Bite-Size Wellness Podcast

Bite-Size Wellness Podcast
Powerful Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset Advice in Bite-Size Episodes from the World’s Best Experts
005: Intuitively Releasing Food as a Drug – Samantha Skelley
Mar 20 • 16 min
So many people get caught up in the trap of emotional eating, binge eating, and eating their feelings because they aren’t in touch with their bodies. For example, these days it is very hard for people to distinguish between an emotional hunger cue and a…
004: Healing Hormones Naturally – Dr. Lauren Noel
Mar 16 • 12 min
Hello! On this episode, I interviewed the very lovely, Dr. Lauren Noel, host of the Dr. Lo Radio show and Naturopathic MD on the state of the average American’s hormonal health. It might be sobering to realize that many of the cultural norms and behaviors…
003: The Healing Power of Connection – Tony Federico
Mar 14 • 8 min
Hey friends! On our second episode, I interviewed the well-respected host of Paleo Magazine Radio podcast and health expert Tony Federico on the healing power of connection. We live in a society where the status-quo, by default, leaves us sick and…
002: The Trigger Food Myth – Ali Shapiro
Mar 11 • 10 min
On our first official guest episode, Zach interviews health coach Ali Shapiro on “trigger foods.” Do you struggle at certain times to “maintain discipline” or have a hard time managing when, what, and how much you eat? It could be that you are still…
001: Welcome to Bite Size Wellness!
Mar 9 • 5 min
Hello! On this special coming soon episode, meet Zach and hear about why we are so pumped to be launching this unique podcast in today’s overwhelming & confusing health & wellness climate. This episode will inspire you to keep your earbuds locked in with…