The Running for Real Podcast

The Running for Real Podcast
Who can I trust for the best running tips? How do I make myself mentally tougher? How do I stop comparing myself to other runners, and instead, build my confidence? And of course, How can I get faster while also enjoying my running more? Welcome to The Running For Real Podcast where we will answer these questions and many more! Every week, 2:36 marathon runner and mom Tina Muir will bring you sports psychologists, doctors, scientists, dietitians, elite runners, strength training coaches, running form experts, and of course, everyday runners with inspiring stories to motivate you and help YOU run YOUR best! Tina shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to reach her potential as a runner and build that runner grit to be your best. Along with sharing her best kept secrets, and postpartum journey, she interviews the best in the industry (Kara Goucher, Dean Karnazes, Dr. Rich Willy, Sally Bergesen, Manal Rostom, Chrissie Wellington, Jared Ward and many more) who will share their best advice and be real with yo

Brandon Hudgins: Everybody’s Pain Is Real - R4R 199
Aug 14 • 79 min
What if the one thing you loved to do was taken away from you due to an illness or disease? But, what if through hard work, dedication, months and years of pain and suffering you were able to overcome the odds and do something that very few people have…
Tina Update and Becoming an Anti-Racist with Alison Desir - R4R 198
Aug 7 • 68 min
It has been a whirlwind for all of us this year with COVID-19, turning our world around in more ways than we care to talk about. In this episode I give you an update on my life now as a mum of two and I decided to dive into a tough subject that needs to…
Kate Landau: Coming Out Stronger From Disordered Eating - R4R 197
Jul 31 • 71 min
Kate Landau, a 2:31 marathoner, has not had the smooth, progressive running journey most elite runners see. After competing in the junior Olympics, and showing a lot of promise, an eating disorder stopped Kate in her tracks, and she stopped running for…
Aliphine Tuliamuk: Anybody Can Be A Role Model - R4R 196
Jul 24 • 74 min
Aliphine Tuliamuk may have won the US Olympic Marathon Trials earlier this year, but it is her big heart that has gathered attention. There are few runners in the elite world who give, care, and love the way Aliphine does. This conversation was a way to…
Professor Maja Jovanovic: Sorry, Not Sorry; Stop Minimizing Yourself - R4R 195
Jul 17 • 80 min
Professor Maja is on a mission to stop you apologizing. Most apologies we make are unnecessary and degrading, and they make us appear unconfident and even weak. If you find yourself saying “sorry” all the time, this episode will truly change your entire…
Matt Fitzgerald: Running The Dream - R4R 194
Jul 10 • 64 min
Matt Fitzgerald joins guest host Sarah Crouch for a chat about his experience living and training in Flagstaff, Arizona with professional training group, Northern Arizona Elite. Matt lived the lifestyle of an elite runner, ending with the race of his life…
Molly Seidel: Achieve Your Goals By Letting Go Of Them - R4R 193
Jul 3 • 80 min
Molly Seidel finished second in the 2020 US Olympic marathon trials, beating a lot of very experienced, very talented runners. Molly and I do discuss her breathtaking debut marathon, but we go beyond the performances and good races to talk about some of…
Lindsay Crouse: Structural Change Is Needed For Gender Equality In Sports - R4R 192
Jun 26 • 64 min
Lindsay Crouse has changed the world of women’s running forever. Breaking barriers with her New York Times articles on #DreamMaternity, Mary Cain’s story, and Alyson Felix return to running after her baby, Lindsay has brought running to the forefront…
Katie Arnold: Now Is The Time To Develop Your Inner Powerbase - R4R 191
Jun 19 • 72 min
Over the past year, countless people have suggested Running Home by Katie Arnold as a must read book for runners. Recently, I finally had the chance to check it out, and was blown away by Katie’s writing, her heart, her ability to put into words her…
Neely Spence Gracey: Everyone Has A Story - R4R 190
Jun 12 • 75 min
Neely Gracey is back on the show, this time with guest host, Sarah Crouch, to discuss her return running after having her son, Athens, in 2018. Having finished 1st American at Boston in 2018, and running a 69 minute half marathon, Neely looked like she…
Sarah Crouch: I’ve Always Been A Risk Taker - R4R 189
Jun 5 • 78 min
Sarah Crouch returns to the show today to update us on what has changed in her life since early 2019, and let me tell you, there is a LOT to hear. From breaking her femur during the Boson Marathon, to a road full of setbacks during her recovery, to…
Matt Taylor - Tracksmith: Be Successful By Being Yourself - R4R 188
May 29 • 64 min
After creating a video game with Usain Bolt in 2012, Matt Taylor finally had the resources he needed to get his dream; starting a running apparel company that focused on quality and durability. This episode with Matt features the fascinating journey he…
Emily Abbate: Being Open And Honest Is The First Step to Changing - R4R 187
May 22 • 63 min
Emily Abbate is the host of Hurdle Podcast, which has a smiliar goal to Running 4 Real; get influential, inspiring, role model figures to share their struggles and how they made it through. We all have tough times in our lives, things we have to work…
Shanna Burnette: There Is Hope For Clean Sport - R4R 186
May 15 • 63 min
Shanna Burnette has been a powerful force in women’s running, and I am excited for you to get to know her. Shanna is not just Kara Goucher’s agent, but is an entrepreneur, the Global PR and Communications Manager at Altra, founder of Clean Sport…
Grayson Murphy: You Are You; You Are Not Your Accomplishments - R4R 185
May 8 • 59 min
Grayson Murphy went from not being a runner to being one of the best collegiate athletes in the country, including the 2019 World Mountain Running Champion. She went from college to NAZ Elite, and then found a sponsorship with Saucony not long after…
Tyler McCandless: Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination To Succeed - R4R 184
May 1 • 73 min
Tyler McCandless is a professional runner who has a PhD in Meteorology and is a Certified Energy Risk Professional. Tyler has worked hard to balance his demanding job with his running career and making time for being a great dad. Despite setbacks along…
Brian Beckstead: Altra - From Hacked Up Shoes To Industry Leader - R4R 183
Apr 24 • 71 min
Altra disrupted the running shoe industry, there is no doubt about that, but it is the backstory of how this happened that is so intriguing and appealing. Today, one of the cofounders, Brian Beckstead shares the story of Altra, which in itself, is very…
Anna Frost: The Expectation of No Expectation - R4R 182
Apr 17 • 71 min
Anna Frost was one of the first trail runners to become professional. Paving the way for a whole new world, Anna accomplished a lot very quickly, winning races all over the world. But what about once sponsors came into the picture, that can only be a good…
Alison Desir: Strength Is Knowing Nothing Is Guaranteed - R4R 181
Apr 10 • 65 min
Alison Desir started running when she was struggling with depression, but immediately saw an opportunity for community, camaraderie, and the ability to become a game changer. The founder of Harlem Run, Run 4 All Women, and Global Womxn Run Collective,…
Special Report: Job Loss, Small Business Fears and Financial Stress From COVID19
Apr 6 • 91 min
