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Miniepisode: Cheap Trick and Billie Eilish
Dec 9 • 18 min
Who didn’t direct the music video for Stevie Wonder’s “Fun Day”; Alanis Morissette on tour with Liz Phair and Garbage; Cheap Trick as rock ‘n’ roll frozen yogurt; the Billie Eilish/Van Halen controversy; Paul tries to extend his two-game winning streak in…
Stevie Wonder
Dec 2 • 63 min
By special request from a “Music Raygun” fan, this week’s episode is all about Stevie Wonder. That it took us 73 episodes to get to this topic with or without a special request is a shame on us. Mea culpa. This one starts at the beginning, i.e., 1963, and…
Miniepisode: Prince and the Fugees
Nov 25 • 23 min
An encounter with Pat Smear, the 2019 Soul Train Awards, plaudits from Straya, hot takes about Prince and the Fugees, and of course the music trivia quiz. All in just 20 minutes.
Nov 18 • 64 min
The next in our ongoing series of instrument-focused shows, the drums episode has been a long time coming. This one features music lessons from greats like Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Sheila E, Charli Persip and guitar-famous drummer J. Mascis. There are…
Miniepisode: John Mayer and Prince
Nov 11 • 15 min
Kirk and Paul talk about the announced Bee Gees biopic. Hot “Don’t @ Me” takes about John Mayer and Prince. And Kirk defends his two-win streak in the never-ending music trivia quiz.
Music Videos 1989-91
Nov 4 • 85 min
Take a trip back in time to look at some cool music videos from 1989, 1990 and 1991. Kirk supplies R&B and pop from Chuckii Booker, Jane Child, Mint Condition and more. Paul brings music by Beat Happening, Sonic Youth, and a nostalgic clip from cable TV’s…
Miniepisode: Atlantic Starr vs. Five Star vs. Midnight Star, and Halloween
Oct 28 • 17 min
The new Morris Day memoir. Bands with “star” in their names, ranked. A long rant about Halloween music. And the music trivia quiz goes on.
Grab Bag VII
Oct 21 • 69 min
Every 10 episodes, we throw away the “themed shows” premise of our podcast and dive into the grab bag. For the seventh installment, you’ll find music from one half of the “Miami Vice” duo (not the half you’re thinking of), the strangest song on the famous…
Miniepisode: Lil Nas X and the Charlie Daniels Band
Oct 14 • 22 min
Paul recounts a mild rock ‘n’ roll adventure in West Hollywood. Kirk learned something about the Blues Brothers. “Don’t @ Me” deals with roads in old towns and devils in Georgia. Paul defends a three-game winning streak in the music trivia quiz.
Oct 7 • 77 min
Let’s not beat around the bush: People love to make fun of Florida. But not us. We’re here to celebrate the Sunshine State and some of the countless bands and musicians who came from there. There’s Southern rock and Flordia hip-hop in equal measure, plus…
Miniepisode: The Pips and R.E.M.
Sep 29 • 18 min
After a tidal wave of corrections and clarifications, Kirk and Paul wade into controversial waters about Gladys Knight’s band and R.E.M., respectively. Then Paul tries to stretch his two-win trivia quiz streak into a hat trick.
Asylum Records
Sep 23 • 75 min
Long before he became best friends with the Clintons and starting spending his days on a yacht in Mallorca with his idle rich friends, David Geffen was a kid in LA who wanted to run a music label that put artists first. That label was Asylum Records.…
Miniepisode: Lana Del Rey and Paul Abdul
Sep 16 • 20 min
Paul talks about a paperback book Kirk found on the street and gave to him. “Don’t @ Me” has hot takes about Lana Del Rey vs. Ann Powers, and the legacy of Paul Abdul’s debut album. Paul tries again to build a winning streak in the trivia contest, and…
Your Grandmother Should Know
Sep 9 • 51 min
This one’s called “Your Grandmother Should Know” because each clip features music from either the 1930s or the 1940s. That era of music history is definitely neither Paul’s nor Kirk’s area of expertise, but after they do some digging into the past, the…
Miniepisode: Baby Band T-Shirts and Sophie B. Hawkins
Sep 2 • 19 min
Kirk promotes a new music comedy show, not because he’s involved in it (he’s not) and not because it’s sponsoring the show (it’s not), but just because it’s so good. Paul follows up on a Roger Miller tune that turned up on a previous miniepisode. On…
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
Aug 26 • 69 min
Thirty-three years ago, two young men named Jeff Krulik and John Heyn drove to the parking lot outside the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, to interview a crowd of teen and 20-something tailgaters about to see a Judas Priest concert. The 17-minute…
Miniepisode: Brandy, Monica and the Clash
Aug 19 • 21 min
Kirk corrects a few of his recent gaffes; patron saint of “Music Raygun” Uncle Marc checks in with thoughts about guitars; “Don’t @ Me” addresses whose the boy actually was between Brandy and Monica, and what happens when Joe Strummer raps; and the trivia…
B-Sides V
Aug 12 • 68 min
Let’s tie a bow on “Music Raygun” season five. It’s been six months already, which means we’re closing out another season by looking back on the season’s episode themes to take one more bite of those apples. It’s a B-sides episode, sweet pals. This one…
Miniepisode: Gene Van Buren and Roxy Music (w/ Katie Willert)
Aug 5 • 30 min
Kirk is on assignment, but Katie Willert is on hand to talk about Motown recording artist Gene Van Buren and Vice’s recent “Guide to Getting into Roxy Music.” There’s also an expo mission of our music trivia quiz.
