a podcast featuring conversations and performances at the intersection of art, inspiration, and justice
S7E05 - Callid Keefe-Perry, Part One
Dec 7 • 39 min
Part one of our conversation with ARC Executive Director Callid Keefe-Perry
S7E04.5 - Highlights from Our Live Creative Conversation
Nov 30 • 64 min
Our final live Creative Conversation of 2018 featured artist/advocate/activist Jessica Caldas and pastor/activist/organizer Michael Wortham.
S7E04 - Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Part Two
Nov 23 • 32 min
Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, on her move to Atlanta and her recent recording experience in Nashville.
S7E03 - Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Part One
Nov 16 • 30 min
Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, on her call to cross-cultural ministry.
S7E02 - Armandee Drew, Part Two
Nov 9 • 27 min
Part two of our conversation with inner healing artist Armandee Drew.
S7E01 - Armandee Drew, Part One
Nov 2 • 27 min
Part one of our conversation with inner healing artist Armandee Drew.
S6E13 - Fabian Williams, Part Two
Oct 26 • 35 min
Part one of our conversation with performance and visual artist Fabian Williams
S6E12 - Fabian Williams, Part One
Oct 19 • 28 min
Part one of our conversation with performance and visual artist Fabian Williams
S6E11.5 - Special Episode: Just Worship Conference Highlights
Oct 12 • 37 min
Listen to highlights from the Just Worship Conference at Columbia Theological Seminary, including music, liturgy, and presentations.
S6E11 - Lois Snavely
Oct 5 • 29 min
Dancer Lois Snavely explores body theology as a way toward liberation. This episode features an interview with Marthame and excerpts from her Wild Goose Festival Workshop.
S6E10 - Amina McIntyre, Part Two
Sep 28 • 29 min
Part one of our conversation with playwright Amina McIntyre on the connection between the arts and worship.
S6E09 - Amina McIntyre, Part One
Sep 21 • 26 min
Part one of our conversation with playwright Amina McIntyre on the importance of embodied faith and learning.
S6E08 - Mary Button and David Finnegan-Hosey
Sep 14 • 30 min
Artist/educator/organizer Mary Button and chaplain/writer/songwriter/podcaster David Finnegan-Hosey speaking at the intersection of creativity and mental health. They were recorded live at the Wild Goose Festival.
S6E07 - Myles Markham, Part Two
Sep 7 • 34 min
Part Two of our conversation wit hMyles Markham of the Reformation Project.
Bonus Episode: Your Secret’s Safe with Gus
Sep 5 • 43 min
This bonus episode comes from Your Secret’s Safe with Gus, a weekly improvised fictional podcast from the Improv in Action Network. Marthame guests on episode 11 of season 1 as FBI special agent Derick.
S6E06 - Myles Markham, Part One
Aug 31 • 32 min
Myles Markham of the Reformation Project
Bonus Episode: Tamisha Tyler at Wild Goose
Aug 29 • 9 min
Theologian/writer Tamisha Tyler talks subversive liturgies at the Wild Goose Festival.
S6E05 - Jill McAfee, Part Two
Aug 24 • 32 min
Part two of an intimate conversation and performance with musician Jill McAfee.
Bonus Episode: T. Anthony Spearman at Wild Goose
Aug 22 • 14 min
Marthame spoke with the Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman, President of the North Carolina Conference of NAACP Chapters, at the Wild Goose Festival.
S6E04 - Jill McAfee, Part One
Aug 17 • 31 min
Part one of an intimate conversation and performance with musician Jill McAfee.
Bonus Episode: Kevin Garcia at Wild Goose
Aug 15 • 15 min
Marthame catches up with past guest and self-described “internet human” Kevin Garcia at the Wild Goose Festival.
S6E03 - Daniel White Hodge
Aug 10 • 38 min
Cultural scholar Daniel White Hodge on seeing missiology through a hip-hop lens. Recorded live at the Wild Goose Festival.
Bonus Episode: Story Slam (Failure) at Wild Goose
Aug 8 • 56 min
Rebecca Anderson hosts Story Slam: Failure, a Love Story, a storytelling event recorded live at the Wild Goose Festival.
S6E02 - Live: Creative Conversation with Tammy Harper and Okorie Johnson
Aug 3 • 93 min
Musicians Tammy Harper and Okorie Johnson live in conversation and performance back on June 1.
Bonus Episode: Lisle Gwynn Garrity at Wild Goose
Aug 1 • 11 min
Marthame caught up with our friend Pastorist (pastor/artist) Lisle Gwynn Garrity at the Wild Goose Festival.
