The Rough Guide to Everywhere

The Rough Guide to Everywhere
A home for all the untold travel stories. The kin…
A View From Space
Apr 22 • 14 min
This week we hear from a man who has seen entire continents in one glance: NASA astronaut, Don Thomas. Don has orbited Earth nearly 700 times on four space flights, and talks vividly about the view from outer space, and how space travel changes your…
Apr 8 • 25 min
This week we hear from National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year Alastair Humphreys, the man behind Microadventures. He tells us how he came up with the concept, and challenges host Greg Dickinson to go off on a Microadventure of his own.
Tim Key’s gap year in Ukraine
Mar 25 • 26 min
In this week’s episode, poet comedian Tim Key tells us about his gap year in Kiev, Ukraine. He also shares stories from southeast Asia and India, where he penned a wonderful poem that he performs for us at the end of the episode. We also hear from Rough…
Wild Things
Mar 11 • 34 min
In this week’s episode, we travel to Latin America to hear from two of the world’s most ambitious and outspoken eco-pioneers. Kris Tompkins, the ex-CEO of Patagonia clothing, explains why she moved to South America in the early 1990s to embark on one of…
The Travel Confessions of Ruby Wax
Feb 25 • 22 min
In this third episode of The Rough Guide to Everywhere we catch up with the one and only Ruby Wax. Ruby shares previously untold travel stories, from the time she was locked up in a jail cell in Berkeley to taking selfies with the Dalai Lama, and tips us…
That’s Not Hygge
Feb 11 • 30 min
In this second episode of The Rough Guide to Everywhere, we hunker down and talk about “hygge” with Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute. Meik speaks about his travels around the world “collecting smiles” – from South Korea to Mexico – and…
Just Like Riding a Bicycle
Jan 28 • 35 min
In this first episode of The Rough Guide to Everywhere, we talk to two people who have cycled huge lengths of the planet, fifty years apart. Legendary travel writer Dervla Murphy shares stories from her 1963 solo cycle from Ireland to India, disclosing…
Series One Teaser
Jan 19 • 3 min
Trailer for series one of The Rough Guide to Everywhere. Featuring quotes from guests, including comedian Ruby Wax and legendary travel writer Dervla Murphy. And introducing our host, Rough Guides travel editor Greg Dickinson. Episode one launches January…