Song of the Day

Song of the Day
KEXP’s Song of the Day podcast features stand-out tracks from independent and emerging talent alongside the best new music from more established artists. Curated by KEXP DJs with listeners’ adventurous taste in mind, Song of the Day is delivered daily, Monday through Friday. Finding new music can be hard. Let KEXP help!

Gordi - Sandwiches
Jul 7 • 3 min
Gordi - “Sandwiches” from the 2020 album Our Two Skins on Jagjaguwar. On her latest LP Our Two Skins, Australian folktronica artist Gordi (real name: Sophie Payten) mourns the passing of her beloved grandmother, Alisa, whose spirit fills the gorgeous new…
Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto
Jul 6 • 3 min
Phoebe Bridgers - “Kyoto” from the 2020 album Punisher on Dead Oceans. Singer/songwriter Phoebe Bridgers has always brought a vulnerability and candidness to her lyrics, but especially on her highly-anticipated sophomore album Punisher, where she tackles…
Deep Sea Diver - Stop Pretending
Jul 3 • 3 min
Deep Sea Diver - “Stop Pretending,” a 2020 self-released single. Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver has managed to adapt creatively to the stay-at-home orders. As we reported via our Sound & Vision series in April (listen here), band members Jessica Dobson and…
Liv.e - SirLadyMakemFall
Jul 2 • 2 min
Liv.e - “SirLadyMakemFall “ from the 2020 Bout These Pipedreams / Lessons from My Mistakes.. but I Lost Your Number EP on In Real Life Music / AWAL. Following a tour with Earl Sweatshirt and appearances on both his and Pink Siifu’s recent albums,…
Sibille Attar - Hurt Me
Jul 1 • 3 min
Sibille Attar - “Hurt Me,” a 2020 single on PNKSLM Recordings. Swedish singer/songwriter Sibille Attar shares a first listen of her forthcoming full-length out this fall via PNKSLM Recordings, a follow-up to her 2013 debut album Sleepyhead. Formerly a…
Jake Blount - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Jun 30 • 3 min
Jake Blount - “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” covered by Jake Blount from the 2020 album Spider Tales on Free Dirt Records. The song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” has been covered hundreds of times before — the track is often associated with blues…
Jun 29 • 2 min
SPECSWIZARD - “Floyd,” a 2020 self-released single. Michael Hall is a long-time fixture of Seattle’s hip-hop scene, recording under the names Specs One and Specs Wizard. (Seattle’s bi-weekly alt-paper The Stranger dubbed him “the Holy Ghost of Northwest…
Danny Denial - I’m Not Your Type (feat. DoNormaal)
Jun 26 • 4 min
Danny Denial - “I’m Not Your Type (feat. DoNormaal)” from the 2020 album fuck danny denial on Cruisin’ Records. On his third solo album, “goth-punk auteur” Danny Denial teams up with The Black Tones’ Eva Walker, Rat Queen, Razor Clam, and, on today’s Song…
Baronhawk Poitier - Temperado Tornado
Jun 25 • 4 min
Baronhawk Poitier - “Temperado Tornado” from the 2020 Temperado Tornado EP on Honey Soundsystem. Baronhawk Poitier is a busy man: not only is he a long-running DJ/producer, but he’s also a professional dancer and co-founder of the NeedlExchange crew and…
Princess Nokia - Gemini
Jun 24 • 3 min
Princess Nokia - “Gemini” from the 2020 self-released album Everything Is Beautiful. Earlier this year, New York-born Puerto Rican MC Princess Nokia (real name: Destiny Nicole Frasqueri) released not one, but two albums: the perfectly-titled Everything…
Zebra Katz - IN IN IN
Jun 23 • 3 min
Zebra Katz - IN IN IN - from the 2020 album LESS IS MOOR on ZFK Records. Following a worldwide tour with Gorillaz in support of their 2017 album Humanz, Jamaican-American artist Zebra Katz returns in a big way with his long-awaited debut solo album Less…
Shamir - On My Own
Jun 22 • 4 min
Shamir - “On My Own,” a 2020 self-released single. I don’t mind to live all on my own and I never did… I don’t care to feel like I belong But you always did… Following the release of his sixth full-length album Cataclysm, Shamir returns with the…
Shabazz Palaces - Chocolate Souffle
Jun 19 • 5 min
Shabazz Palaces - “Chocolate Souffle” from the 2020 album The Don of Diamond Dreams on Sub Pop. With each new Shabazz Palaces release, it feels like we’re given a glimpse into a distant future, or maybe a far off galaxy, or possibly a parallel universe…
