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Video: Creating a Blush Floral Centerpiece
Oct 14
Exploring New Art Forms with Jen of Nectar and Bloom
Oct 10 • 37 min
In this discussion, we’re exploring how other art forms can influence floral design. Jen is sharing how practicing art can bring familiarity, confidence, and inspiration. We are chatting about how flowers can help you find the purpose for your events’…
5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Clients Into Advocates
Oct 9
How to Practice Compassion Toward Yourself and Your Clients
Oct 8
Video: Summer Flowers that Last Out of Water
Oct 7
Instagram and Harnessing the Potential of Social Media for Florists
Oct 3 • 42 min
Sarah is sharing her journey from event planning to floristry, as well as what it took to step into the luxury wedding realm. We’re talking about the hot topic of burnout and the importance of taking a step back to rest and reconfigure.
Best Tips for Managing Flowers in Hot Climates Year Round
Oct 2
Video: Flower Feature—Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace (Also Known as Daucus Carota)
Sep 30
Foam-Free Floral Design with Sue McLeary
Sep 26 • 32 min
Sue is a floral designer, artist, and instructor who creates unusual, boundary-pushing floral art, including elaborate headpieces, floral wearables, and her signature succulent jewelry. As a passionate teacher, Susan offers private design instruction for…
How to Know Which Floral Design Career Is Right for You
Sep 25
Flower Growing and Floral Design Hacks
Sep 24
Video: Flower Feature - Scabiosa (Also Known as Pincushion Flower)
Sep 23
Flower Flash Art with Lewis Miller Design
Sep 19 • 38 min
In this episode, Lewis is chatting about a few of his most memorable flower flashes and how the flashes have evolved throughout the years. As you listen, you’ll be encouraged to love on your own community through your work with flowers!
Staff Picks: Our Favorite Flower and Business Books
Sep 18
3 Easy Ways to Collaborate in the Event Industry
Sep 17
Video: Flower Feature—Salvia
Sep 16
Latest Floral Design Trends with Of the Flowers
Sep 13 • 35 min
In this episode, Kelly is joined by Felisa Funes from Of the Flowers. Felisa is chatting about her background in art and the similarities between making sculptures and designing with flowers. She’s sharing a few tips on how to create something new without…
Creative Autumn Arrangements for Your Flower Farm Stand
Sep 12
Pricing and Organization Methods with Details Flowers
Sep 12 • 33 min
We are also broaching a hot topic: pricing! You’ll hear how important it is to price your services correctly as well as a few tips on how to do so using the Details Flower Software. We’re chatting about systems for your business, and we’re talking through…
How to Repurpose Wedding Flowers Through Floral Street Art
Sep 11
Top 5 Client Proposal Must-Haves to Wow Every Bride
Sep 10
Video: Flower Feature—Blue Veronica
Sep 9
The Tournament of Roses with Laura Farber
Sep 5 • 36 min
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura is the third female and first Latina president of the Tournament of Roses and is providing leadership for the 131st Rose Parade® and the 106th Rose Bowl Game® on January 1, 2020. Laura has been a volunteer member of…
3 Simple Steps to Reach Floral Clients in New Markets
Sep 4
Workshop Inspiration: Utilizing Shape in Floral Arrangements
Sep 3
Video: Flower Feature—Using Ageratum in Floral Arrangements
Sep 2
Ground Floral Installations with Jenn Sanchez
Aug 29 • 31 min
Jenn Sanchez is joining us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast! Born and raised in Southern California, Jenn Sanchez is a floral designer with an affinity for strong emotive representation in design. She grew up with a paintbrush or pen always in…
Top 5 Dos and Don’ts of Gifts for Wedding Clients
Aug 28
Your Quick and Simple Guide on How to Grow Ranunculuses
Aug 27
Fast Flower Video: Vibrant Floral Arrangement with Spirea, Geranium, Sweet Pea, and Ranunculus
Aug 26
Making Bouquets with Rachael of Siren Floral Co.
Aug 22 • 34 min
On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, we’re talking with Rachael of Siren Floral Co. She’s chatting about collaboration and how important it is to work with other creatives. Rachael’s also walking through her personal step-by-step process for making…
Floral Workshop Inspiration: Overcoming a Creative Rut
Aug 21
Event Inspiration from Accent Decor’s Market Best Sellers
Aug 20
Video: How to Make a Tailored Bouquet
Aug 19
Finding Your Niche in Floral Design with Françoise Weeks
Aug 15 • 38 min
In this episode, you’ll hear: Details about Françoise’s years in the floral industry Where her woodland inspiration was born and how it has evolved over the years How a greeting card inspired Francoise’s floral shoes Tips on which flowers to use for…
5 Strategies for Improving Your Social Media Presence
Aug 14
Nurturing Creativity in Floral Design with Ponderosa & Thyme (Part 2 of 2)
Aug 14 • 32 min
This is the second of two episodes with Katie of Ponderosa & Thyme! In this episode, Katie and I pick up where we left off in Part 1 talking about teamwork and accountability in the studio. We’re discussing how to be an introvert in the floral industry…
Cultivating Kindness with Ponderosa & Thyme (Part 1 of 2)
Aug 14 • 32 min
Katie is an international floral artist based in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon. Best known for her textural floral designs inspired by nature, Katie uses the most luxurious and beautiful flowers available while incorporating locally…
Permission to Do What You Love: Designing with Flowers
Aug 13
Video: Make a Simple, Elegant Floral Design with just 2 Ingredients
Aug 12
Connecting Community with Deanna Kitchen
Aug 8 • 35 min
Deanna is a speaker at the 2020 Team Flower Conference. Deanna owns and operates Twig & Vine, a small-scale cut flower farm in Conway, Washington. The farm grows unique varieties of flowers and foliages for local pop-ups, restaurants, and designers.…
7 Easy Steps to Creating a Foam-Free Living Meadow
Aug 7
Flowers and Foliage that Last Out of Water
Aug 6
Video: Tips for Body Mindfulness in the Midst of Burnout
Aug 5
The Family Behind Accent Decor
Aug 1 • 28 min
Frank and Margaret Hofland, the founders of Accent Decor, join us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. Tune in to hear all about the story behind Accent Decor. You’ll hear how Frank’s father started the business and in what ways the Hofland family…
Tips in Overcoming Depression, Grief, and Anxiety as a Floral Designer
Jul 31
How to Approach Color in Floral Design: 5 Brilliant Tips
Jul 30
Video: Unique, Bright Flowers for Summer Wedding Arrangements
Jul 29
Planning a Styled Shoot with Sarah Bruxvoort
Jul 25 • 44 min
In this podcast you’ll learn: - The importance of knowing how to appeal to your ideal client - How to implement and conceptualize your creative ideas - How to choose and approach vendors in your preferred aesthetic - Tips for communicating your creative…
How to Start a Floral Design Career: Expert Advice (Part 2)
Jul 24
How to Become a Floral Designer: Advice from the Pros (Part 1)
Jul 23
Video: 5 Q&As on Pricing in the Floral Industry
Jul 22
How I Added New Revenue with DIY Flower Crown Bars
Jul 17
How to Expand Your Florist Education by Growing Your Network
Jul 16
Video: Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Happy Summer Bouquet
Jul 15
Flowers Around the World with Tanya Shaw
Jul 12 • 29 min
On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, you’ll hear from Tanya Shaw of Oh Flora in Sydney, Australia. Tanya is a world-traveler with her floral business, so she is sharing a few tips on how to choose travel destinations. You’ll hear how she went from…
Putting Your Client First in Your Floral Work
Jul 10
Reliable Flowers for Foam-Free Installations
Jul 9
Video: How to Make a Simple yet Stunning Floral Arrangement for Bride and Groom Chairs
Jul 8
Transitioning into a Floral Career with Kalin Scheick
Jul 4 • 36 min
Kalin lives in Northern Michigan where Sweetwater North was born out of a love of gifting flowers to people. Kalin is passionate about designing flowers that feel whimsical, natural, organic, and garden-inspired. When she isn’t at a wedding — she and her…
Is a Floral Career for You? Encouragement from Mayesh Design Star Kaylee Young
Jul 3 • 44 min
In this episode, Kaylee is walking us through her extensive floral background and sharing how these experiences have shaped her floral career. We are talking about the deeper things behind design - the why, the motivation, and the excitement. Kaylee is…
Incorporating Color Theory with Tinge Floral
Jul 2 • 34 min
On this episode of the Team Flower podcast, we’re talking with Ashley of Tinge Floral. We are diving into Ashley’s passion—color! She is sharing her knowledge and philosophy behind the role of color in floral design. Ashley walks us through her process of…
Best Growing and Harvesting Practices with Green and Gorgeous Flowers
Jul 1 • 35 min
Rachel is walking us through her journey from being an estate gardener to an independent flower farm and how her services have changed and morphed over the past 10 years. We’re talking about the various workshops offered on the farm, including the flower…
Celebrating with a Few Favorites
Jul 1 • 5 min
Today, it’s just me here to encourage you in this season. Where ever you are, whether you’re covered up with brides and blooms or taking a season off, I want you to know that you’re valued, and that you are making a difference in your community. I have…
Running a Second-Generation Retail Shop with Marisa Guerrero
Jun 27 • 39 min
As vice president of Debbie’s Bloomers and an instructor at El Paso Community College, Marisa Guerrero AIFD, CFD, is a second-generation floral designer and educator known for her enthusiasm and wide ranging involvement in the floral industry. She sits on…
Your Guide to Planning a Styled Shoot as a Florist
Jun 26
The 7 Rules of Responsible Foraging for Floral Design
Jun 25
Video: How to Design a Festive Patriotic Floral Arrangement
Jun 24
The Importance of Community with Susan Davis
Jun 20 • 36 min
Susan’s career in floral design began 30 years ago. She started with a film and television degree that cultivated her love of the arts. After doing set design for QVC, her passion for the creative arts led her into event florals. She is a national…
Looking to Nature for Floral Design Inspiration
Jun 19
How to Design Flower Arrangements in Difficult Color Palettes
Jun 18
Fast Flower Video: Negative Space Arrangement with Poppies, Maidenhair Fern, and More!
Jun 17
Keeping Your Cool During a Stressful Event with Laura Helm
Jun 13 • 37 min
Laura Helm of Ashton Events is sharing how she decided to start her own business as well as how she began walking in alignment with her heart in advocating for her clients. In addition, we’re chatting about the necessity of making hard decisions on event…
How to Make a Large Paper Flower
Jun 12
The Growing Kindness Project: Using Flowers to Brighten Your Community
Jun 11
Video: The Best Containers for Seed Germination
Jun 10
Embracing Wellness and Creativity with Nectar + Bloom
Jun 6 • 45 min
You’ll be inspired by Jen’s gift with words as she shares her experience on her parents’ farm growing up and how that propelled her into various stages of life eventually leading to flowers. Jen is sharing the keys to giving oneself permission to carry…
Where and How to Sell Cut Flowers from Your Farm
Jun 5
4 Tricks for Working in a Small Floral Design Studio Space
Jun 4
Video: Should I Do Design Mock-Ups for Clients?
Jun 3
Dried Flower Designs with Bex Partridge
May 30 • 28 min
Bex, the founder of Botanical Tales, is a nature-loving creative who predominately works with dried flowers in her practice. Having recently quit her corporate job to dive nose-first into her creative business, she has been writing about and working with…
Tips for Managing Floral Logistics in a Big City
May 29
3 Keys to Work Life Balance for Flower Momprenuers
May 28
Video: Create a Unique Ring Bearer Greenery Pillow in 7 Steps
May 27
40 Years of Flowers with Suzie Kostick
May 23 • 42 min
Suzie Kostick, a leader in the floral industry who has over 40 years of experience, is the guest on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. You’ll hear how the floral industry has changed, morphed, and grown over the past four decades. Suzie tells us…
5 Useful Perennials You Can Grow for Your Own Floral Designs
May 22
How to Grow, Harvest, and Dry Flowers for Arranging
May 21
Video: Using Potted Plants in a Floral Arrangement Alongside Cut Flowers
May 20
Building and Navigating Team Dynamics with Stems Brooklyn
May 17 • 42 min
In this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, Kelly is joined by Suzanna Cameron of Stems Brooklyn. She founded her flower shop, Stems Brooklyn, in 2013 in collaboration with a bar. Serving her local neighborhood their flower bouquets to start, Stems…
Is This Pop-Up Smart for Your Floral Business? Here’s How to Know
May 15
8 Outstanding Tips for Excelling in Retail Floral Work
May 14
Video: When and Where to Use Wired Flowers in Floral Design
May 13
Incorporating Systems into Your Floral Business with Cristina of Fleur Society
May 10 • 32 min
Cristina Barragan is the owner and Chief Creative Officer at Posh Peony. In 2005, she started teaching elementary education and at the same time launched her floral design business as a household hobby, never imagining the growth it would have in the…
4 of the Top Best Practices for Keeping Personal Flowers Fresh
May 8
Top Reasons Why I Decided to Get My AIFD Floral Accreditation
May 7
Video: Creating a Sculptural Floral Arrangement Step by Step
May 6
Living Floral with Margot of Flower Magazine
May 2 • 33 min
A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Margot studied art history at Hollins College in Virginia and interior design at the University of Texas. Working alongside the floral and event designer for her daughter’s wedding, she recognized the artistry and…
How to Plant a Peony Cutting Garden
May 1
Quick Guide to Growing Hellebores
Apr 30
Video: Using Complementary Colors in a Minimalistic Floral Arrangement
Apr 29