The EVRYMAN Podcast

The EVRYMAN Podcast
The Secret Lives of Men
Episode: 081 “The mask we live in”
Apr 11 • 71 min
“This journey of trying to figure out what it means to be a man in a home where your the man of the house. I’m the oldest male, and all of these responsibilities are put on my back, to help raise my sisters and brothers. At seven years old my…
080: Cherie Healey
Apr 5 • 76 min
A Reunion for Women and Men
Episode: 079 Honoring Difference with Mike Sagun
Mar 27 • 52 min
‘When I enter these spaces where we are doing mens work, I find that I’m usually the only man of color. And I’m usually the only openly gay man.’ On this week’s episode Dan sits down with Evryman team member Mike Sagun. Mike is the…
Episode: 078 The Loneliness Episode
Mar 15 • 34 min
“If you open up and actually be yourself, your not only going to be accepted and seen. It’s going to power you through all of the tough shit your going through. It’s going to power you towards the things you actually want and who you actually…
077: Daniel Stillman
Feb 28 • 70 min
“You can use philosophy to stop feeling but that’s a heavy burden.” This week’s conversation is with Daniel Stillman, who actually designs conversations for a living. Daniel is brother to Matt Stillman, a long time friend of Dan’s and a…
Episode: 076 Dr. Cory Ostroot
Feb 21 • 63 min
“Sometimes there is just shit you can’t talk about. Our bodies are literally trying to protect us. When you’ve had some traumatic experience and you don’t know how to talk about it, breathwork can move you through some heavy shit so you can…
075: Veteran Integration Expedition
Feb 14 • 97 min
“Feel what you’re feeling. Feel it all the way. And speak from your experience.” On this episode Dan checks in with Aaron Blaine and the men who participated in the first Evryman Veteran’s Integration Expedition. The expedition was a coming…
074: Timothy Wenger
Feb 6 • 63 min
On this week’s episode we are asking the question: If you had to describe what it means to be a man in one word, what would it be? Our guest this week, Timothy Wenger is a Photographer/Blogger who created the digital project The Man Effect. Timothy…
073: Herb Stevenson
Jan 30 • 37 min
“How old do you have to be before you give yourself permission to be who you fully are? Not who you’ve been told you are, but who you really are.” This week’s guest Herb Stevenson is an author, management consultant and executive coach with…
072: Aaron Blaine
Jan 23 • 81 min
A quote from Terry Real: “To be a great marani (warrior), when the moment calls for fierceness, nobody fucks with you. And when the moment calls for tenderness, you are not tender. You are very, very tender. And a great marani knows which is which.”…
071: Sean McCormick
Jan 16 • 85 min
Find Evryman on: Website | Facebook | Instagram This week’s episode starts off with a challenge: Are you willing to ask for help? As men we can fall into the trap of thinking we are islands, alone, isolated. But we are not wired to…
070: Life and Death with Chris Eberhart
Jan 3 • 66 min
What if you were told that you only have six months to live? What would be important? What would you do? Chris Eberhart was told just that this year. His insight my be something to take to heart, because in the end we are all terminal, just without a…
069: A Sex Journal with Caleb and Levina
Dec 18, 2018 • 65 min
Find Evryman: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Caleb Spaulding and Levina Li are dating. They met in Brooklyn early this year because Caleb’s men’s group was meeting in Levina’s home. They quickly recognized that they were each other’s…
068: Chip Conley of AirBnB and author of Wisdom at Work
Nov 8, 2018 • 48 min
Chip Conley is the author of the book Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder. He is also the founder of the Modern Elder Academy, and through these elements he is redefining midlife and making aging aspirational. After creating,…
067: Mark Divine of Unbeatable Mind
Nov 2, 2018 • 51 min
Mark Divine is a badass at the highest level possible. He retired as Commander in the Navy Seals, and therefore checks all the boxes for traditional manliness. But it doesn’t stop there. Mark is an incredibly well rounded man who pays attention to the…
066: Travis Shakespeare, Director of PLAYING WITH FIRE
Oct 8, 2018 • 89 min
Find Evryman at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter “Now I call this the day that I became a man.” Our guest this week is Travis Shakespeare, friend and mentor to host Dan Doty. He is the Director and Executive…
