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Talk the Line
Exploring celebrity obsessions
31: Naughty Boy on Home Cooking
Dec 8 • 36 min
Under the name of Naughty Boy, producer Shahid Khan has been behind some of the most successful pop music of the last few years. As a seventeen year old growing up in Watford, Shahid was turned onto the possibilities of music after hearing Timbaland and…
30: Annie Hart on managing your band’s finances
Dec 1 • 38 min
Annie Hart made her name as one third of Au Revoir Simone, a band she initially formed almost fifteen years ago after befriending Erika Forster on a trainride from New York to Vermont. Along with Heather D’Angelo, Au Revoir Simone have released four…
29: Natti from Fickle Friends on Yuval Harari’s Sapiens
Nov 23 • 44 min
Natti Shiner is the principle singer, songwriter and synth player in Fickle Friends, the hardest working indie-pop band in the UK right now. Natti was born in the mountains of Switzerland, but raised in Devon and the New Forest by her bohemian Madonna and…
28: Torres on ASMR
Nov 17 • 33 min
Torres - aka 26-year-old musician Mackenzie Scott - talks about her experiences of ASMR and its triggers.Three Futures, Torres’ third album, was released last month and grew out of the idea that music could be enjoyed and experienced by all five senses.…
27: Ólafur Arnalds on Collaboration
Nov 10 • 45 min
Ólafur Arnalds is one of Iceland’s top composers and probably best known in the UK for his BAFTA-award winning score to the television show Broadchurch.Only just in his thirties, Ólafur has carved our a career that’s seen him work with the likes of Nils…
26: The Killers’ Ronnie Vannucci Jr. on Animals
Nov 3 • 27 min
Before he joined The Killers in 2002, Ronnie Vanucci Jr was a well known drummer on the Las Vegas scene had played in in everything from a ska-punk to a covers band called Free Food, who played at prisons and homeless shelters.He beginning drumming at the…
25: Murr from Impractical Jokers on Conspiracy Theories
Oct 26 • 45 min
James Murray - aka Murr - is a member of comedy collective The Tenderloins who found fame on hit Comedy Central show Impractical Jokers.One of four friends who met 27 years ago in a High School religious education class, Murr was working for the Staten…
24: Högni on Basketball
Oct 20 • 43 min
Högni Egilsson is one of the most recognisable faces and voices in Icelandic music. A member of the legendary electronic collective Gus Gus since 2011, he’s also carved out a career with the bands Hjaltalín and Gluteus Maximus.Högni mastered the violin,…
23: Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch on The Human Condition
Oct 12 • 49 min
Spirituality and religion have been re-ocurring themes in the lyrics of Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch. In this episode of Talk The Line we talk to him about one of the grandest themes we’ve ever tackled: The Human Condition.
22: Charly Bliss frontwoman Eva Hendricks and Comic Books
Oct 5 • 36 min
Eva Hendricks is the effervescent frontwoman of Brooklyn power pop band Charly Bliss. Made up of four friends who all went to school together, the band formed in 2014 and also includes Eva’s brother Sam.Earlier year they released their first album Guppy,…
21: Spacebomb’s Cameron Ralston and Gardening
Sep 29 • 39 min
Cameron Ralston is the house bassist and a producer for Spacebomb, a collective of musicians based in Richmond, Virginia, who set up a record label and production company based around a house band. They followed a model established by the likes of Stax or…
20: Anne Marie and Body Image
Sep 21 • 43 min
BRITs-nominated popstar Anne-Marie talks about the challenges women and girls face in living up to somebody else’s idea of the perfect body.
19: Kris Hallenga and Cornwall
Sep 15 • 48 min
Kris Hallenga has one of the most inspiring stories of our times. After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23 she founded the charity Copafeel with her sister and a mission to educate women about the dangers of late diagnosis. Kris moved to…
18: Julia Jacklin and Magic
Sep 7 • 38 min
An obsession with magic gave Julia Jacklin an epiphany. She explains why in a special podcast recorded at End of the Road Festival with host Jen Long.
