Beginner's Puck

Beginner's Puck
A podcast for hockey fans, both new and old. Join Deb and Erika as we deep dive into what makes hockey the greatest sport in the world. Learn the lingo, explore hockey history, and listen to commentary on the most exciting, frustrating, and heart-stopping moments of the week. We love hockey and think you will too! #HockeyIsForEveryone Our catchy theme tune is “Ephemeral” by Sunspot. Get the whole song here! Talk hockey with us! Twitter: @BeginnersPuck Email:
16: CarCast!
Nov 10 • 27 min
NHL Stats CarCast
15: Waive(r) Your Hands In the Air Like You Just Don’t Care
Oct 2 • 36 min
Social Media and Waivers
14: What We Did During Our Summer Vacation
Aug 7 • 42 min
Summer Boredom Busters
13: Viva Las Draft
Jun 23 • 51 min
With Erika galavanting through the U.K. Deb brings on a guest, Rachel Donner of the Hockey Feels Podcast, to talk about the NHL Awards, the Expansion Draft and what to expect from that OTHER draft. In a new “What the Puck” Deb pick’s Rachel’s brain in…
12: A Cup of Alphabet Soup
Jun 15 • 38 min
Stanley Cup and NMC NTC UFA RFA
11: Stories and Stars
Jun 8 • 46 min
Stars and Combines
10: The Final Countdown
May 27 • 38 min
Stanley Cup Finals/Cup Superstitions
9: Tale of Two Cities
May 13 • 38 min
Round 3 Black Aces
8: Line ‘em Up, Knock ‘em Down
May 4 • 39 min
Matching Lines
7: Round 2, with Icing On Top
Apr 26 • 48 min
Deb and Erika give a eulogy to the dearly departed Round 1 and give our predictions (and hopes) for Round 2. Erika talks about being in the house for the deciding game between the Oilers and Sharks while Deb debates whether a shorter break between series…
Apr 22 • 47 min
5: Closing Doors, Opening Windows
Apr 13 • 61 min
Playoffs and Windows
4: Should They Stay or Should They Go?
Apr 5 • 42 min
Olympics and EBUGS
3: #OldHockey
Mar 30 • 35 min
2: Leagues of Their Own
Mar 18 • 40 min
NHL Standings
1: In Defense Of…
Mar 14 • 37 min
0: Origin Story
Mar 8 • 3 min
The puck drops!