065: Ben Nemtin, Co-Founder of the Buried Life
Sep 21, 2018 • 64 min
Find Evryman at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter “Life is a finite thing, it’s not going to last forever. What are you going to do with it?” Our guest this week is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before…
064: Chase Jarvis of Creative Live
Sep 11, 2018 • 56 min
Find Evryman at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter This week’s guest has been everywhere. From being a guest at Obama’s White House to Buckingham Palace, he has shared his creativity with the world everywhere he’s went. Chase Jarvis is an…
063: Tom, Mike, and Dan Post Hunt
Sep 5, 2018 • 78 min
Find Evryman at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter “That’s the entire point of Evryman, you don’t gotta be just one thing.” - Dan Doty This episode takes place out in the hills in Central California after a deer hunting trip. Deer hunting…
062: Sam Morris of Zen Warrior Training
Aug 28, 2018 • 65 min
Find Evryman at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Today’s guest is Sam Morris. He is the founder of Zen Warrior Training, a personal and business development program for high performers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Borrowing…
061: MagaMama Founder Kimberly Johnson
Aug 15, 2018 • 79 min
Find Evryman on: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter When asked what one thing would she like men to know, author Kimberly Johnson shared “…your arousal is not a problem.” Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic…
060: Boysen Hodgson of the ManKind Project
Aug 8, 2018 • 61 min
Can you look into the eyes of another man and not be afraid?
059: Why Emotions Are Important with Dan Doty
Jul 31, 2018 • 35 min
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter “Are we willing to do the hard thing that will have the bigger benefit in the long run?” - Dan Doty This week we’re mixing it up! We are experimenting with a new style of podcast. We’re still going to have…
058: Chinese Medicine Practitioner Justin Ehrlich
Jul 17, 2018 • 80 min
What does the world need from men? Any clue? You are in luck, Dan Doty’s TEDx Talk is now live and available on YouTube. The role of men in our society, as well as what we are asking of men, is shifting. We strongly urge you to take the 13 minutes to…
057: Brendan Leonard of
Jul 10, 2018 • 61 min
We’re back after a week off! Evryman wrapped up their June expedition in Yellowstone National Park and it was incredible. We’re heading back to Yellowstone in August. But this one is different. We’ll explain more towards the bottom of this post. This…
056: Sanyika The Firestarter
Jun 26, 2018 • 71 min
This week’s guest is a powerful one. Sanyika The Firestarter sits down with Dan at his new California home. Sanyika is a keynote speaker, storytelling expert, and performing artist. He speaks, performs, and inspires people around the world by teaching…
055: MenAlive Founder and Director Jed Diamond
Jun 19, 2018 • 66 min
This week Dan chats with an esteemed guest. Jed Diamond the Founder and Director of MenAlive, a health program that helps men, and the women who love them, to live well throughout their lives. He is a licensed psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in…
054: Montana Roots Founder Sam Mascari
Jun 12, 2018 • 72 min
What is the American Dream? Is it being a race car driver or living a wealthy life where you don’t work? Or is it modified from perspective to perspective? “There’s so many simple ways of simple living, that make so much sense, and also increase your…
053: Long time friend Kris Karuna
Jun 5, 2018 • 65 min
“What does it mean to be a man in today’s day and age?” Kris Karuna met Dan almost six years ago at a men’s group in New York City. Now he sits down with Dan shortly after the recent Joshua Tree retreat in California and their conversation revolves…
052: Two-Time World Record Holder Colin O’Brady
May 29, 2018 • 54 min
Through exploration and adventure, Colin O’Brady embodies what it means to overcome obstacles, test limits, dream big, set goals, and never give up. His inspirational path showcases making the impossible, possible. Becoming a two-time world record…
051: Aaron Blaine of Evryman
May 22, 2018 • 44 min