COVID19 has been devastating to our world. And we know we will be dealing with the impacts for many years to come. If you have lost your job, fear you will lose your job, own a small business that you fear may not make it through the year, are a college…
Meb Keflezighi: Take This Time To Start Working On Your Weaknesses -R4R 180
Apr 3 • 79 min
While I thought I was trying to get Meb on the podcast to get it before Boston I didn’t factor in that the race would be cancelled. But I do appreciate Meb’s advice and pure wisdom through these uncertain times we are going through. Races cancelling,…
Rosalie Fish: Running Can Be A Platform For Social Change-R4R 179
Mar 27 • 65 min
19 year old Rosalie Fish is wise beyond her years. Rosalie has taken a stand in the mistreatment of Native American women, using her running as a talking point to promote conversation. She has already done a TED talk, and been a speaker all over the…
Michael Gervais BONUS Episode: Handling Panic and Anxiety
Mar 23 • 32 min
Anxiety, fear, overwhelm, panic is everywhere. We have no idea what the future looks like or when our lives will be back to normal. There is a lot for us to work through. Michael Gervais is here to give us his advice on how to take control of life during…
Amanda Brooks: YOU are a Real Runner -R4R 178
Mar 20 • 64 min
When Amanda Brooks started running, she noticed almost immidately that the middle and back of the pack runners were being ignored. It is hard to believe that the majority of the running world fell into this group, and many felt that they weren’t “real”…
COVID 19 with Dr. Emily Stoneman, Infectious Disease Specialist- R4R Special Report
Mar 15 • 73 min
Special report episode on Coronavirus. I interviewed Dr Emily Stoneman, an Infectious Disease Specialist from the University of Michigan, to ask her all the questions we have been wondering. Emily has been working 18 hour days, but gave us almost an hour…
Margo Mountjoy: There’s Always A Healthy Way To Reach Your Goals -R4R 177
Mar 13 • 73 min
It has been a while, so let’s dig back in to the science. Margo Mountjoy, has been a lead author and advocate in the RED-S sciences, which doesn’t just affect women, but many men are also putting their long term risk at health. Margo works on many…
Liza Howard: Be Happy In Your Mess -R4R 176
Mar 6 • 66 min
Liza Howard has a reputaion for being one of the kindest, hardest working, and resilient ultra runners out there. Oh, and she is really fast, even as she has moved through her 40s, Liza has not allowed that to hold her back. Known for running up to 40…
Hillary Allen: Redefine What ‘Strength’ Is -R4R 175
Feb 28 • 78 min
In need of a kick of inspiration? Hillary Allen’s story will remind you of what matters. After establishing herself as one of the best trail and ultra runners in the world, Hillary fell down 150 feet down the side of a trail, a fall that could have killed…
Cindy Kuzma and Carrie Jackson Cheadle: Injury Recovery Requires More Mental Toughness Than Running -R4R 174
Feb 21 • 66 min
As much as we hate to admit it, injuries are very common in runners. We also veiw it as like a contagion that we do not want to “catch” from someone else. When you find yourself injured, it can feel like the running world has deserted you. This injury…
Alex Hutchinson: How Much Is Too Much Innovation? -R4R 173
Feb 14 • 69 min
The US trials are a few weeks away and a lot of the talk is about the effect of carbon fiber plates in shoes on the performance of the elite contenders. Who better to talk to about this than Alex Hutchinson? Alex has written numerous articles about the…
Alysia Montano: Fighting For A Level Playing Field -R4R 172
Feb 7 • 91 min
Alysia Montano has made the running world better in more ways than we can count. First she paved the way as one of the best middle distance in the world. Then she spoke out and forced policy changes for pregnant women and those on maternity leave through…
Clare Gallagher: Saving The Only Planet On Which We Can Run -R4R 171
Jan 31 • 71 min
I always LOVE to hear from Clare in learning many and new ways to help save our lovely planet. We only do get one planet and we NEED to take care of it. Clare brings in a way of discussing environmental issues as an open conversation with people and not…
Jay Dicharry: Small Workouts, Big Changes -R4R 170
Jan 24 • 72 min
Jay Dicharry is one of America’s leading physical therapists, and for years, he has been the one to watch. He is the one who is helping us to get stronger, faster, and better with our running form. He is by far the most knowledgeable person on this topic…
Molly Huddle: Olympic Trials, The State of Running, Shoes, and Her New Podcast -R4R 169
Jan 17 • 68 min
Molly Huddle is known for her serious speed as the former American Record Holder in the 10K (and formerly 5K), and with a PR of 2:26 in the marathon, and a contender for the Olympic Team in the marathon in 2020. In this chat though, we go so much further…
Michael Gervais: There Are No Shortcuts To Living An Insightful, High Performing Life -R4R 168
Jan 10 • 78 min
My favorite psychologist is on the show today, one of the greatest performance psychologists of our time and someone you will absolutely want to learn from, if you do not already. Dr. Michael Gervais is on the show today, and discussed vulnerability,…
Michael Capiraso: NYRR President and CEO -R4R 167
Jan 3 • 62 min
The President and CEO of New York Road Runners, Michael Capiraso is joining us today. I have been talking about how special the culture and community at NYRR is, but I thought it was time we found out more. Seeing him standing at the finish line of a…
Kara Goucher: Performance Comes From Your Training, Not Your Weight -R4R 166
Dec 27, 2019 • 78 min
Now I know there are many brave people out there who have stood up for what they believe in but this persona had a special place in that area. Kara Goucher, a wonderful person who stood up to a big corporation because of her belief, that body shaming is…
LIVE at CIM: Max King and James McKirdy -R4R 165
Dec 20, 2019 • 66 min
Max King and James McKirdy have both accomplished a lot in their careers, but this conversation is not your typical live show. We talked about all the running for real things usually saved for the end of the conversations. We talked about the rumor of Max…
R4R Superstars LIVE at CIM: Janae Baron, Joe Retherford, and Charrissa Lin -R4R 164
Dec 19, 2019 • 63 min
I am excited to bring you the stories of three inspiring superstars today. Joe Retherford, who lost his sight at age 17, has been through a lot to rediscover life without his sight. Janae Baron has overcome many setbacks to take her marathon PR to 2:50,…
Chris McDougall: Running With Sherman -R4R 163
Dec 13, 2019 • 75 min
Three years ago, I recorded a podcast with Chris McDougall. Chris said he was thinking of writing a book about running with donkeys, aka burro running. At first I thought he was kidding, but after he explained this ancient form of running, I know he meant…
Sanjay Rawal: Running With Transcendence -R4R 162
Dec 6, 2019 • 68 min
Great conversation with filmmaker Sanjay Rawal this week. When we think of running and transformation, we only think of the physical and mental aspects, BUT what if running can provide spiritual healing? You just never know when you are starting a run…
Jared Ward and 2019 Holiday Gift Guide -R4R 161
Nov 29, 2019 • 76 min
Fun chat with Jared Ward, the Olympian who prioritizes his family and work. We talk about his shark tank experience and how to let go of numbers that are not helping you.
