Luminaries - Talking to the Brightest Minds in Tech

Luminaries - Talking to the Brightest Minds in Tech
True visionaries in technology focus on enabling positive human progress.
Your IT… Hyperconverged
Sep 13 • 26 min
Codified integration and baked-in operational experience drive business success
Smart IT connects & protects your data
Aug 16 • 36 min
Rooted in the mindset of an engineer, a scientist, a business development expert and an entrepreneur, Dr. Orna Berry analyzes business challenges from multiple angles to ensure that the IT and services solution achieves all objectives. Due north for all…
Hello Alice! Scale your business… with AI
Jul 19 • 22 min
Pivotal’s Michele Perras talks about her experience as an entrepreneur and Pivotal’s unique, fully immersive software development consulting services and Cloud Foundry, as well as the partnership with Circular Board and Dell Technologies to create Alice.
Of Risk and Trust… In IT
Jun 25 • 23 min
Virtualization, or software-defined hardware, simply works, is flexible and very non-disruptive. A perfect technology for IT organizations, right? Sort of… to realize the benefits of any new technology, there has to be a fundamental level of trust between…
Store Your IT Data… in DNA?
May 24 • 28 min
Disruptions in enterprise storage, or any other technology, don’t just happen out of the blue. Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr, in conversation with Dell EMC CTO, John Roese, reveal the many dependencies and carefully planned processes necessary to allow a…
Ready, Set, Transform… Your IT
Apr 19 • 33 min
In the inaugural episode of Luminaries - Talking to the brightest minds in tech, you will meet two leading IT industry analysts who break IT transformation down into manageable pieces.