Status - Immigration & People

Status - Immigration & People
A show about immigration and how it affects the people we love
Season 2 Update + The Feast: From Washington Street to Atlantic Avenue
Sep 29 • 50 min
Some Status Season 2 updates and an episode of The Feast from the Podglomerate The Feast show notes From Washington Street to Atlantic Avenue: Food Stories from New York’s Little Syria Join us as we discover the rich culinary history of Syrian communities…
People Power
Jul 24 • 33 min
In the last episode of Season 1 of Status, Michael and Daniel share how dictatorship affected the way that they bonded and became the lens through which they see many parts of the world.
Best Little Boy in the World
Jul 10 • 48 min
Michael and Daniel have had to navigate being gay in 4 different countries. It’s one of the many reasons they fell in love. Michael was born in the Philippines, but he grew up in Sydney, Australia before his family moved to the US. Daniel spent his…
Something I Live With
May 26 • 34 min
Gali’s parents are undocumented, and that means she has to live with a lot. Here’s that wonderful piece from The Establishment that I talked about. You should check it out. Jenn captures a lot of what I’m trying to do with the stories on Status while…
Parallel Story
Apr 25 • 18 min
Juan is a Ph.D. student at Stanford, and early on in life, his academic success was at odds with what was expected of a Latino, immigrant student. In this mini episode, Juan breaks down how he and his mother, Patricia, worked through those expectations.…
Windows and Doors
Apr 12 • 38 min
Patricia moved with her son, Juan, to Kansas City from Colombia in 1992. When Patricia left an abusive partner, she and Juan had to figure out a new plan for their future. Website iTunes Pocket Casts/Other
Mar 28 • 11 min
No new episode this week, but you should check out these episodes on sanctuary, from one of my favorite shows, 99% Invisible. Church (Sanctuary, Part 1) State (Sanctuary, Part 2)
Mar 16 • 27 min
Edward, his parents, and his younger brother moved to the US almost 14 years ago. About 4 years ago, his parents moved back to Mexico. Now Edward is graduating college and trying to figure out what’s next. Website iTunes Pocket Casts
Relatively Local
Mar 2 • 40 min
Ariha is a writer from Mumbai and New York, depending on the day you ask her. Clark is an engineer from Menlo Park, CA. They met on a snowboarding trip, and within a couple of weeks, immigration had already impacted their relationship. Don’t forget to…
That’s Not How It Works!
Feb 15 • 18 min
When the US Embassy in Sweden has a massive computer glitch, Nathan travels to Canada to figure out his options by himself.
Feb 1 • 25 min
President Trump signed an executive order that bans entry into the US for citizens of 7 majority-muslim countries, even if travelers have valid US visas or green cards. Protest have sprung up all over the US, starting at JFK and Dulles airports. In this…
Nicer Place to Be
Jan 18 • 31 min
Kate and Nathan have lived all over the world. It’s how they met. But when graduate school finally brings the both of them back to the States, they want to stick around for a while. Of course it’s never quite that easy. Status is a show about immigration…
Welcome to Status
Jan 12 • 10 min
Status is a show about immigration and relationships. First episode launches this week. Subscribe! -Matt