Billy Yang: There Is Comfort In Our Discomfort -R4R 160
Nov 22, 2019 • 76 min
Real and authentic, these two words are ones that I strive to build the Running 4 Real podcast around, by showing what running at any level can look like. Billy Yang, a wonderful film maker displays just that raw feeling of self doubt and exhaustion we…
Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani: Celebrate Body Diversity -R4R 159
Nov 15, 2019 • 66 min
It seems that we should know by now to celebrate body diversity but how come it seems we still struggle with it? Well, one of my favorite people Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, who specializes in disordered eating, speaks so much truth on this subject. She speaks…
Jeff Warren: Meditation Is The Practice of Being Human -R4R 158
Nov 8, 2019 • 73 min
There are many reasons for someone to start running, but we all know one thing. It makes us better. Bestselling author, Jeff Warren speaks about the power of meditation, how sometimes instead of just powering through life, we NEED to just stop and be…
BONUS NYC UCAN Live Show: Emily Abbate, Angie Spencer, and Carrie Tollefson - R4R 157
Nov 6, 2019 • 70 min
Here in the second bonus episode that is the LIVE show I had the opportunity to host over New York Marathon weekend. It is basically just a lovely chat about our thoughts and stories on our marathon experiences with Emily Abbate, Angie Spencer and Carrie…
BONUS NYRR Live: Jonathan Fader, Deena Kastor, and Special Guest, Kubra -R4R 156
Nov 4, 2019 • 51 min
Join Deena Kastor and Dr. Jonathan Fader for a pre-race sports psychology class. Giving you practical tips on nerves and protecting yourself from the pre-race self doubt. We also tackle ways to get through a tough patch in the race, both Fader and Deena…
Ali Butler Glenesk: Find Your Confidence Spark -R4R 155
Nov 1, 2019 • 51 min
Are there barriers in your running or life which may be holding you back? Why? Just becuase you see yourself as a middle or back of the pack runner? So you don’t deserve to take on a new and crazy challenge for fear of failing? So what?! That is what Ali…
Shannon Osika: Taking Down The Mental Barrier Takes Down The Physical Barrier -R4R 154
Oct 25, 2019 • 55 min
In her first podcast interview, Shannon Osika shows her strengths, weaknesses, and wonderful personality. This 1500m runner has improved steadily over her years as a professional athlete, and recently ran a 4:01 in the 1500m. Shannon shared her struggles…
Mirna Valerio: If You Want To Learn How Your Body Works, You Gotta Use It -R4R 152
Oct 18, 2019 • 73 min
Mirna Valerio is one of the greatest role models for life. The Mirvinator knows how important it is to believe in your strengths, to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, and stay true to who you are. Mirna calls herself a fat runner, and…
Beyond Running: Menopause with Stacy Sims -R4R 151
Oct 14, 2019 • 50 min
Here is another great subject in the Beyond Running Series, speaking on Menopause. This is definitely a subject that doesn’t get talked about too often and I want to change this mindset. With Dr. Stacy Sims, we were able to have a great and open…
Dean Karnazes: Running For Good -R4R 150
Oct 11, 2019 • 65 min
Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes always has an exciting story to share with us, his latest adventure or running for real moment he has struggled his way through. This time though, Dean is here to share about amazing stories of others who have shared part…
Beyond Running: Asthma and Breathing Problems with Dr John Dickinson - R4R 149
Oct 7, 2019 • 50 min
With rising pollution levels, droughts, and harsher climates, asthma and breathing problems are more common than ever, it can make running in the summer or dry air almost impossible. Dr John Dickinson, a respiratory physiologist is here to help those who…
Nellie Acevedo: Share Your Journey -R4R 148
Oct 4, 2019 • 57 min
I know sharing your personal struggles with someone you may or may not know can be very hard to do, but it could bring you and others comfort that actually helps the situation. Nellie Acevedo is a mom and an entrepreneur who says your story, whatever it…
Beyond Running: Miscarriage and Loss with Heidi Greenwood -R4R 147
Sep 30, 2019 • 50 min
On this special episode of the Beyond Running Series it’s about a tough subject, miscarriage. Again, my goal of these short episodes are to bring a voice to those tough subjects we don’t necessarily want to talk about but, we need to. I hope this episode…
Thabang Madiba: The Most Important Thing Is To Start -R4R 146
Sep 27, 2019 • 53 min
What a great conversation with South African runner, Thabang Madiba, who has been making waves in the trail and ultra industry lately. Thabang means “happy” or “happiness”, which suits his personality perfectly. He takes what he has in front of him and…
Beyond Running: Michael Anderson, Alan Kaufman, and Mauricio Blandino Running with Disabilities -R4R 145
Sep 23, 2019 • 62 min
For this beyond running episode we are talking about a great organization, Achilles International, where they provide aide to runners with disabilities. Now, running with a disability doesn’t always mean you can see the disability. It can be a brain…
Nicole DeBoom: Freedom Takes Different Forms -R4R 144
Sep 20, 2019 • 71 min
I always love to get to know other runners/athletes who realize that their sport isn’t EVERYTHING in their life. Nicole DeBoom, may have been in the prime of her career, when she just decided to change her passion, to build a community and to be that…
Beyond Running: Suicide with Shelli Gordon -R4R 143
Sep 16, 2019 • 48 min
Here is episode #3 of the Beyond Running Series where we are talking about Suicide with Shelli Gordon. I do have to say, she is such a brave individual in talking about this tough subject. Again, my goal for these episodes is to help people not feel so…
New York Live Show- Meb Keflezighi, Jenny Simpson, and Rachel Pratt- R4R 142
Sep 13, 2019 • 56 min
I was given the amazing opprotunity to do a LIVE interview with Meb Keflezighi, Jenny Simpson, and Rachel Pratt at the New York Road Runners run center for Runnercon! I was so honored to be able to be a part of this and I hope you enjoy the topics we were…
Beyond Running: Visual Impairments with Rich Hunter- R4R 141
Sep 9, 2019 • 43 min
Episode #2 of the Beyond Running episodes is here, with Rich Hunter. Who started off his career as being in the Navy with the goal of becoming a Seal one day but a degenerative eye disease stopped him. Now, Rich makes a difference in other peoples’ lives…
Susan Lacke: If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You -R4R 140
Sep 6, 2019 • 34 min
What is something standing in the way of your joy? Your work, a relationship, your house, hobbies, etc. Well, how can you change your situation to help bring back the spark inside you again? Easy, try something new, change things up, and challenge…
Beyond Running: Anxiety Disorders with Ken Johnson R4R 139
Sep 2, 2019 • 38 min
Here as a special treat for my audience I am doing a series of mini episodes that may not be related to running at all. They are just everyday topics that we don’t necessarily want to talk about. In today’s episode I have Ken Johnson, a psychiatrist and a…
Bill Rodgers: Everyone Improves In This Sport -R4R 138
Aug 30, 2019 • 63 min
What a man Bill Rogers is, not only a legend in the Boston and New York City Marathons, winning both FOUR times, but a true genuine man about his experience in running. We discussed how hard it is to run well when there is a target on your back and how…
Dave Spandorfer: Running Creates Positive Change With Ourselves And The World -R4R 137
Aug 23, 2019 • 64 min
In a world that is being affected by pollution and lack of care for the environment, it’s hard to find companies who seem to care about the impact they make. Luckily, I have an amazing guest who does care about where their materials come from, Dave…
Lauren Fleshman: You Can Feel Satisfied And Still Get Better -R4R 136
Aug 16, 2019 • 84 min
How is it that people who truly have it all, fame, health, and fortune, can still be depressed? Well, it does happen A LOT. Having this chat with Lauren Fleshman made me wonder how we can try and stay away from feeling depressed or not satisfied with our…
Matt Futterman: Whatever You Bring Today Is Enough -R4R 135
Aug 9, 2019 • 76 min
Have there been fears that have stopped you from being someone you wanted to be? Or even a new workout which seems just to be too extreme for you? After having this conversation with Matt Futterman, there could be things to help you overcome the edge of…
David Epstein: Find Your Grit With The Right Fit -R4R 134
Aug 2, 2019 • 78 min
Has there been a time when you are watching a sport on TV and you just wonder HOW are they that good? Or wonder if they did a different sport would they be as good? David Epstein’s work has been seen in a WIDE variety of publications and that is one of…
Jenni Falconer: Don’t Take Your Running Glory Away -R4R 133
Jul 26, 2019 • 74 min
While Jenni Falconer’s voice may seem familiar to some of you, especially if you are in the UK, she has still is relatively new to the running podcast world. Even though her love for running didn’t start out in a loving relationship, she grew and found a…
Jonathan Beverly: How Fast Can You Be Given All Your Variables?- R4R 132
Jul 19, 2019 • 54 min
We have a special treat for you today the Editor and Chief of Podium Runner, formerly known as Competitor Magazine, Jonathan Beverly AND he is also author of many amazing books. I wanted to discuss the running industry now and what it is looking like to…
Sally Gunnell: What Is The Best That YOU Can Do?- R4R 131
Jul 12, 2019 • 65 min
In our sport of running, it can be known as a selfish sport. We are only worried about OUR nutrition, OUR workouts, OUR times, etc. So, how can we make it not be known as a selfish sport? Sally Gunnell, who has been a HUGE name in the running world, not…
Greg McMillan: You’re A Different Runner Every Run- R4R 130
Jul 5, 2019 • 67 min
I love hearing from the many coaches out there and their many perspectives though. Greg McMillan of McMillan Running, who has been coaching for more than 30 years may have some great insights for you. Whether you are a young, old, new, or an elite runner,…
Clare Gallagher: We Can Make The World A Better Place -R4R 129
Jun 28, 2019 • 73 min
It truly hurts my heart every time I see yet ANOTHER documentary talking about our climate change and how we are still not doing enough to change it. Well, people like Clare ARE doing great things for the environment and I loved learning how she tries to…
Peter Sagal: Running Only Appears To Be Useless -R4R 128
Jun 21, 2019 • 74 min
I truly loved this honest, true, and funny conversation with Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”, author, and father. He points out times when it can be hard to find the time to run but when he misses a run his day is off. Sound…
Hayley Carruthers And Dan Robinson: Unstoppable -R4R 127
Jun 14, 2019 • 66 min
On today’s episode we have an unusual duo with a runner and her coach on. Hayley had just started running in 2016 at a Parkrun no less and has taken on running by storm. Today we learn the dynamics of how she started running and how she is still enjoys it…
Angelo Poli: There Is Nothing Fair About Metabolism -R4R 126
Jun 7, 2019 • 76 min
Angelo Poli has been through his fair share of difficulties when it comes to managing weight when you don’t have the opprotunity to workout regularly. What else do you have? Nutrition. Now, this is definitely a subject I don’t like to talk about because I…
Steve Picucci: Running Is One Piece Of The Puzzle -R4R 125
May 31, 2019 • 60 min
Today we were able to enjoy answering questions from you for my husband Steve Picucci, my running coach and a collegiate coach. The quesitons went from how it truly is being my coach and my husband at the same time to quesitons about our lovely Bailey.…
Jonathan Fader: Emotions Are The P&L Of Our Brain -R4R 124
May 26, 2019 • 71 min
Now, are you a great listener? Not just toward other people but toward your body as well? Do you even think you have to listen to your body in order to have great mindfulness? Well, according to Jonathan Fader “Fader”, you do. How are you able to push…
Carla Meijen: The Most Important Step Is Showing Up -R4R 123
May 25, 2019 • 61 min
Now, no matter where you are in your running journey, whether you are running to lose weight, it’s your sport, or it use to be your sport’s punishment, Carla Meijen, may be the episode for you! In discovering these small little tips she shares to help us…
Ben Newman: Challenge Yourself One Day At A Time -R4R 122
May 24, 2019 • 69 min
Have you ever thought, HOW am I even going to try and run a marathon? How can I do this job? How can I possible be a good friend, mother, father, etc? Simply put, as Ben Newman says it, one step at a time. No one has ever done anything outstanding right…
Justin Su’a: The Best Book You Are Going To Read Is The One You Write Yourself -R4R 121
May 23, 2019 • 68 min
It’s one thing to be able to prepare for a race for only the positives and to have a positive attitude but what if things don’t work out the way you wanted them to? Justin Su’a, who has been able to help many NFL teams beef up their mental game, also…
Ross Bernstein: There Are No Rules In Running -R4R 120
May 22, 2019 • 61 min
As we go through life we have different stages of our competitiveness, in Ross’s words you are a Rusher, Crusher, and an Usher. Ross Bernstein, who has been a keynote speaker and author of more than 40 sports books has been able to pinpoint why…
Josh Lifrak: Embrace The Days That Suck -R4R 119
May 21, 2019 • 65 min
As we sat down to interview Josh today, we learned new tips on setting goals, dealing with nerves, and embracing the hard days. Now, about the hard days you may have, whether they are training days, hard life days, or just on the race day itself! What if…
Damon West: You Don’t Have To Win All Your Fights, But You Have To Fight All Your Fights -R4R 118
May 20, 2019 • 74 min
If you think that you may have hit the lowest of lows in your life, whether it is a race time you just can’t reach, an injury, or something in your personal life which just keeps you down. Damon West may be the one for you to hear, from starting out as a…
Deena Kastor: Give Yourself Some Latitude With An Attitude Of Gratitude -R4R 117
May 17, 2019 • 69 min
Have you ever had those days where you just keep having these negative thoughts about yourself? Whether it is about your running, your home life, your work life, or even your personal life. How do we guard ourselves from these thoughts? Deena has great…
Brad Beer: ‘Pain Free’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Easy’ -R4R 116
May 10, 2019 • 67 min
Brad Beer is one of the best physiotherapists out there and a dear friend of mine. He has a wonderful perspective on ways to run injury free, because he has been there. Going through the struggle of not being injury, being frustrated, and not knowing how…
Sarah Canney: Be Relentless For Yourself -R4R 115
May 3, 2019 • 67 min
Alright I have had professionals on the Running 4 Real Podcast to talk on eating disorders but this may be our first time to have someone on who went through it. Sarah Canney, someone who I have admired for awhile now, and rightfully so, she is an…
Evie Serventi: Failure Isn’t What You Think It Is -R4R 114
Apr 26, 2019 • 54 min
Sports Psychology. It is definitely a deep subject matter to tackle into even one episode. Especially with Evie Serventi, who can guide us through the tough mental games we play with ourselves. Come and learn how we can create a better self reflection on…
Generation UCAN Live Panel from 123rd Boston Marathon - R4R 113
Apr 22, 2019 • 72 min
BONUS Episode, four podcast hosts from four of the most popular running podcasts brought together to host a show together. Ali Feller of Ali on the Run, Carrie Tollefson of CTolle Run, and Lindsey Hein of I’ll Have Another Podcasts joined me on the stage…
Pete Magill: It’s Impossible To Run Fast If You Train Incorrectly -R4R 112
Apr 19, 2019 • 50 min
Have you ever heard of the group “Master Runners”? They are the runners that may be considered older, 50 years or older. They seem to consider them to only accomplish long distances because they can no longer run fast, due to age. Pete Magill, proves once…
Steven Sashen: Minimal Footwear, Should You Give It A Chance? -R4R 111
Apr 12, 2019 • 79 min
Minimal footwear, I know, I know… It’s scary to even think about because all you think about are the shoes that make your feet look like fingers. Maybe that is not all that is out there though. What if there is a minimal shoe out there that could change…
Dorothy Beal: You Can Be Competitive Without Comparing -R4R 110
Apr 5, 2019 • 63 min
We all know it is absolutely terrible to compare ourselves to others, but what about if we compared ourselves to our past selves? Dorothy Beal, runner and blogger discusses these challenges in how we should always remember the bad races because then we…
Megan and David Roche: The Bad Moments Give Meaning To Success -R4R 109
Mar 29, 2019 • 69 min
When we start putting together goals in out lives they can turn out to be challenging, frustrating, disappointing, and just plain unfullfilling. Megan and David Roche guide us in this episode in how to bring the pure JOY to our lives. I believe there are…
Evie Serventi: Train Your (Running) Brain -R4R 108
Mar 22, 2019 • 68 min
Do you want to hear a mind-opening statistic? Running is 90% mental. Yeah it’s true! So then, why do we take it for granted or ignore it all together when we run? Someone who can help us with this answer and more is sports and exercise psychologist Evie…
Amy Bender: Make High Performance Sleep Your Secret Weapon -R4R 107
Mar 15, 2019 • 66 min
Sleep. Would you ever imagine this could be the most important aspect of your training? Well, it is! In speaking with sleep expert, Amy Bender, she breaks down how to fall asleep, guidelines on naps, and how to handle stress.
Running For Real Superstars: Let’s Meet The Community Round 3 -R4R 106
Mar 11, 2019 • 85 min
Come meet members of the Running For Real Superstars Community! I know you love learning from “everyday runners” (although I know you are so much more!). I asked our wonderful online running group who they would like to hear from, and these were the six…
Ryan Hall: Expect Nothing; Be Ready For Anything -R4R 105
Mar 8, 2019 • 67 min
Remember when Ryan Hall broke the US Half Marathon record? How about when he ran 2:04 in the marathon (at Boston!)? This guy has some incredible accomplishments to his name Ryan is here today to talk about his accomplishments, his latest book, and just BE…
Justin Gallegos: It’s Your Mindset, Not Your Abilities -R4R 104
Mar 1, 2019 • 54 min
Have you felt you may be limiting yourself? Because of fear? Failure? Rejection? Or another factor creeping around in your mind? Is it stopping you from reaching your full potential? Well, the guest today helps you truly understand ways to clear your mind…
Ray McClanahan: Our Footwear Is Changing Our Feet, And Not For The Better -R4R 103
Feb 22, 2019 • 72 min
Here, we are speaking with Dr. Ray McClanahan, a surgeon, the inventor of the correct toes and now turned researcher. In the episode we talk about how modern day shoes may be the underlying causes of many foot injuries. Not just from being a runner but…
Christie Aschwanden: Science Is Not An Answer, It’s A Process -R4R 102
Feb 15, 2019 • 57 min
We all want to be able to recover to the best of our abilites right? Should everyone recover the same way? Not technically. Christie Aschwanden, athlete, journalist, and scientific method enthusiast, is a recent author of the book “Good to Go.” In her…
Nick Anderson: How to Structure Your Marathon Training -R4R 101
Feb 8, 2019 • 57 min
What an amazing man Nick Anderson is! Nick has been a coach to a variety of runners, beginners and Olympians alike. More recently Nick has coached the Great Britain team in the world half marathon. He founded “Running With Us” and helps to coach many to…
EPISODE 100: Tina Muir and Sarah Crouch -R4R 100
Feb 1, 2019 • 74 min
Listen to this conversation between two best runner friends as they discuss Walt Disney World Half Marathon wins, celebrations, how far the Running For Real Podcast has come in 100 epiosdes, and which episode is host, Tina’s favorite episode of all.