Jul 29 • 80 min
A few episodes of “Music Raygun” have had musical instruments as their themes, namely saxophone, bass and piano. Well, there are only a few instruments left to cover as long as we’re talking about your basic rock band, so here’s one about the bedrock of…
Miniepisode: Marvin Gaye and a Singing Water Cooler
Jul 22 • 29 min
Uncle Marc writes in, hot takes about Marvin Gaye and a bad product’s good jingle, and Kirk tries to build a streak in the music trivia quiz. All that plus a new segment: “Prince Tweets 2 U.”
Dance IV (w/ Isabel Nelson)
Jul 15 • 80 min
Isabel Nelson is back for another dance episode and we’ve got ballet comedy, a dancing teenage Kelly Ripa, Fred Astaire and Barrie Chase doing “word jazz,” Spain by way of Bollywood, more clips from the movie “Fast Forward,” basketball a la Lawrence Welk,…
Miniepisode: The Cure, Phil Collins and Vanilla Ice (w/ Isabel Nelson)
Jul 8 • 43 min
Kirk knows what Robert Smith was really about, special guest isabel Nelson grades Phil Collins’ helpfulness, Paul defends history’s most dunked-on rapper. Then “Trading Card Corner” is back with NKOTB facts. And the music trivia quiz will have you on the…
Duets and Collaborations
Jul 1 • 69 min
Just like “Music Raygun” is a collaboration between Paul and Kirk, all the video clips on this episode feature musicians singing or otherwise working together. These duets span the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. One of them has Michael Jackson, and no, it’s…
Miniepisode: The Beatles and 4 Non Blondes
Jun 24 • 18 min
Paul talks about seeing the Elton John biopic “Rocketman” with fellow “Walk Hard” fan Katie Willert. Hot takes about the songs “Yesterday” and “What’s Up?” fly. Paul corrects a terrible mistake he made when discussing Vampire Weekend in a past…
San Francisco
Jun 17 • 70 min
The music of San Francisco is a lot more than the fabled San Francisco sound. The city’s given the world its share of punk, new wave, light rock, disco, power pop and R&B. Grace Slick and her band show up here too, but without the psychedelia. To see the…
Miniepisode: Extreme and Song Lyrics
Jun 10 • 16 min
Kirk returns to his minepisode chair to weigh in on Paul’s music selections in the previous miniepisode. Kirk stans lo-fi hip-hop beats. Also, there’s a new “Don’t @ Me,” and one of these jabronis tries to get a streak going in the music trivia quiz.…
Summer Grab Bag
Jun 3 • 71 min
Every 10th episode of “Music Raygun” is a “grab bag” with no specific topic discussed. But for this grab bag episode, there’s a theme: summer. What does that mean? Songs about summer, songs Kirk and Paul remember from particular summers, or just songs…
Miniepisode: Best New Music
May 27 • 18 min
Paul’s solo on this miniepisode because he was sick this week and couldn’t record with Kirk when they normally would’ve. In an all-new, one-time-only format, Paul presents some of his favorite records released over the past few months. Check out new music…
Def Jam Recordings
May 20 • 95 min
Nearly 60 episodes deep into this podcast but we’ve never before focused an episode on an iconic record label. Better late than never as the first label we chose for an episode topic is the iconic Def Jam Recordings. In addition to the holy trinity of the…
Miniepisode: Paula Abdul and Vampire Weekend
May 13 • 21 min
Paul and Kirk discuss their field trip to the Annenberg Space for Photography to see the exhibit “Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop.” Also, Uncle Marc checks in about smooth jazz. Under discussion: Paula Abdul’s performance at the Billboard Music…
Smooth Jazz (w/ Katie Willert)
May 6 • 77 min
We’re celebrating Kirk’s birthday as he picks the clips for this entire show. It’s the long-promised “Music Raygun” smooth jazz episode. All the greats of smooth jazz are here, like Grover Washington, David Sanborn, Bob James and even Sting for some…
Miniepisode: Natasha Bedingfield, the Doors and Queen (w/ Katie Willert)
Apr 29 • 37 min
The show’s fifth Beatle, Katie Willert, returns to “Music Raygun” to help celebrate Kirk’s birthday, which this miniepisode does by bringing back the “Trading Card Corner” segment. Plus the usual hot takes and trivia. Also, Bazooka Joe comics.
Todd Rundgren
Apr 22 • 68 min
Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Multi-instrumentalist. Power pop godfather. Technologist. Innovator. Born to synthesize. That’s Todd Rundgren. He’s the musical genius behind Nazz, Utopia and a long solo career full of hits from “Hello, It’s Me” to “Bang the…
Miniepisode: Beyoncé and Motörhead
Apr 15 • 23 min
Kirk clarifies Ween and Paul clarifies “Freaks and Geeks.” Kirk has a piping hot take about the Knowles sisters. Paul ordains the Sexiest Song Ever. And there’s drama in the trivia quiz.
Apr 8 • 92 min
In an episode that focuses on one instrument, Paul and Kirk look closer at some of the great pianists in history. Like Chico Marx. And Dennis DeYoung, of course. Kirk finally realizes, thanks to a little help from “Russian Doll,” that he loves Harry…
Miniepisode: Midnight Oil and Beethoven
Apr 1 • 23 min
Kirk goes to New York and Paul assembles a Ween playlist. Uncle Marc checks in. Hot takes on Midnight Oil’s “Beds Are Burning” and Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14 in C minor, Op. 131. Paul tries to build a winning streak in the trivia quiz.
Mar 25 • 79 min
Kirk and Paul love exploring U.S. states and cities for their musical histories. But Philadelphia challenged them because it boats such an embarrassment of musical riches. There are so many good Philly artists from every decade and style. Who to pick?…
Miniepisode: Vinyl Collectors and Jefferson Airplane
Mar 18 • 21 min
Paul and Kirk have more to say about Vanity 6, because of course they do, every episode of this podcast should be about Vanity 6. Also under discussion are the Andantes, Epix’s new punk doc, Johnny Rotten, Marky Ramone and Richard Hell. And don’t @ them…
Girl Groups
Mar 11 • 67 min
Here’s a sort-of companion piece to our “Boy Bands” episode, but this one’s all all-girl groups. Sorry, but there aren’t any Spice Girls or Pussycat Dolls tracks. But you’ll get some genuine ’60s girl-group girl groups, of course. There’s some ’90s…
Miniepisode: Gang Starr and the Monkees
Mar 4 • 15 min
No corrections but a crucial clarification is on offer in this mini, plus some fun chatter about B-list hair metal and “flyover states.” Don’t @ us about Gang Starr and the Monkees. And will Kirk finally break his music trivia losing streak?
Teen Angst
Feb 25 • 88 min
What was Kirk’s teen angst like? What was Paul’s like? If you’ve been listening to “Music Raygun” for a while, you can guess. And we suspect you’ll get close to the mark. But there are a few curveballs here too. This episode features Nada Surf, Dream…
Miniepisode: Alicia Keys, ‘A Star Is Born’ and Beastie Boys
Feb 18 • 38 min
This is a jam-packed mini. Uncle Marc checks in, the takes fly in “Don’t @ Me” and there’s the music trivia quiz, of course. But in the middle of it all is another installment of “Trading Card Corner.” This time, Kirk and Paul open packs of Pro Set…
B-Sides IV
Feb 11 • 67 min
We’re wrapping up another season of “Music Raygun” with our fourth B-sides episode. Twice a year, we look back on the previous six months’ worth of episodes and revisit those topics for one more video clip each. Something that almost made the cut the…
Miniepisode: Janet Jackson and Song Length
Feb 4 • 17 min
Paul talks about a recent encounter he had with the lead singer of Nada Surf. Then things get vicious in the “Don’t @ Me” segment when Kirk attacks Paul personally for no reason. Despite the unprovoked aggression, Paul recovers to defend his music trivia…
Janet Jackson
Jan 28 • 84 min
Janet Jackson’s been a long time coming on “Music Raygun.” We’ve talked about Michael Jackson. We’ve talked about the Jackson family dynasty. We’ve done an episode about Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. All along, we’ve insisted that Janet would have an episode…
Miniepisode: Keytar and Devo
Jan 21 • 13 min
Paul is still sick but the show must go on so he and Kirk are here to serve you another “Music Raygun” miniepisode as scheduled. No breaks! A past “Don’t @ Me” statement is returned to for discussion fodder but no @’s, we promise. Then more hot takes, and…
Grab Bag V
Jan 14 • 73 min
It’s the 50th episode of “Music Raygun.” Can you believe it? Did you think we’d last? Did you expect us to make it this far? Is anyone even listening? Anyway, the first 50 were only the beginning. There’s a lot of “Music Raygun” still to come. But this…
Miniepisode: ABBA and Katy Perry
Jan 7 • 12 min
Welcome to 2019, raygunners. Kirk has stories from his holiday vacation to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The “Don’t @ Me” takes come fast and hot. And who will win the first “Music Raygun” trivia quiz of the new year?
Dance III (w/ Isabel Nelson)
Dec 31, 2018 • 88 min
It’s our third dance-themed episode. And that means the lovely Isabel Nelson is back in the room. She pops and locks with fellow dancer Kirk and uncoordinated buffoon Paul. This episode has got Janelle Monae, the movie “Fast Forward,” and a “Soul Train”…
Miniepisode: Alanis Morissette, the Beatles and Paul McCartney (w/ Isabel Nelson)
Dec 24, 2018 • 40 min
It’s Christmas Eve, and our dear friend Isabel Nelson has returned to the show for some holiday cheer. Everyone’s got something to say for “Don’t @ Me,” and the takes are piping hot. So to cool the tension, we also brought back our newest segment,…
Happy Holidays II
Dec 17, 2018 • 85 min
Merry everything and happy always to you raygunners. It’s that special time of year when, for some people, the spirit of Christmas somehow transforms a lot of music that normally would be cheesy and unlistenable into something warm and cheerful. Kirk and…
Miniepisode: Paul McCartney and Mumford and Sons
Dec 10, 2018 • 20 min
Paul and Kirk celebrate the holiday season by discussing the rumored Prince jukebox musical, sharing their galaxy-brain “Don’t @ Me” takes, and competing in a over-so-fast trivia “contest” in which one of them fails so badly that most of the quiz is just…
Nile Rodgers
Dec 3, 2018 • 69 min
We’re taking a look at the career of Nile Rodgers, the genius guitarist, songwriter and producer behind Chic as well as hits from by Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, David Bowie, INXS and Daft Punk, all of whom are featured on this episode. And that’s not even…
Miniepisode: Halsey and Queen
Nov 26, 2018 • 18 min
Feeling festive? Kirk and Paul are both excited for the holiday season. Kirk has some thoughts about how getting older has affected his outlook on the holidays … and on hip-hop. In “Don’t @ Me,” someone in Kirk’s life contributes a hot take, and Paul’s…
TV Theme Music
Nov 19, 2018 • 73 min
We’re doing something different on this episode of “Music Raygun.” Instead of talking about pop music, we’ll listen to some classic TV themes. From which TV shows, you ask? Here are some hints: a working-class sitcom from the ‘70s, a working-class sitcom…
Miniepisode: Leonard Cohen and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic
Nov 12, 2018 • 32 min
Paul embarrassed himself in the last miniepisode, so there are corrections to make. Uncle Marc checks in to address a glaring omission. The “Don’t @ Me” takes come fast, hot and spicy. Debuting in this episode, a new segment: “Trading Card Corner.” And in…
Boy Bands
Nov 5, 2018 • 100 min
Back in January 2017, your hosts recorded what’s now the show’s lost pilot episode. (Paul accidentally destroyed the file trying to teach himself audio editing.) The subject of that episode: What was the first boy band? And that discussion came from Paul…
Miniepisode: Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, Shock G and Humpty Hump
Oct 29, 2018 • 18 min
Kirk and Paul discuss the Halloween songs that too many basic beezies play at Halloween parties. Plus also they name which song needs to become more of a Halloween standard. Two short and spicy “Don’t @ Me” opinions show how your hosts kind of sort of…
Halloween II
Oct 22, 2018 • 88 min
Clanking chains. Creaking door. Spiderweb. Boo. It’s Halloween. This time of year gives us an excuse to do what rock and roll was invented for: worshipping Satan. And that’s what we’re doing on this episode of “Music Raygun.” There’s a visit from the god…
Miniepisode: Yes and ‘A Star Is Born’
Oct 15, 2018 • 18 min
A question about a particular song reminds Paul why Twitter is fun, Kirk has a strong opinion about a movie he hasn’t seen, Uncle Marc checks in and Paul tries to break Kirk’s winning streak in the trivia quiz.
Bass Guitar
Oct 8, 2018 • 96 min
We’re gonna add some bottom so that the dancers just won’t hide. Get your thumb slapping and your finger popping because it’s time to take a deep dive into bass guitars and bass guitar players. We’re talking Verdine, Bernard, the Ox, Flea, Bootsy, Thunder…
Miniepisode: Len and Maroon 5
Oct 1, 2018 • 24 min
Paul and Kirk dip into the listener mailbag. Kirk talks about seeing Anita Baker in concert last month. The “Don’t @ Me” takes are short but spicy. And the music trivia quiz this time is… well, just listen.
Off-Brand Picks
Sep 24, 2018 • 70 min
On this episode of “Music Raygun,” we’re talking about off-brand picks! What does that mean? The topic what Kirk’s idea, because even though he has a self-described “narrow” enjoyment of music, there is still plenty of stuff he likes that people may be…
Miniepisode: Prince and Smash Mouth
Sep 17, 2018 • 14 min
Paul and Kirk put a bow on the most recent regular episode with a few final thoughts about new jack swing. Kirk goes off the dome with a hot take for “Don’t @ Me.” Paul wrote his down. Plus: Will Kirk finally break his multiweek losing streak in the…
New Jack Swing
Sep 10, 2018 • 105 min
This episode has been a long time coming. Paul and Kirk talked about having new jack swing as a topic back when they first conceived of “Music Raygun.” Why did it take so long to get here? Because this is the most important music in Kirk’s life. And he…
Miniepisode: Panic! At the Disco, Pet Shop Boys, Blancmange and Wham!
Sep 3, 2018 • 18 min
Paul and Kirk redress a couple of glaring omissions from a recent episode, answer the question of that “Last American Virgin” soundtrack song, and mark what would’ve been Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday. All that plus “Don’t @ Me” and the music trivia…
Zbigniew Rybczynski
Aug 27, 2018 • 74 min
For the first time on “Music Raygun,” Paul and Kirk have chosen to focus on the work of one particular music video director. In this case, it’s Polish filmmaker Zbigniew Rybczynski. While his isn’t exactly a household name, Rybcynzski’s avant-garde…
Miniepisode: OMC and Duran Duran
Aug 20, 2018 • 16 min
Kirk and Paul talk about an upcoming Anita Baker concert and the time someone won a date with Prince. “Don’t @ Me” (them) about OMC or Duran Duran. And this episode’s music trivia battle turns quickly into an expo mission, but it’s fun all the same.
B-Sides III
Aug 13, 2018 • 108 min
“Music Raygun” B-sides episodes are when we look back to past episode themes for new videos that we left out, forgot or didn’t know about the first time around. So our third B-sides podcast serves up bonus clips from the following previous episodes:…
Miniepisode: John Mellencamp and Squeeze
Aug 6, 2018 • 17 min
Kirk has news; the boys discuss summer music festivals and Bass Player magazine; two fresh, hot takes for the “Don’t @ Me” segment; and, as always, a cool music trivia contest. It’s a miniepisode, you guys!
Quincy Jones
Jul 30, 2018 • 83 min
Our topic for this episode is someone who’s been around for so long, is such a multi-hyphenate and has worked with so many other legends that he’s worth many artists in one package. He’s a composer, a writer, a band leader, an arranger and conductor, and…
Miniepisode: Young MC
Jul 23, 2018 • 14 min
Say yay, because Krag’s back! Kirk has returned from his adventures abroad, and he’s ready to tell us about fleeing to the Cleve and clubbing up down by the Flats (or not). On “Don’t @ Me,” one of your hosts has a take so hot it renders the other…
Grab Bag IV (w/ Katie Willert)
Jul 16, 2018 • 75 min
Kirk’s on vacation, so pinch-hitter-in-chief Katie Willert is back in the “studio” to fill in for the Kragman. She and Paul are taking it easy for the Los Angeles summer heat wave, eschewing a themed episode entirely. Which means it’s time for another…
Miniepisode: Robin Thicke and Don Henley (w/ Katie Willert)
Jul 9, 2018 • 15 min
Kirk’s on vacation this week, so filling in we have BFF of the show Katie Willert. She and Paul discuss their respective personalized “Your Summer Rewind” playlists on Spotify, then dive into some spicy takes in “Don’t @ Me” before polishing off the mini…
Music Videos 1995-97
Jul 2, 2018 • 83 min
For the first time since the second episode, we’re focusing strictly on music videos from a specific era. In this case, 1995-97. Given the age gap between Paul and Kirk, and their musical tastes, they experienced those years very differently from each…
Miniepisode: The Beatles and Lil’ Kim
Jun 25, 2018 • 19 min
We’re back to normal on a truly mini miniepisode, i.e., no guests and no high-stakes, winner-takes-all competitions. But there are a couple of corrections for things we screwed up, plus a new tribute band name guessing game, a new band-name backronym and,…
Jun 18, 2018 • 99 min
Here’s a new entry in the show’s series profiling music from different cities, states and regions of the USA. This time it’s a long look at Detroit, Michigan, aka Detroit Rock City, aka the Motor City, aka Motown. Detroit is a storied music metropolis…
Miniepisode: The Chainsmokers and Meatloaf
Jun 11, 2018 • 36 min
Paul and Kirk answer some listener mail; a brain-melting correction changes everything they thought they knew about the “Boston” cover art; a band name backronym is added to the list of all-time greats; the boys play an all-new game; and the Trivial…
Dance II (w/ Isabel Nelson)
Jun 4, 2018 • 108 min
Once again, “Music Raygun” welcomes a past guest back for another episode. Isabel Nelson returns to talk a bunch more about dance with Kirk, a fellow trained dancer; and Paul, a clumsy, oafish idiot. Baryshnikov makes a long overdue appearance, Marlon…
Miniepisode: The Darkness, GG Allin, Amy Grant and Bob Dylan (w/ Isabel Nelson)
May 28, 2018 • 21 min
Say yay, because Isabel Nelson is back as our guest for a new miniepisode. Paul, Kirk and Isabel kick things off on a fun note by talking about rock-star suicides. Then it’s another installment of “Don’t @ Me,” where Kirk drops one of his spiciest takes…
Slow Jams (w/ Katie Willert)
May 21, 2018 • 96 min
It’s time to snuggle up with your lovers under those covers, because you’re listening to the Quiet Storm on Music Raygun. Paul and Kirk welcome back Katie Willert to join them once again. This time they’re talking about slow jams, aka baby-making music.…
Miniepisode: Elvis, Huey Lewis and the News, and Migos (w/ Katie Willert)
May 14, 2018 • 25 min
Katie Willert was the first guest on Music Raygun, and now she’s the first guest on one of our miniepisodes. She spills the tea with some behind-the-scenes secrets from the 2018 Met Gala red carpet, then shares a piping hot Don’t @ Me before getting in on…
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
May 7, 2018 • 82 min
Even if you don’t recognize the names of producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, you know their work. Because they’re responsible for dozens of the biggest pop hits of the last 30-plus years. Original members of The Time (as in Morris Day and the Time), Jam…
Miniepisode: Spyro Gyra and Monster Magnet
Apr 30, 2018 • 19 min
Uncle Marc is back with a new email, we say goodbye to Bob Dorough, Paul has podcast recommendations, plus a new “Don’t @ Me” and another round of Trivial Pursuit: RPM Edition.
Rebel Girls II
Apr 23, 2018 • 86 min
Last April, we gave you our first “Rebel Girls” episode of the podcast, so this year we wanted to make it an annual tradition. Here’s a bunch more badass woman in rock music, including Lunachicks, Liliput (nee Kleenex), Luscious Jackson, Screaming…
Miniepisode: Sufjan Stevens and the Blues
Apr 16, 2018 • 12 min
It’s another of our Music Raygun minis, the in-between episodes you can get only if you subscribe to the podcast (or find us on SoundCloud). But you’re reading this, so you figured that out already. Good for you, sailor!
Grab Bag III
Apr 9, 2018 • 82 min
We went back to the bag for Music Raygun No. 30. The grab bag, that is. We’ve got a real rando-crando mix of artists, songs and videos for you in this episode, including Bad Manners, BadBadNotGood, Beefheart, Blossom (Dearie, that is) and other names that…
Miniepisode: Van Halen and ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’
Apr 2, 2018 • 13 min
We’re back for another miniepisode as Kirk tries to redeem himself following a crushing defeat in the previous trivia game. Also, starting right now, you’ll find the “Don’t @ Me” segment living here in our miniepisodes. Exciting, right? And listeners want…
Hip-Hop 1992-93
Mar 25, 2018 • 95 min
When last we looked at hip-hop through the years, they were 1988-89. This time, they’re 1992-93. Kirk was finishing college. Paul was in elementary school. But they both have vivid memories of listening to hip-hop at the time. Gangsta rap got attention…
Miniepisode: Introducing Miniepisodes
Mar 18, 2018 • 13 min
It’s the first “Music Raygun” miniepisode! Since day one, we’ve warmed up for recording each episode of the show by first playing a quick round of Trivial Pursuit: RPM Edition, a game of music trivia published in 1985. It took us this long to figure out…
Mar 11, 2018 • 97 min
How can two Joes Bag o’ Doughnuts like us hope to reckon with the fact of a living deity like Madonna? By admitting from the start that we only scratch the surface of the surface of this episode’s topic. But we’ll track the lion’s share of Madonna’s…
Feb 25, 2018 • 94 min
We’re kicking off Year Two of this podcast by returning to the theme of our first episode. Sort of. That episode was about Prince. This episode is about Prince’s hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kirk has more Prince-associated artists to talk about. Paul…
B-Sides II
Feb 11, 2018 • 68 min
We’re wrapping up the first year of our podcast with a second helping of Music Raygun B-sides. That means looking back to past episode themes for bonus clips that we left out (or didn’t know about) the first time around. There’s a clip each from our…
Jan 28, 2018 • 86 min
Music Raygun is finally focusing on the funk. Typical to their tastes, Paul leans toward the early funk years of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, while Kirk prefers the vibe of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. There are some favorites and some lesser-known…
Los Angeles
Jan 15, 2018 • 84 min
Kirk and Paul already paid tribute to their respective hometowns of Cleveland and Providence, so now it’s time to acknowledge their shared current home: Los Angeles. All the clips in this episode feature bands from LA. But Kirk and Paul skew hard to their…
Jan 1, 2018 • 96 min
Happy New Year, raygunners! In celebration of 2018’s dawn, this episode is something a little different. Kirk and Paul watch just one video. Well, two videos. It’s one music video, plus a short “making of” segment about it. And it’s Michael Jackson’s…
Happy Holidays
Dec 18, 2017 • 69 min
Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, wonderful solstice and cool Yule to everyone. We know a lot of people say they hate Christmas music, and to them we ask: Are you listening to the right Christmas music? We hope you’ll find something to like…
Charlene deGuzman
Dec 4, 2017 • 68 min
For the first time on “Music Raygun,” our guest is the topic. Charlene deGuzman is a musician, dancer, comedian, writer and advice columnist. She and Paul look back at her time as a member of Stomp, as Hannah Montana’s drummer, as the creator of a YouTube…
Grab Bag II
Nov 20, 2017 • 83 min
For the second time on “Music Raygun,” our topic for this episode is no topic at all. It’s our first sequel episode as we bring you another grab bag of videos. We’re looking at an assortment of our favorite clips that more or less defy categorization.…
Dance (w/ Isabel Nelson)
Nov 6, 2017 • 96 min
We’re joined by special guest Isabel Nelson, a friend of the show and, like Kirk, a trained dancer. That’s why the focus of this episode is dance. Isabel and Kirk are here to speak intelligently about the art form, with thoughtful comments rooted in their…
Oct 23, 2017 • 86 min
It’s the most frightening episode of the show yet. Kirk and Paul are celebrating Halloween with the very spookiest and ookiest music clips they could find on YouTube. Some of them are Halloween-themed videos. One’s just something that terrified Kirk for…
The Jackson Dynasty
Oct 9, 2017 • 88 min
Michael Jackson was so huge in the 1980s that his success affected everyone in the music industry, not excluding the other Jacksons, i.e., Michael’s siblings. Everyone was so desperate for a piece of what Michael had that anyone related to him got a…
