The Villain Edit

The Villain Edit
The Villain Edit: what people traditionally blame when they discover that their time on a reality show was spent being a huge jerk on camera. Also a podcast in which Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall talk about the reality shows they’ve been watching lately.
35: Drag Race All-Star Rundown
Nov 18 • 43 min
Drag Race All-Star Rundown
34: Another Win For Poopy Pants
Oct 27 • 38 min
Another Win For Poopy Pants
33: Dumpster Fire at the Fabric Store
Oct 13 • 40 min
Dumpster Fire at the Fabric Store
32: The Tragic Wigs
Oct 5 • 53 min
The Tragic Wigs
31: Season Finale Week
Sep 29 • 61 min
Season Finale Week
30: Acetone on a Bald Cap
Sep 25 • 50 min
Acetone on a Bald Cap
29: A Greener Thor
Sep 14 • 69 min
A Greener Thor
28: Something With Pecans
Sep 7 • 59 min
Something With Pecans
27: Game Face Truck Race
Aug 31 • 59 min
Game Face Truck Race
26: Klaus Nomi in a Space Bag
Aug 25 • 54 min
Klaus Nomi in a Space Bag
25: Welcome Project Runway
Aug 17 • 50 min
Welcome Project Runway
24: The Final (no, seriously) Rose
Aug 10 • 53 min
The Final (no, seriously) Rose
23: The Men Bore All
Aug 3 • 38 min
The Men Bore All
22: Epaulettes?
Jul 27 • 56 min
There’s a skirt on the Bachelorette that has epaulettes
21: The Monkey-Haired Christmas Tree Yeti
Jul 20 • 74 min
Possibly the worst Face Off look ever
20: Jelly Roll Technique
Jul 14 • 47 min
Ink Master vs. Face Off
19: Contains Fargo Spoilers, For Some Reason
Jun 22 • 48 min
A rough week of reality shows, but a good week of scripted television
18: Werewolf Opinions
Jun 16 • 58 min
Face Off S12 begins
17: Anatomically Incorrect Snake
Jun 7 • 52 min
Anatomically Incorrect Snake
16: (Don’t Tell Me) What Not To Wear
May 26 • 44 min
Some cool swords were made on Forged in Fire. Well, the swords looked kind of clumsy, but they were made by cool people. And sometimes that’s enough. RuPaul’s Drag Race had the most shocking lip-sync ever! For real this time! And The Bachelorette…
15: Beware the Black Palm
May 17 • 43 min
We’re back from Disneyland, and we’re excited to talk about reality shows. And also Disneyland. We cover the last two weeks of Forged in Fire (swords!) and RuPaul’s Drag Race (gowns!) and check in with Naked and Afraid XL (many, many injuries!)….
14: Irish New Year
May 4 • 41 min
Irish New Year
13: Drag Queens and Gargoyle Monsters
Apr 20 • 51 min
Drag Queens and Gargoyle Monsters
12: You Know, an Antler Chop
Apr 14 • 43 min
You Know, an Antler Chop
11: Dressing Up Like Tom Hanks
Apr 7 • 41 min
Dressing Up Like Tom Hanks
10: Googly Eyes Are Essential
Mar 29 • 44 min
Googly Eyes Are Essential
9: Cosplay Melee
Mar 22 • 42 min
Cosplay Melee
8: Reunion Shows Are Awful
Mar 13 • 37 min
Reunion Shows Are Awful
7: Stranded With a Million Jerks
Mar 3 • 44 min
There’s this new show called Stranded With a Million Dollars, and we watched it. And hated it! We also cover The Bachelor (which went to Finland), Face Off (which went to Fury Road), My Big Fat Fabulous Life (which went to kiss-town), Masterchef Junior…
6: Masterchef Junior Has The Rice Stuff
Feb 24 • 29 min
Masterchef Junior
5: Burpy Burpy Burp
Feb 16 • 31 min
Burpy Burpy Burp
4: Drag Race Season 9 Preview
Feb 10 • 55 min
Previewing the queens for S9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race
3: “Hunted”
Feb 1 • 28 min
Hunted, Face Off, and checking in on other ongoing shows
2: “Mythbusters: The Search”
Jan 22 • 23 min
After a very brief recap of “Curse of Oak Island,” we talk about how no one told us how crazy “The Bachelor” was. Then we dive into “Mythbusters: The Search,” which claims to be a search for new Mythbusters hosts, but is actually a terrible waste of time….
1: “Forged in Fire”
Jan 16 • 25 min