Breaching The Walls

Breaching The Walls
Welcome to my Podcast. I’m Edwin Perez, a pastor, author, blogger and just a man who is passionate about the Gospel. Here you will find topics, interviews, devotionals, theological discussions, music and more. Check out my website for blogs, articles and teachings at

Cop 2 Cop Interview
Jul 16 • 76 min
Former NYC Officer Andrew Columbia who is a Pastor and a Chaplain will be dialoging with NYC Police Officer Edwin Perez, who is also a pastor with V1 Church in Queens NY. They will be discussing life as an officer then and now. Also dealing with racism as…
Clearing The Clutter
Jan 30 • 41 min
Our mind is designed for repetition, but the problem is that we feed into our fears, failures and past mistakes that suffocate and stifle the new me. Is your personal clutter getting in the way of the new you? Decluttering your mind from your past…
Turing Defeat Into Victory
Dec 10, 2019 • 29 min
You can either be passive in defeat or more aggressive in victory! Text: Joshua 7-8 Battle Strategy #1. Confidence without commitment leads to captivity. Battle Strategy #2. Lack of Prayer expresses and declares independence from God. Battle Strategy #3.…
Planting Together In Unity
Aug 13, 2019 • 28 min
Planting in unity produces for eternity Text: Romans 5-7 I. United in Peace (5:1-2) II. United in Provision (5:12) III. United in Purpose (6:3-5) —- Send in a voice message:
Finding Vision In The Valley
Jun 19, 2019 • 40 min
The valley is an investment in your life. A valley is a place you will return, but will you learn? David returned to the valley at least three times as recorded in scripture, what he learned in the valley determined how he ruled on the mountaintop. Christ…
Getting To Know The Fathers Heart (John 14)
Jun 16, 2019 • 19 min
To Personally Know is to Relationally Grow. 3 Principles from Philip 1) Knowing the Father’s Heart is Priority 2)Knowing the Father’s Heart is Problematic 3)Knowing the Father’s Heart is Perceivable —- Send in a voice message:…
Identity In Christ
May 4, 2019 • 6 min
Your Identity in Christ can either be disguisable or discoverable. Misinformation becomes the catalyst for Misrepresentation. —- Send in a voice message:
Devotional: Can I Forgive A Murderer?
Apr 20, 2017 • 11 min
Do you have a problem with forgiving others? To what level will you go to forgive someone who has wronged you? In light of recent current events lets take a look at what the Bible says about forgiveness in this short devotional. Text Gen.4:6-8 —- Send in…
Introduction to Breaching The Walls
Apr 15, 2017 • 4 min
An Introduction to my NEW podcast. —- Send in a voice message: