Tech Done Right

Tech Done Right
Table XI’s podcast about building better software to develop better careers, companies, and communities.
006-healthcare-dot-gov: Using Software to Create Better Countries: Recovering with Andy Slavitt
Mar 15
Episode 006: Using Software to Create Better Countries: Recovering with Andy Slavitt Guest Andy Slavitt: Ran Medicare, Medicaid & ACA for President Obama Summary How can we use software to build better countries? Our guest, Andy Slavitt…
005-javascript-apps: JavaScript: Islands, Sprinkles, and Frameworks with Zach Briggs and David Copeland
Mar 8
Episode 005: JavaScript: Islands, Sprinkles, and Frameworks Follow us on Twitter! @tech_done_right or leave us a review on iTunes! Summary Dave Copleand (@davetron5000) and Zach Briggs (@theotherzach) join Noel Rappin (@noelrap) for a Tech Done Right…
004: In The Testing Weeds With Sam Phippen and Justin Searls
Feb 22
Episode 004: Testing Summary Sam Phippen, Justin Searls, and Noel Rappin spend this episode talking about the value of test-driven development (TDD) as well as its cost. They discuss the kinds of problems that developers are likely to have after they…
003: Remote Work with Allison McMillan and Bradley Schaefer
Feb 8
Summary Allison McMillan (@allie_p) and Bradley Schaefer (@soulcutter) talk about remote work in the age of Slack. What makes a good remote worker, or a good remote working team? How can you support more junior team members who want to work remotely? How…
002: Career Development With Brandon Hays and Pete Brooks
Jan 25
Description Brandon Hays and Pete Brooks join the Tech Done Right podcast to discuss career development. We'll discuss some career development questions like: What makes somebody a senior developer? How do you acquire senior developer skills? What can you…
001: Building Trust and Building Teams with Jessie Shternshus and Mark Rickmeier
Jan 16
We talk about the role that trust has in building teams, and how improv games can help build that trust and improve the way you deliver feedback. Guests Mark Rickmeier: CEO of Table XI Jessie Shternshus: Founder of The Improv Effect and Author of the…
Preview Episode 2: Building Large CSS Apps And Components with Aly Fluckey
Jan 4
This one is with Table XI front-end developer Aly Fluckey and it’s all about how the Table XI team organizes CSS to best manage the demands of a large code base with lots of styles. We try to avoid common CSS problems, mostly involving having to guess…
Preview Episode 1: Mobile Development Toolkit with Ed LaFoy
Jan 4
This week, we have Ed LaFoy, who is Table XI’s Director of Mobile Development. Table XI’s mobile team does amazing work and uses a lot of external tools for testing, interface design, code quality, and beyond. If you are a web developer and looking to get…