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Nerd Radio FM Master Feed
Nerd Radio FM is a podcast network about nerdy things, created by Justin Seeley and friends.
Geek Fit 03: The Goodie Drawer
Mar 20 • 94 min
This week on Geek Fit Justin and Brian break down how the past two weeks have been (just a hint: it’s been wild). Also they talk about the Fitbit Alta HR wearable, an all-new sanitizing device called Ellie, and they debate the Peloton cycling system. Also…
Apple World News 03: The Million Dollar Mac
Mar 18 • 68 min
This week on Apple World News, Justin and Brian changes to AppleCare+, an original Apple I going up for auction, The possibility of an upcoming Apple announcement, and what they’d like to see most from a refreshed lineup of iPads and iPhones if such an…
Wrestling With Demons: Coming Soon
Mar 10 • 1 min
This podcast will examine the lives of some of these people. Their lives, their careers, and yes, the demons they encountered, and oftentimes cost them their lives, some way before their time. There will be a lot of fun, a lot of nostalgia, and a lot me…
Appaholics 03: Tom Selleck’s ‘Stache
Mar 10 • 76 min
This week on Appaholics Justin and Brian breakdown their favorite apps for meditation, managing to-do-lists, translating langugages, and of course, games! Also on this week’s show; Twitterific for Mac gets funded, AIM is dead, Apple TV tricks, and…
Pixel Pundits 03: The Canadian Invasion
Mar 9 • 111 min
This week Justin and Tom are joined by Adobe’s Senior Solution Consultant for the Education Sales Team, Jim Babbage. They talk about the latest Adobe news, updates to Lightroom Mobile, tips on networking as a designer, and whether or not designers should…
Walt’s Vault 03: Peter Pan (1953)
Mar 9 • 106 min
This week on Walt’s Vault, Justin and Drew journey back to Neverland to explore the world and adventures of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Along the way they discover some things about the fim that surprised, and disappointed them. This is a must-listen for…
The Resistance 03: Galaxaar with Chris Pirillo
Mar 7 • 82 min
This week on The Resistance Justin sits down with Chris Pirillo to breakdown the latest Star Wars news, talk about their thoughts on Rogue One, the future of Princess Leia, and also what they think may or may not happen in The Last Jedi. Chris also talks…
Geek Fit 02: The Ultimate Grilled Cheese
Mar 6 • 83 min
This week on Geek Fit Brian and Justin talk about their current struggles w/ eating, including dreaming about tacos and binging on grilled cheese. They also discuss new wearables that are hitting soon, and how to back up your iOS Health and Apple Watch…
Apple World News 02: Regular Man Pants
Mar 3 • 76 min
Justin and Brian break down the week that was Apple, from iPhone/iPad rumors to the opening of Apple Park.
Pixel Pundits 02: Get Digital or Get Dead
Mar 2 • 90 min
Adobe Illustrator turns 30, the guys bring their topics of the week, and more picks than you can shake a stick at!
The Resistance 02: Happy Birthday Special Editions
Feb 26 • 61 min
Justin discusses the week that was Star Wars for February 26, 2017.
Appaholics 02: Executing Tacos
Feb 23 • 62 min
This week Justin and Brian talk about games, habit forming apps, new pay models for Omnifocus, Overcast, and discuss their latest media and accessory picks.
Walt’s Vault 02: Toy Story
Feb 20 • 85 min
Justin and Drew revisit the magic of Andy’s room from 1995’s Toy Story!
Geek Fit 01: You Can’t Outrun the Fork
Feb 18 • 72 min
Meet Justin and Brian. Two geeky guys that are just trying to live healthier lives the best way they know how, through technology.
Apple World News 01: WTF Gwyneth Paltrow?
Feb 17 • 66 min
A discussion about all things Apple for February 17, 2017.
The Resistance 01: Welcome to the Resistance
Feb 16 • 64 min
Star Wars news and commentary for February 16th, 2017.
Pixel Pundits 01: The Pundits Return
Feb 15 • 90 min
The Pixel Pundits have reunited to talk about design, creativity, and to answer your questions!
The Resistance 00: The Resistance is Coming!
Feb 11 • 1 min
This is a teaser trailer for The Resistance Podcast with Justin Seeley… Coming soon to Nerd Radio!
Walts Vault 01: Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Feb 10 • 81 min
Relive the magic of Disney’s 1991 blockbuster hit, Beauty and the Beast!
Appaholics 01: The Intervention
Feb 9 • 73 min
Welcome to the Appaholics podcast! This is a bi-weekly show about iOS, and two guys that are addicted to apps. Each week Brian and Justin will share their passion for new and exciting iOS apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. If you’re living the…
Walt’s Vault #00 - Teaser Trailer
Feb 7 • 1 min
Whisk yourself away to a far away land where dreams come true! Each month Justin and Drew Seeley will break into Uncle Walt’s Vault and review some of your favorite Disney classics. Along the way you’ll also get a bit of film history and hear about the…