17: Kata Mogensen and Imposter Syndrome
Aug 31 • 43 min
Kata Mogensen, singer with Icelandic band Mammút talks to Jen Long faking it: otherwise known as “imposter syndrome”.
16: Sink The Pink’s Glyn Fussell and Birds
Aug 25 • 48 min
Sink the Pink-founder Glyn Fussell began his career as a go-go dancer in Sydney before creating the infamous London club night that’s taken the UK capital’s nightlife by storm. He talks to Jen Long about his love of birds.
15: Nadine Shah and Mental Health
Aug 17 • 55 min
Singer/songwriter Nadine Shah talks about the taboo of mental health in a revealing chat with Jen Long.
14: Vanessa White and ’90s R&B
Aug 10 • 37 min
After leaving British girl-group The Saturdays, Vanessa White is beginning to carve out a solo career influenced by the music she fell in love with as a child. She tells Jen Long just why she loves ‘90s R&B so much.You can also listen to a companion…
13: Martine McCutcheon and Henry VIII
Aug 3 • 39 min
Actress, singer and national institution Martine McCutcheon reveals her fascination with 16th-century British monarch Henry VIII.
12: Amanda Palmer And The Things You’re Not Supposed To Talk About
Jul 27 • 47 min
Amanda Palmer doesn’t shy away from talking about the difficult things in her life - something that her interviewers often find hard to keep up with. She talks candidly about those things with Jen Long.
11: Denai Moore and Veganism
Jul 21 • 44 min
Singer Denai Moore talks about the vegan life and her love of baking to Jen Long.
10: Oh Wonder and Running
Jul 13 • 49 min
Oh Wonder’s Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West have taken part in marathons across the world. They tell Jen Long why running matters to them.
09: Bastille’s Dan Smith and Podcasts
Jul 6 • 54 min
Bastille’s Dan Smith talks about his favourite podcasts to Jen Long as the pair attempt to understand just why we love them so much. The full list of podcasts Dan recommends are: Serial, This American Life, S-Town, NPRinvisibilia, TED Radio Hour, How I…
08: Alex Cameron and Relationships
Jun 30 • 51 min
Australian singer/songwriter Alex Cameron talks candidly about love and sex to Jen Long in our most NSFW podcast yet!
07: Tim Burgess and Coffee
Jun 21 • 44 min
The Charlatans-frontman Tim Burgess tells Jen Long about why coffee matters.
06: Mozart’s Sister and Scent
Jun 16 • 44 min
Canadian musician Caila Thompson-Hannant makes music under the name Mozart’s Sister and talks to Jen Long about her obsession with scent.
05: Douglas Dare and Dressing Up
Jun 6 • 45 min
Pianist and singer Douglas Dare has released two incredible albums on the much loved Erased Tapes label, home to the likes of Nils Frahm. While his music is often introspective, and understated, Douglas has a big personality that comes to life when he…
04: Árni Árnason and Ástandið
May 22 • 46 min
Icelandic-born Árni Árnason, bassist with The Vaccines tells Jen Long about his fascination with a strange period in his country’s history, known as ‘Ástandið’ - The Situation.
03: Benjamin Gregory and Hesse
May 5 • 47 min
Blaenavon have just released their debut album - a record that covers six years of their lives. In conversation with Jen Long, frontman Ben Gregory explores his obsession with German literature and the works of Herman Hesse, Rainer Maria Rilke and…
02: Johnny Flynn and Walking
Apr 25 • 53 min
Johnny Flynn - musician and the star of Netflix show Lovesick - tells Jen Long about walking, rambling and the philosophy of creating your own path.
01: Shura and Interstellar
Apr 18 • 53 min
Jen Long meets UK popstar Shura to find out about her fascination with time, space and the movie Interstellar - while trying to piece together the laws of physics without using Google but with the help of red wine.