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Readily Random with Larry Roberts
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Alexis Romero | Tik Tok Tips and Tricks
May 26 • 28 min
It started off as something just for kids, then tweens jumped on board. Now, some of the leaders in the marketing space say it’s a must have. Let’s take a closer look at TikTok. Alexis Romero is a TikTok influencer! Alexis has over 600k followers on the…
Larry Roberts | Launching a Community for your Brand
May 19 • 27 min
This episode is from a speaking engagement I had recently where I answered a number of questions regarding the value of a community. I cover the value of a community, the various types of communities that we can share, why people join a community and…
Ever Gonzalez | Outlier HQ
May 6 • 33 min
Ever Gonzalez is the Founder of OutlierHQ, a media and events company that provides resources to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses. He is also the host of Outlier On Air, a weekly podcast that interviews Founders, Disrupters, and…
Adam Lewis Walker | Awaken Your Alpha
May 5 • 39 min
Adam Lewis Walker is a TEDx keynote speaker/coach and 2 x best-selling author. He hosts the top-ranked podcast Awaken Your Alpha, interviewing the world’s elite minds in over 350 episodes since early 2014. In addition, Adam recently launched The…
Randy Santel | Professional Eater
Mar 3 • 36 min
Randy Santel has now won over 829 food challenges in all 50 states plus 37 unique countries around the world, and those numbers are always continually growing. Randy graduated from Missouri State University with his second Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition &…
Tony Whatley | Sidehustle Millionaire
Feb 25 • 33 min
Tony Whatley is a business mentor, speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host. He is best known as the 28 year old Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive community which grew into the largest of its kind, with over 300,000 registered members.…
Jon Dewitt (@mrepicdb) | Tik Tok Influencer
Feb 18 • 33 min
You may have heard of TikTok, you may have even seen a clip or two from TikTok, but you’re still not exactly sure what all the fuss is about. This week’s guest, Jon Dewitt is what you would call an EPIC TikTok user! With over 5.2 million likes and just…
10 Minutes In | It’s not too Late!
Feb 14 • 11 min
Tonight is THE NIGHT when you set the tone for the rest of your romantic year! Did you step up to the plate, or did you drop the ball? Please tell me you did good! I share a sweet story of being on a podcast earlier today. It was an amazing experience and…
10 Minutes In | Would you be Mine?
Feb 13 • 13 min
In case you forgot, I felt it was my responsibility to remind you that it isn’t too late to still snag that sweet little someone of yours a Valentine’s Day card or better yet…gift. Who knows? You may like what your spouse gets you too! *wink We know we…
10 Minutes In | Word of Mouth!
Feb 12 • 12 min
Well, tonight started off a bit rough, but things improved dramatically after our first attempt was cut short due to good ol’ Frontier internet service doing what it does best…dropping. So, I am in search of a robust, but not professional level video…
10 Minutes In | Don’t Bully, Be Happy
Feb 11 • 13 min
So many of us were “bullied” as kids from my generation, that it is looked at as a right of passage. But, does it need to be? Is that part of paying your dues? Does the fear of paying your dues keep you from trying new things?
Bill Bice | Boomtime! Marketing that Works
Feb 11 • 34 min
Bill started his first company at age 18, growing ProLaw Software into the largest law firm automation system for small and mid-size law firms. Joining the acquirer at Thomson Reuters, Bill joined the management team of the $2B West division, where he…
10 MInutes In | Podfestation!
Feb 10 • 11 min
I managed to have another article published in the Podcast Business Journal. This article talks about turning laughter into downloads. I’m not trying to turn anyone into a comedian, but more than a few shows out there could benefit from an occasional…
10 Minutes In | Keep it Legal!
Feb 7 • 13 min
On this episode I bring you up to speed on the latest with the Raptor purchase and even more interestingly my freakin health! I can’t catch a freakin’ break here! I mean, I’m not falling apart, but I just want to chill out for a bit! After my pity party,…
10 Minutes In | A Rap Tap Tapping!
Feb 6 • 12 min
I’ve got a need. It’s a need to slide behind the wheel of a gorgeous Ford Raptor with a white exterior and a sport grey interior. It wouldn’t be the smartest purchase, but since when do I do the smart thing? We also talk about being the subject matter…