One month from now Evyrman will be hosting the Yellowstone Expedition. This week Aaron and Dan did a little scouting of the area for the expedition. They decided to make a stop along the Gallatin River and do an impromptu episode. To hype up the…
050: Michael Hebb of
May 15, 2018 • 48 min
This week’s guest has a bit of history. Michael Hebb, founder of,,, and The Living Wake, joins Dan this week to talk about the upcoming Women Teach Men event and…
049: My father Blayne Doty
May 8, 2018 • 58 min
This week is a huge episode for Evryman. Coming off the last retreat Dan sits down with his own father, Blayne Doty. They talk about Dan’s expectations of having his dad come to a retreat, how Blayne has grown as a father, a grandfather, and a person…
048: Marc Champagne, co-founder of KYŌ
May 1, 2018 • 52 min
Welcome, to the first half and half podcast. This episode is with Marc Champagne, co-founder KYŌ. “Everything that we do with KYŌ is all about appreciating today, getting the most out of the present moment, and helping people slow down a bit.” -…
047: Suzanne Tucker, Founder of Generation Mindful
Apr 24, 2018 • 63 min
For over two decades Suzanne Tucker has been teaching mindful parenting classes. Her life’s purpose is to change the way our society nurtures, educates, and disciplines children, helping families and classrooms connect by adopting evidence-based,…
046: Matthew Stillman, Co-Founder of Primal Derma
Apr 10, 2018 • 55 min
This week’s guest is life-long New Yorker, author, Comparative Literature degree holder Matthew Stillman. Among the long list of titles and accomplishments is Co-Founder. Matthew is the Co-Founder of Primal Derma, a skin care company that attempts to…
045: Owen Marcus and Aaron Blaine
Apr 3, 2018 • 64 min
This week’s episode is with three of the Evryman retreat facilitators. Owen Marcus and Aaron Blaine sit down with Dan the day after the Joshua Tree retreat wrapped up and they recap and share their thoughts on the retreat. If you are interested in…
044: Farhoud Meybodi of Wayfarer
Mar 28, 2018 • 69 min
Farhoud Meybodi, Head of Creative and Co-Owner of Wayfarer Entertainment sits down with Dan to discuss traditional masculinity, storytelling, unity, and so much more. Wayfarer is a media company creating a variety of productions. One of the…
043: Man-Coach Erin Brandt
Mar 20, 2018 • 83 min
This week on the Evryman Podcast Dan sits down with an interesting guest. Erin Brandt has been a “Man-Coach” for over nine years. Erin is on a mission to work with as many men’s groups as possible for 2018, around North America, by donation….
042: Actor, Director, Musician Josh Radnor
Mar 13, 2018 • 70 min
The Joshua Tree retreat just wrapped up last week. It was a successful weekend with over 50 participants. This episode Dan sits down with Josh Radnor (his new show Rise premieres Tuesday, March 13th) and they share their thoughts and perspective on…
041: Paul Churchill Host of the Recovery Elevator Podcast
Feb 27, 2018 • 77 min
Have you ever tried to make a New Year’s resolution or a life change but needed a way to hold yourself accountable? Having a tool to help you stay on track can be a huge advantage and Paul Churchill discovered just that. Paul moved to Granada, Spain…
040: Fred Kluth the Womb Shaman
Feb 20, 2018 • 67 min
Following the tragedy Florida suffered last week, Dan takes this opportunity in the introduction of this episode to express his thoughts on how we can help men and boys get better physically, mentally, and emotionally. “We all need each other.” Our…
039: Men’s Group Training Facilitator Brad Golphenee
Feb 13, 2018 • 67 min
Have you ever wanted an example of how all this works, what Evryman can help you with? Brad Golphenee is a seasoned veteran to men’s groups. He has been involved for over 10 years and has been a training facilitator for men and men’s groups for six…
038: 2017 Evryman MVP Sean Pringle
Feb 6, 2018 • 70 min
“Something’s got to change here.” Idling through life wasn’t cutting it and finding Evryman was a huge change for Sean Pringle. Discovering the Evryman Yellowstone Expedition was the first step and taking the leap was the next. Sean went to Montana to…
037: Former All-Pro NFL player Keith Mitchell
Jan 30, 2018 • 57 min
“After feeling that fear, I knew I couldn’t do this anymore.” Following an outstanding collegiate career at Texas A&M Keith Mitchell was not selected in the 1997 NFL draft. He was although signed by the New Orleans Saints and found early success….
