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Bite-Size Wellness Podcast
Powerful Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset Advice in Bite-Size Episodes from the World’s Best Experts
022: Getting Healthy Is Exactly Like Hiking a Mountain – Zach Franke
Jun 27 • 18 min
If you have ever been hiking before, you know that it is not an easy thing. Especially if you are not used to it! You have to deal with the changing weather elements, altitude, muscle fatigue, and really have to dig down deep and find the mental fortitude…
021: The Truth About Self-Esteem – Zach Franke
Jun 10 • 17 min
A recent analysis of Rebooted Body’s brand new All-Access class of students showed that a WHOPPING 65% of new clients indicated that low self-esteem was a major factor in why they believe that they are unable to maintain sustainable and long-lasting…
020: Huge Announcement (From Zach & Kevin)
Jun 1 • 39 min
Today we are proud to announce a massive shift in the way we serve you. This shift starts with the introduction of the new Rebooted Body All Access membership community. Since January 2013, we have served thousands of men and women in over 35 countries…
019: Why Eating Local and Organic Changes the Game – Ryan Doan
May 31 • 18 min
As a health coach, I hear about it all the time. “But Zach, do I really need to buy organic?” Well, you don’t have to do anything, but if you want to change the game on your health, you certainly might want to consider the information shared on today’s…
018: Common Sense Resistance Training for Real Results – Dr. Tom Bilella
May 28 • 16 min
Are you currently trying to build muscle in the gym? Have you been you trying to add lean muscle tissue unsuccessfully? Does it feel like you are spinning your wheels when it comes to actually “transforming” your body from using resistance training? HINT:…
017: Parasites, Bacterial Infections, and Yeast as a Barrier to Health – Evan Brand
May 22 • 14 min
In today’s episode, I am so excited to interview my friend Evan Brand about Parasites, Bacterial Infections and Yeast as a Barrier to Health. Evan Brand, is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, holistic nutrition, and functional…
016: The Realistic Path to Health You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else – Zach Franke
May 18 • 22 min
The elephant graveyard of the health world is filled with millions of people that have perpetually lived in a dream world of unrealistic expectations and thus, consistent failure to ever achieve long-lasting health results. In order to understand the…
015: A Simple Guide to Better Gut Health – Dr. Michael Ruscio
May 14 • 17 min
We all need “better gut health.” We hear about it all the time…but what does that actually even mean? And what steps can we take to get a healthier gut? In just over 17 minutes, Dr. Michael Ruscio gives us a fantastic topline overview and some powerful…
014: An Honest Conversation About Heath Care With a Doctor – Dr. Justin Marchegiani
May 11 • 12 min
Hey everyone, Dr. Justin is back! So after the last episode he did with us on inflammation, I got to talking with Dr. Justin a little bit more about his story and it soon after trickled into his opinion on our health care system and what we can do to…
013: Chronic Low-Level Inflammation & How to Heal – Dr. Justin Marchegiani
May 4 • 15 min
Inflammation. What is it? Essentially, it is when the body breaking down faster than it is building up. If you want to ever have a chance of “aging gracefully,” you are going to want to learn more about this basic health topic. Things like emotional,…
012: Using Wellness Technology to Win the Day – Josh Trent
Apr 30 • 11 min
Currently, over 50% of US adults are using or have used in the recent past wellness technology (such as wearables) that track everything from the steps you take, the calories and nutrients you eat, to the quality of sleep you get each night.
011: The Proven Formula for Health Transformation – Zach Franke
Apr 25 • 18 min
It’s one of the oldest truths out there: Success leaves clues! After studying health transformations for over 10 years now, Zach has captured and freely and clearly clearly the proven formula for any health transformation in this episode.
010: Body Awareness as a Superpower – Chandler Stevens
Apr 20 • 9 min
Do you have chronic pain or stiffness in certain areas? Are you ignoring what your body is trying to tell you? The first step towards making any type of change is bringing awareness to the situation. Awareness provides you the “dignity of a choice” som…
009: How to Dial In and Stay Consistent – Justin Mihaly
Apr 14 • 10 min
Do you have trouble staying consistent with the healthy habits you are building? Are you tired of stopping and starting constantly? Seeking the next hit of “motivation” to get you through? I think you’ll appreciate what Justin Mihaly,
008: Social Isolation’s Effect on the Immune System – Christopher Kelly
Apr 6 • 13 min
Do you find yourself feeling lonely or isolated? You are not alone! (pun intended) Research confirms that we are facing an epidemic of social isolation in our modern world, despite feeling “more connected” than ever before with technology,
007: Adopting a Life of More Intuition – Maddy Moon
Apr 1 • 11 min
Are you a black and white thinker? Are you a perfectionist? Do you wish you had more balance and harmony in your life? Are you using short term solutions to cope with this? In this episode, I interview Maddy Moon,
006: The Science of Self-Regulation – Joe Hook
Mar 28 • 18 min
Ever feel like when you are flustered or stressed, good decision making goes out the window? What if you learned exactly how to bring voluntary control over our “automatic” physiological responses so that we can activate the “logical” part of our brain…
005: Intuitively Releasing Food as a Drug – Samantha Skelley
Mar 20 • 16 min
So many people get caught up in the trap of emotional eating, binge eating, and eating their feelings because they aren’t in touch with their bodies. For example, these days it is very hard for people to distinguish between an emotional hunger cue and …
004: Healing Hormones Naturally – Dr. Lauren Noel
Mar 16 • 12 min
In this episode of BSW, Dr. Lo simplifies what is causing much of our “hormonal chaos.” Do you suffer from low energy, waining (or nonexistent!) sex drive, and poor health? Your hormones are at play!
003: The Healing Power of Connection – Tony Federico
Mar 14 • 8 min
On today’s episode, we interview Paleo and health expert Tony Federico on the healing power of connection and why it’s so important in today’s insane world.
002: The Trigger Food Myth – Ali Shapiro
Mar 11 • 10 min
On our first official guest episode, Zach interviews health coach Ali Shapiro on “trigger foods.” Do you struggle at certain times to “maintain discipline” or have a hard time managing when, what, and how much you eat?
001: Welcome to Bite Size Wellness!
Mar 9 • 5 min
Hello! On this special coming soon episode, meet Zach and hear about why we are so pumped to be launching this unique podcast in today’s overwhelming & confusing health & wellness climate. This episode will inspire you to keep your earbuds locked in wi…