10 Minutes In | I am Spartacus!
Feb 5 • 13 min
We lost one of the greatest ever today, just before going live with the recording of this episode. He is, was and always will be the original…Spartacus! We talk about Pickleball…pickle what? You read that right, Pickleball. I’m looking forward to getting…
10 Minutes In | Sugar Free
Feb 4 • 13 min
This episode is filled with the usual high brow entertainment that only your sophisticated palates can appreciate! I’m also sending out a plea for help that only you all can provide! I need real sugar free snack options, like dried fruit, snack bars and…
Miha Matlievski | The Fail Coach
Feb 4 • 52 min
One business coach has forged his approach to helping entrepreneurs and business executives by using a monumental personal failure and eventual redemption to help get others where they need to go to find their personal success and fulfillment. At just 18…
10 Minutes In |Get off my Lawn!
Feb 3 • 16 min
On this episode we talk about time and how it seems to operate differently these days. We talk Superbowl, mostly half time show. And I share a moment that I’m not proud of, but that could have landed me in some HOT water, even if the accusation wasn’t…
10 Minutes In | Superbowl Friday
Feb 1 • 12 min
Comin’ in hot on Friday evening with updates from my review by two of the best in the podcast business. Then we talk about my Superbowl squares and the numbers I was lucky enough to land. Finally, we round things out by talking about the latest book I’m…
10 Minutes In - TikTok Tour
Jan 29 • 14 min
On this one, I give an update about some awesome things that are happening! I can’t say exactly what just yet, but it’s going to be awesome! Plus, we talk about TikTok influencers and TikTok for entrepreneurs! Finally, I round out our time together with a…
10 Minutes In - Clean Bill of Health
Jan 28 • 12 min
On this episode, I give an update on my sinus condition! Turns out I’m a pretty darn good patient! Then, I have to go off on a press tangent! Don’t blame me, they’re the bad guys!!
Larry Yatch | The SEAL Mindset with Eric Hunley
Jan 28 • 59 min
Larry Yatch is truly one of the most unique individuals on the planet! As a 10 year commissioned officer in the Navy as an operator and leader in SEAL Team 3, Larry is a battle tested leader that has earned the respect of his peers as well as others that…
10 Minutes In - Guess Who’s Back!
Jan 27 • 13 min
That’s right, after 3 weeks away from the mic, I had the pleasure of FINALLY getting back to 10 Minutes In and talking to everyone! This episode is heavy on gratitude and the power of community. Of course, we talk about the tragedy of a group of people in…
Michael Barnes | Non-Profit Innovations with Guest Host Tyson Franklin
Jan 21 • 38 min
With values grounded in integrity, community, positivity and doing more with less, Michael Barnes and his Awakened Innovations team work with nonprofits to save them time and money that they can put back into their mission. After determining the…
Jannell MacAulay - Being Mindful with Guest Host Heather Vickery
Jan 14 • 47 min
Dr MacAulay is a 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran with experience leading and building teams, designing & implementing complex organizational change, and creating innovative solutions to optimize the human weapon system when operating in rugged and…
Chris LeBlanc - Leveraging TikTok for Audience Engagement
Jan 7 • 41 min
The social media landscape is ever-evolving with new platforms trying to break through all of the time. One of the newest platforms that you may be missing out on is TikTok. Chris LeBlanc was introduced to the app by his daughter and he has since gone on…
10 Minutes In - Date Trickery
Jan 2 • 12 min
I start this one off all fired up from a podcast episode I had just finished up with a TikTok influencer. This was really exciting because TikTok is making huge strides in becoming more than just the latest short form content creation platform to soon go…
10 Minutes In - Already in Trouble
Jan 1 • 10 min
Well, it didn’t take long, about 16 hours into the new year to be exact, before I found myself in a world of trouble. Why? Well, I don’t want to spoil the very first episode of the year, but the message is all about not making excuses and avoiding…
10 Minutes In - Happy New Year
Jan 1 • 4 min
This is a quick little episode that wishes everyone a Happy New Year and gives you a little something to listen to while you treat that hangover this morning. Oh, and it has one of the worst Godfather impressions you’ll ever hear. You just can’t beat that!