036: Dan Harris of ABC News
Jan 23, 2018 • 55 min
In 2012 the National Health Interview Survey found that eight percent of American adults have meditated at least once. That’s 18 million people using a form of meditation to better themselves. Dan Harris joins us for this episode to dive deep into the…
035: Foster Mobley founder of FMG Leading
Jan 16, 2018 • 64 min
Waking up and seeing not one but two bald eagles during a Montana morning is definitely a treat from the universe. Foster Mobley describes that as experiencing life. From the early age of 15 Foster put his head down, forgot about playing, and ground…
034: Simon Isaacs from Fatherly
Jan 9, 2018 • 55 min
I bet you didn’t know that 80% of millennial men do as much or most of the grocery shopping in their household. The world is not what is used to be and massive changes are happening in real time. The juggernaut…
033: New Year 2018 with Lucas Krump
Jan 3, 2018 • 69 min
Happy New Year everyone! Lucas Krump is one of the three co-founders of Evryman. Lucas co-lead the first Evryman Expedition in Yellowstone and is a co-facilitator on our Open Source Retreats. On this episode we review and assess 2017…
032: Chris Hunt and Mike Ramirez
Dec 29, 2017 • 89 min
This episode is a smart tumble through what it means to be a man today. Mike Ramirez and Chris Hunt are good friends and workout buddies, and along with Co-host Aaron Blaine we get into what it means to be humble and real in the gym, whether…
031: Neurobiology of Emotion with Dr. David Rock
Dec 21, 2017 • 44 min
Dr David Rock is the Director of the NeuroLeadership Institute and has written several books, including Your Brain at Work, Quiet Leadership, and Coaching with the Brain in Mind. He blogs for several organizations including The…
30: The Glam Squad
Dec 13, 2017 • 76 min
A Bunch of Dudes in Brooklyn
029: Purpose Mapping with Craig Filek
Dec 1, 2017 • 58 min
Having purpose is an existential issue, without a sense of why we’re here we enter a tailspin of human confusion. When one’ purpose is understood, recognized, and tapped, life feels different and everything changes. Craig Filek is a mad…
028: What is a Men’s Group?
Nov 22, 2017 • 33 min
One of our fans reached out and said “I’m really into what you guys are doing, but I still have no idea what a men’s group actually is.” Well noted! On this episode, Owen Marcus and Dan Doty discuss what a men’s group actually is, in…
027: Tony Horton
Nov 16, 2017 • 62 min
Tony Horton is the creator of the massively popular fitness program P90X. On this episode he shares about some legitimate struggles growing up and how fitness, nutrition and overall health have been the bedrock of his success.
026: Shawn Helvey
Nov 2, 2017 • 47 min
Shawn Helvey is the founder of ManMade Mentors, a hybrid therapy and mentoring service that helps young men find their path. Shawn is something of a savant when it comes to connecting and guiding young guys, and in this episode he shares his personal…
025: Jason Mraz and Jon Marro
Oct 24, 2017 • 79 min
This episode was recorded the day after the Evryman Yellowstone retreat, held in September 2017. Jason and Jon were 2 of 12 guys that showed up to Montana to dive deep into themselves and nature, supported and shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of…
024: Alysse Doty #metoo
Oct 18, 2017 • 68 min
This episode is an intimate conversation with my amazing wife Alysse Doty. She boldly and courageously shares her experience with sexual abuse, assault and rape, and how it has affected her life up until this day.
023: John Wineland
Oct 11, 2017 • 71 min
John Wineland offers a spectrum of events for both men and women, including the year long Men’s Embodied Leadership Training. You can find more info on these events and some amazing written and video content at
022: Scott Harrison of Charity: Water
Oct 3, 2017 • 90 min
The Prodigal Son
021: Wayne Pignolet
Sep 28, 2017 • 60 min
Wayne Pignolet is a long-time member of the Sandpoint Men’s group, and he embodies and lives the core values of that group in a powerful way. He is a father, husband, athlete, and powerful group facilitator.