Bee Bee Sea - Daily Jobs
Jun 18 • 3 min
Bee Bee Sea - “Daily Jobs,” a 2020 single on Wild Honey Records. Italian garage punk act Bee Bee Sea abide by a succinct mantra: “When there’s no good shit around, you better form a band.” That spirit exudes through the ramshackle, PA system shaking riffs…
Tropea - Technicolor
Jun 17 • 2 min
Tropea - “Technicolor” from the 2020 self-released Might Delete Later EP. Tropea describes their music as “pajama music for pajama people,” a fitting description for their dreamy ’80s-inspired synth-pop sound. Formed in Milan, Italy in 2017, the band…
Joensuu 1685 - Light In The Heart Of Our Town
Jun 16 • 3 min
Joensuu 1685 - “Light in the Heart of Our Town” from the 2020 album ÖB on Gems Records. Formed in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland, Joensuu 1685 — a project of brothers Markus and Mikko Joensuu and non-related bassist Risto Joensuu — have been dormant for over a…
Orion Sun - Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)
Jun 15 • 2 min
Orion Sun - “Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)” from the 2020 album Hold Space For Me on Mom + Pop Records. Philadelphia’s Orion Sun – aka songwriter Tiffany Majette – made her official full-length debut earlier this year with Hold Space For Me, but she’s…
Listen: Black Lives Matter
Jun 5 • 2 min
A message from Kevin Cole, Afternoon Show host and Chief Content Officer, on behalf of KEXP. We urge anyone who is looking to learn more about and support ongoing racial justice to visit our page with Anti-Racist and Social Justice Resources. There you…
Chicano Batman - I Know It
Jun 1 • 2 min
Chicano Batman - “I know It” from the 2020 album Invisible People on ATO. On their fourth LP Invisible People, Los Angeles-based band Chicano Batman return with their unique fusion of funk, psych-pop, R&B, and more, fine-tuned by GRAMMY-award winning…
Hollis - Heavy Hands
May 29 • 2 min
Hollis - “Heavy Hands” from the 2020 half-life EP on Hollis. Throughout the month of May, KEXP has been celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. We’re putting an extra spotlight this week on API artists with this week’s Song of the Day picks,…
K!MMORTAL - Breathe
May 28 • 3 min
K!MMORTAL - “Breathe,” a 2020 self-released single. Throughout the month of May, KEXP has been celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. We’re putting an extra spotlight this week on API artists with this week’s Song of the Day picks, continuing…
Lightning Bug - The Onely Ones
May 27 • 4 min
Lightning Bug - “The Onely Ones,” a 2020 single on Fat Possum. Throughout the month of May, KEXP has been celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. We’re putting an extra spotlight this week on API artists with this week’s Song of the Day picks,…
MYXA - Carrion
May 26 • 4 min
MYXA - “Carrion” from the 2019 self-released album Mosca 蠅. Throughout the month of May, KEXP has been celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. We’re putting an extra spotlight this week on API artists with this week’s Song of the Day picks,…
MAITA - Someone’s Lost Their Wallet
May 25 • 3 min
MAITA - “Someone’s Lost Their Wallet” from the 2020 album Best Wishes on Kill Rock Stars. Throughout the month of May, KEXP has been celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. We’re putting an extra spotlight this week on API artists with this…
Minimal Violence - Ravebomb (Fire Mix)
May 22 • 4 min
We’ve finally reached World Goth Day and DJ Abbie is going out with a bang – or rather a “Ravebomb.” This alternate mix from the Vancouver B.C. techno outfit lives up to its name. It’s a haunted eruption of sound, shrieking against the clamoring of drums.…
Houses of Heaven - A Place Between
May 21 • 3 min
Oakland’s Houses of Heaven takes us into the homestretch of DJ Abbie’s Song of the Day pics leading into World Goth Day on May 22. The center piece of the group’s debut LP, “A Place Between” is quintessential goth with sharp, spelling-binding and…
FEE LION - Blood Sisters
May 20 • 4 min
Continuing with her week of goth song of the day picks, DJ Abbie brings us the industrial banger that is Fee Lion’s “Blood Sisters.” The moniker of Justina Kairyte, she’s described the EP and titular song as themed around self-love. “I was experiencing a…
The Ninth Wave - Happy Days!
May 19 • 3 min
We’re continuing DJ Abbie’s week of songs leading up to World Goth Day on May 22. Despite what the name may imply, Glasgow band The Ninth Wave’s “Happy Days!” is not a happy affair. This is ‘Goth Day,’ we’re talking about here – what did you expect?…
Rowland S. Howard - Autoluminescent
May 18 • 3 min
Leading up to World Goth Day, DJ Abbie is giving you a dose of variations of goth every day this week. She’s kicking things off with an essential cut from The Birthday Party’s own Rowland S. Howard. While often associated with post-punk, there’s an…
Smokey Brights - I Love You But Damn
May 15 • 4 min
Smokey Brights - “I Love You But Damn” from the 2020 album I Love You But Damn on Freakout Records. Seattle’s own Smokey Brights — led by husband and wife duo Kim West and Ryan Devlin — return this summer with a new album titled I Love You But Damn, out…
Coriky - Clean Kill
May 14 • 4 min
Coriky - “Clean Kill” from the 2020 album Coriky on Dischord Records. Combine the melodic energy of the Evens and the gruff bark of Fugazi and you’ve got Coriky, not surprisingly, ‘cause they feature members of both those bands. The trio of guitarist Ian…
DJ Python - ADMSDP (feat. LA Warman)
May 13 • 4 min
DJ Python - “ADMSDP (feat. LA Warman)” from the 2020 album Mas Amable on Incienso. New York-based producer Brian Piñeyro records under many names: Deejay Xanax, DJ Wey, Luis; but, it’s under the moniker DJ Python that he takes things to a hypnotic level.…
Holy Esque - Reverence Falls
May 12 • 4 min
Holy Esque - “Reverence Falls” from the 2020 CPH EP on Beyond the Frequency. Scottish post-punk band Holy Esque are projecting a third album will be out in 2021, but until then, they’ve released their third EP, CPH, a collection of rarities, to tide us…
William McCarthy - Ballad for the Unemployed
May 11 • 6 min
William McCarthy - “Ballad for the Unemployed,” a 2020 self-released single. As the frontman for Pela and Augustines, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter William McCarthy has never shied away from difficult topics. (Augustine’s 2011 album Rise Ye Sunken…
DJ Houseplants - Just Don’t Know
May 8 • 5 min
DJ Houseplants - “Just Don’t Know,” a 2020 self-released single. Seattle’s own DJ Houseplants (aka DJ, producer, designer, and aspiring botanist Justin Av) says he’s “driven by the vibrancy of the community there is at house & techno shows and wants…
Black Flowers Cafe - Who
May 7 • 3 min
Black Flowers Cafe - “Who” from the 2020 album Flow on La Lumaca Dischi. Keen-eared listeners of the Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole may recognize this song from when it had its global debut on the KEXP airwaves in late April. Italian indie rock quartet…
ALTA - Figured Out
May 6 • 4 min
ALTA - “Figured Out” from the 2019 album Reasons on Soothsayer. On their debut album Reasons, Melbourne-based duo ALTA strived to create what they call “emotional dance music.” Vocalist Hannah Lesser and producer Julius Dowson spent ten months at home…
Daníel Hjálmtýsson - Birds
May 5 • 5 min
Daníel Hjálmtýsson - “Birds,” a 2020 self-released single. Icelandic singer/songwriter Daníel Hjálmtýsson kicked off 2020 in a big way: by releasing his debut solo single “Birds” back on January 3rd. Hjálmtýsson may be better known as half of the…
Lee Fields & The Expressions - Don’t Give Up
May 4 • 3 min
Lee Fields & The Expressions - “Don’t Give Up,” a 2019 single on Big Crown Records. Plainfield, NJ-based artist Lee Fields just celebrated his 70th birthday last week, and he’s spent 50 of those years performing old-school soul, funk, and R&B. His first…
STRFKR - Never the Same
May 1 • 2 min
STRFKR - “Never The Same” from the 2020 album Future Past Life on Polyvinyl. STRFKR returned this month with their sixth full-length, Future Past Life, which finds the long-running Portland-based band evolving from their psych-synth dance-heavy pop to…
Washed Out - Too Late
Apr 30 • 4 min
Washed Out - “Too Late,” a 2020 single on Sub Pop. What started out as a hindrance due to the coronavirus pandemic, ended up becoming a beautiful expression of support and community. For his latest digital single “Too Late”, Ernest Greene (aka chillwave…
Hazel English - Off My Mind
Apr 29 • 3 min
Hazel English - “Off My Mind” from the 2020 album Wake UP! on Polyvinyl / Marathon Artists. Don’t let her sweet voice and the swingin’ ’60s vibe of today’s Song of the Day fool you. Australian-born, LA-based artist Hazel English just released her debut…
Chemtrails - Frightful in the Sunlight
Apr 28 • 3 min
Chemtrails - “Frightful in the Sunlight” from the 2020 album The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable on PNKSLM. “Like riding into hell on a unicorn.” That’s how a friend of Manchester-via-London band Chemtrails described their latest single. (They clarify on…
Woods - Where Do You Go When You Dream?
Apr 27 • 5 min
Woods - “Where Do You Go When You Dream?” from the 2020 album Strange to Explain on Woodsist. New York psych-folk band Woods return this Spring with their first new album in three years, titled Strange To Explain. The album will be their first since…
Shane Tutmarc - A Brave New World
Apr 24 • 4 min
Shane Tutmarc - “A Brave New World,” a 2020 self-released single. “We’re all together / We’re not alone / Through the window through the phone / Where it stops nobody knows” Former Seattle-ite/current Nashvillian Shane Tutmarc shared the…
Catholic Action - There Will Always Be a Light
Apr 23 • 4 min
Catholic Action - “There Will Always Be a Light” from the 2020 album Celebrated by Strangers on Palo Santo Records. Glasgow garage-rockers Catholic Action returned with their second album Celebrated by Strangers last month, their first new LP since 2017…
Iceage - Lockdown Blues
Apr 22 • 3 min
Iceage - “Lockdown Blues,” a 2020 single on Escho. Gibbard’s not the only one releasing quarantine-inspired songs to benefit charity. Danish post-punk band Iceage have shared a new single inspired by feelings that have been brought up during lockdown.…
Benjamin Gibbard - Life in Quarantine
Apr 21 • 2 min
Benjamin Gibbard - “Life in Quarantine,” a 2020 single on Barsuk Records. Since the start of the statewide stay-at-home mandates, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Benjamin Gibbard has been there for us, streaming live performances from his home studio almost…
Ellis - Fall Apart
Apr 20 • 3 min
Ellis - “Fall Apart” from the 2020 album Born Again on Fat Possum Records. Hamilton, Ontario dream pop artist Ellis (real name: Linnea Siggelkow) had hearts aflutter with her 2018 EP The Fuzz. Earlier this month, she re-emerged with her debut full-length,…
Sólveig Matthildur - Dystopian Boy
Apr 17 • 5 min
Sólveig Matthildur - “Dystopian Boy” from the 2019 album Constantly In Love on Artoffact Records. As a member of Icelandic trio Kælan Mikla, vocalist/keyboardist Sólveig Matthildur knows her way around atmospheric synth-pop. When she relocated from her…
Sinead O’Brien - Taking On Time
Apr 16 • 3 min
Sinead O’Brien - “Taking On Time” from the 2019 album Speedy Wunderground - Year 4 on Speedy Wunderground. Esteemed London-based label Speedy Wunderground celebrated their 30th release with a new track by Irish poet Sinead O’Brien. O’Brien’s work has been…
L’Eclair - Suite No. 2
Apr 15 • 7 min
L’éclair - “Suite No. 2” from the 2019 album Sauropoda on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records. It’s not surprising to learn that L’Eclair recorded their latest LP Sauropoda from an undisclosed location in the Alps: their music displays an array of influences…
Balkan Taksim - Zalina
Apr 14 • 2 min
Balkan Taksim - “Zalina,” a 2019 self-released single. True to their name, Balkan Taksim take the traditional folk music of their homeland and combine it with psychedelic electronic beats that their Romanian ancestors never could’ve imagined. Formed by…
Jesse Markin - Run
Apr 13 • 4 min
Jesse Markin - “Run” from the 2019 album FOLK on VILD Music. Finnish rapper Jesse Markin got his start with the group The Megaphone State, building up a cult following with their soulful samples and smooth, versatile rhymes. While you can still these…
Tomo Nakayama - Get To Know You
Apr 10 • 3 min
Tomo Nakayama - “Get To Know You” from the 2020 self-released album Melonday. This week, Tomo Nakayama, master of cinematic indie-folk and former leader of local band Grand Hallway, flipped the script by releasing his very first dancefloor-ready record,…
Sharon Van Etten - Beaten Down
Apr 9 • 3 min
Sharon Van Etten - “Beaten Down,” a 2020 single on Jagjaguwar. Sharon Van Etten is on a roll. Following last year’s masterful studio album Remind Me Tomorrow, the singer-songwriter and actress returned in February with the smoldering single “Beaten Down.”…
RINSE - Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me
Apr 8 • 4 min
RINSE - “Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me,” a 2020 self-released single. Last month, Brisbane artist Joe Agius, member and co-writer of Hatchie, debuted his first material under the name RINSE. Titled “Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me,” the song is an infectious throwback…
Andy Shauf - Try Again
Apr 7 • 3 min
Andy Shauf - “Try Again” from the 2020 album The Neon Skyline on ANTI- Records. With his latest album, The Neon Skyline, Andy Shauf has crafted his most realized and engrossing work yet. You needn’t look much further than single “Try Again.” Shauf’s…
Other Lives - Lost Day
Apr 6 • 2 min
Other Lives - “Lost Day” from the 2020 album For Their Love on ATO Records. In January, Oklahoma-bred indie folk outfit Other Lives announced their first album in nearly five years, following 2015’s Rituals. Titled For Their Love, the new record sees them…
Tres Leches - Nieve
Apr 3 • 4 min
Tres Leches - “Nieve,” a 2020 self-released single. The latest track from Seattle’s Tres Leches is a beautiful example of community, featuring guest appearances from fellow Northwest artists Terror/Cactus, Rachael’s Children, and Medejín. The band…
Lucinda Williams - Man Without a Soul
Apr 2 • 5 min
Lucinda Williams - “Man Without a Soul” from the 2020 album Good Souls Better Angels on Highway 20/Thirty Tigers. “All the money in the world / Will never fill that hole / You’re a man bought and sold / You’re a man without a soul” Over the past 40 years,…
Archers of Loaf - Raleigh Days
Apr 1 • 2 min
Archers of Loaf - “Raleigh Days,” a 2020 single on Merge Records. It’s been over 20 years, but indie rock kings Archers of Loaf have returned with the single “Raleigh Days,” their first new music since 1998’s LP White Trash Heroes. Originally formed in…
Steve Earle & The Dukes - Devil Put the Coal in the Ground
Mar 31 • 2 min
Steve Earle & The Dukes - “Devil Put the Coal in the Ground” from the 2020 album Ghosts of West Virginia on New West Records. In 2010, the Upper Big Branch coal mine in Raleigh County, West Virginia exploded, killing twenty-nine of the thirty-one miners…
Throwing Muses - Dark Blue
Mar 30 • 3 min
Throwing Muses - “Dark Blue” from the 2020 album Sun Racket on Fire Records. Alt-rock icons Throwing Muses return with their first new album in seven years, the fiery tenth full-length Sun Racket, out September 4 via Fire Records. The group originally…
The B-Band - Kavire Del
Mar 27 • 4 min
B-Band - “Kavire Del” from the 2013 self-released album Napichideh (Uncomplicated) B-band formed in Tehran, Iran in 2009, combining alt-rock with Persian folklore. Dr. Nasim Niknafs, Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Toronto,…
Liraz - Zan Bezan
Mar 26 • 4 min
Liraz - “Zan Bezan” from the 2020 album Zan on Dead Sea Recordings Liraz Charhi’s family emigrated to Israel during the ’70s at the brink of the Iranian Revolution. Nearly 50 years later, it’s still a major influence in the music she writes under the name…
Bahram - Goosht
Mar 25 • 4 min
Bahram - “گوشت (Goosht),” a 2019 single on Peeleh Records The Huffington Post declared him one of the “50 people shaping the culture of the Middle East.” Bahram Nouraei — who records simply as Bahram — uses hip-hop to call out the current political…
Salome MC - Odium
Mar 24 • 4 min
Salome MC - “Odium” from the 2017 self-released album Excerpts from Unhappy Consciousness Salome MC is Iran’s first female rapper, and her LP Excerpts from Unhappy Consciousness is the first full-length Persian hip-hop album produced by a woman. This is…
SarrSew - Farewell, Warden
Mar 23 • 3 min
SarrSew - “Farewell, Warden.” from the 2018 album Girih: Iranian Sound Artists on Zabte Sote When Tehran-born, Paris-based artist Sara Bigdeli Shamloo isn’t recording as half of the duo 9T Antiope, she records solo under the name SarrSew. While previous…
Eyelids - The Accidental Falls
Mar 20 • 3 min
Eyelids - “The Accidental Falls” from the 2020 album The Accidental Falls on Jealous Butcher Records When Larry Beckett offers up his lyrics to you, it’s hard to say “no.” Beckett was a long-time collaborator with legendary singer/songwriter Tim Buckley,…
Cable Ties - Sandcastles
Mar 19 • 4 min
Cable Ties - “Sandcastles” from the 2020 album Far Enough on Merge Records. Melbourne punk trio Cable Ties return with the album Far Enough at the end of the month, their second album overall, but their first for Merge Records. The Australian group made…
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Cars In Space
Mar 18 • 4 min
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - “Cars In Space,” a 2020 single on Sub Pop. Melbourne, Australia’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever return with the single “Cars In Space,” which — along with last year’s singles “In The Capital” and ‘“Read My Mind” — marks…
Hamilton Leithauser - Here They Come
Mar 17 • 3 min
Hamilton Leithauser - “Here They Come” from the 2020 album The Loves of Your Life on Glassnote Records. Following his 2016 collaboration with Vampire Weekend’s Rostam, Leithauser returns this year with The Loves of Your Life, an album produced, recorded,…
Yumi Zouma - Cool For A Second
Mar 16 • 3 min