Dana Wilde | Train your Brain
Dec 31, 2019 • 33 min
This episode of the podcast was EXTREMELY high energy and a ton of fun and ever so insightful. It features a conversation between Dana Wilde and myself and it’s one that you won’t want to miss! Dana Wilde is an internationally known expert on how to…
10 Minutes In - Robot Edition
Dec 26, 2019 • 7 min
I gotta be honest, this is an episode I didn’t really want to release, but sometimes you gotta take one on the chin. With no voice left, I was forced to come up with something that would allow me to still do the episode and still salvage what’s left of my…
10 Minutes In - Attitude of Gratitude
Dec 25, 2019 • 13 min
Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for being a part of the Readily Random family! Earlier today, after I’m sure all of the early morning Christmas festivities had subsided I found it interesting to see how long it took some folks to get back to normal.…
10 Minutes In - Christmas Eve
Dec 25, 2019 • 12 min
After an internal debate on whether or not a Christmas Eve episode would be something anyone would be interested in, I quickly found out that not only would folks be interested, but that they would join me for this episode of TMI! This one takes us back…
10 Minutes In - Festivus
Dec 24, 2019 • 15 min
I’m feeling obligated to start this episode off with an apology for apparently missing last night. However, I didn’t miss, I just deleted the vid and didn’t upload the episode. Why? Well, it wouldn’t be a teaser if I told you here! Then we spend some time…
10 Minutes In - Diamond in the Rough
Dec 22, 2019 • 10 min
This is a primary example of persistence. My goal is to show up and hang out with everyone for at least 10 minutes and that’s exactly what we did. I assumed that most people would be out finishing up their Christmas shopping and it looked like that is…
10 Minutes In - Why I NEED to Podcast
Dec 20, 2019 • 12 min
During my daily review of the Facebook universe, I found an article out of our local Dallas Morning News newspaper. It was an article written by a local comedian where she outlined why comedians do what they do regardless of how big the stage is. It…
10 Minutes In - 6 More Days
Dec 20, 2019 • 10 min
That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s coming down to the wire! There’s only six more days until Christmas! But, there’s still a weekend in there for some of that last minute shopping. Today’s episode presents an almost back to normal…
10 Minutes In - Ugly Sweater
Dec 19, 2019 • 13 min
We’re joined by Rudolph on this episode and he’s shaking with anticipation! I became a proud owner of this vibrating Rudolf by…you guessed it, winning the Ugly Sweater contest!! It was a joy filled day thanks to my Catmas hoodie! This episode also covers…
10 Minutes In - Christmas Lice
Dec 17, 2019 • 20 min
This episode opens with a Christmas song being plucked out on a couple of banjo’s by two fellas that call themselves The Moron Brothers. You can hear more of their hilarious hi-jinx on their YouTube channel moronbrothersKY. The rest of the episode takes…
Jodi Krangle | World Class Voice Talent
Dec 17, 2019 • 34 min
The Hidden Gem of Marketing Did you know that GOLDFISH have longer attention spans than humans do? Especially with the increased number of distractions we have these days. Did you know that you have approximately 8 seconds to catch the attention of your…
10 Minutes In - Donuts
Dec 16, 2019 • 10 min
It’s Monday Funday here in the TMI studio! I got some new stuffs in the studio for the new Batman and his snack bowl! Bet you can’t guess what it is! Seems there was a mix up with this weeks vacation plans. Big things are on the horizon at the office and…
10 Minutes In - You’re a Mean One
Dec 15, 2019 • 19 min
Mr. Grinch! The green grouch with gravel in his throat and thistles between his toes greets us with an amazing rendition of his ever popular theme song! Then we take the time to just chat it up a bit about last night’s UFC, podcasting one sheets, recent…
10 Minutes In - Call Me
Dec 14, 2019 • 8 min
This was more like 9 Minutes In, but it’s not cause I don’t love ya! It’s because it’s fight night! UFC 245 has been at the forefront of my mind all day and I’m stoked! It’s an insane card with massive consequences at stake! Get this! The show now has a…
10 Minutes In - Tesla Karaoke
Dec 13, 2019 • 18 min
Lunch turned out to be more interesting that I could have ever imagined today and you get to hear all about my fun, little adventure on this extended episode of TMI! I rode in my very first Tesla, sang Queen karaoke, enjoyed a mediocre filet mignon and…
10 Minutes In - Chewie Clause
Dec 12, 2019 • 11 min
One of our favorite, familiar voices greets us as we begin today’s journey into the holidays! We have a TON of visitors during today’s 10 minutes and that helps keep me distracted after we are joined by someone that is going to be reviewing Readily Random…
10 Minutes In - Santa’s Village
Dec 11, 2019 • 15 min
We dance our way through Santa’s Village as we celebrate a Wednesday Win! The podcast course is crushing it even more than I ever thought. We see some strangers online and we talk about all of this and more as I wear my oh so fancy elf hat!! So, grab a…
10 Minutes In - Tchaikovsky
Dec 10, 2019 • 14 min
We sprinkle a little pixie dust on a few sugar plum fairies on this one while we talk laptops, weightloss, Tchaikovsky and ugly sweaters! Grab that shawl grandma knitted ya a few years ago, snuggle up with some hot cocoa and let’s talk diets while we’re…