Renee McGregor: A New You Is More Than Just Healthy Eating-R4R 099
Jan 25, 2019 • 64 min
The notion for thinking “Food is Fuel” always comes to our minds as athletes, whether we are elites or recreational ones. We all know that food is an important part of our training, then why do we have such social stigmas around it? Renee McGregor is a…
Steve Magness: How to Improve Your Run By Feel, Not Time-R4R 098
Jan 18, 2019 • 64 min
Steve Magness, college coach, elite coach, and author already wears many hats and he doesn’t even want to stop there. I was very fortunate to even have this amazing interview with Steve, as I had just ran into him by chance at a conference. We discuss…
Alex Hutchinson: How to Build Up Your Running Mindset R4R 097
Jan 11, 2019 • 68 min
Alex Hutchinson, Ph.D., is an author and journalist who focuses much of his energies on human endurance research. He is also a former middle- and long-distance runner on the Canadian national team. In today’s episode of the Running for Real podcast, Alex…
Tom Michaud: How to Care For Your Ever Changing and Connected Body- R4R 096
Jan 8, 2019 • 59 min
What an amazing chat with Tom! An experienced Chiropractor, for when it comes to the body and how every muscle works. He discusses how every body is different. Proving the “one size fits all” does NOT work for everyone, especially as our bodies age. He…
Melody Moore: Better Yourself For a Better 2019- R4R 095
Jan 4, 2019 • 60 min
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and starting to make a better you for a better new year. I can not think of a better person to start off my 2019 podcast year than Melody Moore. With her experience as a psychologist, she has…
Best Running For Real Podcast Episodes of 2018- R4R 094
Dec 28, 2018 • 128 min
The Running For Real Podcast had some incredible guests this year, and it was hard to choose the best runner epiosdes of the year. Here are the favorites you suggested. From Dean Karnazes to Andy Jones, and Kara Goucher to Siri Lindley, there are many…
Steph Bruce: Building Grit in Your Running and Life-R4R 093
Dec 21, 2018 • 69 min
What an amazing woman Steph Bruce is and the true definition of being REAL. From giving mothers who are in post-partum, advice which helps them to feel they are not alone. Whether it is from their eagerness to get back out there and run or to even enjoy…
Guy Winch: Run With and For Your Heart-R4R 092
Dec 14, 2018 • 63 min
Guy Winch gave one of the top 5 TED talks on the subject of “Emotional First Aid” in our every day lives. Do we really need to deal with every emotional “injury” that we have right away? Well, do you take care of your physical injuries in a timely manner?…
Siri Lindley: Love Your Life, You Deserve it- R4R 090
Dec 7, 2018 • 58 min
There is a power that accompanies sharing your struggles. As you share, you allow others to join you on your journey. When you let go of excuses and share your failures, you help others believe in their goals too. Having Siri Lindley on for today’s…
BONUS Michael Joyner: Learn To Manage Your Suffering- R4R 091
Dec 3, 2018 • 53 min
What a fantastic chat with one of the greatest minds in our sport. Michael Joyner has worked on the sub 2 hour marathon project, and has so much knowledge in all things running. This running podcast episode is focused on the 5k, and how it can help all of…
Meg Steffey-Schrier and Jessi Haggerty : Look in the Mirror and Love What Your Body Can Do – R4R 089
Nov 30, 2018 • 85 min
What we eat as runners can make all the difference. From how fast we run, to how we can stop getting injured, or to how we feel as people. No one knows the topic of eating well better than Meg Steffey-Schrier and Jessi Haggerty. Body image is something we…
Best Gifts for Runners: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
Nov 23, 2018 • 53 min
The best present ideas for runners this Christmas. Gift ideas under $20 to dream runner gifts for the running fan in your life.
Fiona Oakes: Using Running to Make the World a Better Place- R4R 087
Nov 16, 2018 • 71 min
Vegan runner and world record holder Fiona Oakes has an inspiring story like no other. After being told she might not ever run at the age of 17 after losing a kneecap, she became even more determined to succeed, while doing good for the world. Four world…
Sarah Crouch: There’s Nothing That Running Owes Me- R4R 086
Nov 9, 2018 • 93 min
A professional runner going 4 years without a single PR. In ANY distance. That would be enough to crush you, make even the most mentally tough runner doubt themselves, but Sarah Crouch held on to her desire to run fast, and kept putting herself in races;…
Jake Wightman: Embrace the Opportunity of Competition, Stay Positive, and Be You- R4R 085
Nov 5, 2018 • 57 min
Jake Wightman is a British, elite 800m and 1500m runner, who is here to give us advice on how to train for middle distance races. We talk about how to keep the pressure off, so you do not feel so nervous going into your races, and what it felt like to win…
Jeff Galloway: Why Every Runner Will Benefit From Walking During Training- R4R 084
Nov 2, 2018 • 75 min
Jeff Galloway, former Olympic runner and professional running coach, ran his fastest ever marathon at the age of 35 running a 2:16…taking walk breaks! Jeff hasn’t dealt with a running injury in over 40 years and has coached over 1 million runners to feel…
Lori Richmond: How Could Art Bring More Joy to Your Running and Life -R4R 083
Oct 26, 2018 • 56 min
This children’s book writer and illustrator is the artist behind View from My Run, where she does scenes from along her runs in the same time it takes her to do the run itself. She has also now worked with the NY Roadrunners Club and others to help…
Marathon Investigation: What Can We Learn From Cheaters in Races? -R4R 082
Oct 19, 2018 • 59 min
Talking to the man behind Marathon Investigation, a website that seeks to “out” the cheaters of the running world. We talk about how he figures out who has cheated and why he believes people are cheats. Derek shares how social media has both increased the…
Helen and Andy Lane: How to Use Your Emotions to Perform -R4R BONUS 3
Oct 15, 2018 • 68 min
Dr Helen Lane and Professor Andy Lane are sports psychologists who both race marathons, have run over 200 parkruns and even enjoy ultra marathons. They get the running struggles we go through and how important the mental side of training the mind is to…
Dean Karnazes: Is the Fear of Pain Holding You Back? - R4R 081
Oct 12, 2018 • 64 min
Dean Karnazes is one of the heroes of our time. Having run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, and running 350 miles continuously, he is a true inspiration. Dean opens up in a way he has never done before, being truly real with us, especially about his…
Emelia Gorecka: Dare to Be Different and You Will Achieve -R4R 080
Oct 5, 2018 • 69 min
Emelia Gorecka is an international distance runner best known for her running with scoliosis. When she’s not training she spends time helping to promote issues affecting female athletes. Emelia is incredibly focused on listening to her body and she will…
Matt B. Davis: Mental Health and the Magic of Running -R4R 079
Sep 28, 2018 • 61 min
Matt Davis is the founder of Obstacle Racing Media with an incredible sense of humor. There is a lot of laughter in this episode, but this episode is about a serious topic that we have not yet covered; depression, especially bipolar disease. Matt shows…
Eric Schranz: How to Develop a Love of the Outdoors and Passion in Your Kids - R4R 078
Sep 21, 2018 • 62 min
Host and founder of the Ultra Runner Podcast, Eric Schranz is here to talk about how to develop a love of the outdoors and build passion in our children without pushing them too hard. We also cover the balance between running with our kids and building…
Candice Huffine: We Have To Break The Cycle Of The Negative Things We Say To Ourselves - R4R 077
Sep 14, 2018 • 72 min
Candice Huffine is an international renowned fashion model who is doing a lot for the running world on her way. Candice is on a mission to encourage and inspire women to begin their own running journey. She has also launched a size inclusive clothing line…
Anne Audain: From Foot Deformities to Becoming the First Professional Female Runner -R4R 076
Sep 7, 2018 • 68 min
Anne Audain was the first female professional runner. Originally from New Zealand, Anne was born with deformities in the bones of her feet. She went on to break down the barriers for women runners and in sport in general. Anne was banned (temporarily) in…
Dr. Rich Willy: Are You Lying to Yourself and Others About Your Running? -R4R 075
Aug 31, 2018 • 71 min
Dr. Rich Willy is an expert in Biomechanics, he is known as one of the best for a reason. If you are interested in subjects such as the risk of injury, gait retraining for runners (and can we even change gait longer term?), the helpfulness of wearables ,…
Chrissie Wellington: Unless You Challenge Yourself, How Do You Know What You Are Capable Of? - R4R 074
Aug 24, 2018 • 77 min
Four time ironman world champion, Chrissie Wellington and I discuss the importance of listening to your body. Important chat about the pressure of performing and reaping the reward of months of investment of time and energy in trying to reach our goals.…
Running for Real Superstars: Let’s Meet The Community Round 2:- R4R 073
Aug 17, 2018 • 85 min
Come meet members of the Running 4 Real Superstars Community! I let you tell me who you wanted to meet on the running podcast. “Just everyday runners” is how they all describe themselves, but they all have such wonderful stories to tell about running and…
Jared Ward: Harness the Power of Your Mind, it is Amazing What Your Body Can Do -R4R 072
Aug 10, 2018 • 70 min
Jared Ward is a Dad, a Husband, Olympian, runner, and coach. Learn about running form and which shoes can best support your body’s preferred running style, injuries he has worked to overcome, and how to prepare for and run well in the heat, from both a…
BONUS: Life as a Mother Runner to 6 Month Old Bailey (Plus LOTS of GIVEAWAYS!)
