersey-based company manfactured to store spent nuclear fuel at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS). The…
Border Dispatch: New Mexican President, New “Free Zone” at Border
Jan 7, 2019 • 11 min
Mexico’s new, left-wing populist president is ringing in the new year with a dramatic economic plan for border communities aimed at attracting new investments and creating jobs that could potentially curb the influx of migrants into the United States.…
Law Requires Police To Record People’s Demographics Without Asking
Jan 4, 2019 • 9 min
For months, San Diego Police Department and other large law enforcement agencies have been making assumptions about sexual orientation, gender and other characteristics of the people they stop as part of a state-wide, legally-mandated data collection…
Trump’s Trade War Contributes To Commercial Boom For Tijuana
Jan 3, 2019 • 10 min
Trump’s trade war contributes to commercial boom for Tijuana, as companies seek to leave China and its rising tariffs.
Here’s What To Look Forward To In The Arts This Year
Jan 2, 2019 • 8 min
Anew year is a time for new beginnings, and this year, there’s a whole lot of “new” headed our way. Our hometown orchestra, the San Diego Symphony, is welcoming its new music director, Rafael Payare. Best-selling author Don Winslow has a new book, “The…
19 Things To Look Out For In 2019
Dec 28, 2018 • 13 min
Every new year is an unfolding drama, and like most plays, sometimes what happens we see coming, and sometimes we don’t. The issues, events and people that seem destined for center stage during the next 12 months will shape how San Diego County looks, how…
Looking Back At The San Diego Union - Tribune’s 150th Year
Dec 27, 2018 • 10 min
2018 has been a special year for the San Diego Union-Tribune — On October eighteenth 1868, the San Diego Union published its first edition. Since then, the Union, and the Evening Tribune, chronicled the history of San Diego. In celebration of the paper’s…
Longtime Hotel del Coronado elevator operator likes taking guests for a ride
Dec 26, 2018 • 7 min
Everyone has ups and downs at work. Andrew Lounsbury’s are intentional. For 39 years, he’s been an elevator operator at the Hotel del Coronado, a throwback job in a throwback place. The hotel dates to 1888, and so does the elevator. The technology was so…
Border Dispatch: Life Inside El Barretal
Dec 24, 2018 • 9 min
It’s been nearly a month since the migrant caravan landed in Tijuana, and now migrants have forged their own community in the second shelter, El Barretal.
Border Dispatch: Chef José Andrés Leads Effort To Feed Central American Migrants In Tijuana
Dec 21, 2018 • 8 min
Chef José Andrés and his team of volunteers from World Central Kitchen are in Tijuana feeding members of the Central American caravan.
Border Dispatch: What The Central American Migrants Want
Dec 20, 2018 • 7 min
Today, about 170 families make up the nearly 2,500 migrants who occupy the El Barretal shelter. A dozen parents living there shared their stories of traveling north and what they hope their journey will mean for their children’s future.…
Sweetwater Union High School District to be audited over potential fraud
Dec 19, 2018 • 8 min
The San Diego County Office of Education will order an audit of the Sweetwater Union High School District to find out whether the district committed financial fraud or misappropriation of funds. The county office announced the action less than an hour…
Border Dispatch: This San Diegan Found Two Deaf Women In The Caravan, Now She’s Their Advocate
Dec 18, 2018 • 11 min
Amy Tillman wanted to help members of the migrant caravan, but happenstance brought her to two deaf Hondurans —Paola Martinez and Iris Hernandez. While American Sign Language isn’t the same as Honduran Sign Language, there’s enough crossover that Tillman…
Border Disptach: The Politics of the Caravan and the Wall
Dec 17, 2018 • 9 min
As the migrant caravan has gained national attention, President Donald Trump has claimed that terrorists are crossing the border — aiming to bolster support for a border wall. The Union-Tribune’s Daniel Wheaton interviews political columnist Micheal…
Border Dispatch: Meet Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, Who Wants The U.S. To Pay For Hondurans To Return Home
Dec 14, 2018 • 9 min
Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, the unofficial spokesperson of a group of Honduran migrants who caused an uproar by suggesting the U.S. pay $50,000 to each person who returns home, hasn’t set foot in Honduras in more than three decades. He left his birthplace in…
Border Dispatch: For Americans Commuting from Tijuana, it Takes Patience, Ingenuity
Dec 13, 2018 • 10 min
Thousands of Americans live cross-border lives, where they live in Mexico but work in the United States. Reporter Phil Molnar discusses the trends, as well as how current events have affected the lives of these binational Americans.