Yumi Zouma - “Cool for a Second” from the 2020 album Truth or Consequences on Polyvinyl. Dream pop quartet Yumi Zouma have returned with the new album Truth or Consequences, their first for new label Polyvinyl Records but their third overall. Today’s Song…
Perfect Son - Lust
Mar 13 • 2 min
Perfect Son - Lust - from the 2019 album Cast on Sub Pop. Support the show:
Mar 12 • 3 min
FLOHIO - WAY2 - a 2019 single on ALPHA. Support the show:
Mar 11 • 4 min
FVLCRVM - Words - a 2018 single on Universal Austria. Support the show:
alyona alyona - Падло (feat. Alina Pash)
Mar 10 • 2 min
alyona alyona - Падло (feat. Alina Pash) - from the 2019 album ПУШКА on HitWonder. Support the show:
La colère - La Plage
Mar 9 • 3 min
La colère - La Plage - from the 2020 self-released album La Vague. Support the show:
Acid Tongue - Bullies
Mar 6 • 2 min
Acid Tongue - Bullies - from the 2020 album Bullies on Freakout Records. Support the show:
Ultraísta - Tin King
Mar 5 • 3 min
Ultraísta - Tin King - from the 2020 album Sister on Partisan Records. Support the show:
BROKEN UP - Long Long Long
Mar 4 • 4 min
BROKEN UP - Long Long Long - a 2019 single on Wave Records. Support the show:
Pottery - Texas Drums Pt I & II
Mar 3 • 6 min
Pottery - Texas Drums Pt I & II - from the 2020 album Welcome to Bobby’s Motel on Partisan Records. Support the show:
FACS - Teenage Hive
Mar 2 • 3 min
FACS - Teenage Hive - from the 2020 album Void Moments on Trouble In Mind Records. Support the show:
Chastity Belt - The Process
Feb 28 • 4 min
Chastity Belt - The Process - a 2020 single on Hardly Art. Support the show:
Wye Oak - Fear of Heights
Feb 27 • 3 min
Wye Oak - Fear of Heights - a 2020 single on Merge Records. Support the show:
Drive-By Truckers - Thoughts and Prayers
Feb 26 • 4 min
Drive-By Truckers - Thoughts and Prayers - from the 2020 album The Unraveling on ATO Records. Support the show:
Waxahatchee - Fire
Feb 25 • 3 min
Waxahatchee - Fire - from the 2020 album Saint Cloud on Merge Records. Support the show:
Lady Lamb - Arizona
Feb 24 • 4 min
Lady Lamb - Arizona - a 2020 single on Ba Da Bing! Support the show:
Smokey Brights - Flash Your Lights (Rudy Willingham Remix)
Feb 21 • 4 min
Smokey Brights - Flash Your Lights (Rudy Willingham Remix) - a 2020 single on Freakout Records. Support the show:
Midwife - Anyone Can Play Guitar
Feb 20 • 4 min
Midwife - Anyone Can Play Guitar - from the 2020 album Forever on The Flenser. Support the show:
Moaning - Ego
Feb 19 • 3 min
Moaning - Ego - from the 2020 album Uneasy Laughter on Sub Pop. Support the show:
Thrillhouse - One Of These Days
Feb 18 • 5 min
Thrillhouse - One Of These Days - a 2019 self-released single. Support the show:
Cartalk - Wrestling
Feb 17 • 3 min
Cartalk - Wrestling - a 2019 single on DistroKid. Support the show:
Rocketship - What’s the Use of Books
Feb 14 • 5 min
Rocketship - What’s the Use of Books - from the 2019 album Thanks to You on Darla Records. Support the show:
Poliça - Sea Without Blue
Feb 13 • 3 min
Poliça - Sea Without Blue - from the 2020 album When We Stay Alive on Memphis Industries. Support the show:
TORRES - Dressing America
Feb 12 • 4 min
TORRES - Dressing America - from the 2020 album Silver Tongue on Merge Records. Support the show:
Jonah Mutono - Circulation
Feb 11 • 3 min
Jonah Mutono - Circulation - a 2019 single on True Panther/EQT Recordings. Support the show:
The Reminders - Have It All
Feb 10 • 3 min
The Reminders - Have It All - a 2020 self-released single. Support the show:
Bonnie “Prince” Billy - This Is Far From Over
Feb 7 • 2 min
Bonnie “Prince” Billy - This Is Far From Over - from the 2019 album I Made A Place on Drag City. Support the show: