The Cost - The Human Toll of Government Policy

The Cost - The Human Toll of Government Policy
Government policy has a cost. Every law and regulation passed by the government has a human toll. The Cost, a series of We Are Libertarians, is a one-on-one interview that tells the story of an average person as they deal with the outcome of policy.
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Nov 8, 2017 • 1 min
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8: Chloe’s Story – Big Government Impedes Self-Improvement
Aug 18, 2017 • 63 min
Chris Spangle and Chloe Anagnos explain how government interferes with a person’s ability to improve their lives in a new installment of The Cost: The Human Toll of Government Policy. Show Notes: How Big Government Hurts Those with Chronic Conditions…
7: Addi’s Story – Healing Epilepsy with CBD Oil
Feb 19, 2017 • 60 min
John and Jess Hooker join Chris Spangle for a conversation about their daughter’s epilepsy and the improvement in her symptoms since introducing her to CBD oil. Originally recorded as episode 194 of We Are Libertarians. The post 7: Addi’s Story – Healing…
6: Miah’s Story – The Life of an Outcast
Feb 17, 2017 • 88 min
What happens when society makes a person a pariah? Our podcast Creating Miah is a conversation between Chris Spangle and Miah Akston as she transitions from male to female. More than that, it is a process of self-discovery and a hard look at social norms…
5: Rachel’s Story – Profit Over Lives in Our Prisons
Feb 16, 2017 • 111 min
Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz sit down to talk to Claude “Woody” Wood and Linda Martel of Indianapolis, IN about the death of Woody’s daughter Rachel Wood while an inmate in Indiana prisons. It is is a difficult story that shows us the tragic results of an…
4: Richard’s Story – What is Life Like After Prison?
Feb 15, 2017 • 123 min
Chris Spangle and Brett Bittner are joined again by Derone Caldwell and Richard Samuels to discuss life after prison, issues facing the black community, and how to unite the country to reform our justice system. Originally recorded as episode 163 of We…
3: Derone’s Story – What is it like to go to prison for 18 years?
Feb 13, 2017 • 121 min
Chris Spangle, Chloe Anagnos, and Brett Bittner are joined by Derone Caldwell and Richard Samuels to discuss life inside of prison, the emotions of a long term sentence and solitary confinement, and how the innocent are often forced into long sentences…
2: Amanda’s Story – The Reality of Domestic Violence
Feb 12, 2017 • 178 min
Amanda left an abusive relationship. She tells Chris about her experience being hunted by an ex-husband and defending her and her children from further abuse while every level of the system designed to protect her failed. Originally recorded as episode…
1: Megan’s Business Closes Due to Regulations
Feb 12, 2017 • 29 min
In 2012 (Episode 17), Chris Spangle and Chris Gault interviewed the owner of a roll your own tobacco shop. Because of a new law, they had to lay off 3/4 of their employees in a single day. Megan of the Smoke Station chain explains the real damage that…