Border Dispatch: 32 Faith Leaders Arrested in Border Demonstration
Dec 12, 2018 • 12 min
More than 30 people, mostly faith leaders, were arrested Monday as part of a peaceful demonstration in which some participants purposefully resisted officials’ orders to move away from the border barrier. Between 300 and 400 people, many faith and…
Border Dispatch: San Diego, Mexico Work To Avert Health Crisis At Migrant Camps
Dec 11, 2018 • 11 min
As the caravan of asylum seekers approached the border, many in Mexico and the United States worried that such a large group would increase the odds of a public health crisis.…
A Decade Later, A San Diego Neighborhood Is Still Reeling From A Tragic Plane Crash
Dec 10, 2018 • 12 min
A troubled engine downed a plane over a residential San Diego neighborhood in 2008, forcing the military to reevaluate how it keeps pilots and civilians safe.…
Border Dispatch: Turmoil At The Border Concerns Families Whose Children Cross Daily For School
Dec 7, 2018 • 8 min
Border Dispatch: Convinced that an American education in English is key to a prosperous future, many children who are U.S. citizens and living in Mexico cross the border daily to go to public and private schools in San Diego County.…
Border Dispatch: Teenage Caravan Members Traveled Fled Gangs, Abusive Families
Dec 6, 2018 • 9 min
Border Dispatch: Teenage caravan members tell of threats from gang members, abusive families, preferred taking to the road than staying in their countries.
Border Dispatch: Some Residents In Tijuana Neighborhood Wary Of Migrant Newcomers
Dec 5, 2018 • 7 min
Border Dispatch: Residents of a working-class neighborhood in the outskirts of Tijuana are wary of their new neighbors – a group of 2,300 Central American migrants sleeping in a makeshift shelter.…
Family Seeking Return Of Nazi-looted Masterpiece Gets New Day In Court
Dec 4, 2018 • 9 min
The Cassirers have been trying for almost 20 years to get back a Pissarro painting that even the museum holding it admits was taken by the Nazis in 1939. A trial next week will explore what the museum knew, and when.…
Border Dispatch: Americans Canceling Visits To Baja Tourist Spots Amid Migrant Crisis
Dec 3, 2018 • 11 min
Tourist destinations in Baja California, from hotels and restaurants to medical and dental offices, complain of lost business since the arrival of Central American asylum-seekers.…
Border Dispatch: Who’s Leading The Caravan?
Dec 1, 2018 • 37 min
A “Border Dispatch” edition of San Diego News Fix: Many of the migrants came to the U.S.-Mexico border to seek asylum, but not everyone knows how. Getting accurate and useful information to a group of more than 5,000 people can be challenging, and the…
What San Diegans Can Do To Help Migrants Stuck In Tijuana
Nov 29, 2018 • 8 min
A slow moving humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Tijuana, as shelters are full and thousands of migrants are sleeping on the streets. San Diegans have been stepping into help. The U-T’s Daniel Wheaton interviews Peter Rowe about who is helping, and what…
The Migrant Caravan Clashes With Border Officials
Nov 28, 2018 • 11 min
This weekend saw clashes between members of the migrant caravan and border officials, as some tried to storm the border in order to claim asylum in the U.S. As the migrant caravan settles in Tijuana, many questions remain. The U-T’s Daniel Wheaton…
California’s Fiery Future
Nov 27, 2018 • 13 min
Reporter Joshua Emerson Smith continues his conversation about the realities facing California as climate change creates more potential for blazes.
Can California Log Its Way Out Of Wildfires?
Nov 26, 2018 • 9 min
After the Camp Fire obliterated the town of Paradise this month in California’s most horrific wildfire to date, everyone from President Trump to Gov. Jerry Brown raised concerns about the state’s overgrown and drought-stricken forests. Both…
The Next Line Of Defense Against Package Thieves? Doorbell Cameras
Nov 23, 2018 • 7 min
he video is crystal clear: A woman hops off her bicycle, runs up to the house and grabs the box off the porch. In a flash, she dashes back to the sidewalk, tosses the package into the front basket of her accomplice’s bicycle and they pedal off. Making a…
What San Diego’s Homeless Have To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving
Nov 22, 2018 • 10 min
Since last year’s hepatitis A outbreak, San Diego has been more aggressive in tackling the region’s homeless problem. Gary Warth, who covers homelessness for the Union-Tribune, speaks about what has changed over the past year, and how Thanksgiving is…
No Black Friday chaos? No problem for top malls
Nov 21, 2018 • 10 min
A number of shopping trends are converging to create quite the holiday oxymoron: Retail optimism despite major store closings and noticeably thinner crowds at malls on historically high foot-traffic days. For the holiday shopping season between November…
Crisis In The Pews: San Diego Catholics Shaken By Revelations Of Abuse, Cover-ups
Nov 20, 2018 • 17 min
When San Diego’s Catholic Bishop held a series of “listening sessions” at parishes around the diocese, he knew he’d hear from Catholics who were upset about the ongoing revelations of priestly sexual abuse. Still, Bishop McElroy was probably unprepared…
Some Giraffe Populations Critically Endangered, While Others Recover
Nov 19, 2018 • 8 min
Giraffes, once plentiful throughout Africa, have plummeted close to extinction in some regions. In others, populations of the graceful treetop browsers actually have grown through conservation efforts.…
Tijuana Braces For The Migrant Caravan
Nov 16, 2018 • 9 min
Carrying blankets and backpacks, a group of 356 Central American migrants arrived in Tijuana this week, joining dozens of other arrivals from a large caravan that has been making its way to the U.S. border. But even as authorities scrambled to find bed…
Climate contrarian uncovers scientific error, upends major ocean warming study
Nov 15, 2018 • 12 min
Researchers with UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Princeton University recently walked back scientific findings published last month that showed oceans have been heating up dramatically faster than previously thought as a result of…
Trump claims wildfires are caused by bad forest management, but the truth is more complicated
Nov 14, 2018 • 9 min
California’s recent spate of devastating conflagrations have little, if anything, to do with overgrown forests — and everything to do with climate change, drought and harsh weather conditions, according to forestry experts.…
Petco promises to pull food with artificial ingredients from shelves
Nov 13, 2018 • 8 min
San Diego-based pet retailer Petco pledged Tuesday to stop selling all dog and cat food items containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives by May, throwing out millions in annual sales in the process. The decision, spearheaded by new CEO Ron…
Bitcointopia: The Tech Utopia That Never Was
Nov 12, 2018 • 10 min
barren stretch of high desert in the northeast corner of Nevada is where Bitcointopia would rise. Residents would live in homes built by 3D printers, or in shipping containers. A police force would be aided by R2D2-like drones. Driverless buses would…
Coronado remembers Justin Meek, who died at the Thousand Oaks shooting
Nov 9, 2018 • 8 min
When a gunman shot up a Thousand Oaks bar packed with college students late Wednesday night, 23-year-old Justin Meek was among those killed. He died trying to save others, a family member said. Meek, a 2014 graduate of Coronado High School, was at the bar…
San Diego’s City Races: A Democratic Supermajority in the City Council and Measure YY
Nov 8, 2018 • 16 min
San Diegans elected a Democratic supermajority to the City Council, and approved a billion dollar school bond to San Diego Unified School District. The UT’s Daniel Wheaton speaks with reporters David Garrick and Kristen Taketa about what’s next after the…
What San Diegans Should Take Away From The Midterms
Nov 7, 2018 • 16 min
The 2018 midterm elections are set to begin a new phase in the Trump presidency, with a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. San Diegans elected Mike Levin to replace Darrell Issa. The U-T’s Daniel Wheaton interviews reporters Lori Weisberg and…
What you need to know about today’s election
Nov 6, 2018 • 11 min
San Diego County voters may play a role in determining the balance of power in the U.S. House of Representatives. The U-T’s Daniel Wheaton interviews political columnist Michael Smolens about what’s at stake during Tuesday’s election.
Big Changes Coming To Seaport Village
Nov 5, 2018 • 15 min
San Diegans would be forgiven, perhaps even applauded, for avoiding Seaport Village. Aside from the view, the 38 year-old waterfront property’s best pitch to consumers involves chain restaurants and trinket shops, seemingly only securing the approbation…
As The Midterms Near, The Union-Tribune Asks, Who Are San Diego’s Voters?
Nov 2, 2018 • 14 min
As the midterm elections near, reporters and editors at the Union-Tribune have been asking this questions: Who are we as voters? San Diego County has usually been a political anomaly. There are way more Democrats than Republicans, yet the city boasts a…
Ammar Campa-Najjar’s Complex Family History Spans Continents And Generations Of Middle East Strife
Nov 1, 2018 • 16 min
Over the past month, caught in the most competitive race of his political career and with his family dynasty hanging in the balance, Rep. Duncan Hunter embraced a campaign strategy that has been viewed as controversial to say the least. In addition to…