It’s Just A Show.

It’s Just A Show.
A podcast conversation with Mystery Science Theater 3000.
9. Burned in My Brain. [MST3K 513. The Brain that Wouldn’t Die.]
Jul 20 • 55 min
The Brain that Wouldn’t Die introduces Beth and Adam to Mike, and begs them to talk about sexpoiltation, gore, Saw, transplants, and two-headed dogs.
8. Scrambled Eggs. [MST3K 101. The Crawling Eye.]
Jul 6 • 59 min
The Crawling Eye, Joel’s first* episode, stares at Beth and Adam until they discuss sidekicks, psychics, sci-fi eye flicks, LASIK, and awkward starts. * Or is it‽
7b. [Bonus.] Tom Servo’s a Dalek.
Jun 21 • 31 min
Please stay on the line. Adam and Beth will be with you shortly. In the meantime, here is some bonus material trimmed from previous episodes: Adam West, bad movies, Canada (again), the weirdest thing to ever air on PBS, and (occasionally) MST3K. Enjoy,…
7. I Envy Your Joy of Movement. [MST3K 311. It Conquered the World.]
Jun 7 • 59 min
It Conquered the World learned almost too late that Adam and Beth are feeling creatures, and because of it, they discuss more kick-ass 50s ladies, team sports, cults, Roger Corman, and learning almost too late that man is a feeling creature. Includes a…
6. It’s Good When People Age. [MST3K 601. Girls Town.]
May 25 • 58 min
Girls Town lifts and separates Beth and Adam as they discuss Mamie Van Doren, Paul Anka, Mel Tormé, Mamie Van Doren (again), and Canada.
5. Coke Will Do All the Work for You. [MST3K 1102. Cry Wilderness.]
May 11 • 59 min
Cry Wilderness howls at Beth and Adam to discuss ice cream college, Mac and Me, Bigfoot, raccoons, and the puberty giggles.
4b. Totally Uncontroversial Opinions about MST3K’s Sci-Fi Era.
Apr 27 • 36 min
A bonus episode! Adam and Beth, fresh from rewatching Future War, have thoughts on MST3K’s years on the Sci-Fi Channel. Listener discretion advised.
4. Yelling at Dinosaurs. [MST3K 1004. Future War.]
Apr 26 • 58 min
Future War kicks off Beth and Adam’s discussion of revivals, rad 90s dinosaurs, dad movies, secret Christians, and other strange animals.
3. Love Letter to Suburbia. [MST3K 404. Teenagers from Outer Space.]
Apr 11 • 59 min
Teenagers from Outer Space compels Beth and Adam to discuss boss rockets, boy movies, middle-aged nurses, disarmed lobsters, and small-town paranoia. Show
2. Collage of Male Adolescence. [MST3K 620. Danger!! Death Ray.]
Mar 29 • 53 min
Danger!! Death Ray coaxes Beth and Adam into discussing satellite dishes, glamour shots, beefy spies, André the Giant, and Herbie Hancock.
1. Nova Scotia Death Trip. [MST3K 201. Rocketship X-M.]
Mar 21 • 55 min
Rocketship X-M inspires Beth and Adam to talk about chins, Matt Damon, robot puberty, intrepid reporters, and female astronauts.