10 Minutes In - I am Spartacus!
Dec 9, 2019 • 12 min
Who wants to live until they’re 103? Not this guy, that’s for sure! I had a bit of a case of the gigglies today, so maybe you will too. We cover Kirk Douglas as Spartacus to the new Ghostbusters trailer then we go from powdered hair to Ralph Cramdan! Who?…
10 Minutes In - Chop Socky
Dec 8, 2019 • 11 min
I made the mistake last night of commenting on a post online regarding the upcoming new Marvel movie, Shang-Chi. I commented that although I don’t believe it will change the world, it should be a fun “chop socky” flick. Within seconds, my comment was…
10 Minutes In - Smove Operator
Dec 8, 2019 • 13 min
It’s a lazy Saturday episode where I test some new features of the streaming software widgets, and we talk about all things stupid. We talk stupid Facebook widgets, stupid Facebook app on iPhone and a stupid gimbal I bought for my GoPro and Phone. Don’t…
Kat McLead & Dana Pharant | Pinpoint Your Badass Niche
Dec 7, 2019 • 36 min
Two of the baddest women on the planet have teamed up for a one of a kind business bootcamp that will help you identify your strengths, monetize what you love to do and bring pleasure into your business! A unique past brought these two dominant women…
10 Minutes In - Red Lobster
Dec 7, 2019 • 10 min
It’s an end of the year Friday countdown, only a few more to get your shoppin in! I share my latest pissing off of the wife and reminisce of those classic Christmas shoppin dinners at good ol’ Red Lobster! Hey, pass me that shrimp scampi. Let’s eat!
10 Minutes In - Curveball
Dec 5, 2019 • 16 min
Well, this episode is aptly named considering we were thrown a curveball only minutes before we went live. Granted, it was beyond our control, but it’s all good. We’ll catch up with Heather Vickery in the very near future. So, we end up going down a path…
10 Minutes In - Phishing
Dec 4, 2019 • 11 min
What the heck is phishing and why are you telling us about anyway? Well, it just may save you time, frustration and even some cash! I test out the new mic and re-enter the FB Live world directly instead of streaming. So, jump on in…the stream is a flowin’!