Aug 6, 2018 • 45 min
This update episode covers how I am feeling about my running and motherhood. As it is my 30th Birthday today, this episode kicks off my running giveaway week, and you can enter to win a LOT of prizes this week. I am VERY real with you in this solo…
Lindsey Hein: How to Set Up and Grow Your Own Podcast (Even if it’s Not About Running) -R4R 071
Aug 3, 2018 • 70 min
Lindsey Hein, is the podcast host of the “I’ll Have Another” Podcast. Lindsey and I cover being runner moms, running while pregnant and restarting post delivery, and the timing of having your kids. Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast on…
Dr. Emily Kraus: Are Your Nutritional Habits Why You Are Injured? -R4R 070
Jul 27, 2018 • 64 min
Pelvic, hip, and sacral injuries in runners can stop you from doing what you love for weeks or even months, and they are becoming more common. What can we do to stop them from happening and how can we make sure what we eat is helping us to stay healthy…
Matt Llano: Find Inspiration In the People Around You - R4R 069
Jul 20, 2018 • 71 min
Matt Llano has run 1:01:47 and 2:12:28, but although he has run really fast, this podcast focuses on discussing the importance of being open and vulnerable and using that to feel more powerful as a runner and person. Matt is the perfect person to talk to…
Kim Dawson: Are You Satisfied With Just Performing Or Do You Want More? -R4R 068
Jul 13, 2018 • 57 min
This Olympic sport psychologist will take us through the mental issues we face as runners and in our day to day lives. This interview provides real and practical advice in how we can maximize our performance by building balance into our lives and a strong…
Jason Fitzgerald: Don’t Let the Typical Runner Mistakes Stop You -R4R 067
Jul 6, 2018 • 56 min
As runners we are often stubborn and want things to go our way. That means we might push our bodies a little too hard, make some mistakes that mean we end up injured or overtrained. What can we do to break the injury cycle and go achieve the running goals…
Luke Tyburski: I Believe I am the Toughest Person in the World - R4R 066
Jun 29, 2018 • 71 min
Luke Tyburski is an adventure seeker, motivational speaker, and coach who has pushed himself to extreme limits, in fact well past where his body could thrive. Completing 2000km in just 12 days by swimming, biking and running. This interview shows us the…
Amelia Gapin: Life as a Transgender Woman in the Running Community -R4R 065
Jun 22, 2018 • 53 min
Amelia Gapin is a transgender runner who was a cover model in 2016 on Women’s Running. She is a true role model for others and helping us to see an issue that often does not get attention. Amelia and I tackle some of the controversy around transgender…
Max Paquette: What Injury Resistant Runners Have in Common -R4R 064
Jun 15, 2018 • 64 min
Learn from one of the best, Max Paquette, who specializes in biomechanics and is considered an expert in running shoes. We move back to a more scientific look at running with this episode, because I know many many runners have an interest in how their…
Courtney Dauwalter: Can You Find the Reserve of Strength Never Knew You Had? - R4R 063
Jun 8, 2018 • 49 min
Can you imagine running a 100 mile race? How about a 240 mile race? Courtney Dauwater is winning races outright (men and womens overall winner), pushing herself harder to levels few can reach. This is one inspiring interview with a mentally tough runner…
Chau Smith: Tomorrow is Today, Jump In and Do It - R4R 062
Jun 1, 2018 • 50 min
Chau Smith was in the Vietnam war, runs with shrapnel in her leg, and worked multiple jobs simultaneously, all while she raised her two daughters in a country she was still learning to understand as a single parent. Chau is one of the toughest women I…
Manal Rostom: Have the Courage to Believe You Can Make a Change - R4R 061
May 25, 2018 • 51 min
Manal Rostom is brave, honest, and real. Not only with us, but with her approach to helping women in cover to feel a part of the running community. Before Manal reached out to the one and only Nike, there was nothing really making women in cover feel…
Susan Lacke: What Running is Really All About (and it’s Not What You Think) -R4R 060
May 18, 2018 • 40 min
Susan Lacke used to smoke, think runners were in a weird cult, and hate anything fitness related…until her boss, Carlos bullied her into the world of running, and she discovered that there is so much more to this sport than meets the eye. A wonderful…
Colin McCourt: What Runner Stubbornness and Determination is Really Capable of -R4R 059
May 11, 2018 • 80 min
Colin McCourt was an elite British athlete trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. Life was looking good, but he quit running. Over the next few years Colin gained 50lbs, and did not run a step…until a bet with friends that he could not break 16:00 in…
Ali Feller: Ali on the Run for Real -R4R 058
May 4, 2018 • 60 min
Ali Feller of the Ali on the Run Show is known for getting the best advice for runners from the best runners in the world. Can I do the same and get the best from Ali? Ali has been through a lot, particularly navigating her way around running with Crohns…
Trent Stellingwerff: Are you Happy, Healthy and Running Your Best? -R4R 057
Apr 27, 2018 • 56 min
This applied sport physiologist with a specialization in the area of performance nutrition has worked with some of the biggest running fuel brands out there. Working with Olympians and sharing his knowledge with us, learn how to find your best running, by…
Allie Kieffer: Stop Comparing, Start Doing What is Right for You -R4R 056
Apr 20, 2018 • 55 min
Who says you have to be a certain weight to run fast? There is no racing weight that will help you run better if you aren’t eating right and have no confidence in who you are. Allie Kieffer and I discuss why focusing on losing weight for a big race is the…
Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell: The Magic Power of a Tribe -R4R 055
Apr 13, 2018 • 61 min
Struggling to balance a life with a passion for running? This running podcast episode with the founders of Another Mother Runner will make you laugh and give you a reason to find a tribe of your own, to support, motivate, and encourage you to run your…
Alex Hutchinson: How to Handle the Physical and Mental Pain of Running Better - R4R 054
Apr 7, 2018 • 58 min
Alex Hutchinson gets us back again to the mental side of running, but this time we are learning about how to push ourselves, and why some people are better at it than others. This running podcast episode is fascinating and will help you see how you can…
Tina Muir Update: Life as a Mother Runner with Bailey Grace - R4R 053
Mar 30, 2018 • 34 min
I am officially a mother runner, and after a three month hiatus from recording the Running for Real podcast, it is time to update you on how my life has changed since my daughter Bailey was brought into this world. Hear about the ups and downs of life…
Dave Collins: The Best Coaches are Like the Best Chefs, Not Following Recipes -R4R 052
Mar 23, 2018 • 55 min
This is a powerful, motivational, and honest running podcast interview. Dave Collins gives it to us straight, the psychology of running, coaching, and performing at a high level. You will learn so much from this psychologist, who works as the Director of…
Running for Real Superstars: Let’s Meet The Community -R4R 051
Mar 16, 2018 • 78 min
You have heard from the professionals; the elites, the scientists, journalists, motivational speakers, psychologists, but what about the everyday runners who get up at 4am to cram in a run before the kids wake up or the runners who are inspiring from the…
Kara Goucher: You Only Need One Good Day for Your Life to Turn Around -R4R 050
Mar 9, 2018 • 60 min
Kara Goucher is a running role model, inspiration, and motivational speaker. Not just because she has run 2:24 in a marathon or finished 2nd in a World Championships, but because she is real, she is humble, she is honest. Kara shares the ups and downs of…
Dr. Andrew Jones: What We Can Learn From The Greatest Runners of All Time -R4R 049
Mar 2, 2018 • 57 min
Runners love to find the recovery secrets that can help them run faster, today we have Dr. Beetroot, the physiologist who discovered the power of beets for runner, and is the reason many runners love them today. Dr Andrew Jones was also the lead…
Kim Jones: Want Success? Let Go of Your Fear of Failure -R4R 048
Feb 23, 2018 • 62 min
Kim Jones may have run a 2:26 marathon, but that doesn’t mean running was easy for her. With tragedy after tragedy in her life, she could have allowed it to destroy her confidence and what she was able to do as a runner, but instead she used it to…
Kirrily Dear: If You Want to Succeed, You Just Have to Get Up and Do it - R4R 047
Feb 16, 2018 • 49 min
In this running podcast episode, Kirrily Dear ran over 800 miles across New South Wales in only 19 days, and is constantly setting herself inspiring challenges to raise money for Run Against Violence. This ultra runner can motivate runners to believe in…
Hajo Seppelt: Track and Field Will Never Be a Clean Sport - R4R 046
Feb 9, 2018 • 31 min
Hajo Seppelt was the journalist to break the doping stories with the world, and now he is here to share the honest truth with us about runners in track and field. This running podcast will leave you in shock and frustration, but his honesty is refreshing.