S6E01 - Mona Haydar
Jul 27 • 23 min
Rapper/activist/artist Mona Haydar on the importance of seeking the counsel of her heart.
Bonus Episode: Brian McLaren at Wild Goose
Jul 24 • 9 min
In our first bonus episode from the Wild Goose, we catch up with author/speaker/activist Brian McLaren.
S5E13 - Nikki Roberts, Part Two
Jul 20 • 37 min
In part two of our conversation, author/advocate/activist Nikki Roberts discusses working with formerly incarcerated women.
Bonus Episode: Whisper Cuts Improv Comedy Podcast
Jul 18 • 44 min
Listen to the pilot episode of Whisper Cuts, an improv comedy podcast from the aijcast Friendship Network, featuring improvisers Marthame Sanders, Stacey Silverman, and Ryan Toto.
S5E12 - Nikki Roberts, Part One
Jul 13 • 41 min
Author/advocate/activist Nikki Roberts explains the difference between growing up in church and growing up in God.
S5E11 - Doug Shipman
Jul 6 • 39 min
Doug Shipman, President and CEO of the Woodruff Arts Center, on Atlanta’s unique potential for transformation and connection.
S5E10 - Grace Kim, Part Two
Jun 29 • 33 min
Part two of our conversation with arts connector Grace Kim on the importance of community, access, and affordability for artists and non-artists alike.
S5E09 - Grace Kim, Part One
Jun 22 • 30 min
Arts connector Grace Kim on the importance of community, access, and affordability for artists and non-artists alike.
S5E08 - Ray Haddad, Part Two
Jun 15 • 35 min
Part two of our two-part conversation with musician, storyteller, filmmaker Ray Haddad on the creative power of pain.
S5E07 - Ray Haddad, Part One
Jun 8 • 37 min
Part one of our two-part conversation with musician, storyteller, filmmaker Ray Haddad on the creative power of pain.
S5E06 - Assata Williams
Jun 1 • 41 min
Actor Assata Williams reflects on bringing Pearl Cleage’s intense one-woman play “Chain” to life.
S5E05 - Tevyn East and Jay Beck
May 25 • 61 min
Tevyn East and Jay Beck reclaim Christian traditions of the Holy Fool that playfully call us to justice and mercy.
S5E04 - Jordan Stewart
May 18 • 40 min
Musician/actor Jordan Stewart uses drama to teach empathy.
S5E03.7 - Drawn to Gaza
May 16 • 5 min
aijcast host Marthame Sanders offers some personal reflections on the news from Jerusalem and Gaza.
S5E03.5 - Special Episode: Another Creative Conversation Live!
May 11 • 65 min
Photographer/filmmaker/scholar Carlton Mackey and collage artist/researcher Sean Saifa Wall speaking live at our Creative Conversation: Art for Social Change
S5E03 - Jessica Caldas
May 4 • 59 min
Artist/activist/advocate Jessica Caldas on the power - and limitation - of how personal experience can speak to universal reality.
S5E02 - Allison Dukes Gilmore
Apr 27 • 40 min
Improviser/entrepreneur Allison Dukes Gilmore on how she takes improv as a gift to be shared.
S5E01 - Julian Reid
Apr 20 • 75 min
Jazz pianist and theologian Julian Reid on the possibilities of a jazz polity.
S4E13 - Uzee Brown and Timothy Verville
Apr 13 • 63 min
Uzee Brown (Chair, Dept. Music, Morehouse College) and Timothy Verville (Music Director/Conductor, Georgia Symphony Orchestra) are collaborating on the upcoming performance, America, Vol. 4, featuring the music of African-American composers.
S4E12 - Kevin Garcia
Apr 6 • 52 min
Writer/podcaster/YouTuber Kevin Garcia on how he came to know God’s unconditional love.
S4E11 - Marthame Sanders
Mar 30 • 45 min
Guest host Darci Jaret talks to Marthame Sanders about the past, present, and future of aijcast.
S4E10 - Tammy Harper
Mar 23 • 57 min
Professional musician Tammy Harper on what it meant to take a full-time chance on music.
S4E09.5 - Special Episode: Creative Conversation Live!
Mar 16 • 76 min
Author/scholars Greg Ellison and Patrick Reyes reflect on the importance of personal and intellectual integrity.
S4E09 - Drew Wilmesherr
Mar 9 • 51 min
Drew Wilmesherr on creating music with depth and healing.
