The Villain Edit

The Villain Edit
The Villain Edit: what people traditionally blame when they discover that their time on a reality show was spent being a huge jerk on camera. Also a podcast in which Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall talk about the reality shows they’ve been watching lately.
9: Cosplay Melee
Mar 22 • 42 min
Cosplay Melee - The winds of change are blowing, and they are bringing new shows. Monty and Rhias are very excited about Cosplay Melee, a show where people carve craft foam into armor. And about the upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, of course. But…
8: Reunion Shows Are Awful
Mar 13 • 37 min
Reunion Shows Are Awful - The Bachelor limped toward its finale with three hours of programming, in which Bachelor Nick was featured as little as possible. Because what everyone really wants is lots more of Corinne, right? Riiiight? My Big Fat Fabulous…
7: Stranded With a Million Jerks
Mar 3 • 44 min
There’s this new show called Stranded With a Million Dollars, and we watched it. And hated it! We also cover The Bachelor (which went to Finland), Face Off (which went to Fury Road), My Big Fat Fabulous Life (which went to kiss-town), Masterchef Junior…
6: Masterchef Junior Has The Rice Stuff
Feb 24 • 29 min
Masterchef Junior - The new show on the docket is Masterchef Junior, replacing Hunted, which was too boring to live. We also watched Tattoo Girls, but that’s not sticking around in our household. The Bachelor went to Hometowns and finally moved the focus…
5: Burpy Burpy Burp
Feb 16 • 31 min
Burpy Burpy Burp - Monty is trying to come up with a theme song. It doesn’t go well. Hunted is on the bubble, as neither Monty nor Rhias can remember more than one thing that happened this week. More time is given to The Bachelor, which seems to be going…
4: Drag Race Season 9 Preview
Feb 10 • 55 min
Previewing the queens for S9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race - The contestants for season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race have been announced, and we did our research! Which means that we watched a bunch of performance videos, so now we’re experts. We might not know who’s…
3: “Hunted”
Feb 1 • 28 min
Hunted, Face Off, and checking in on other ongoing shows - We check in on the Bachelor, which is growing on us. Well, one of us. And then we dive into Hunted (in which normal citizens pretend to be hiding from cops) and Face Off (in which talented artists…
2: “Mythbusters: The Search”
Jan 22 • 23 min
After a very brief recap of “Curse of Oak Island,” we talk about how no one told us how crazy “The Bachelor” was. Then we dive into “Mythbusters: The Search,” which claims to be a search for new Mythbusters hosts, but is actually a terrible waste of time.…
1: “Forged in Fire”
Jan 16 • 25 min
Introductions! - Introducing The Villain Edit! We talk about reality show taxonomy, including why the two basic kinds of competitive reality show are basically “Survivor” and “Cupcake Wars.” Then we dive into a discussion of Forged in Fire, which is…