The Philosophy Guy

The Philosophy Guy
This podcast is about the many ideas in philosophy that are popularized by our society and culture through movies (Ex, Blade Runner, The Matrix), TV shows (Ex, Rick and Morty, Westworld), public figures, and books all around us. Philosophy is everywhere and I’ll be taking a deeper dive into those ideas presented to us in cultural and societal entertainment. In understanding those ideas, I don’t mean just understanding, instead applying those understandings to our lives. Even if you disagree with various ideas in philosophy there’s always something to be learned from them and applied to your everyday life. This podcast will take you on the journey into the deeper ideas of philosophy. Tune in!
The Good Place
Oct 9 • 20 min
In today's episode, we analyze the philosophy of the NBC hit comedy The Good Place! Can we learn to be moral? How do we learn to be moral? Discussing the metaethics of The Good Place! Support the Podcast and Gain Full Access:…
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Oct 4 • 19 min
A philosophical analysis of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Is their relationship healthy? Should you get your memories zapped to forget pain? Is there relationship predetermined? How does the Experience Machine relate to the film? What's the…
Handmaid’s Tale: Is it Anti-Religion?
Sep 14 • 17 min
Today's episode dives in the philosophy of the Hulu show Handmaid's Tale. This episode focuses on raising the question, is Handmaid's Tale anti-religion? Would society be better off without religion? Would lack of religion make these events less likely?…
Bonus Episode Preview Westworld: From William to the Man in Black
Aug 9 • 7 min
This is a Patreon bonus feed preview, enjoy! In this episode, I analyze the Man in Black's meaning of life or outlook on life. How he changed from young William to the Man in Black. What made him put down the white hat and put on the black? Is he living…
Westworld: Ford’s View of Consciousness
Jul 27 • 14 min
In this episode, we dive deeper into Westworld's understanding of consciousness. Particularly focussing on Robert Ford's views on consciousness. Does Ford think consciousness exists? Is the self an illusion? Which philosophers share a similar perspective…
Westworld: Consciousness and Personhood P1
Jul 1 • 17 min
In this episode, we cover the question of consciousness in Westworld. Do host have a different level of consciousness than humans? Do the host have to prove their consciousness or do humans have to prove the host don't? What are the moral implications of…
Westworld Introduction
Jun 20 • 15 min
In this episode I discuss the philosophical ideas, questions, and topics that will be covered in the upcoming series. Also some background on the process for choosing some of those topics. As I mentioned in the show, at the end of the Westworld series…
Jun 14 • 13 min
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! This is an announment trailer for my new project. I've been away for awhile now but I'm excited to announce the new version of the podcast. The trailer will explain how I'll be using movies, tv shows, and books to…