Sep 25, 2017 • 86 min
We’ve done a “grab bag” episode in the past where we said the theme was no theme. It was kind of random videos that didn’t fit any topic. We’re doing another assortment show this time, but it’s sort of the opposite, because instead of no theme, it’s all…
Sep 11, 2017 • 108 min
Kirk had his time to shine with the disco episode, but this one is all Paul’s doing. It’s finally time to talk about punk. Cretins hop, Pistols curse, and GG Allin does, well, the things that GG Allin did before he passed on. Knowing that Kirk doesn’t…
Hip-Hop 1988-89
Aug 28, 2017 • 107 min
What do we like? We like the cars that go boom, or at least the girls who sing about them. We also like Biz Markie, BDP, Heavy D, and Public E, so we’re taking a look at a very specific time period in rap history: 1988 and 1989. Kirk was in college,…
Aug 14, 2017 • 88 min
Kirk takes the wheel as “Music Raygun” goes back in time to the 1970s, when everything was bright and shiny on the outside, but sort of washed out and profoundly bleak beneath the surface. That’s right: It’s our disco episode. There’s Travolta, “Dance…
Rhode Island and Northeast Ohio
Jul 31, 2017 • 97 min
We’re going home, back to our respective hometowns. Paul is presenting the music of Rhode Island, and Kirk visits his old stomping grounds in Cleveland/Northeast Ohio. Both areas spawned bands with a working-class, blue-collar aesthetic, but that’s where…
Jul 17, 2017 • 124 min
For the first time, we’re focusing our attention on one instrument: the saxophone. This has been a long time coming. When we first discussed what topics we wanted to have on the show, “saxophone” was Kirk’s immediate thought. There’s lots of smooth jazz…
Harry Nilsson (w/ Katie Willert)
Jul 3, 2017 • 81 min
Katie Willert is back! She’s co-hosting while Kirk is on vacation. As promised during Katie’s first appearance on “Music Raygun,” she and Paul devote this episode to a legendary artist whom they love: Harry Nilsson. Nilsson never performed live, but he…
Grab Bag
Jun 19, 2017 • 99 min
We always say every episode of “Music Raygun” features a particular music artist, concept or topic. Well, we lied to you about that. Because this time, our topic is… no topic. It’s the first “grab bag” episode. We each chose a few of our favorite videos…
New Edition
Jun 5, 2017 • 117 min
Kirk is really happy whenever he gets to talk about one of his top five, possibly top three favorite bands ever. We’re talking about Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike (and Ralph and Johnny). It’s the long-planned New Edition episode. And that means we also…
Katie Willert
May 22, 2017 • 91 min
We’re joined by the fantastic Katie Willert, who’s here to share with us (and you) some of her favorite songs and videos. You know Katie from Cracked’s “After Hours,” the Upright Citizens Brigade, Funny or Die and and many other comedy things. We know her…
Yacht Rock
May 15, 2017 • 88 min
After a very brief hiatus, “Music Raygun” has returned. Kirk is back from vacation, and it’s time for us to turn our attentions to yacht rock, an admittedly nebulous, non-specific music genre that was roughly codified by a comedy web series circa 2005.…
Rebel Girls
Apr 17, 2017 • 82 min
We’re celebrating just a few of the coolest, baddest-ass and most revolutionary women in rock. A fictional band refuses to put out. A real band throws a used tampon at an audience. And the Plasmatics scare the bejesus out of Kirk. We take an all-too-brief…
Billy Joel
Apr 4, 2017 • 91 min
It’s time to take a close look at Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband William. You may know him better as Billy. Billy Joel. It’s Billy Joel. See, just because music is uncool doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Billy Joel is one of the most profoundly uncool pop…
Mar 21, 2017 • 87 min
What does it mean to sell out? When, if ever, is selling out OK? (It is.) (Is it?) (Sometimes.) We take a long look at musicians who sold their music for advertising. Even though artists sell out all the time, we managed to find a few surprises. Like a…
Music Videos 1981-83
Mar 7, 2017 • 70 min
We set our minds back to the early days of MTV to watch music videos from 1981 to 1983. This episode stems from a pre-podcast tradition we had of getting together to watch collections of music videos batched by year. On the podcast, we take on early-MTV…
Feb 28, 2017 • 72 min
We started “Music Raygun” with a topic at least one of us has encyclopedic knowledge of. That one of us is Kirk, and the topic is Prince. We don’t talk about only Prince, but also some of the artists and groups associated with him. And there are many. The…