The Productive Muslim Podcast

The Productive Muslim Podcast
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How to Overcome a Porn Addiction and Be Productive Again with Wael Ibrahim: Part 1
Feb 17 • 30 min
“Porn promises nothing but pain, nothing but problems and depression” – Wael Ibrahim Joining us today is Br Wael Ibrahim, interviewed by our host Mifrah Mahroof for a two part series dedicated to tackling the pornography addiction. In this series, we…
Interview with Productive Muslimah: Yasmin Essa (Holistic Health, Lifestyle Coach & Educator)
Feb 10 • 34 min
Our guest today on the show is Sr. Yasmin Essa from New Jersey, USA. She is a holistic health and lifestyle coach, educator and public speaker. Yasmin joins us for the Productive Muslim interview in which we speak to exemplary individuals from all walks…
Interview with Productive Muslimah: Haleh Banani (Clinical Psychologist, Marriage Therapist & Mother of 3)
Feb 3 • 35 min
Joining us on the show from the States in Texas is Sr. Haleh Banani. She is a clinical psychologist, working in the field for 20 years helping couples and individuals, an international speaker, writer and a mother of 3. Haleh is our guest today for the…
Introducing the Productive Muslim Podcast
Jan 29 • 3 min
The long awaited Productive Muslim podcast is finally here Alhamdulilah! In this quick episode our founder and CEO, Mohammed Faris introduces the podcast show along with introducing the podcast host, Mifrah Mahroof. The first episode will be released on…