James Beshara | Supercharge your Day with Nootropics
Dec 3, 2019 • 51 min
Inc, Forbes, and Time Magazine have included James Beshara in their “30 Under 30” lists, and over the years, he has been featured in The NY Times, Forbes, CNN, and the WSJ. He has been invited to speak at places like Harvard Business School, Stanford and…
10 Minutes In - Streamin
Dec 3, 2019 • 10 min
On this episode we try something new. Instead of “going live” on Facebook, we stream the show to Facebook. It makes for much more visually appealing video and the audio is top notch too! So, give it a listen and let me know your thoughts. Does it sound…
10 Minutes In - Hush that Fuss
Dec 1, 2019 • 12 min
It’s the first day of the last month of the decade! How’s that for a sobering opener? We take a glimpse at the past decade and look forward to the upcoming 10 years. What will the next decade look like for you? We look back at this day in history, which…
10 Minutes In - Narwhals
Dec 1, 2019 • 8 min
WE DID IT!! #NaPodPoMo is in the books! We successfully podcast every day for the month of November! But wait, there’s more! We unveiled the new studio layout, talk about plots foiled with narwhal horns (we could only name one) and much more on this…
10 Minutes In - Black Friday
Nov 29, 2019 • 11 min
We survived Thanksgiving and for some it was time to go to battle for some sweet deals. For me, if it’s not online, it ain’t meant to be mine. We talk the history of #blackfriday and even #greenmonday, which was new to me. Then, we have a little mic talk…
10 Minutes In - Turkey Interrupted
Nov 28, 2019 • 11 min
All I wanted to do was record day 28 of #NaPodPoMo, but the stupid turkey kept gobbling his way into the show! We talk the Cowboys latest failure, Conor vs Cowboy in February and I attempt to test an addon - LIVE! Will I be successful? Tune in to find out!
10 Minutes In - Cornucopia Day!
Nov 27, 2019 • 14 min
We’re still kickin and this cold seems to be stickin’, around that is. On this Day 27 of #NaPodPoMo we talk that new gangster movie out on the Netflix, The Irishman. Then we do a play by play of Thanksgiving Day history and cover the Dallas Cowboy’s…
10 Minutes In - Tedx?
Nov 27, 2019 • 11 min
After a training session on How to Pitch the Perfect Tedx talk, I fired up this 26th episode of TMI to share my excitement! Now, to put together that perfect pitch. Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!
Anissa Hudak | Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy
Nov 26, 2019 • 37 min
As a Yoga Therapist and the founder of the Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program, Anissa guides others in the use of effective, science based yoga therapy and other holistic techniques for the management/healing of symptoms relating to PTSD and trauma for…
10 Minutes In - Perseverance
Nov 25, 2019 • 12 min
Tonight, on this 25th day of #NaPodPoMo, I gotta practice what I’m preachin’ and power through my fever and talk about Perseverance. I give a personal account that goes beyond just being a little sick. Then we look at a number of massive success stories…
10 Minutes In - Another Sunday, not so Funday!
Nov 24, 2019 • 12 min
After suffering through another Cowboy’s loss, we tackled this 24th day of #NaPodPoMo with a scratchy throat and heavy eyes. But, that doesn’t keep us from recapping the Wilder fight from last night, a buddy of mine and his new podcast and a few other…
10 Minutes In - Bad Words
Nov 24, 2019 • 10 min
This episode is not only day 23 of #NaPodPoMo, it’s also a day that we were called an…well, you’ll have to tune in to find out. Lot’s of mean people out there just lookin’ to lash out at the slightest infraction. But, we won’t take this lyin’ down!
10 Minutes In - That’s not a truck, it’s a space station!
Nov 22, 2019 • 13 min
Elon Musk reveals the all new Tesla Cybertruck to mixed results, we look at the importance of this day in history and then we wrap things up with a little promo code for Larry’s podcast course on! Oh yeah, it’s 10MININ. Now go get you a copy!!
10 Minutes In - Creativity
Nov 21, 2019 • 14 min
Still crushin’ that #NaPodPoMo action!! Today is all about chim-chimeny-cheree, we all can be inspired with Creativity!
10 Minutes In - Tuesdays
Nov 19, 2019 • 13 min
Day 19 #NaPodPoMo brings colorful conversation about why I love Tuesday, how I hate to be played and lastly…we discuss friends that like to bring returns…So, grab your receipt and let me get your cash back to ya!
Kat McLead | Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur
Nov 19, 2019 • 33 min
Ready for FULFILLING work that TURNS YOU ON, makes you feel oh so GOOD, and brings in INDEPENDENT INCOME while allowing you to stay MOM first? This episode is about helping you grow your Business For Pleasure AND Profit. Kat McLead will fire you up if…
10 Minutes In - No Yoga for You!
Nov 18, 2019 • 11 min
Day 18 of #NaPodPoMo brings ratings, reviews and other interesting news. We talk about my experience with yoga, dealing with trauma and PTSD! I also give a quick preview to tomorrow morning’s brand new episode of Readily Random featuring Kat McLead as we…
10 Minutes In - Cowboyeezys
Nov 17, 2019 • 11 min
Day 17 of #NaPodPoMo covers the Dallas Cowboys spectacular non-loss, my brides b-day and the Kanye/Osteen tag team! Throw us your pocket change and call it your tithes, the church is filled with the Spirit for this episode.