Benji Durden: From 2:09 Olympic Marathoner to Cancer Survivor - R4R 045
Feb 2, 2018 • 52 min
We love running stories, this runner podcast episode is packed with them. Benji Durden has a smoking fast PR in the marathon of 2:09, and has run 25 sub-2:20 marathons in less than a decade’s time. This motivational runner has battled cancer multiple…
Richie Hardcore: You Can Become the Role Model You Always Wanted to Be -R4R 044
Jan 26, 2018 • 56 min
Ever feel alone? Like no one in your life understands and the pressure to use substances like alcohol to help build your confidence can be strong, especially when everyone around you is pressuring you to relax and “have fun”. Richie Hardcore inspires us…
Camille Herron: Breaking Down Barriers and Destroying World Records -R4R 043
Jan 19, 2018 • 65 min
Winning Comrades marathon, setting the world record in the 100 mile race by over an hour, how does Camille Herron bounce back so fast? We find out, and hear her journey to reach healthy running and enjoying her training. Camille has done a lot of research…
Bhumika Patel: Running Can Empower You and Your Community -R4R 042
Jan 12, 2018 • 56 min
Bhumika Patel has become the inspirational face of womens running in India, and is considered one of the 21 women changing the running world. Learn about Bhumika’s story, and what she is doing to help show severely underprivileged groups how running can…
Mo’Ath Alkhawaldeh: How Running Will Positively Change the World -R4R 041
Jan 5, 2018 • 54 min
Runners know how good running makes us feel, but what about runners in war ridden countries or places of conflict. This 2:25 marathoner from Jordan is an advocate for positive change, and believes running can make our world a much better place.
2017 Best Running for Real Podcast Episodes -R4R 040
Dec 29, 2017 • 55 min
If you have missed Running for Real podcast episodes (life happens, right?), this episode recaps listener favorites of the year, including listeners sharing the episodes that were most impactful for them. Don’t miss the best running podcast episodes of…
Nick Butter: Running Makes You Value Your Time On This Planet - Ep. 039
Dec 22, 2017 • 59 min
Nick Butter is starting off his 2018 with a major challenge ahead of him; running 196 marathons, one in every country in the world. Nick is one motivational runner who will inspire you to reach for your best and see what you can do within your running…
Emma Coburn: What it Feels Like When Your Dream Comes True -R4R 038
Dec 15, 2017 • 51 min
Emma Coburn was the first American to ever win a world championship in the Steeplechase and she shares her story, from the start all the way to that magic moment in 2017
Runner Safety First with Run Angel & 25+ Gift Ideas for Runners -R4R 037
Dec 8, 2017 • 91 min
Running safety is the focus of this episode with Run Angel, a product that has been selling out due to huge demand. For runners who want to feel safe, but also for runners who crave tranquil, remote places to run. Second half of the episode gives 25+ gift…
Suzy Favor Hamilton: The Double Life of an Olympian and Escort -R4R 036
Dec 1, 2017 • 69 min
The scandalous behind the scenes story of Suzy Favor-Hamilton, three time Olympian who ended up as one of the top escorts in Las Vegas because of undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Suzy is honest and real, and as a mental health advocate is doing what she can…
Sally Bergesen: People are Heroes and Yet They are Just People-R4R 035
Nov 24, 2017 • 65 min
Sally Bergesen, Founder and CEO of Oiselle shares openly and vulnerably about her journey building this running brand. Inspiring and real, Sally discusses issues no one else wants to talk about
Nicole Detling: How to Invest in Your Mental Toughness Bank -R4R 034
Nov 17, 2017 • 61 min
Fed up of mentally giving up in races? Get REALLY nervous before races? Beat yourself up if the race doesnt go as planned. Nicole Detling has helped athletes all over the world, including Olympics, and now she is here to help you.
Renee McGregor: Is Healthy Eating Ruining Your Life? - R4R 033
Nov 10, 2017 • 69 min
Healthy eating for runners has overtaken our lives. Taking the joy out of food, and making us obsessed with weight gain or loss. Stop the cycle! Listen to this podcast episode with Renee McGregor about finding balance as a runner, without removing the…
Kelly Roberts: Have the Courage to be Your Best Self-R4R 032
Nov 3, 2017 • 60 min
Kelly Roberts is one of the faces of women’s rights and redefining strong in every body shape & size. Kelly shares her struggles and how you too can overcome
Kyle Merber: Running 3:52 in the Mile Shouldn’t Make You Scared to be Yourself -R4R 031
Oct 27, 2017 • 56 min
A 3:52 miler for Hoka One One, Kyle has run under 4:00 eighteen times, but is known for his sense of humor and for being honest. Learn from one of the best milers in the US, but someone who has some great ideas for the future of our sport, could elites…
Tom Goom: How to Actually Listen to Your Body to Prevent Injuries -R4R 030
Oct 20, 2017 • 71 min
Tom Goom of the Running Physio is one of the best physiotherapists for understanding runners. Tom gives us realistic advice for how to sort through the overwhelming amount of information about injuries, and help yourself get better, rather than worse.
Devon Yanko: You Can Reach Your Dream By Focusing on the Process - R4R 029
Oct 13, 2017 • 62 min
Devon Yanko has run the third fastest 100 mile time ever, but her humble, genuine, and real attitude to life is infectious. Owner of a bakery, but finding time to help others deal with the mental negative thoughts makes her someone special you will want…
Phil Maffetone: What Is Your Fatigue Early in Races Really Showing You? - R4R 028
Oct 6, 2017 • 68 min
One of the best running experts in the world talks about burning fat for fuel (instead of carbs), running “slow” to get faster, and the Boston marathon!
