Chasing Bodhi

Chasing Bodhi
On a quest for the voice
Art as an Antidote to Culture with Dr. William Stobb
May 19, 2017
This week I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. William (Bill) Stobb. Dr. Stobb was my creative writing professor when I was working on my undergraduate degree. He was, believe it or not, the first person I knew to have actually published a book of…
Michael Garfield is uncovering the Future – Ep 7 – Chasing Bodhi
May 11, 2017
Michael Garfield is uncovering the Future – Chasing Bodhi – Episode 7 In this episode of Chasing Bodhi, I have the pleasure of talking with Michael Garfield. Michael is a man who wears many hats. He is a multidisciplinary artist and the host of the Future…
Looking at the Path with Cory Allen of The Astral Hustle – Chasing Bodhi – Episode 6
Apr 20, 2017
In this episode of Chasing Bodhi, I had the privilege of talking with Cory Allen, who is in my humble opinion one of the great philosophers of our time. Cory is the host of the mind bending podcast The Astral Hustle, a meditation teacher, a musician and a…
Excavating Your Ideal Self with Michael Phillip of Third Eye Drops – Chasing Bodhi – Episode #5
Apr 12, 2017
In this episode of Chasing Bodhi, I talk with Michael Phillip host of the “Third Eye Drops” podcast. Michael and I talk about how to manifest our ideal selves, and pull the stings of the universe until it unravels into a ball small enough to bat around on…
Following the vision with Sean Dunne – Chasing Bodhi – Episode #4
Apr 5, 2017
This week I had the privilege of interviewing documentary film maker and podcaster, Sean Dunne. Sean has a unique style and all the marks of a true visionary. “The Bowler,” is my current favorite. The most chilling, in my opinion is, “Oxyana.” Find out…
Embracing Synchronicity with Noah Lampert ~ Chasing Bodhi – Episode #3
Mar 29, 2017
Today I’m joined by Noah Lampert. Noah is the founder of the Mind Pod Network and host of the Synchronicity podcast. Noah was the first person I talked to about the idea behind the Chasing Bodhi podcast. He’s a great guy, he’s humble, and he’s a master at…
Daniele Bolelli – Middle Finger of the Gods – Chasing Bodhi Episode #2
Mar 24, 2017
I’ve been a fan of Daniele for a couple of years now, and this is the second time I’ve had the privilege and honor of interviewing him for a podcast. A couple of months ago, Jason Abbott and I interviewed him for our “Ascending Apes” book club, podcast.…
Introduction to Chasing Bodhi – Episode #1
Mar 22, 2017
In essence, this show is about the evolution of ourselves as creative beings. With this show I am interviewing individuals who have somehow figured out a way to express their voices in this crazy world we live in. I want to ask them how they got where…