10 Minutes In - All Dolled Up
Nov 16, 2019 • 11 min
Day 15 of #NaPodPoMo and we come in unprepared, but we’re all dolled up with a banquet to go to so throw a brotha a bone. We touch base on The Mandalorian episode dos, discuss my underwhelming, new outfit and I do a few impressions of characters from The…
10 Minutes In - Attitude Adjustment
Nov 14, 2019 • 11 min
Day 14 of #NaPodPoMo is all about getting an Attitude Adjustment and it works!! We talk about affirmations again and even read a couple new ones and then I remember something extremely special about today!!
10 Minutes In - Disney Plus
Nov 13, 2019 • 11 min
Dogs pooping in their kennel, Texas Declares Independence, Day #13 of #NaPodPoMo and we round out our convo as we talk a little Disney+
10 Minutes In - Happy Birthday UFC!
Nov 12, 2019 • 11 min
Day 12 of #NaPodPoMo and the 26th birthday of the Ultimate Fighting Championship!
Levi King | Authenticity, a Secret of Success
Nov 12, 2019 • 40 min
Levi King, the CEO and Co-Founder of Nav, is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who has started seven different small businesses in the last 20 years. “I started my first business over two decades ago, and it was a labor of love from day one. Through…
10 Minutes In - Veteran’s Day
Nov 11, 2019 • 12 min
Day 11 of #NaPodPoMo brings us Veteran’s Day. What exactly is Veteran’s Day and how does it differ from Memorial Day, or US Armed Forces Day? Let’s find out on this episode of 10 Minutes In! We also take a quick walk down memory lane as I remember…
10 Minutes In - Happy Birthday Marines!
Nov 10, 2019 • 12 min
Day 10 of #NaPodPoMo lands on the birthday of one of the fiercest fighting forces ever founded, The USMC! I take our 10 minutes together and learn about the history of the Marines, most of which, I’m ashamed to say, I did not know.
10 Minutes In - Christian Genius Billionaire Club
Nov 9, 2019 • 10 min
Day 9 #NaPodPoMo welcomes you to the club, the CGBC! It’s super exclusive. It took two takes to get this episode. I just couldn’t leave that first one out there. It was authentic, but just turrrrible!
10 Minutes In - Leggo My Ego
Nov 8, 2019 • 11 min
Day 8 of #NaPodPoMo is all about swallowing my pride. Conflagration pronunciation gets coverage as well and we ask if Google Dictionary is sexist. I don’t want to give it away or anything but…well, just give it a listen.
10 Minutes In - Vices
Nov 7, 2019 • 11 min
Day 7 of #NaPodPoMo brings a close to the first week of the challenge, and it was one fast week! Today, I introduce everyone to my vices. They’re no where near as bad as Google would make you think a vice is, but I’m alright with that.
10 Minutes In - Affirmations
Nov 6, 2019 • 13 min
It’s day 6 of #NaPodPoMo and we talk about the joys of weightloss followed by the use of affirmations to keep us focused on our goals. We also give some much deserved love to Heath Armstrong, adventerer extraordinaire and co-creator of the Sweet Ass…
10 Minutes In - What’s in that Chicken?
Nov 5, 2019 • 10 min
#NaPodPoMo Day 5! This episode we talk about my favorite dog, chicken toothpaste and that crazy chicken sandwich from Popeye’s!! I need YOUR help coming up with topics that we can discuss in future episodes of 10 Minutes In!
10 Minutes In - Monthly Awareness
Nov 4, 2019 • 15 min
Day 4 of #NaPodPoMo gets going with a little small talk about the miniature demons we call wasps and then on to the main event featuring all of the Awareness you can possibly be aware of for the month of November!
10 Minutes In - Oops, My Bad
Nov 3, 2019 • 10 min
This episode of 10 Minutes in gets down and dirty with the feels. I make a confession of something that I haven’t ever expressed. Sure, it’s something new, but it’s something that was caused by my own arrogance and I made a critical mistake. Since our…
10 Minutes In - No Regerts
Nov 2, 2019 • 10 min
Here we are with 10 Minutes in and #NaPodPoMo day 2! This episode is all about not having regerts, oh, alright…no regrets! Plus, I touch base on other day specific topics like Día de Muertos, UFC 244 and a whole lot more in just 10 minutes!
10 Minutes In - Gut Check
Nov 2, 2019 • 11 min
This is the first episode of 10 Minutes In, where I get 10 minutes in on Facebook LIVE and then publish it as a part of #NaPodPoMo or National Podcast Post Month! I’ve also launched it as a brand new show all on it’s own! So, be sure to subscribe to that…
Brent Basham | Making Genuine Connections
Oct 29, 2019 • 51 min
Brent Basham and Andrew Currie podcast together for 3 years and it was a true labor of love. They connected with lots of other amazing dads and featured them on their show sometimes. But podcasts take a lot of time (getting guests, recording, editing,…
Heath Armstrong | Listen to your Heart, not your Brain! (At least most of the time)
Oct 21, 2019 • 54 min
For awhile, it seemed like the universe was going out of it’s way to prevent Heath and I from catching up with each other. We had tried putting an episode together, but for one reason or another, things just wouldn’t line up. Thankfully, we finally…
Super Joe Pardo | Business Visionary, Author, Podcaster and Event Organizer
Oct 10, 2019 • 82 min
Business is in his DNA. Being in his family’s business since the age of six has given Joe countless lessons and taught him to look at the world completely differently than most. He lives for creating processes, increasing efficiency, helping others and…
Arthur Joseph | The Power of Voice
Oct 1, 2019 • 31 min
Arthur Samuel Joseph M.A., founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, today is widely-recognized as one of the world’s foremost communication strategists and authorities on the human voice. Mr. Joseph has taught globally for over five decades.…
Teru Clavel | Comparative International Education Expert
Sep 24, 2019 • 40 min
Teru Clavel is an education expert, columnist, and sought-after public speaker. Since 2010, she has run her own education consulting practice, advising globally minded families on a range of issues that includes multiple language acquisition, school…
Best of: Nicki Truesdell | Homeschooling, History and Homemaking
Sep 11, 2019 • 38 min
Nicki Truesdell is a 2nd-generation homeschooler and mother to 5. She loves books, freedom, history and quilts, and blogs about all of these at
Jennifer Alembik | You Deserve to be Healthy!
Aug 27, 2019 • 40 min
This week’s episode hits really close to home, so close I had to compose myself more than once. Jennifer Alembik is a Long Island girl, raised in an upper middle-class Jewish home. Jennifer remembers being fed pickled herring, sardines and liver. It was…
Best of: Barbara Coloroso | Kids are Worth it!
Aug 20, 2019 • 42 min
With the school year getting under way, this is a perfect opportunity for us to revisit an episode with internationally recognized speaker and author, Barbara Coloroso. Barbara Coloroso is an international bestselling author and for the past 44 years an…
Best of: Joe Navarro | Three Minutes to Doomsday
Aug 13, 2019 • 47 min
This week, we go back into the Readily Random archives to one of the most popular episodes of the podcast. It features Joe Navarro, a retired FBI Special Agent who quite literally saved the United States from impending doom in the early 80’s. How did he…
Josh Cary | Find your Voice and Embrace your Different
Aug 6, 2019 • 35 min
Josh Cary spent 40 years in hiding! That’s right. He was hiding every aspect of himself and showing up with a ‘mask’ on in all areas of life trying to gain the approval of everyone else. Today, Josh Cary is a podcast host and business coach to…
Sunday Burquest | I am Grit Girl - Power to Survive, Inspired by Grace
Jul 30, 2019 • 33 min
Sunday Burquest is a breast cancer survivor, a competitor on the reality TV show Survivor and a woman that went without a bathroom for 35 days, she is the ultimate grit girl. Sunday empowers others to discover their hidden G.R.I.T. Shortly after earning…