Life of Levi

Life of Levi
Audio blog of Levi Bostian.
Google I/O is this week!! 🎊
May 15 • 13 min
This is my favorite week of the year. It is that exciting! Each year around this time, Google holds a 3-day event called Google I/O for the developer community. Here, they announce the latest and greatest news to Android, Chrome, Google Cloud Platform…
Attended my first town hall meeting last night.
May 15 • 8 min
With the past election of the United States, I would have to say I have turned into quite the U.S. citizen. I have called representatives a couple dozen times, attended rallies, and last night attended my first town hall meeting with U.S. House Rep. Rod…
Our kids are trying to show us something.
Feb 6 • 5 min
We may choose to show love and respect or we may choose the opposite. We each make this decision individually. Even our children. Listen to this beautiful story that happened to me yesterday about an inspriring young person.
Beware of work scammers.
Jan 27 • 5 min
Are you a freelancer, developer, designer, marketer, or someone active in the startup community? Let me share a scenario with you. A very important scenario that I can almost guarantee will happen to you if it has not already.
Letter to Barack and Michelle Obama.
Jan 20 • 3 min
“Dear Barack and Michelle,” A letter from me to Barack and Michelle Obama. I love you both very much and cannot thank you enough for all of your work.
Constraints are a gift.
Jan 16 • 5 min
Constraints allow us to think. They allow us to invent. They allow us to get the job done with the smallest amount of resources possible. We come up with new diverse ways of solving problems. I challenge you to embrace them.
Shame at how VC funded startups can ruin value.
Jan 5 • 6 min
Products exist to improve our lives. That should be their ultimate goal. Add value to our lives in some form. Unfortunately for VC (venture capital) backed startups, adding value to someone’s life may come at a lower priority.
2016 year in review.
Dec 30, 2016 • 9 min
2016 was full of beginnings for me. A full year of freelancing, getting engaged, and obsessing about building products. Let’s go over the past year and most importantly, what is to come for 2017. I love this time of year to celebrate the holidays with…