S4E08 - Jamaal Barber
Mar 2 • 47 min
Artist/printmaker Jamaal Barber on the thrill of discovering his medium.
S4E07 - Troy Bronsink
Feb 23 • 47 min
In our first ever cross-over episode, social entrepreneur and podcast Troy Bronsink talks about burnout and mindfulness, plus plays some of his original music.
S4E06 - Marcia Fisher
Feb 16 • 54 min
How her misery transformed into ministry
S4E05 - Kaji Douša
Feb 9 • 36 min
Pastor Kaji Douša on the importance of having a clear mission.
S4E04 - David Westerlund
Feb 2 • 55 min
Improviser/community advocate David Westerlund on reincorporating our lives with the power of “yes, and”.
S4E03 - Brandon Maxwell
Jan 26 • 49 min
Musician/pastor Brandon Maxwell connects the dots between vocation and self-discovery.
S4E02 - Shades of Yale
Jan 19 • 44 min
The Ivy League a cappella group performs and reflects on what it means to celebrate music of the African Diaspora.
S4E01 - Tricia Hersey
Jan 12 • 53 min
Tricia Hersey discusses her journey from Chicago’s Lady Terror to the Nap Bishop of Atlanta.
S3E13 - Sho Baraka
Jan 5 • 61 min
Hip-hop artist Sho Baraka shares his Narrative as a father, Christian, and rapper.
S3E12.5 - Special Episode: Highlights from Our First Live Event!
Dec 29, 2017 • 54 min
We close out 2017 with highlights from our first live event from October, featuring conversation and improv comedy.
S3E12 - Danyelle Thomas
Dec 22, 2017 • 57 min
Writer/speaker/digital activist D. Danyelle Thomas reflects on building a community of “unfit Christians”
S3E11 - Darci Jaret
Dec 15, 2017 • 36 min
Pastor/artist Darci Jaret sees art as pastoral care, an avenue to healing and discovery.
S3E10 - Rahbi
Dec 8, 2017 • 37 min
Singer/songwriter/performer Rahbi shares some “pure light” in this conversation and performance.
S3E09 - Dana Montlack
Dec 1, 2017 • 29 min
Fine Art Photographer Dana Montlack collaborates with scientists to explore the interconnectedness of life and the impact of climate change.
S3E08 - Rose Smith
Nov 24, 2017 • 34 min
Installation artist Rose Smith uses multimedia presentations centered around photography to tell stories of African-American life. Her latest projects focus on the effects of gentrification.
S3E07 - Civia Tamarkin
Nov 17, 2017 • 34 min
Journalist/filmmaker Civia Tamarkin discusses her documentary Birthright: A War Story, which sheds light on women who have become collateral damage in the efforts to dictate reproductive healthcare.
S3E06 - Gregory Ellison
Nov 10, 2017 • 59 min
Gregory Ellison reflects on Martin Luther King, Outkast, and the importance of your own personal Yodas.
S3E05 - DaQuarius Greene
Nov 3, 2017 • 41 min
Inspirational speaker DaQuarius “Q” Greene shares how one bad decision can change a person’s life forever. Reggie “Love” Cason of Positive Arts Movement joins in the conversation as well.
S3E04 - Joe Stu
Oct 27, 2017 • 47 min
Atlanta hip hop artist Joe Stu on how his lyrics and themes are influences by his visual art, his academic research, and his experience as a teacher.
S3E03 - Rebekah Boroughs & Lindsay Carpenter
Oct 20, 2017 • 48 min
Playwrights Lindsay Carpenter and Rebekah Boroughs collaborated on the play “______ Is a Rapist”, a powerful reflection on the impact of sexual assault and rape culture.
S3E02 - Dwayne Shivers
Oct 13, 2017 • 67 min
Micah Dalton and Anthony Aparo are the folk duo Dwayne Shivers. The self-described “odd couple” stopped by for an intimate conversation and performance.
S3E01 - Seth Wispelwey
Oct 6, 2017 • 55 min
Pastor/activist Seth Wispelwey shares what it has been like to be on the frontlines of non-violent activism in Charlottesville.
S2E13 - Leslie Cox
Sep 29, 2017 • 52 min
Storyteller/blogger Leslie Cox shares her journey of self-love and how it led her to curate LGBTQ love stories as an act of love itself.
S2E12 - Tony McNeill
Sep 22, 2017 • 47 min
Scholar/Musician Tony McNeill shares how worship changes through its intersection with faithful justice.
S2E11.5 - Special Cabin Fever Episode
Sep 15, 2017 • 19 min
With weather interrupting our production schedule, host Marthame Sanders turns to his family for a little help.
S2E11 - A Stranger and a Friend
Sep 8, 2017 • 64 min
Josh Shicker, Lindsay Allward-Theimer, and Cat Espinosa visit aijcast for an intimate performance.
S2E10 - Okorie Johnson
Sep 1, 2017 • 69 min
Atlanta-based cellist/composer Okorie Johnson on what it means to live a life that is Liminal.
S2E09 - Juel D. Lane
Aug 25, 2017 • 39 min
Choreographer/dancer Juel D. Lane talks masculinity, sexuality, spirituality, and dance.
S2E08 - Katie Archibald-Woodward
Aug 18, 2017 • 43 min
Photographer and Spiritual Director Katie Archibald-Woodward discusses how her multiple passions weave together.
S2E07 - Stephanie Eley
Aug 11, 2017 • 44 min
Photographer Stephanie Eley discusses the importance of empathy.
S2E06 - Derek Webb
Aug 4, 2017 • 83 min
Singer/songwriter Derek Webb reflects on the importance and difficulty of brutal honesty.
S2E05 - Melvin Bray
Jul 28, 2017 • 59 min
Storyteller and social entrepreneur Melvin Bray on his vision for a Better world.
S2E04 - Dawn Axam
Jul 21, 2017 • 45 min
Choreographer Dawn Axam shares her passion for the language of dance.
S2E03 - Terence Lester
Jul 14, 2017 • 59 min
Terence Lester shares his vision of Love Beyond Walls and how they are a voice for the Voiceless.
S2E02 - David LaMotte
Jul 7, 2017 • 69 min
David LaMotte sits in for an intimate conversation and performance on a rainy mountain day.
S2E01 - Positive Arts Movement
Jun 30, 2017 • 62 min
Angela “AC” Carswell, Reggie “Love” Cason, and Christopher “Slam” Williams of Positive Arts Movement talk about how their desire for positive community impact drives their collaboration.
13 - MaryAnn McKibben Dana
Jun 23, 2017 • 59 min
MaryAnn McKibben Dana talks about the power of improv in every day life.
12 - Reggie Erawoc
Jun 16, 2017 • 68 min
Reggie Erawoc talks purpose and his work with refugees.
11 - Carlton Johnson
Jun 9, 2017 • 60 min
Musician/theologian Carlton Johnson shares his story of hearing loss and gain, as well as how faith and music are physical realities for him.
10 - Mercy Community Church
Jun 2, 2017 • 71 min
Pastors Chad Hyatt and Maggie Leonard talk about the power of art and the importance of dignity.
09 - Shoccara Marcus
May 26, 2017 • 61 min
Shoccara Marcus shares about her dance, photography, and how the two arts heal her.
08.5 - Remembering Chris Cornell
May 22, 2017 • 7 min
In this special episode, Marthame Sanders reflects on the legacy of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.
08 - Dwight Andrews
May 19, 2017 • 55 min
Host Marthame Sanders talks to pastor/scholar/musician Dwight Andrews.
07 - A Sanctified Art
May 12, 2017 • 64 min
Host Marthame Sanders talks with half of the collaborative ministry A Sanctified Art.
06 - Ralph Watkins
May 5, 2017 • 34 min
Ralph Watkins shares his ministry of photography, scholarship, and pastoral ministry.
05 - Sarah Miles
Apr 28, 2017 • 63 min
Marthame sits down with Atlanta singer-songwriter Sarah Miles.
04 - Maisha Handy
Apr 21, 2017 • 60 min
Pastor Maisha Handy talks about the power of dance, music, and culture and how they come together at Rize Community Church.
03 - Joshua Rashaad McFadden
Apr 14, 2017 • 60 min
Joshua Rashaad McFadden is an award-winning Atlanta-based photographer. His latest project is “Come to Selfhood”.
02 - Shawna Bowman
Apr 7, 2017 • 53 min
Host Marthame Sanders talks with pastor/artist Shawna Bowman about art, ministry, and the importance of imperfection.
01 - Cinnamon Denise
Mar 31, 2017 • 61 min
Host Marthame Sanders sits down with Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/performer Cinnamon Denise.
A “Pre-Season” Update
Feb 13, 2017 • 24 min
Host Marthame Sanders gives an update on aijcast and shares a sermon preached at North Decatur Presbyterian Church on February 12.