020: Steve James
Sep 12, 2017 • 69 min
Steve travels internationally teaching somatic practices, meditation, yoga, as well as leading explorations in contemplative, mystic, and relational realms. Known for his direct, grounded approach and his dedication to first-hand research he has extensive…
019: Owen Marcus
Sep 12, 2017 • 134 min
Owen Marcus is a Rolfer, an author, and a leader of today’s men’s movement. He and his work underpins Evryman in its ethos, its philosophy, and the nuts and bolts of its practice. This episode is a continuation of a series of conversations between Owen…
018: Charlie Whittingham
Sep 6, 2017 • 80 min
Charlie Whittingham was the first guy to sign up for the 1st ever Everyman Yellowstone Expedition. He has deeply engaged in the cultural and societal shifts of the last 60 years and has a deep well of wisdom to show for it. From the disco and punk scenes…
017: Owen Marcus
Aug 23, 2017 • 95 min
Owen Marcus and Dan Doty discuss the practical and philosophical core of Evryman in the first part of this ongoing conversation. This is the beating heart of the Evryman movement.
016: Danny Clark
Aug 15, 2017 • 83 min
Danny Clark is the Performance Director and Master Instructor for MovNat, a system of natural movement developed by Erwan Le Corre. Danny has a long and amazing history of being on the cutting edge of movement and athletics, from wrestling to…
015: Jayson Gaddis
Aug 8, 2017 • 64 min
Studies clearly show that fulfilling relationships are the most important part of a happy and full life. Statistics show that weren’t simply not very good at them. In particular, men have not been brought up to prioritize relationships,…
014: Ezra Firestone
Aug 1, 2017 • 74 min
Serve the World Unselfishly and Profit
013: Michael Welp
Jul 25, 2017 • 64 min
White Men and Diversity
012: Craig Salazar
Jul 18, 2017 • 113 min
Craig Salazar is every man. He has had a wild life of many different facets. After a young life as a wild child, Craig became a dad at an early age and got in touch with his tender, nurturing side, and then went off to have a career as a…
011: John O’Connor
Jul 11, 2017 • 64 min
John O’Connor is an accomplished coach that works extensively with executives and entrepreneurs. I met John at my first men’s group experience 9 years ago in NYC, and he’s been by my side as a dear friend and mentor ever since. He has an…
010: Andy Lear
Jul 5, 2017 • 72 min
Living with Pain / Coming Home
009: Adrian Fernandez Interviews Dan Doty
Jun 27, 2017 • 66 min
The table are turned.
008: Thom Nezbeda
Jun 20, 2017 • 100 min
The Art and Science of Being a Dad
Epsiode 007: Jordan Reasoner
Jun 12, 2017 • 76 min
This episode is about what it actually looks and feels like to become a healthy mature man. It is also about what is actually looks and feels like to take a perfect shit. Jordan Reasoner is a father of two kids and a lifelong hunter from…
006: Jered Stewart
Jun 5, 2017 • 74 min
Jered Stewart is a husband, father, Inupiat Tribe member, and an organizational design consultant. As a young kid Jered moved between a conventional American life in Utah and a life without flush toilets in Barrow, Alaska. This led to a…
005: Rorke Denver
May 30, 2017 • 100 min
Rorke Denver is a husband, father, warrior, and leader. Rorke spent 14 years on active duty as a Navy Seal, saw intense activity in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and later led training as a Commander of the SEALS. He had the lead role in the…
004: Owen Marcus and Shawn Helvey
May 22, 2017 • 72 min
This episode is a throwback to an important weekend in my life. 2 years ago I invited my closest friends to Montana for my bachelor party. Instead of booze and strippers I asked my friend and mentor Owen Marcus to lead a 2 day intensive…
003: Aaron Blaine
May 15, 2017 • 112 min
Aaron Blaine is a close friend and hunting buddy of mine. His 14 year military career was capped with several years in the Army Special Forces, which he stepped away from in July 2016. His life and story could has much to do with the…
002: Lucas Krump
Apr 25, 2017 • 80 min
Lucas Krump is a native of Kansas and has lived and quite literally lived and worked all over the world. He shares his story of a life impacted deeply by a father who suffered from a mental illness, and how his need to take charge and hustle…
001: Steve Wallingford
Apr 23, 2017 • 85 min
This episode features the remarkable story of a man who’s lived many lives. It’s a story of a quintessential midwestern American man, but where many others have backed down, Steve has not. There is something important here for men…