Agile Chuck Wagon

Agile Chuck Wagon
A weekly podcast on agile, lean, leadership, and technical topics aimed at beginning to intermediate practitioners.

Oct 1 • 1 min
The Agile Chuck Wagon is on pause while I recover from a car accident
Commit Derby
Sep 24 • 14 min
An exercise to help people using source control learn good commit discipline
Pomodoro Technique
Sep 17 • 14 min
A time management technique
4 Pillars of Too Much
Sep 10 • 11 min
Avoid overwhelm with the 4 pillars of too much
A Spectum of Feedback Quality
Sep 3 • 11 min
Nancy Hey’s spectrum of feedback quality
4 Laws of Simple Design
Aug 27 • 10 min
Review of 4 Laws of Simple Design
The Responsibility Process
Aug 20 • 7 min
Using the Responsibilty Process to help people take ownership of issues
The Trust Equation
Aug 13 • 6 min
How to measure trust and diagnose issues
The Accountability Ladder
Aug 6 • 7 min
Chuck talks about the accountability ladder.
Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
Jul 30 • 8 min
Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) helps Product and Development collaborate
Release Train Engineers
Jul 23 • 10 min
The Scaled Agile role of Release Train Engineer
3 Amigos Technique
Jul 16 • 8 min
Members of multiple disciplines come together during refinement
Multiple Views on Pay to Speak
Jul 9 • 12 min
Give multiple viewpoints when answering questions
Promotion and the Kübler-Ross Curve
Jul 2 • 22 min
Dealing with change
Season 7 Retrospective
Jun 25 • 7 min
Chuck uses the starfish retrospective technique to review Season 7.
Karpman Drama Triangle
Jun 18 • 9 min
Chuck explains the Karpman Drama Triangle and how to escape it.
Eight Dimensions of Product Quality
Jun 11 • 10 min
Chuck describes the eight dimensions of product quality
Takt Time
Jun 4 • 9 min
Takt time, a Kanban metric measuring unit production
Features versus Maintenance
May 28 • 7 min
The dynamic tension between delivering new features and maintaining a product
Pair Programming
May 21 • 8 min
How to teach pair programming
Test-Driven Development (TDD)
May 14 • 8 min
How to teach test-driven development
Keeping True to Process
May 7 • 7 min
Tips on keeping true to your agile process
The getKanban Game
Apr 30 • 7 min
The getKanban game
Flow Efficiency
Apr 23 • 9 min
How scrum teams can use the flow efficiency metric to improve velocity
Apr 16 • 13 min
How agile teams can apply the idea of Lent to continuous improvement
Development Managers at the Daily Standup
Apr 9 • 10 min
A case for development managers to attend the daily standup
OKR - 7x4
Apr 2 • 9 min
In this episode of the Agile Chuck Wagon, Chuck talks about objectives and key results. This framework is useful when cascading goals down to others.
Deliberate Practice - 7x3
Mar 26 • 9 min
Chuck talks about the research of Anders Ericsson in his book Peak, and explains why deliberate practice is better than just good enough for skill improvement and mastery.
Only Handle It Once - 7x2
Mar 19 • 3 min
This short episode introduces the short OHIO framework for handling information only once using the 4 T’s (tackle it, task it, toss it, transfer it).
Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life - 7x1
Mar 11 • 6 min
To start season 7, Chuck talks about a personal retrospective technique based on Zig Ziglar’s seven spokes on his Wheel of Life. The idea is, people are balanced if they enjoy success in these seven areas: Mental Spiritual Physical Family Financial…