Chad Moye: From a Homeless Addict to Winning Races and Free -R4R 027
Sep 29, 2017 • 52 min
Inspirational story! Running helped turn Chad Moye’s life around; a homeless, heroin addict, whose bad behavior finally landed him in prison, looking at a sentence of up to 20 years. Chad took the opportunity to turn his life around, and now he is helping…
Christie Aschwanden: Gender Issues, Doping Scandals, and Sexual Abuse in Running -R4R 026
Sep 22, 2017 • 61 min
If you are interested in the discussion of topics that are controversial, but very real within running, such as doping, women barred from participation for high testosterone levels, and high school coaching abuse. If you are passionate about athletics,…
Nancy Clark: Stop Focusing on Being Healthy, Focus on Being Balanced -R4R 025
Sep 15, 2017 • 58 min
Nancy Clark is one of the pioneers of sports nutrition, and guess what, she is NOT going to tell you to not eat certain foods. There are no good and bad foods, just unbalanced and balanced diets, and if you eat too clean, your diet is not balanced. This…
Chi Running: It’s Time to Learn How to Move Your Body Correctly Danny Dreyer -R4R 024
Sep 8, 2017 • 55 min
If you feel like your running technique is not doing you any favors, and injuries keep popping up, Chi Running could change your life, and without changing that much! Danny Dreyer is the founder of Chi Running and has great advice for us all, on feeling…
Dr. Mark Cucuzzella & Dr. Josh Emdur: It’s Time To Get Your Health Back-R4R 023
Sep 1, 2017 • 80 min
As much as we try to use Dr.Google to diagnose our running injuries and explain to us what is happening, a doctor is the best person to talk to. These are two of the best in the running industry, and their new program to help runners is GENIUS!
Double Amputations, Double the Inspiration: Rob Jones Journey -R4R 022
Aug 25, 2017 • 54 min
Must listen inspirational interview. Double amputee Rob Jones is not just a bronze medalist in the paralympics, but he is now on his next challenge to run 31 marathons in 31 major cities in the US, Canada, and the UK, in 31 days.
Bryon Powell & Meghan Hicks: Can You be a Better Student of the Sport? -R4R 021
Aug 18, 2017 • 56 min
If you already love trail and ultra races or have one in your mind for sometime in the future, this episode is going to give you everything you need to excel. From apparel, shoes, and gear to tips to actually enjoying the final half of an ultra (yes, it…
Steve Jones, The King of Pain: You Are Racing the Distance, Not Your Watch -R4R 020
Aug 11, 2017 • 59 min
Steve Jones is honest, real, and doesn’t hold anything back, this episode is for you if you love to hear about running without complications, at a time when running was just getting out there and being the best you can be.
Steve’s View: Training Correctly, Quitting Pro Running, and Pregnancy -R4R 019
Aug 4, 2017 • 49 min
We had my husband Steve on the podcast today, who is also my trainer! Giving some tips and we also talk about me quitting pro running and our lovel adventure of pregnancy!
Bonnie Kelly: Why You Need to Update the Apps in Your Brain, Not Your Phone -R4R 017
Jul 28, 2017 • 54 min
If you want to improve your mental toughness, belief in yourself, and strength, this is the running for real episode for you.
Paul Sinton-Hewitt: Are You Part of the Movement? Parkrun is Energizing the World -R4R 018
Jul 21, 2017 • 44 min
Parkrun is making the world a healthier, happier place, one location at a time. Hear how it started, and how it has grown to over 1100 locations worldwide.
Dr. David Geier: From Kids to Adults: How to Stay Healthy and Love It -R4R 015
Jul 14, 2017 • 54 min
For anyone who feels like they are continuously being tested in their running, and the joy of running is being sucked away by the frustration of injury.
Magda Boulet: How to Run the Race You Know You are in Shape for -R4R 016
Jul 7, 2017 • 47 min
Magda Boulet did not just excel in one distance, she has won masters mile races all the way up to winning Western States 2015 (and finishing 2nd in 2017). Listen to her real, helpful advice for us to run our best in every race.
Pregnancy Podcast: From Overcoming Amenorrhea to Getting Pregnant with Tawnee Gibson
Jun 30, 2017 • 73 min
Yep, I am pregnant! Tawnee is Pregnant! This is our podcast episode discussing overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea to getting our periods back, and ultimately getting pregnant! Tawnee and I may have had different approaches with how we wanted to get…
Mario Fraioli: Will We Ever Celebrate Success at the Top Again? R4R 014
Jun 23, 2017 • 51 min
For anyone who feels like they are continuously being tested in their running, and the joy of running is being sucked away by the frustration of injury.
Jessie Barr: Looking into the Mind of Injured Runners-R4R 013
Jun 16, 2017 • 59 min
For anyone who feels like they are continuously being tested in their running, and the joy of running is being sucked away by the frustration of injury.
Toby Tanser: We are in a World of Help. What is Your Role Going to Be? -R4R 012
Jun 9, 2017 • 71 min
Inspiring story of Toby Tanser. Toby is one of the running ambassadors of our time. Not only did Toby convince Prince Harry to run with him, get Gloria Gaynor to meet a runner at the finish of a race, and friends with plenty of other celebrities, Toby is…
BONUS: Evie Serventi- If You Can’t Reassure Yourself, No One Can
Jun 7, 2017 • 60 min
Bonusode (is that even a word?) I am making it one! Today my dear friend and sports psychologist, Evie Servenit is here with us to talk about how to overcome the negative thoughts in a race once they start to flood in. If you are someone who…
Tom Payn- Life as a Kenyan Runner: R4R 011
Jun 2, 2017 • 52 min
Have you ever wondered what it would take to be like one of the Kenyan runners? Well Tom Payn made this a reality for himself, for one year! He lived, ate, drank, and trained like the Kenyan runners and here is what he learned.
Amelia Boone: The More Vulnerable I Am, the More Confident I Become - R4R 010
May 26, 2017 • 63 min
If you are fed up of being injured (or returning from injury) and struggling to handle the fear of wanting to get back to where you were, this will speak directly to your heart.
Nicola Rinaldi & Heidi Greenwood-No Period. Now What? - R4R 009
May 19, 2017 • 95 min
Athletic amenorrhea or hypothalamic amenorrhea is more common than you think. This podcast discusses dangers, and how to start recovery of missing periods.
Marathon Training Academy- Why the Marathon Makes You a Superhero: R4R 008
May 12, 2017 • 56 min
If you love to travel and race, Angie and Trevor give marathons to try, as well as advice for new runners getting ready for their first marathon.
Dr. Bhrett McCabe- The World is Going to Challenge You to Fight for What you Desire: R4R 007
May 5, 2017 • 53 min
If you struggle with the mental aspect of running and racing, this podcast with Dr Bhrett McCabe gives lots of runner tips for being your best.
Nate Helming - The Run Experience: Are You Running With The Parking Brake On? - R4R 006
Apr 28, 2017 • 60 min
Nate Helming, Co-founder of The Run Experience is on the Running For Real Podcast to help runners train better, race better, and be better.
Neely Spence-Gracey: The Best Way to Maximize Your Potential as a Runner is to Be Happy - R4R 005
Apr 21, 2017 • 63 min
Olympic hopeful and professional runner is honest and real with Running for Real listeners, sharing the setbacks she went through during an injury streak.
Cindra Kamphoff- You Need to Know Yourself to Master Yourself - R4R 004
Apr 14, 2017 • 53 min
High Performance Coach & Sports Psychologist Cindra Kamphoff gives runners tips on building mental toughness & getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
James Dunne- Are These Mistakes the Reason You are Injury Prone? R4R 003
Apr 14, 2017 • 68 min
If you keep getting injured or feel completely overwhelmed with all the information about strength, stability, and flexibility, James Dunne is here to help.
Matt Fitzgerald- Nothing Motivates More Than The People You Love the Most- R4R 002
Apr 14, 2017 • 55 min
Best selling author, sports nutritionist, and speaker Matt Fitzgerald explains what the best runners in the world eat before running.
Welcome to the Running for Real Podcast: R4R 001
Apr 14, 2017 • 20 min
Meet the founder of Running for Real, Tina Muir. Listen to how this Great Britain Olympic hopeful runner began her running journey, and why she decided to take a hiatus from running. Explore the Running for Real Community, and why it could help you with…