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Sonant Thoughts
Podcasting to the point
38: Raw
Jul 23
I mentioned in a previous episode about how I wanted to move in the opposite direction to those producing highly professional podcasts. Well, this is raw. Recorded while walking complete with cars and other background noise, I talk about the flexibility…
37: Our Unedited Voice
Jul 19
What is a blog? What should a blog be? Where is the line between chosen topic and personal content, and should we cross it? Are the answers to these questions purely personal or are they moulded by external influences, and what effect does this have? Read…
36: The Power Of Ecosystem
Jul 16
There is a definite advantage to having multiple devices within the same ecosystem. The interconnection between them grants an added layer of utility each cannot provide on their own. Rather than looking for a killer app or feature, the sum of these…
35: Four Months
Jul 12
Where has the time gone? It’s exactly four months to the day that I upload Episode 0 of the microcast. Here I talk about what I want to do with it in future and how I want to do things. Read the full post…
34: Forbidden Fruit
Jul 9
The rallying cry of the open web is that the tools are available to anyone but that often falls short. Availability is as much a barrier to adoption as knowledge and it is easy to understand the accusations of elitism. Read the full post…
33: Choosing Your Target
Jul 5
Social networks change how we create. By working to the limitations they enforce we are, in turn, limiting ourselves and what we can do. The networks should be an afterthought in our creative processes where we choose how to publish based on the content…
32: Journalling
Jul 2
Writing publicly is very different to writing privately and requires a different mindset if it is to be done properly. Journalling and blogging can crossover to a point but the former needs specific disciplines to work and to provide value. Read the full…
31: Misunderstandings
Jun 28
Writing for the web can be hard. The words we use are only a fraction of our total communication so, when they are all we have, it is imperative we use the right ones. Read the full post…
30: Opening Up
Jun 25
Our websites are the little parts of the internet that we own and control and, especially when they are personal, they should reflect who we are. Rather than be quite so focused I want the blog to become more of a personal reflection, to take on a…
29: Focused
Jun 21
Our phones can be incredibly productive devices but also massive distractions. We can take steps to ensure they are the former rather than the latter. It’s not perfect but I have made some key decisions to prevent my phone from facilitating me wasting…
28: Pressing The Case
Jun 18
For indieweb technologies to be adopted their implementation needs to be core and simpler than the alternatives.
27: Filler Or Process
Jun 14
When is writing about writing a cop out, just filler content, or when is it part of the process itself?
26: User Experience
Jun 11
Design isn’t just about how something looks but also about how it works. One without the other may lead to a bad user experience.
25: Full Circle
Jun 7
How I approach the blog has affected what and how much I post, but I’ve actually come full circle.
24: Terrorists Will Not Win
Jun 4
Westminster. Manchester. London Bridge. How many more times? How many more needless innocent deaths? The terrorists will not win. Subscribe: via RSS or iTunes
23: In The Wild
May 31
Tinkering with code to fill gaps in your own workflow is one thing but having other people use it in the wild is something else.
21: Ten Years
May 24
The web has come a long way in the last 10 years but also taken backward steps. We can each do our bit to reclaim its lost spirit.
20: Broken
May 21
Is the web broken? What is to blame? And why is there a backlash against it.
19: Work In Progress
May 17
Everything is in a constant state of change, and necessarily so. Nothing should be the finished article.
18: Getting Distracted
May 14
Boredom, distraction and the self-application of labels to make us feel less different.