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The Important Thing
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The One About Sugar
Jun 19 • 30 min
In our eighteenth episode, I can’t stop giggling about my problems with sugar. Lyle deftly navigates us through all the sugar vectors, proper movie candy protocol, the perils of cinnamon, and why candy corns… are the best.
The One About Writing a Book
Jun 11 • 37 min
In our seventeenth episode, we walk through the process of Rands writing his third book. We cover all aspects, familiar and strange, of the writing process, including editing, design covers, and figuring out who’ll write the foreword.
The One About Avengers: Endgame
Jun 1 • 49 min
In our sixteenth episode, we nerd it up on Avengers: Endgame. Topics include Rands not shutting up during the movie, the best moment, the trials of time travel, and why Captain America is just… the best.
The One About Feedback (Pt. 2)
May 25 • 46 min
In our fifteenth episode, we go deep on feedback. We learn where Rands’ feedback religion came from, we walk through a couple of specific feedback scenario, and we discuss why you should be investing in a feedback culture - right now
The One About Japan?
May 20 • 21 min
Lyle returns from and talks about Japan in our fourteenth episode. Subways, signage, robots, and great food are among our topics. Back in the states, we talk about the Rands Biking Protocol and Rands Eating Protocol.
The One About Flow and Anti-Flow
May 4 • 19 min
Lucky 13th episode! Lyle and I talk Flow and Flow’s companion Anti-Flow. Also covered, writing, breaking Flow, a bit about Bear the App, and trying to understand from where Flow flows. Bikes, too!
The One About Feedback (Pt. 1)
Apr 29 • 24 min
In our 12th episode, we start talking feedback. Using feedback on our podcast as a jumping off point, we consider the topics of giving proper attribution, the art of arguing about empty boxes, and the fact the Rands is a control freak.
The One About YOLO
Apr 22 • 11 min
In our eleventh episode, we dissect “You Only Live Once”, we talk about paying for BETA software, and the value of building things with your hands.
The One About Travel
Apr 15 • 29 min
We’re double digits! 10 episodes. Nailed it. In this episode, we talk about the perils of travel as an introvert, we examine each other’s travel bags, and we learn that Rands is a control freak.
The One About Manager READMEs
Mar 26 • 18 min
In our ninth episode, we discuss the idea of Manager READMEs, vulnerability in the workspace, how Toyota empower its humans, and how much Rands detests drama.
The One About Process
Mar 11 • 15 min
In this episode, we talk about process being documented culture. How do we keep all the plates spinning? Who are good plate spinners? Why are there plates in the first place? This and more is answered in this episode of The Important Thing.
The One About Lyle and Spider-Man
Mar 2 • 30 min
In this episode, we introduce you to my co-host Lyle – pre-eminent listener, longtime radio host, and fellow mountain resident. We also spend time talking logos and introversion… and then we finish with a strong Spider-Man chaser.
The One About Communication
Feb 26 • 26 min
In our latest and greatest episode, we talk about the craft of communication. After a brief introduction, we talking about Werewolf, lying, death in D&D, and the art of yolo’ing it.
The (Brief) One About Pens and Typography
Feb 6 • 7 min
Don’t tell anyone. We’re still producing episodes. In this brief episode, Lyle and Lopp talk pens and typography and how they help us say what we need to say.
The One About Understanding the Why
Jan 27 • 14 min
In our surprisingly quick to arrive fourth episode, we briefly giggle about the clickity-clack of a mechanical keyboard and then talk about a time at Apple where it was critical to understanding the why.
The One About Destiny
Jan 20 • 65 min
In the second episode, I am excited to be joined by my fellow Guardian John Siracusa to discuss the video game Destiny. Proudest moments, total time wasted, and the reality of the Hunter handicap – it’s all there. Destiny overview…
The One About Information Consumption
Jan 20 • 49 min
Two years later, we’re back with the Important Thing. Lyle and Lopp talk information consumption. Notification purges, marking all as read, and figuring out how to catch the most important information are just a few of the tips and tricks we discuss. …
The One About Pens
Jan 16, 2017 • 63 min
I’m just delighted to kickoff the first episode with Tiff Arment where The Important Thing is pens. In this first episode, we talk pen origin stories, we dive deep on fountain pens, and, uh, we talk video games, too.